Basketball Coloring Pages

Basketball is a great sport, so why not take the time to celebrate and enjoy it by bringing the scene to life through a series of coloring pages?

The Music Of Movement

Basketball coloring pages 1

This coloring page shows the motions of basketball as a young boy enjoys the game. He is seen in various stages of throwing, catching, and moving the ball, and the image perfectly depicts the movement of the sport, as well as the joy of the game.

The Effort

Basketball coloring pages 2

This drawing depicts a turtle in the act of playing basketball. He is captured in the effort of the sport, and is keenly focused on the goal ahead of him – this is a player who is in it to win!

The Power of Teamwork

Basketball coloring pages 3

Once upon a time there was a cow, a fish,, and a monkey, all of whom shared a love of basketball. The trio could not find a team who would allow them to play; the monkey team did not accept fish, the fish team rejected the cow, and there was no basketball team for cows to play. Finally, they decided to create their own team – and had a wonderful time storming to victory in the championships!

The Tallest Player

Basketball coloring pages 4

There was once a giraffe who was taller than any other giraffe in his family, and he was often teased for his great height. One day, he discovered the sport of basketball – and very quickly became the most popular and valued member of his team!

The Perfect Shot

Basketball coloring pages 5

This coloring page shows two tall boys, gazing up towards a basketball net. The boy on the left is holding a ball in his hand and is preparing to make the perfect shot as his friend looks on in pride.

Games In The Sun

Basketball coloring pages 6

There was once a tiny dinosaur who had one real love in life: basketball. He spent his days in the delightful, blazing sunshine, playing basketball beneath the shade of his palm tree.

One Cool Dude

Basketball coloring pages 7

This coloring page shows a super cool banana, clad in his basketball uniform as he holds the ball in one hand, and strikes a pose with the other – this is one cool dude!

Let’s Play!

Basketball coloring pages 8

In this coloring page, a dinosaur is ready to play ball, with his club colors and logo clearly displayed on his shirt, and a pair of very stylish sneakers on his feet! He holds the ball, primed and ready to go in three…two…one…

A Game Paused

Basketball coloring pages 9

This coloring page focuses on a basketball net in the foreground, with a ball in flight about to make the perfect shot. A pair of sneakers hang on the tree branch behind, and a path leads off into the distance.

The Perfect Gift

Basketball coloring pages 10

In this image, celebrations have arrived – a bear sits in front of a comfortable sofa, with a wrapped gift on the left side. In front of the bear sits a baseball cap, and a basketball sits to his right, ready to be played.

Slam Dunk!

Basketball coloring pages 11

In this drawing, a lion is thrilled to have finally completed a “slam dunk” in his basketball game – he has managed to leap as high as the net to get the ball right where it needs to be, and is super pleased with his success!

Practice Makes Perfect

Basketball coloring pages 12

There were once three brothers who loved nothing more than a game of basketball – but they were struggling to make the perfect shot. Every day after school they would head to the court and practice for hours – until one day, one of the brothers finally achieved the dream, and landed the perfect slam dunk.

Fun In the Sun

Basketball coloring pages 13

This drawing shows two young boys enjoying a game of basketball against a backdrop of beautiful leaves, trees and sunny skies – the perfect way to pass an afternoon having a lot of fun!

A Dream Room

Basketball coloring pages 14

In this coloring image, we see a bedroom filled with all of the things that the owner loves and enjoys – rocket ships, guitars, bears and a basketball – all of the ingredients that you need for a calm, relaxing and enjoyable day, no matter your mood.

A Gift From A Friend.

Basketball coloring pages 15

Once upon a time, there was a cute kitty who loved basketball more than anything in the world. One day, his dearest friend gave him his very own basketball, allowing him to enjoy and play his game whenever he wanted to. The kitty had never been so pleased, and spent many happy hours enjoying a game of ball with his nearest, dearest friend.

A Game In The Stars

Basketball coloring pages 16

Once upon a time, there was an astronaut who was given an incredible opportunity – to shed the weight of gravity and explore the land above the stars. There was just one concern – that he would never be able to play basketball. Fortunately, he took the chance to take his ball into space, and realised that a game could be just as great when played amongst the stars!

I Believe I Can Fly

Basketball coloring pages 17

In this coloring image, there are two young men enjoying a game of basketball, and they soar high above the ground as they try – and succeed – to make that perfect shot.

The Power of Hard Work

Basketball coloring pages 18

There was once a young boy who feared that he lacked the height to enjoy one of his favorite pastimes – shooting the perfect hoop in a game of basketball. Despite his fears, he continued to work and work, perfecting his skills and technique to ensure that he was the best of the best until one match gave him his chance to shine, and he scored the perfect basket to storm his team to victory.

This Girl Can

Basketball coloring pages 19

This drawing shows a beautiful woman standing against a wooden fence, and holding a basketball up in her left hand. Her hair is a mass of curls and detail, and she is dressed ready for a game in loose, casual clothing.

One Happy Hippo

Basketball coloring pages 20

In this coloring image, a happy hippo is ready to play a game and win as he stands on the basketball court beside the net – all that he needs is the rest of his team to arrive, and they are ready to storm their way to victory in no time!

Burgers and Basketball

Basketball coloring pages 21

Who says that hamburgers cant have fun with the best of them? This drawing shows a super cool, relaxed and very happy hamburger twirling a basketball in one hand, and enjoying a cool, refreshing soda in the other – anyone for a game of ball?

A Player In Flight

Basketball coloring pages 22

This drawing shows a basketball player in perfect flight – his right arm is raised, the ball in his hand, ready to land that perfect slam dunk, and his limbs are spread wide as he doars through the air, the motion carrying his further forward into victory – this is ideal for capturing that perfect moment.

A Perfect Victory

Basketball coloring pages 23

Once upon a time, there was a young girl who was desperate to play basketball – but she could never find a team to let her play, Determined to enjoy the game she loved, she set about building her own team – and it was;t long before her side were storming to victory and emerging at the top of the league!

Birds and Basketballs

Basketball coloring pages 24

In this image, a happy looking bird is enjoying swirling his basketball on his finger, exuding an attitude of extreme cool and sophistication as he does do. A pair of shades cover his eyes, and he offers the perfect impression of one laid-back bird, interested in a game of basketball!

A Cool Cat

Basketball coloring pages 25

This coloring image shows a cool cat clad in full basketball uniform, on his way to shoot some hoops under a clear sky; seems like this is pretty much the perfect day to head to the court and enjoy a game of ball.

Capturing The Movement

Basketball coloring pages 26

This drawing shows a basketball player in motion – he leans to one siffe as he runs, and the fluidity and strength of his movement is clear in every line. The ball is in his hand, ready to be launched into play, and his head is up and active as he scouts out the perfect next pass.

And there we have it – a series of wonderful coloring pages dedicated to the wonders of basketball; the perfect way to enjoy a great sport while relaxing and unwinding.

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