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Have you been to the beach lately? It’s easy to get caught up in the summer fun and miss out on all the summer activities you could do while the weather is warm.

For now, though, you can join our summer-loving friends at the beach and discover all the different ways you can stay cool this summer.

You’ll get to join them in building sand castles, going on vacations, napping under hammocks, and even getting to see a few happy summer love moments. Ready to join us?

Grab your coloring utensils, put on your creativity hat and jump inside.

Little Kids Enjoy Building Sand Castles At The Beach

Beach coloring pages 1

A little boy is playing in the sand, building a sand castle. He carefully places the water in the moat and then puts a flag on top to show that it is his castle. He’s very happy about his new sand castle and can’t wait to show it off to his friends.

A Sheep Takes A Vacation On The Beach

Beach coloring pages 2

It’s no secret that sheep love to take vacations.

But I’m not one of those sheep who has to have my phone with me at all times, or who can’t go more than an hour without checking my email.

I’m not one of those sheep who can’t relax because they’re always worried about work.

But I am one of those sheep who likes to be connected while they’re on vacation – just in case something important happens at home and they need to get back right away.

But this time, I decided to give it all up and disconnect for the week. I took my phone off airplane mode for the first time in months

I’m just a sheep who took a vacation on the beach.

A Happy Girl Gets A Tan Under A Palm Tree

Beach coloring pages 3

One day, when I was walking in the park, I saw a happy girl with her family. They were sitting on the grass and she had her face turned towards the sun. She was so happy that she didn’t want to leave even after the sun set behind the trees.

I asked her why she was so happy and she said that this is her favorite place in all of her life. She said that it feels like home and that there’s nothing better than being under this tree with all of these people who love you and of course getting a nice tan.

The Sea Creatures Have A Party Under The Sea

Beach coloring pages 4

The story is about a group of sea creatures that are having a party under the sea.

The story starts with a group of fish who were swimming in the water. They had just finished their long day and were ready for bed. Just before they could go to sleep, they heard some noise coming from the other side of the ocean. The noise was coming from an underwater party! The fish went to see what was going on and found out it was a birthday party for one of their friends, Scuba Steve!

A Message In The Bottle Gets Discovered By A Star Fish

Beach coloring pages 5

This story is about a message in the bottle that gets discovered by a starfish. One day, while he was walking along the shore, he noticed something shining in the sand. He dug and dug until he found it! It was a bottle with something written on it. He brought it home and his father read what it said: “I am lost out at sea and I’m running out of food and water.” The starfish put two and two together and realized that this must be some person’s SOS! But who? And how do they know where to find him?

The starfish set out on a grand adventure to find who left the message in the bottle. How did the adventure turn out?

A Big Jelly Fish Floats Around The Sea

Beach coloring pages 6

The story starts with a little boy named Jack. He was lost on the beach and his parents couldn’t find him. He was all alone and there was nobody around to help him.

He walked around for hours, looking for somebody to help him but he couldn’t find anybody. It was getting dark, and he thought he would never be able to find his way home again.

Jack finally found a big jellyfish floating in the sea. The jellyfish said, “I can help you get home if you want me to.” Jack thought that this might be his only chance so he agreed to let the jellyfish take him home. They swam out of the ocean until they reached dry land where they finally found Jack’s house!

3 Bottles Float To The Surface Of The Sea

Beach coloring pages 7

This is a story about a fisherman who cast his nets and found three bottles floating on the surface of the sea.

He picked up the bottles and found that they were all sealed tightly. He was curious as to what might be inside them, so he took them home to find out.

Inside one of the bottles was a message in a bottle. It read: “If you can find me, I will grant you any wish you desire.” The fisherman’s eyes widened with excitement as he read this message!

He opened up the other two bottles and found two more messages in them which said: “I am trapped here with no way out” and “I am also trapped here with no way out.” The fisherman suddenly realized that these three bottles must have been lost at sea for many years. The fisherman was excited by his discovery but wasn’t sure what to do.

What should the fisherman do?

The Sea Anchor Restaurant Opens For Business

Beach coloring pages 8

The Sea Anchor Restaurant is a new restaurant that opened up in the city. It is located right by the water, and it has a beautiful view of the bay. The restaurant was opened by a group of friends that have been working in the food industry for years. They wanted to create a place where people can come and enjoy themselves with good food and drinks.

The restaurant offers an extensive menu with dishes from all over the world as well as local dishes from California. They also serve craft beers, wines, and cocktails that are made from scratch and are unique to The Sea Anchor Restaurant. There is also a live music venue on site that features local musicians playing every night of the week.

The Light House Lights The Way For All The Sea Creatures

Beach coloring pages 9

It was a dark and stormy night. The waves were crashing against the shore as the wind howled. Suddenly, a light appeared in the distance. It was coming from a lighthouse!

The lighthouse had been built on top of a hill overlooking the sea. It had been there for many years, guiding sailors through thick fog, strong winds, and rough waves. It has never been moved or destroyed by any natural disaster or attack from enemies because it is too high up to be reached by any of these things.

The lighthouse can be seen for miles away and it guides all the way to shore no matter what time of day it is or how bad the weather is outside. The light shines brightly in all directions and never goes out no matter what happens in nature.

Seashells Go On An Sea Adventure

Beach coloring pages 10

Seashells are going on an adventure to see what is in the sea.

Once upon a time, there was a family of seashells that lived on the beach. They were very curious and loved exploring new things. The family of seashells decided to go on an adventure to see what is in the sea. When they got to the sea, they saw many different animals and plants living in it. They saw fish, crabs, seaweed, and many more creatures that live in the sea. The family of seashells had so much fun exploring their new environment and they can’t wait to go back again!

A Crab and A Whale Hang Out For The Day

Beach coloring pages 11

A Crab and A Whale Hang Out for the Day is a story about two unlikely friends who are forced to spend the day together.

Once upon a time, a crab and a whale who have nothing in common, are thrown together one day when the whale washes up on shore. The crab has never seen anything like this before and is both excited and terrified at the same time. The whale is not very talkative or social, but he’s happy to have some company. Eventually, they find that they have more in common than they might think – from their love of food to their dislike of being touched by fishermen.

The Sun Shines Downs On The Ocean

Beach coloring pages 12

This story is about a man who is walking on the beach. He sees the sun and it shines down on the ocean. He feels that the sun is shining down on him, too.

It was an ordinary beautiful day at the beach, the man was sitting in his chair, watching people go by with their dogs and their kids running around in circles with all of their energy. He had been sitting there for some time when he started to notice how warm it had gotten outside; so warm that he could feel it even through his clothes as it washed over him like waves of heat coming off of a fire. It felt good for a little while the man loved the warmth of the sun.

A Hippy Van Heads To The Beach

Beach coloring pages 13

This is a story about a hippy van that heads to the beach. The hippy van is full of hippy friends, and it’s headed towards the beach. The hippy friends packed all sorts of delicious and fun treats. When they arrive they unpack all of their goodies and head down to the shore. The hippy friends are all here, and ready to explore.

Many People Visit The Busy Beach

Beach coloring pages 14

The sun was shining, the waves were crashing and people were having a great time on the beach. It seemed like there was never a better day to be at the beach!

But then, all of a sudden, you hear that familiar sound. That sound makes your stomach drop and your heart skip a beat. You hear it coming from behind you: “Shark!” This sends everyone running in a panic as they try to get away from the water as fast as they can. But there’s no need to panic because it was just someone playing an April Fools joke on everyone!

A Large Seashell Makes A Song

Beach coloring pages 15

Once there was a large seashell that makes a song. The song is “a sad, beautiful sound” that “sounded like a weeping woman”.

But the truth is later revealed that it wasn’t a seashell making the song, at least not on its own. See the seashell had a mermaid friend that would love to sing along.

Many Seashell Gather And Hang Out

Beach coloring pages 16

This is a story about many seashells that gather and hang out.

What do you get when a few seashells with nothing to do decide to hang out together? A bunch of bored seashells! So they go looking for something fun to do. They find some friends, a crab, and a starfish, and the four of them have an amazing time playing in the sand.

The Boy Is Prepared To Build A Sand Castle

Beach coloring pages 17

This story is about a boy who is prepared to build a sand castle.

The boy was very excited to play in the sand. He wanted to build the most amazing sand castle ever. He thought about what he would need and got his bucket and shovel ready.

He started by digging a hole for the moat, which would protect his castle from invaders.

After he finished digging, he filled it with water from the hose and then used his shovel to make some waves with it.

He then made some walls for his castle, using rocks that he found on the beach as well as some that were in the bucket that he brought with him.

Next, he made some towers for his knights and princesses to live in when they came over to visit him at his new home.

His sand castle was AWESOME!

Seashells Dance Around With The Ocean Waves

Beach coloring pages 18

When I was a little girl, I used to love collecting seashells. I would find them on the beach dancing around in the waves like little ballerinas, and then take them home and put them in a jar.

I would spend hours looking through my jar at all of the different colors and shapes, trying to imagine where they came from.

I would imagine that they were all important messages that had been sent by the ocean to me.

The story is about a girl who loves collecting seashells and imagines what they say when she looks at them in her jar.

A Little Girl Builds A Sand Castle With Her Crab Friend

Beach coloring pages 19

There once was a little girl who was best friends with a crab. She lived near the beach and would visit her crab friend daily. Today as she visited her friend she had a great idea to build a sand castle. 

So the girl and her crab friend built the most beautiful sand castle ever.

A Woman Buys New Flip-Flops For The Beach

Beach coloring pages 20

A woman is walking down the street when she notices a store that has flip-flops for sale. She goes in and finds a pair that she likes and decides to buy them.

The next day, she goes to the beach with her new flip-flops on. She has the coolest flip-flops on the beach.

The Sandals Go To The Beach to Play In The Sand

Beach coloring pages 21

Did you know that sandals can walk? They can also talk and go to the beach to play in the sand. Next time you’re on your way to the beach take a look and see the sandals playing in the sand. 

There Are A Lot of Waves At The Beach Today

Beach coloring pages 22

The waves at the beach are very high today. They are crashing into the sand and making a lot of noise. They make the sand fly up in the air and it’s fun to watch them do this.

A Super Model Visits The Beach To Surf

Beach coloring pages 23

This story is about a supermodel who visits the beach to surf. She is a talented surfer and often goes out there to show off her skills. One day she was at the beach with her friend when they saw an old man in the water. He was struggling to stay afloat, so they helped him get back on his board and started paddling with him until they reached the shore.

Not only was the model good at surfing, but she was also a helpful friend.

A Woman Enjoys The Quiet Beach

Beach coloring pages 24

The woman is sitting on the beach in the middle of the morning. She is wearing a red dress and she has her hair is long and wavy. The woman looks to be in her early twenties, but we don’t know for sure.

She has a laptop and an e-reader with her. She’s reading a book and typing away at her laptop. She also has a nice cold drink to keep herself cool. The woman is enjoying herself at this beach all by herself.

A Big Beach Party Is On The Way

Beach coloring pages 25

It is a hot day and you are all alone at the beach. Suddenly, you hear a loud noise coming from the distance. You turn to see where it is coming from and you notice that it’s coming from the other side of the beach. You start walking towards the noise when suddenly, you notice that there are more people on your side of the beach than on the other side. There is a big party going on over there!

You decide to walk over there because you want to join in on all of this fun and excitement. As soon as you get close enough, music starts playing from a loudspeaker and people start cheering in excitement. You look around and notice that they are having some sort of competition going on with different teams with different colored shirts. It seems like they are playing a game. 

You sit around for a while and realize they are playing volleyball. You don’t know how to play but you love to watch them play. 

Overall, you had a great day on the beach.

A Fisherman Takes His Boat Out To Sea

Beach coloring pages 26

This is a story about a fisherman who took his boat out to sea.

The fisherman went out to sea and it was a beautiful day. He saw the sun shining and the water glistening. The fish were jumping and he was excited to catch them.

He saw some dolphins in the water, which made him happy because they are his favorite animal. They came up to him and started playing with him, which made him feel even happier. It was such an amazing day that he stayed out on the boat for hours, just watching all of these things happen around him.

He caught many fish that day but he had so much fun that he didn’t want to go back home yet! He wanted to stay out on the boat forever because it was so beautiful there and nothing could.

A Frog Visits The Beach And Has A Snack

Beach coloring pages 27

Once upon a time, there was a frog who lived in the middle of the forest. One day he heard that there was an ocean nearby and he wanted to see it for himself. He hopped happily through the trees until he came to an opening in the forest that led to the shoreline. There were many animals at the shoreline playing in the water or looking for food on land, but no frogs! The frog hopped up onto a rock near some seaweed and saw some other animals eating what looked like delicious snacks. He hopped closer to them, but they saw him coming and ran away before he could get close enough to try any of their snacks. The poor frog was tired and hungry now.

But as he hopped around he found a beach he found a delicious snack to eat. The frog was so happy now.

A Girl Sets Up A Beach Date With Her Boyfriend

Beach coloring pages 28

In the morning, I put on my new bikini. It was a gift from my sister for my birthday. I couldn’t wait to show it off on the beach!

I got to the beach and sat down at a table with my phone and waited for him. He called me just as he was about to head out of his house and asked if I wanted anything from Starbucks before we met up. I said no, but that I would love some ice cream when we got there!

He showed up 10 minutes later, carrying two cups of coffee and an ice cream cone in his hand. He looked so cute in his swim trunks! We found a spot by the water and sat down.

It was the best beach date ever.

A Sea Turtle Swims On Beach Pebbles

Beach coloring pages 29

A sea turtle has been living on the beach for a long time. He is happy to have found his place in this world. One day, he sees some new pebbles that are coming in from the ocean. They are going to be perfect for him to sit on when he wants to rest. The next day, however, he finds that the pebbles are gone and that there is a new creature in their place – a hermit crab!

So the turtle decides to befriend the crab and they become good friends.

Seagulls Fly Over The Beach And Sing A Song

Beach coloring pages 30

The seagulls fly over the beach and sing a song.

I love to watch them as they swoop over the water, their wings spread wide as they sing. It’s so peaceful and calming to watch them glide on the air currents.

A Sea Turtle Goes Surfing On An Alligator

Beach coloring pages 31

This story is about a sea turtle that goes surfing on an alligator.

It was a sunny day in the ocean when all of a sudden, there was a huge splash! A sea turtle fell from the sky and landed on an alligator. The turtle tried to get off but the alligator refused to let go. The turtle had no choice but to go surfing with it.

The two were having so much fun until they saw another splash in the water, and it wasn’t just any kind of splash, it was another alligator! The two went chasing after each other and eventually ended up at a beach where they both cheered for themselves because they were now free from being stuck together.

A Baby Dinosaur Learns How To Surf At The Beach

Beach coloring pages 32

The baby dinosaur is just a little bit of a thing, and he likes to go out on the waves and try to catch them with his hands. But that’s when the baby dinosaur saw a surfing alligator and decided he wanted to go surfing too. So he found a surfboard and decided to give it a try.

The baby dinosaur realized he was actually pretty good at it too. Who knew baby dinosaurs could surf?

A Giraffe Visits His Fish Friends

Beach coloring pages 33

A giraffe Visits His Fish Friends is a story about a giraffe who goes to visit some of his friends in the water.

The story starts when the giraffe wakes up and decides to go find his friends. He looks and looks but he can’t find them anywhere. He decides to ask a turtle if it has seen them, and the turtle says that they are all down at the bottom of the water. The giraffe tells him that he can’t swim, so he needs to find another way to get there. The turtle says that if he finds a log or a stick, then he can tie it onto himself and use it as an anchor for his feet so that he doesn’t float away while trying to get down there.

The giraffe finds some sticks, ties them to him, and to his surprise it works. Now the giraffe can visit his fish friends.

A Teddy Bear Does A Trick On His Surfboard

Beach coloring pages 34

Harry is a teddy bear who loves to surf. Harry is also a very good surfer. One day, Harry goes surfing in the sea and he meets another bear named Bob. Bob tells Harry that he has been surfing for five years and wants to learn more tricks.

Harry teaches Bob the basics of surfing, but then they both get caught in a big wave and are swept away from each other. Now, it’s up to Harry to save his friend from the ocean!

Harry is quick, and his surfing skills come in handy, and Harry is able to save bob. Hooray!

A Baby Rhino Takes A Ride On A Jet Ski

Beach coloring pages 35

A baby rhino was born at a great Zoo. The mother, named Willow, had to be taken off exhibit for an extended period of time because she was pregnant and needed to rest. As soon as the baby was born, it became clear that he loved the water. He would often follow the keeper who fed him and he would play with the hose when it was turned on.

The zoo staff decided to let him have some fun by giving him a ride on their jet ski! They got him all suited up and then he hopped right on. He seemed to really enjoy himself and had lots of fun splashing around in the water with his new jet ski.

The Bottle of Summer Memories Washes Upon Shore

Beach coloring pages 36

The Bottle of Summer Memories Washes Upon Shore is a story about the life of a man who has been living in the same house for over 30 years. He is not married and has no children. The story starts with him finding an old bottle on the shore, which he assumes to be from summer. He takes it home and decides to open it. Inside he finds a letter that reads:

Dear whoever may find this,

I am sorry I can’t say who I am or where I’m from, but if you are reading this then you have found my secret place.

I have been here for as long as I can remember, but now my time is coming to an end and soon I will be gone.

But before that happens, I wanted to share with you my memories of summer.

The man reads a long list of the mysterious stranger’s summer memories and this makes him happy.

Can You Find The Sunglasses Hidden On The Beach

Beach coloring pages 37

Can you find the sunglasses hidden on the beach?

Let’s go on an adventure and find them together!

I was walking along the beach with my sister when we saw a bottle in the sand. I picked it up and saw that there was a note inside. It said: “If you want to find your sunglasses, keep walking down this way.” So we followed the instructions and found them!

All The Seashells Wash Upon Shore

Beach coloring pages 38

This is a story about the time I found a seashell.

I was walking down the beach with my dad when he told me to stop and pick up something that looked like a seashell. I did as he said, and when I picked it up, it felt like sandpaper in my hand. It was much heavier than any shell I had ever seen before. When we got home, we put it on the table and studied it for a while.

The next day we went to the library to find out what kind of shell this might be. We were lucky because there was a book on shells in the reference section of the library so we took that home instead of making our own research.

That night, after dinner, my dad told me all about what he learned.

A Baby Cow Goes Sailing Upon The Sea

Beach coloring pages 39

This is a story about a baby cow that goes sailing on the sea. It was a beautiful day and the waves were gentle. The cow was feeling hungry, so he looked for some grass to eat. He saw a boat in the distance and felt very excited because he had never seen anything like it before. The cow wanted to go on the boat and explore, but he didn’t know how to swim. He decided that it would be best if he stayed on shore for now.

Once the boat came to shore, the baby cow went up to the boat and noticed that there were two people on board – an old man and his wife. The old man said hello to him, but when his wife saw the baby cow she became very angry because she thought that he was going to eat her flowers in her garden. Oops!

A Toddler Goes Riding On A Sea Turtle

Beach coloring pages 40

A little girl named Maya has just learned to walk and she wants to go for a walk. She is told to stay near the shore and not go too far, but she doesn’t listen. So she follows the sound of the waves on the sand and walks over to the water’s edge, where she sees a big turtle swimming in the ocean. Maya gets so excited that she runs down to meet it at the shoreline, but then gets scared when it dives underwater. But when it comes back up again and shows her its head, Maya decides to try climbing onto it! The turtle doesn’t seem too happy about this idea, but he lets her ride him anyway as they swim out into deeper water.

A Woman Visits The Beach To Get A Tan

Beach coloring pages 41

The woman was looking for a place to tan, but she couldn’t find one. She had been walking around for an hour and she still hadn’t found anything that looked like it might be a good place to tan. Finally, she came across this little beach that was just barely big enough for her to lie down on. The beach had no facilities and the water was really cold, but there were some rocks that would make it easier for her to lie down without getting sand all over herself.

So she lay down in that spot and got a cool-looking tan.

A Snappy Crab Makes A Song With His Claws

Beach coloring pages 42

A Snappy Crab Makes A Song With His Claws is a story about a crab who has to find a way to make music. The crab has claws, but he doesn’t have any instruments. Eventually, he finds some seaweed and uses it as an instrument.

He never thought to use seaweed as an instrument but it makes a wonderful sound.

The Girl Rests Her Toes on The Beach Pebbles

Beach coloring pages 43

This is a story about a girl who was walking on the beach. She was looking for something she could use to protect her feet from the pebbles.

The girl rests her toes on the beach pebbles, feeling their roughness and sharp edges. She looks around for something she can use to protect her feet from them but sees nothing.

She walks farther down the beach, but still finds nothing. The girl sits down in frustration and starts crying.

Suddenly, she hears a voice that says “I have what you need.” The girl looks up and sees an old woman sitting on a rock with a large piece of fabric draped over it. “What do you have?” asks the girl eagerly as she approaches the woman’s rock.

“I have these shoes for you”

The girl was so happy for the shoes to protect her toes from the pebbles.

Two Kids Play In The Sand On The Beach

Beach coloring pages 44

This is a story about two kids playing in the sand on the beach. One of them was building a castle with his hands and the other one was digging holes and filling them up with sand.

The first kid, who was building the castle, was really concentrating on his work. His eyes were glued to his hands as he kneaded and molded the sand into different shapes. He didn’t notice that his friend had stopped digging holes and had started to build something too – a tower next to his castle!

Then, he looked over at what his friend was doing and got really excited! He started helping her by adding more pieces of sand to their project. They worked together for quite some time before they both decided that they should probably go home before it got dark outside.

A Crab Moves Into A Big Sand Castle Home

Beach coloring pages 45

This story is about a crab that moves into a big sand castle home. This crab has been living in an old, abandoned sand castle. It has been living there for quite some time now and it is getting bored. One day, the crabs notices something new in the sky and it looks like a big cloud with many colors. The crab decides to go see what this new thing is up close. The crab was so excited when it saw that this cloud was actually a big sand castle! The crab walks inside of the sandcastle and finds out that this place is full of food, friends, and lots of fun games to play with!

He couldn’t wait to move in and live there.

Two Kids Show Off Their Cool Sunglasses

Beach coloring pages 46

Two kids show their cool sunglasses.

The two kids are wearing the coolest sunglasses that they have ever seen. They want to show them off to the world and try to get as many likes as possible. They post a photo of themselves on Instagram and get lots of likes.

Siblings Join A Sand Castle Building Competition

Beach coloring pages 47

It was a hot summer day and the two siblings were sitting by the pool. They had been watching the adults building sand castles for hours and were getting bored.

Suddenly, their dad came up with an idea. He said that they should build their own sand castle competition. The kids loved this idea and started to plan what kind of castle they would make.

Two Friends Drink Cool Drinks On The Beach

Beach coloring pages 48

Two friends drink cool drinks on the beach.

One day, two friends were sitting on the beach drinking cool drinks and enjoying the sunny day. One of them said to the other, “It’s so nice to be here with you.” The other friend replied, “Yea it is.”

They enjoyed the rest of their day drinking cool drinks on the beach.

A Lovely Suitcase Awaits Its Owner On The Beach

Beach coloring pages 49

The story is about a woman who has been waiting for her suitcase on the beach. In the meantime, she chats with a stranger and they share their experiences. Everyone loved that beach, and the woman became excited hearing all the stories about the people and the beach.

Kids Play On A Water Slide At The Beach

Beach coloring pages 50

I was at the beach and I saw a lot of kids playing on the water slide. They were sliding down and then running back up to go down again. They were all laughing and having a lot of fun. It looked so fun that I decided to try it myself.

Summer Is Here And Everyone Wants To Celebrate

Beach coloring pages 51

Summer is here and everyone wants to celebrate. The long days and the warm weather make it a perfect time to go out and enjoy the fresh summer air.

A Tug Boat Sways On The Ocean Shores

Beach coloring pages 52

The story begins with a tug boat that was swaying on the ocean shores. It was a stormy night and the waves were crashing against the boat. The captain of the boat was trying to keep it steady in order to avoid being capsized by any of the waves. The captain felt like he had been fighting this battle for hours and he was starting to feel exhausted. He needed help but there wasn’t anyone else around to help him. He had no choice but to continue fighting alone and hope for a miracle.

The next morning, when he awoke, he saw that his ship had been saved by none other than an old man who came out of nowhere and pushed it back into place with his cane. The man was surprised that an old man with a cane could do all that. But he didn’t question it. He was just happy to be on shore.

Friends Play Volleyball In The Ocean

Beach coloring pages 53

This story is about a group of friends who are playing volleyball in the ocean. The friends are having a lot of fun and they enjoy the sun on their skin. They want to play for as long as possible but the tide starts to come in so they have to leave and go back to shore.

They were happy to at least have a good time playing volleyball.

A Beautiful Palm Tree Island Awaits Visitors

Beach coloring pages 54

The first thing that you notice when you enter the airport is the sweet smell of coconut and mango.

I was on my way to a palm tree island called Palm Tree Island. I was excited, but also a little nervous. I had never been on an airplane before!

I arrived at the airport and got my luggage with no problems. I was relieved to find out that there were no customs or immigration officials because there isn’t anyone who lives here permanently.

I was so happy to be visiting Palm Tree Island.

Friends Toss A Ball On A Warm Sunny Day

Beach coloring pages 55

It was a hot summer day and the sun was shining brightly in the sky. The three friends were walking down the street when they saw some kids playing with their ball on the beach.

The kids were throwing it around, kicking it, and just having fun with it. The three friends decided to join them and play together for a while. After some time of playing, they got tired and decided to go home for lunch.

They had a fun day.

A Big Palm Tree Grows At The Center Of The Island

Beach coloring pages 56

This is a story about a big palm tree that grows at the center of the island. It’s a story that my grandmother told me when I was a little girl.

Once, there was an island in the middle of nowhere. The people who lived on this island were very poor and they had very little to eat. One day, an old woman came to visit and she gave them some seeds for planting. She told them that if they planted these seeds, they would grow into trees and provide food for everyone on the island.

The people were so happy! They planted the seeds and watched them grow into huge palm trees with coconuts on their branches! The coconuts provided food for all of the people in the village and soon everyone had enough to eat and live happily ever after.

The Sun Rises Up Over The Sandy Shore

Beach coloring pages 57

Once upon a time, there was a man who went to the beach every day and watched the sun go down. He’s not sure why he did this, but it made him happy.

A Little Girl Plans To Build A Big Sand Castle

Beach coloring pages 58

The little girl was wearing her swimsuit and carrying her shovel in one hand. She was holding the other hand of her father as they walked toward the beach. When they reached the beach, she saw that there were already many people there building sand castles. The little girl felt disappointed and looked at her father with big eyes, but he just smiled at her and said “Don’t worry, we will find our own place to build our castle.”

The little girl felt happy again and ran to the empty part of the beach. She started digging in the sand with her shovel while looking for shells on the ground. Suddenly after some time, she built a huge sand castle. She was so happy.

A School Of Fish Go On An Adventure

Beach coloring pages 59

A story about a school of fish who go on an adventure.

Once upon a time, there was a school of fish. They were playing in the water when they found themselves in danger. The fish swam frantically to get away from the dangerous creature that was coming toward them. They swam as fast as they could and finally made it to safety.

It was a scary adventure but the fish were glad they had it.

A Happy Crab Dances Around The Sand Castle

Beach coloring pages 60

This story is about a happy crab that lives in a sand castle. One day, while he was playing with his friends, he finds a treasure chest. When he opens it, he sees a necklace inside.

He takes the necklace and puts it on his neck. Suddenly, he starts to feel really bad. He starts to become sad and feels like crying all the time. He doesn’t know what is happening to him but then one morning, when he wakes up, he sees that the necklace has disappeared from around his neck. He feels very happy again and realizes that the treasure chest was actually cursed!

Two Friends Put On Sun Screen At The Beach

Beach coloring pages 61

The sun was shining and the water was sparkling in the distance.

“I’m on my way to get some more sunscreen,” said Alice.

“Me too,” said Bob. “I’m not taking any chances.”

Alice put on her hat and sunglasses, grabbed her beach towel, and headed back to the store.

Bob looked at his watch and realized that he had time for one more dip before Alice got back with their supplies. He ran down to the water’s edge and dove in head first, swimming out as far as he could go before turning around for a return lap.

He was just about to dive under a wave when he felt something cold hit his arm – it was an octopus! It wrapped its tentacles around Bob’s arm. Bob was scared at first but quickly realized that the octopus just wanted to help him apply some sunscreen. 

Bob laughed and couldn’t wait to tell Alice about this.

A Happy Family Move Into Their New Beach Shack

Beach coloring pages 62

A family arrives at their new beach shack. They are happy to finally have a place where they can spend time together and enjoy the view of the ocean.

There is nothing like being close to the water, especially when you are a family who loves to spend time together. The sound of waves crashing against the shore is enough to send anyone into relaxation mode, and this family was no exception.

The kids were running around with excitement as they explored their new beach house for the first time, while mom and dad looked on with smiles on their faces. It was clear that they were all happy with this decision, and it didn’t take long before they all found themselves sitting in front of a fire while eating dinner and enjoying each other’s company.

A Man Walks Down A Quiet Sea Shore

Beach coloring pages 63

The man walks down a quiet sea shore. He is not sure what he is looking for and does not know if he will find it. But for now, he enjoys his walk down the quiet sea shore.

A Gust Of Wind Blows Sea Shells Across The Sand

Beach coloring pages 64

I see her as she walks, kicking up the white sands in a trail behind her. The sun shines on her hair, making it glow like a halo. I can’t help but smile at how beautiful she is, even with all the dirt on her face.

The sound of seagulls fills the air around us as she picks up a small shell and looks out over the water. Her fingers trace along the edge of it and I can’t help but think that this was meant to be for me to find.

Who was she? A sea shell she was. Don’t you believe me?

A Woman Prepares To Take a Nap In A Hammock

Beach coloring pages 65

In this story, a woman takes a nap in a hammock. She is about to fall asleep when she hears the sound of an approaching train. The woman wakes up and is terrified by the sound of the train.

But when she woke up she realized it wasn’t a train at all and that she was safely in her hammock on the beach.

A Mermaid Waves Down A Large Ship For Help

Beach coloring pages 66

A mermaid waves down a large ship for help.

The ship’s captain doesn’t want to stop or slow down. He is afraid of the mermaids.

The mermaid can’t swim fast enough to catch up with the boat and she sinks back into the sea.

She watches as the ship sails away, disappearing over the horizon, and she cries.

The mermaid just wanted to say ‘hi’ but the captain was too afraid.

A Sea Conch Plays A Song At The Beach

Beach coloring pages 67

The sea conch is a beautiful, wonderful creature. It’s a type of mollusk that lives in the water and has an amazing shell.

One day a little girl found a sea conch on the beach and wanted to show it to her mom.

She picked up the shell and played with it for a while, but then she realized it was getting dark outside so she decided to go back home.

When she got there, her mom was waiting for her at the door with a smile on her face because she had found out that this little girl had found something so special!

A Group Of Friends Drive Their Van On The Beach

Beach coloring pages 68

The group of friends decides to take their van to the beach. At first, they have some trouble finding a place to park, but eventually, find a spot that they can get out of without being too close to the water. They drive for about ten minutes before coming across someone who tells them that it is not safe to drive any further because of all the soft sand.

The friends decide not to listen and keep driving until they reach an area where there are no people around. They stop and get out of their car only to find that it’s very difficult to walk because the sand is so soft.

The friends have a laugh and realize they should have listened.

A Man Brings A Bunch Of Items To The Beach

Beach coloring pages 69

A man walks to the beach with a bunch of items in his hand.

He sets up a blanket and lays down on it.

He opens up his bag and takes out a book, a bottle of water, an apple, and some chips.

He starts reading his book, eating his apple, and drinking water from the bottle.

After he finished eating, he throws away the apple core in the trash can next to him.

He then takes out a deck of cards from his bag and starts playing solitaire on the blanket.

After about an hour or so, he gets up from the blanket, folds it up into its original shape, and walks back home with all of his belongings in tow.

The Sun Sets Across A Rocky Beach

Beach coloring pages 70

The sun sets across a rocky beach, the waves crashing on the shore.

The sky is turning dark and the moon is beginning to rise. I walk down the shore and make my way back up to my car. The water recedes as I walk, leaving behind a trail of wet sand.

I turn around and see that there are no footprints in the sand, just mine.

I get in my car and drive away, knowing that I’ll never be coming back here again.

A Ship Wrecks On A Small Island

Beach coloring pages 71

One day, the captain of the ship realizes that they are lost in the middle of nowhere. This is when he realizes that he will have to set up camp on an island and wait for help from anyone who will come by. He instructs his crew to start gathering all the supplies they can find and store them in one place so that it will be easier for them later on when they need them. The captain also tells his crew that there is not enough food for everyone, so he wants half of them to go hunt for food.

His crew listens, but it isn’t long before they are found and rescued. The crew is so happy but they enjoyed their little adventure on the island.

A Small Boat Floats Across The Sea

Beach coloring pages 72

Once upon a time, there was an old man who decided to travel across the sea. He had never been on a boat before, but he knows that he needs to go.

The old man had never been on a boat before and had no idea how it would feel.

He was scared but knew that he needed to go. He wanted to leave his home and find out what was on the other side of the sea. The old man took his first step onto the boat and felt as if he was going to fall over.

The captain of the ship noticed him struggling, so she helped him get situated on a bench. She told him to buckle in and prepare for an adventure. The old man was still scared but excited to see where he goes.

A Pail Of Seashells Rests In The Sun

Beach coloring pages 73

The story begins with a couple who are on vacation at the beach. One day, they find a pail of seashells. As they walk along the beach, they find more and more shells. The couple soon realizes that they have found a treasure trove of seashells that have been hidden in the sand for years!

A Lovely Couple Watch The Sun Set

Beach coloring pages 74

A couple was sitting on a bench, watching the sunset. They had been in a long relationship and they had recently got married. They were happy and content with each other, but they had grown bored of their lives. The sunset reminded them that they needed to live life to the fullest, so they started exploring new things together. Like watching the sunset.

Two Kids Go Surfing On A Kiddie Beach

Beach coloring pages 75

This is a story about two kids who go surfing on a kiddie beach.

The two kids are named Peter and his little sister, Michelle. They love to surf, but they are too small to do it on the big waves at the beach. So they go to the kiddie beach instead. The waves there are just right for them to catch some good rides.

Peter and Michelle have been surfing for a while now and they are getting pretty good at it! They even teach other kids how to do it when they come by and ask how they got so good at surfing.

The Friends Are Happy To Visit Their Vacation Spot

Beach coloring pages 76

It is a story about two friends who are on vacation. They have just arrived at the hotel, and they are happy to see their room. The first friend says, “I’m so excited to be here.” The second friend says, “I can’t wait for all of the fun we’re going to have.”

And they have so much fun while on vacation.

Little Friends Go Fishing And Enjoy Ice Cream

Beach coloring pages 77

This is a story about little friends that go fishing and enjoy ice cream.

One day, the little friends went fishing and they caught a big fish. They had so much fun at the river bank. When they came back home, they found out that their mom made some ice cream for them!

They loved catching fish and eating ice cream. It was their favorite thing to do.

A Lonely Beach Has No Visitors

Beach coloring pages 78

A lonely beach has no visitors.

It is the best time to be on a lonely beach.

The time for solitude, to think about the past and future.

The time for reflection is a perfect place to be alone.

A Woman Plans A Cozy Date With Her Husband

Beach coloring pages 79

It is a cold winter evening and the woman is preparing for her date with her husband. She puts on a purple dress, but she feels that it is not enough. She needs to do something more to warm up the atmosphere. So she opens the fridge and takes out some ingredients to make some hot chocolate.

She starts making it while thinking of memories of their past dates and how much they enjoyed them together. She then remembers that she needs to prepare some snacks too and so she starts cooking some popcorn in the microwave while waiting for the water to boil in order to make the hot chocolate drink.

Finally, after all of this preparation, she sits down on the couch with her husband, drinking their hot chocolates while thinking of her next cozy date. The woman thought to herself, maybe the beach, next time.

Two Giraffes Go Sailing Across The Sea

Beach coloring pages 80

This is a story about two giraffes who go sailing across the sea.

There once were two giraffes who were very good friends. One day they were going to go sailing across the sea, but they didn’t know how to sail. They went to their friend, a seal, and asked for help. The seal said he would teach them how to sail if they taught him how to fly. So they all went off together and learned what they needed to know from each other: the giraffes learned how to sail and the seal learned how to fly.

The Kid Wants To Relax In The Hammock Over The Sea

Beach coloring pages 81

A long time ago, there was a kid who wanted to relax in a hammock over the sea. He had a lot of plans for the future, but he didn’t know how to do anything yet. So he just wanted to enjoy his life.

He got up early in the morning and went out for a walk. He saw many people going to work and felt very lucky that he could stay at home and do what he wanted to do. He went back home and started reading books about how to be successful in life, but it was hard for him because he didn’t have any experience or knowledge about it yet.

The kid started thinking about how difficult everything is when you are just starting out in life. But none of that mattered, for now, he would relax in his hammock.

A Star Fish Takes A Break On The Sand

Beach coloring pages 82

This is a story about a starfish that takes a break on the sand.

The starfish has just been out of the water for too long. He had spent hours and hours looking for food and now his body was in need of rest.

He walked towards the shoreline and saw that there was no one else around, so he decided to take some time to himself.

He looked at the sand beneath him – it was soft, warm, and welcoming.

He lay down on his back and closed his eyes – he could feel the sun warming up his skin as it shone down from above.

The sound of waves crashing into the shoreline filled his ears with peace and calmness.

It felt like he had found paradise on earth just by taking a break on the sand.

A Unicorn Sips Lemonade On The Beach

Beach coloring pages 83

A unicorn sips lemonade on the beach

It tastes really yummy.

Like sweet, honey lemons.

He loves lemonade.

Especially when he can sip lemonade on the beach.

The T-Rex Goes Surfing On The Beach

Beach coloring pages 84

It was a sunny day and T-Rex was walking down the beach when he saw some kids surfing. He thought it looked like fun so he decided to give it a try. He got up on his board and tried to stand up but quickly fell off because he didn’t know how to balance. So, he went back to walking down the beach looking for something else to do.

A Little Unicorn Skips Around Through The Sea Shells

Beach coloring pages 85

One day, the unicorn found some new sea shells that were not there before. She was very happy because she could skip through them again and again.

She skipped through them all day and then she went to bed. The next morning, she woke up and saw that they were gone. She looked around for them but could not find them anywhere. She was very sad because now she had no more sea shells to skip through.

But then her mom realized the problem and decided to buy the little unicorn some more sea shells she could skip through.

A School Of Gold Fish Swim Near The Shore

Beach coloring pages 86

The story is about a school of goldfish that swim near the shore. The story takes place on a beautiful day and the water is so clear that you can see all the way to the bottom. There are many other schools of fish in the water, but these goldfish are special because they have no fear and they swim around near people.

A Pineapple Bathes In The Sun

Beach coloring pages 87

A pineapple bathes in the sun.

The pineapple is yellow and warm.

It is a happy pineapple.

The sun is bright and warm.

It feels good to be bathed in the sun’s rays.

A Strong Unicorn Poses In Front Of A Sand Castle

Beach coloring pages 88

Once upon a time, there was a strong unicorn who lived in the forest. One day, he saw a sand castle in the distance. It was so beautiful that he decided to visit it. As he approached the castle, he noticed that it had many guards on patrol and some other soldiers standing on the walls with swords in their hands. The unicorn was not afraid of them and continued to approach them until they saw him. They all gathered around him and asked him what his business was there. He told them that he just wanted to look at their sand castle because it looked so beautiful from far away. 

The guards were happy that the unicorn liked the sand castle. So they let him in to explore. The unicorn wanted to show all his friends back home, so he posed in front of the sand castle and took a picture.

A Girl Brings A Camera To The Beach

Beach coloring pages 89

One day, a girl brings her camera to the beach. One day she and her family went to the beach, but when they got there, she realized that she forgot her camera. She was so sad because she was really looking forward to taking photos of the water and all of the people at the beach.

The girl’s dad said, “Don’t worry honey, we’ll just take some pictures with our phones.” But then he handed her his phone and said “Here you go!” The girl looked at this phone like it was an alien object because she had never seen one before. She didn’t know how to use it or what buttons to push so that it would work. But luckily her dad taught her how. It wasn’t her favorite camera, but she still got to bring a camera to the beach and take pictures.

The Boy Can’t Decide Which Surf Board To Purchase

Beach coloring pages 90

I was walking down the beach one day when I came across a boy sitting on the ground. There were about a dozen surfboards lined up in front of him. He was looking at each one and then shaking his head and moving on to the next. The boards ranged in size, color, and shape. Some were long and thin while others were short and fat. Some had different colors while others had different designs on them. I couldn’t help but notice how confused he looked as he examined each board with care.

I walked over to him and asked what he was doing there. He told me that he couldn’t decide which surfboard to buy for his first time surfing because they all looked so good! 

What surfboard did the boy decide to purchase?

The Little Kid Can’t Wait To Play With His Toys On The Beach

Beach coloring pages 91

I know it’s not really a beach, but when I was little, my dad would take me to the park and we would play on the sand and pretend it was a beach. I can’t wait to play with my toys on the beach!

The Surfer Takes A Break And Watches The Waves

Beach coloring pages 92

The waves are very strong, and he feels like he can’t get back on his board. He’s just sitting on the beach, watching them go by. He sees all sorts of people out there in the water: surfers, swimmers, surfers with their boards.

A Couple Rests And Watches The Fish Swimming In The Sea

Beach coloring pages 93

It was a lovely day and they had been on the beach all morning.

The sun was hot, but it didn’t bother them. They were both wearing sunglasses and hats.

They had been swimming, then they ate lunch, then they read their books for a while.

Now it was time to go home. They walked along the beach together, hand in hand.

Well, the summer fun has come to an end with our coloring friends, we got to meet a unicorn who loves lemonade, and a T-rex who knew how to surf. Who knew? But just because the fun ended here doesn’t mean it has to end for you.

What kind of summer adventures will you get up to? And don’t forget your coloring adventures here.

We’re always happy to see just how creative you can be.

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