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Love birds? Then you’ll love these bird coloring pages, come in and chirp away and get creative. You’ll learn some interesting facts about birds and get to follow them on exciting adventures. 

A Happy Bird Finds Seeds To Eat

bird coloring pages 1

This is a story about a happy bird. The bird’s name is Happy.

Happy was looking for seeds to eat. He found some seeds and he ate them. Happy was very happy because he found seeds to eat.

A Gobbly Turkey Sings A Song

bird coloring pages 2

A Gobbly Turkey is about how the Gobbly Turkey has been feeling down lately and doesn’t know why. He starts to feel better after he sings and dances in front of his friends.

A Bunch Of Bird Friends Hang Out

bird coloring pages 3

A Bunch of Bird Friends Hang Out is a story about a group of birds who go on an adventure. There are many other birds that live in the forest, but these five friends are the most interesting ones.

The first bird is called Flappy. He is the leader and he always leads them to new adventures. The second bird is called Chuck, he is always hungry and can eat anything that he finds on his way. The third bird is called Chirpy, she sings all day long and people love her voice so much that they want her to sing for them all the time. The fourth bird is named Tweeter and he loves to tweet about everything that happens in their forest home. The fifth bird’s name is Tweetie and she has a very loud voice which makes her perfect sound.

A Mama Duck Leads Her Babies

bird coloring pages 4

One day a mother duck was sitting on her nest in the water, and she had five little ducklings. The little ones were so happy to be with their mother, and they loved to swim about near her. They were not afraid of anything, because they thought that their mother would take care of them.

“Quack! Quack!” said the mama duck as she swam about in the water with her children. “What are you doing now?”

“We are looking for food,” answered one of the little ducks. “We want some worms.”

“No,” said another one; “we want some flies.”

“We want some squishy bugs,” said the third baby duck.

“I want a snail.”, said another. So the mama duck got a bunch of food for her babies.

A Mama Bird Feeds The Birds

bird coloring pages 5

This is a story about a Mama Bird who feeds the birds.

The Mama Bird was sitting on her nest, and she was feeling sad because she couldn’t feed the birds. She wanted to feed the birds, but her beak was broken and she couldn’t open it.

But luckily her neighbor bird came by and helped feed the baby birds.

An Old Bird Rests In The Desert

bird coloring pages 6

The story starts with a man who is looking for an oasis in the desert. He is on his way to the oasis to find water, but he is not sure if he will find it in time. As he walks through the desert, he sees an old bird resting on a branch of a tree. The bird tells him that his journey will end at the oasis and that there is plenty of water there for him to drink.

The man thanks the bird and continues his journey until he finally reaches the oasis. There, he drinks some water and rests for a while before continuing his journey home.

A Majestic Owl Watches The Stars

bird coloring pages 7

This is a story about a majestic owl that watches the stars at night.

One day, the owl noticed that there were no stars in the sky. He decided to go on an adventure and find out why. He found out that the reason was because of a giant cloud. The cloud was blocking all of the light from reaching Earth. So, he decided to go above it and blow it away with his mighty wings so that all of the light would be able to reach Earth again and make all of those shining stars visible again.

A Hummingbird Hovers In The Flowers

bird coloring pages 8

A Hummingbird Hovers In The Flowers is a story about a hummingbird that visits flowers and drinks their nectar. A hummingbird hovers in the flowers and drinks from their nectar, one by one. She watches over the garden, sitting on her perch for hours.

A Happy Duck Swims Around The Pond

bird coloring pages 9

The duck was floating on the water when he saw a fish in the pond. He was so excited to see all the fish.

“Hi fish!”, the duck said.

“What’s your name?”

“Duck,” the fish replied.

They swam together for a bit when the fish said, “I have to go now, bye.”

The duck was sad to say goodbye and floated around for a while before going to sleep.

A Lovely Peacock Runs In The Field

bird coloring pages 10

A peacock ran in the field. He ran in the field all day long, he kept running and running until he reached his destination. But where was his destination?

The Flowery Bird Drinks Some Nectar

bird coloring pages 11

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful bird who lived in the forest. She loved to drink the sweet nectar from flowers and eat delicious fruits from the trees. One day, she couldn’t find any flowers or fruit to drink or eat.

She was so hungry that she started crying. Suddenly, she heard some rustling in the tree above her and looked up to see what it was. There was another bird who had just flown into her tree! The other bird had plenty of food for both of them to eat and they were very happy together.

Two Happy Owls Take A Break At Home

bird coloring pages 12

This is a story about two happy owls who take a break at home.

In the beginning, the owls were sitting on their perch and looking out at the world.

Suddenly, they saw something in the distance. They looked closely and saw that it was a tree with lots of leaves on it. They had never seen such a tree before!

One of the owls said to his friend, “What is that?”

The other owl replied, “I don’t know.”

They flew over to see where it was coming from and found that it was coming from an old barn with an open door. The owls flew inside and found lots of other trees inside too – all full of leaves! The two friends were very happy because they had never seen so many trees inside a barn. They were so happy that they made this place their home.

A Fluffy Peacock Poses For A Picture

bird coloring pages 13

A peacock poses for a picture. The peacock spreads its feathers and poses for the camera. The peacock makes several different poses, all of which make them look very beautiful and happy.

The Bird Friends Try To Blend In With Flowers

bird coloring pages 14

A group of birds, the bird friends, were trying to blend in with the flowers. One day they found a new type of flower that they liked and wanted to live near. They were so excited about this discovery that they decided to tell all the other birds about it.

The bird friends tried to fly over and land on the flowers but their wings got stuck in the petals and their feet got caught in the stem. They tried for hours but couldn’t get free!

Finally, one bird friend came up with a plan. He flew up high and dropped down over and over until he could pull his friends out of the petals and leaves. The bird friend’s plan worked!

The birds still loved to blend in with flowers but they decided to only stick with flowers they knew and loved.

Two Love Birds Share A Heart

bird coloring pages 15

I was sitting on an old bench, looking at the beautiful dark sky. I had never seen so many stars in my life. It was a clear night and I felt like I could reach out and touch them.

“What are you thinking about?” He asked me, sitting down next to me.

“I was just looking at the stars, they’re beautiful tonight,” I replied, smiling.

He smiled back and took my hand in his before saying “It would be even more beautiful if it were with you.”

That’s the story of two love birds.

A Tucan Looks Out Through The Leaves

bird coloring pages 16

The Tucan is a bird that lives in the rainforest. It is brown and has a long tail. It eats insects, grubs, and fruit.

Every day it wakes up early and flies out of its tree to search for food.

One day, the Tucan was flying through the forest when it saw something strange on the ground below.

It flew closer to see what it was and found that it was a leaf with some words written on it! The Tucan picked up the leaf and read what was written: “A tucan looks out through the leaves”.

The Tucan thought this was very strange because he had never seen anything like this before. He flew back to his tree to tell all his friends about what he had seen.

They all laughed and explained that it was a story about him, a tucan looking out through the leaves.

A Bunch Of Small Birds Play In The Flowers

bird coloring pages 17

This story is about a bunch of small birds that play in the flowers.

One day, a bunch of small birds were playing in the flowers. They were having so much fun that they didn’t notice the sun setting.

Suddenly, one of them said, “It’s getting dark!”

“We should head home now,” said another bird.

They all flew off to their nests and went to sleep.

A Big Bird Spreads Her Wings

bird coloring pages 18

This is a story about a Big Bird, who has always been so happy with her life. She was never scared of anything and always had the courage to do anything she wanted. One day, she wanted to fly and she tried so hard but couldn’t. She felt sad and lonely because no one understood her and everyone made fun of her for not being able to fly. But one day, something magical happened!

The big bird spread her wings, and she was able to fly.

A Bunch Of Fluffy Ducks Take A Swim

bird coloring pages 19

One day a bunch of fluffy ducks decided to take a swim in the pond.

It was a beautiful day and the ducks were feeling great.

The water felt nice and cool on their feathers.

They could feel their feet sinking into the soft mud at the bottom of the pond.

The ducks loved to swim in the pond.

A Very Beautiful Owl Goes For A Fly

bird coloring pages 20

A Very Beautiful Owl Goes For A Fly is a story about an owl king who wanted to build his palace on the land of some poor farmers. The king promised them riches and wealth, but the farmers were not tempted by these promises. They refused to give up their land and the king was forced to move his palace elsewhere.

This causes the owl king to go for a fly and find somewhere else to build his palace.

A Very Happy Bird Eats Berries

bird coloring pages 21

This is a short story about a bird who is hungry and eats berries.

Once upon a time, there was a very happy bird. The bird lived in the forest with all of his friends. One day, he woke up hungry and realized that he had not eaten anything since breakfast. He flew around the forest looking for berries to eat but could not find any.

Instead, he found some worms and ate them up!

The next day, the same thing happened to him again – he woke up hungry but couldn’t find any berries so he ate some worms instead.

Eventually, the bird got so used to eating worms that he stopped looking for berries altogether!

The Bird Sings For His Friends

bird coloring pages 22

This is a story about a little bird who has no friends.

One day, the little bird sees some other birds playing in the woods. He decides to go and play with them too. The other birds are not very nice to him and they chase him away. The little bird cries because he has no friends to play with and goes back home.

The next day, the little bird sees some more birds playing in the woods again. This time he is more determined than before and starts playing with them too, even if they are not very nice to him at first. But soon enough they start playing together and have lots of fun together. And this time, when it’s time for a lunch break, all the birds invite the little bird to sit with them under their tree while they eat.

A Parrot Mocks The Other Birds

bird coloring pages 23

A parrot mocks the other birds.

One day a parrot was sitting on a branch of a tree and mocking the other birds.

The parrot said “I’m not like you. I can talk, and you can’t!”

The other birds were very angry and they said, “You are not like us because you are green and we are all different colors!”

The parrot said, “I am not like you because I have wings, but you don’t!”

The birds went on and on, back and forth.

A Bird Dives Into The Water

bird coloring pages 24

It feels like it’s been flying for hours already.

It doesn’t want to go on any longer.

But the bird goes on. The bird goes on.

And then it hits the water.

And to the bird’s surprise, the water is warm and full of sunlight. 

The bird loves the water.

A Bird Brings A Flower

bird coloring pages 25

The bird is bringing the flower to its mother who is sick and needs medicine.

The bird doesn’t know if the flower will help his mother, but to his surprise it does, the flower makes his mother all better and now she can play with him again.

The Flowery Owl Has A Staring Contest

bird coloring pages 26

It was a cold and windy day. The owl had been looking for food all day long, but it had not found anything. It was getting dark and the owl needed to find shelter for the night, so it decided to go back to its tree stump.

The owl went up into the tree stump and found a little mouse inside. The mouse was very scared of the owl because he could tell that it had not eaten anything in a while. They stared at each other for a while until they both fell asleep.

The next morning, the mouse woke up first and saw that there were some crumbs on the ground from when he ate his last bit of food. He grabbed them quickly before the owl woke up too, so he didn’t have to stare at the owl again.

The Big Feathery Turkey Goes On A Stroll

bird coloring pages 27

The Big Feathery Turkey went on a stroll.

And then he saw the fox, who said:

“What are you looking for?

I’ve seen it all, I know what’s what.”

But the turkey just said: “Bawk!”

The Little Bird Hangs Out In The Flowers

bird coloring pages 28

The story is about a bird that loves to fly high and always hangs out in the flowers.

It was a nice sunny day, the little bird was flying high in the sky. He was looking for flowers to hang out with. He saw some lovely flowers, but they were too far away from him and he could not reach them. So he continued his journey of searching for more beautiful flowers.

He found some really beautiful flowers, but as he got closer, he found that they were too high and couldn’t reach them either. The little bird had been flying for so long without any luck and now he was getting tired of this game. Suddenly, he saw some really beautiful flowers close to him and thought that these are his last chance! He sat down in the flowers and they were so beautiful.

The Bird Brings Food To The Babies

bird coloring pages 29

Once upon a time, there was a little bird. The little bird lived in the forest and loved to sing. One day, the little bird saw some babies in a nest on the ground. The baby birds were hungry and crying.

The little bird thought to herself, “I have food at home.” So she flew back to her house and got some food for the babies.

The next day, when the little birds were hungry again, they called out for their mother but she didn’t come back. They cried so much that they fell out of their nest and became very weak from hunger.

That night, the little bird came back with more food for them because she knew how sad they would be without their mother to care for them.

A Long Swan Sails Through The Flowers

bird coloring pages 30

A long time ago there was a little girl who loved to play in the flowers. One day she found a long swan and decided to take it home with her. She was so happy that she got to play with the swan every day after school. But one day, the little girl’s mother found out about the swan and told her that it would be better if they let it go because they could not take care of it at their house. The little girl did not want to let go of her new friend, but she knew that her mother was right. So she went back outside and set the swan free.

The story is about a little girl who finds a long swan and decides to take it home with her because she loves playing in flowers every day after school.

The Black Swans Swirl In Circles Together

bird coloring pages 31

A woman, a man, and a black swan walk into a bar. The bartender says, “What can I get for you?”

The woman says, “I’ll have a delicious drink.”

The man says, “I want to try that new drink you just got in. Give me one of those.”

The bartender looks at the black swan and asks, “What about you? What would you like?”

He replies, “I would like some water.”

After the friends had their drink the black swan decided to go home. She was happy to be home she began to swirl in circles.

The Bird Pokes The Dirt With Its Beak

bird coloring pages 32

The bird is pecking at the dirt with its beak. The bird starts to dig up the dirt. The bird digs up a worm and eats it.

The bird enjoyed poking the dirt with its beak.

The Eagle Looks Out Over The Mountains

bird coloring pages 33

This is a story about an eagle who looks out over the mountains.

The eagle is a bird that lives in the sky. One day, he looked down from his nest and saw the mountains below. He was so high up that they looked like ants. The mountains looked small, but they were very big to him. The eagle wanted to fly down and see them up close, so he flew down to the ground and landed on top of one of them. He felt tiny because it was so much bigger than him!

The eagle flew back up into the sky, then he did it again and again until he had seen all of them from above.

An Eagle Looks Out For His Friends

bird coloring pages 34

The story is about a group of eagles that live in a valley. They find a baby eagle that’s fallen out of its nest, and they take it in. It takes some time for the baby to learn how to fly, but when it does, it flies higher than any of them. The other eagles are happy about the newfound freedom, but one eagle points out that the new bird can’t hunt on its own. The other eagles say they’ll help feed the bird. So they do.

The Big Feathery Bird Like To Look Beautiful

bird coloring pages 35

Once upon a time, there was a big feathery bird.

The big feathery bird liked to look beautiful.

One day the big feathery bird became very sick from eating too many berries.

The berries were not good for the big feathery bird because they were poisonous.

The big feathery bird did not know that the berries were poisonous and he ate many of them.

He became very sick and he could not fly or eat any more berries, so he was sad.

But then his friends came to help him and they gave him some medicine that made him feel better again!

The Bird Spreads Its Wings And Prepares To Fly

bird coloring pages 36

A bird spreads its wings and prepares to fly

It is up in the sky, so high

It sees the world below it, small and insignificant

And then it flies off into the sunset.

A Hoot Of Owls Have A Party

bird coloring pages 37

In the story, there are some owls who are not invited to the party. They decide to make their own party and invite all their friends.

The owl in this story is a great example of how people can be good friends even if they don’t know each other well.

A Bird Loves To Sit And Smell The Roses

bird coloring pages 38

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful bird. He loved to sit on the branches of trees and look at all the flowers below him. He would spend hours smelling their sweet fragrance and listening to their gentle song.

One day he saw a new flower that he had never seen before. It was very small, but it had such an enchanting scent! The little bird flew down to get a closer look at it, and as he did so he felt something prick his foot. He hopped around in pain for a while, trying to figure out what had happened. Then suddenly he noticed that the new flower had some thorns on its stem!

It was then that the little bird realized that not all roses are nice.

The Bird Rises With The Sun

bird coloring pages 39

This story is about a man who has to go to work one morning. He is walking on a bridge over the river and he sees a bird perched on the railing. The bird is so beautiful that he stops to admire it. Suddenly, the bird spreads its wings and flies away. The man feels sad that he was not able to see the birds fly, so he goes down to the water’s edge and waits for it to come back.

A Bird Is Covered In Flowers

bird coloring pages 40

When I was a kid, we lived in a house that had a big backyard.

I used to spend hours out there, digging in the dirt and playing with the animals.

One day, my mom came out to join me.

She picked up some flowers and started scattering them on the ground.

“What are you doing?” I asked her. “I’m planting flowers so they will grow and cover this whole yard someday, and the bird will come to play,” she said. 

Many months later it was as she said. I thought it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen: A bird covered in flowers!

A Hummingbird Drinks Warm Nectar

bird coloring pages 41

A hummingbird drinks warm nectar. It was the warmest nectar it ever had, the bird loved drinking warm nectar every day and so it did. 

Two Parrots Fall In Love

bird coloring pages 42

One of the parrots, Percy, woke up one morning and got ready for work. He has a meeting with his boss to discuss his progress on some new ideas that he had recently come up with. Percy’s boss was impressed by the ideas and offered him a promotion if he could come up with more good ideas like that in the future.

Percy felt very happy about this and left for work feeling very excited about the idea of being able to provide for his family in a better way than he had been able to before.

On his way to work, Percy saw another parrot sitting on top of a tree branch she was the most beautiful parrot he had ever seen, so beautiful that Percy was in love. 

What did Percy do next?

A Beautiful Owl Hoots All Night

bird coloring pages 43

This is a story about how the little owl had to hoot all night long. He was so tired, that he wanted to go to sleep, but his mother told him that if he did, he would miss out on all the fun things in life.

The little owl thought and thought and finally decided that his mom was right. He hooted as loud as he could for all of the night.

A Big Bird Tells A Joke To Her Friends

bird coloring pages 44

There once was a bird who wants to tell jokes. The first one she tells is about the little chicken who was sent to the store for eggs and came back with a dozen. Did you find the joke funny?

A Bird Flaps Her Wings For The Flowers

bird coloring pages 45

A story about a bird who flaps her wings for the flowers.

The birds were flying high in the sky, when they saw a flower on the ground.

“We must pick up this flower,” said one of them. “It is so beautiful.”

“No,” said another, “She needs to grow tall and be a pretty flower.”

“I think we should pick up the beautiful flower and be its friend,” said a third. “We can’t just leave her there.”

The birds kept talking about it and arguing with each other but in the end, they flew down and picked up the flower.

And the flower was happy, she got to watch beautiful birds flap their wings all around her.

Two Birds Play In A Wheel Barrow Of Flowers

bird coloring pages 46

Two birds were happy to play in a wheelbarrow of flowers, it was a hot summer day, and cooling with flowers was their favorite way to play. 

Birds Chirp All Through The Afternoon

bird coloring pages 47

One day, a little bird was sitting on a branch. He had been chirping all morning and he was getting kind of hungry.

He looked down and saw that his neighbor was eating some berries from the bushes below him, so he hopped over to see if there were any left.

The other birds had eaten all the berries, but they didn’t know how to fly up to get more so they were really hungry too. The little bird found some more berries on the ground and shared them with his friends and then he started chirping again because he felt really good inside knowing that he had helped someone else out.

A Couple Of Birds Enjoy The Springtime

bird coloring pages 48

This is a story about two birds who have just woken up from winter. They are enjoying the springtime by flying around, singing, and looking for food.

The birds are flying around and singing because they are happy that winter is over. They are also looking for food because they have been awake all night, waiting for the sun to rise.

Three Birds Flutter Around In The Flowers

bird coloring pages 49

The first bird said, “This is a beautiful place to be!”

The second bird said, “Yes, but it’s much too hot here!”

The third bird said, “What about this flower?”

“I don’t really like that flower,” the first bird said. “It’s not nearly as beautiful as these flowers.”

“But it smells so nice,” the second bird argued.

“I don’t care for the smell,” the first bird said. “It’s not nearly as beautiful as these flowers.”

“What about this one?” asked the third bird.

“No! That one is ugly and smells bad.” The first two birds agreed with her.

The Birds Relax In The Warming Sun

bird coloring pages 50

The story is about a flock of birds that are relaxing in the warming sun.

The birds relax in the warming sun. The sky is clear, and the air is warm. There’s not a single cloud to be seen. It’s been a long time since they felt so free.

The birds fly up high, catching the breeze on their wings. They swoop down low and roll over in the grass, feeling it tickle their feathers.

The wind picks up, blowing through their feathers like gentle fingers running through hair. The birds dance in circles, turning on themselves and lifting off again to fly higher than before

They feel alive again after so many days of rain and cold nights. They feel free again after so many days of being cooped up inside.

A Fluffy Bird Likes To Nap In The Flowers

bird coloring pages 51

The story is about a bird who likes to nap in the flowers. The bird had been flying all day, and he figured it was finally time to take a nap in the flowers. The nap was relaxing and warm, just how he liked it. 

A Big Peacock Puts On A Fashion Show

bird coloring pages 52

This is a story about a peacock who wanted to put on a fashion show.

The peacock was different from the other animals in the forest. He had beautiful feathers and he liked to put them on display. But he didn’t have any friends, so he was lonely.

One day, he found an old mirror in the forest and it made him feel happy. He looked at his feathers and they were so beautiful! But then he realized that none of the other animals could see him because they couldn’t look into mirrors like him. The peacock became sad again but then he had an idea: If he put on a fashion show for all of the animals, they would be able to see how beautiful his feathers were! So that’s what the peacock did.

Two Big Birds Admire The Flowers

bird coloring pages 53

This story is about two birds who are admiring the flowers.

One day, two birds were admiring the flowers. They loved flowers so much, in fact, they loved flowers so much that they would spend all day long admiring the flowers.

A Bird Becomes Friends With A Butterfly

bird coloring pages 54

This is a story about a bird and a butterfly who became friends.

The bird would eat the bugs that the butterfly caught in her net. The butterfly would eat the worms that the bird found on the ground. They both loved to play together, and they never got bored of each other because they both had their own special skills.

The Owl Likes To Watch The Hummingbird

bird coloring pages 55

The Owl liked to watch the hummingbirds in her garden. The Hummingbird would come every day, and they would talk for hours on end. One day, the Hummingbird didn’t come. The Owl was very sad because she missed her friend terribly. She went outside to look for her friend, but she couldn’t find her anywhere!

The next day the Hummingbird came back and they talked happily as they always did before. They talked about everything that had happened while they were apart, and then they said goodbye again until tomorrow when the Hummingbird would come back again.

A Happy Bird Tells A Story To Her Friends

bird coloring pages 56

The story starts with a bird and her friends. The bird was happy, so she wanted to tell her friends about it. She told them that she was happy because she had a nice nest and some food.

The bird then said that she was happy because there were many other birds around her and they were all very friendly. The bird also said that the trees in the forest are very tall and green and they provide lots of shade from the sun.

The story ends with the bird being happy because there is plenty of food for all of them to eat, but also because there is enough space for everyone to fly around in peace.

A Parrot Likes To Pose In The Leaves

bird coloring pages 57

This story is about a parrot who likes to pose in the leaves.

One day, a parrot was sitting on a branch of a tree and eating some leaves. Suddenly, the parrot saw some leaves fall down from the tree and land on the ground. The parrot jumped off of the branch and landed on top of them. It then started to dance around in them while singing loudly.

The Bird Hops Around On The Branch

bird coloring pages 58

The bird hops up and down from the branch. It flies up, then down, then back up again. It hops left to right and back again. The bird does this for hours and hours until it gets bored of hopping all over the branch.

The Birds Fly Around The Lighthouse

bird coloring pages 59

The story begins with a man and his son, who are fishing near a lighthouse, noticing seagulls flying in a circle around the light. The man goes to investigate and finds that there is no food at the lighthouse. He then realizes that the birds are chasing away other birds who might want to eat scraps from the garbage dump nearby.

Birds And Insects Rest Among the Flowers

bird coloring pages 60

This is a story about a little boy who wakes up early one morning and sees birds and insects resting among the flowers. The boy loves to watch birds and insects, so he would get up early every morning just to watch them.

The Bird Enjoys The Blooming Flowers

bird coloring pages 61

The Bird Enjoys The Blooming Flowers is a story about a bird that likes to eat the seeds in the flowers. The bird tries to find ways to get the seeds and ends up making friends with other animals.

An Owl Likes To Watch People Go About Their Day

bird coloring pages 62

This is a story about a little owl who likes to watch people go about their day.

The little owl has been watching the people and their routines for years, but it never gets bored of the uniqueness of each person and how they live their lives.

One day, the little owl noticed something new in one of the houses. The house looked like it was abandoned, but there was something different about it. There were no lights on inside or outside, but there were lights coming from behind a closed window in the house. So one night, as he watched from his perch on top of a tree, he saw someone come out from behind that window and go back in again. The next night he saw someone else come out from behind that window and go back in again. The owl found it strange but he still enjoyed watching people.

The Birds Make A Flowery Nest

bird coloring pages 63

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who loved to play outside. She would often find the most beautiful flowers and bring them home to her mother. One day, she found some flowers that she had never seen before and decided to take them home.

“Mama, look what I found!” she exclaimed as she showed her mother the flowers.

“Those are beautiful,” her mother replied, “but we can’t keep them.”

The little girl looked at her mother in confusion as if she didn’t understand why not.

“But mama, they’re so pretty!” She said with a pouty lip. “I want to keep them!”

Her mother sighed and told the little girl that it was okay, but they couldn’t keep the flowers because they belonged to a bird’s nest.

The Birds Like To Sing To The Flowers

bird coloring pages 64

This is a story about a bird who likes to sing to the flowers.

The birds like to sing to the flowers. He would have a song for every flower, and he would sing it in the sweetest way. The flowers loved it when he sang, and they always looked forward to his next visit.

One day, the wind came and took away all of the flowers from their places in the field. They were scattered everywhere, and they were so sad that they couldn’t be near their friends anymore! The bird was so sad too because there was no one left to sing for. So he took all of his songs and sang them out into the world, hoping that someone would hear them up there.

Santa Claus Gives Presents To The Birds

bird coloring pages 65

It is Christmas Eve, and Santa Claus is getting ready to deliver presents to all the birds in the world.

But he has a problem. He can’t fly.

He tries everything he can think of:

– He builds a helicopter. It crashes.

– He builds a plane with wings that flap like an owl’s, but it doesn’t move because Santa Claus can’t fly either.

– Finally, he tries making an airplane that flies by pulling on a string while sitting in a chair on top of it!

The plane takes off and flies away into the night sky, delivering presents to all the birds in the world!

The Bird Visits Other Animals Around The World

bird coloring pages 66

The story is about a bird that visits other animals around the world. It starts with the bird visiting an elephant that is sitting in a tree. The two animals have a chat and the elephant shares her story about how she came to be sitting in this tree.

The next animal that the bird visits is a cow who is standing on top of a hill. The cow tells his story about how he became lost and ended up on top of this hill by accident.

The third animal that the bird visits is a mouse who lives in an old house. The mouse has been living there for many years and has made it her home, but one day she finds out that her house will be knocked down to make way for new buildings so she sets off on an adventure to find somewhere new to live.

Several Birds Pull Together And Put On A Musical

bird coloring pages 67

In this story, a group of birds comes together to put on a musical. The birds are all different in some way and have different skills to offer. They combine their talents and work together to create something beautiful.

This is a story about how we can use our differences to benefit the world around us. It also illustrates how we can use what we have individually to make something even better when we work together as a team.

The Fluffy Birds Walk Around in The Sun

bird coloring pages 68

The Fluffy Birds Walk Around In The Sun is a story about two fluffy birds who are not afraid of anything. They fly in the sky all day and they walk around in the moon all night.

A Bird Hatches On A Easter Sunday

bird coloring pages 69

A Bird Hatches on an Easter Sunday is a short story about a little bird that hatches from an egg and feels alone.

The story starts with the egg in the nest and then it goes into describing how the bird is feeling. It talks about how it’s been there for days but has not seen any other birds. The bird then decides to leave the nest and see what else is out there. It seems like some animals, but still, feel alone because they are not birds. It eventually finds another bird and they become friends.

The Bird Mounts Itself On A Long Twig

bird coloring pages 70

This story is about a man who was sitting on the ground, and he saw a bird that was sitting on a long twig. The man thought that the bird had got hurt, and he wanted to know what it was doing. So, he went up to take a closer look at the bird.

The man looked at the bird for a while, and the bird started to chirp a beautiful song to the man. The man was happy that the bird wasn’t hurt.

The Bird Friends Dance Around With The Flowing Leaves

bird coloring pages 71

It was a very warm day, and the birds were playing happily in the trees. They would fly around and land on branches to chirp at each other. Then they would start flying again, and then land again.

The birds were happy because it was springtime and they knew that soon the leaves would grow back on the trees.

A Bird Is Happy To See Another Bird Hatch

bird coloring pages 72

I was walking outside and saw a bird fly past. I felt happy to see it fly. I thought about how special each bird is. And that we are all lucky to have wings and be able to fly.

The Bird Likes To Stand Upon The Log

bird coloring pages 73

In a story, the bird likes to stand on the log.

What kind of bird likes to stand on a long? Well, a happy bird of course. It likes to stand on a log and see all that it can see, and when you’re a bird standing on a log, there is a lot to see.

Two Birds Find A Cozy Bird House

bird coloring pages 74

It was a cold winter morning. The two little birds were shivering from the cold and the frost on their wings. They were looking for a cozy birdhouse to stay for the night.

The first bird found a little hole in a tree, but it was too small for them to fit into. The second one found an old abandoned bird house and they thought that it would do just fine. They went inside and they felt quite comfortable there, so they stayed the night.

A Bird Waves Hello To Passing Friends

bird coloring pages 75

This is a story about a bird that waves hello to passing friends.

The bird was walking on the ground and he saw some friends coming by. He waved to them and they waved back. They were happy to see him and he was happy to see them too.

A Bird Keeps Jumping Up And Down

bird coloring pages 76

This story is about a bird that likes to jump up and down. He jumps up and down all day, every day. One day, he decides to go for a walk.

He walks for a little while then decides to take a break. He sits down on the ground and starts jumping up and down again. He does this until he gets tired then goes home to bed.

The Bird Is Hatched In The Morning Sun

bird coloring pages 77

Once upon a time, there was a bird who had long dreamed of being able to fly.

One day, the bird found an egg in the forest and knew that it would be his chance to finally be able to fly.

He took care of the egg as if it were his own, always making sure it was warm and safe, until one day he saw that it had cracked open and he could see something inside.

The following day he woke up with wings on his back! He was so excited and flew off into the sky as soon as he could.

Ever since then, every day when the sun rises in the sky, this bird flies up into the air to greet his friends.

An Owl Likes To Come Outside During The Day

bird coloring pages 78

This story is about an owl who likes to come outside during the day.

The owl was sitting on a branch and looking up at the sky. He saw the sun and he liked it a lot.

The owl started to think about how he could fly up into the sky and see more of it. He thought about it for a long time, but he didn’t know how to fly so he just stayed where he was on the branch.

Suddenly, a little bird came over and said “Hello!” The little bird had two wings so she could fly very well! The owl asked her if she would teach him how to fly so they could go together into the sky, and she said yes, she would love to teach the owl how to fly.

A Farm Bird Wakes Up With The Sun

bird coloring pages 79

A farm is a place where birds live. The farm has many different kinds of birds and one day, there was a farm bird who wanted to wake up with the sun, he loved the sun so much and wanted to see the sun every morning when he would wake up. 

A Goose Flys South For The Winter

bird coloring pages 80

I am a goose and I fly south every winter to keep warm.

It is very cold up here in Canada and I need to find warmer climates.

The winters are very long and it is hard to fly when the snow covers the ground.

I need to fly south so that I can find someplace warm where I can stay until spring comes again.

The journey is long, but it is worth it because I will be able to enjoy my time in a warmer climate.

A Big Barn Owl Says Goodnight To His Friends

bird coloring pages 81

Once there was a big barn owl. He lived in a big barn with his friends.

One day, the owl went to bed. He tucked himself in and went to sleep.

But he didn’t know that his friends were outside, waiting for him.

The next morning, the owl woke up and saw his friends in front of him. They were all waiting for him to say goodnight!

We hope you had a great time with our bird friends, share some of your art below or your creative stories. We’d love to see them. 

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