Butterfly Coloring Pages

Butterfly coloring pages are great for a variety of reasons. They promote hand-eye coordination, make for great rainy day activities, and are just plain fun to do. It’s important to remember that there are many different kinds of butterflies in the world and each one has its own unique coloring.

The best part is, that coloring pages are not just for kids! They can be great for adults as well. Coloring is an activity that promotes relaxation and creativity. It’s been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, improve moods, increase focus and mindfulness, strengthen hands and fingers, enhance coordination, and more.

Enjoy our butterfly coloring pages below.

Bees, Snails, Birds, and Butterflies Have A Summer Party

butterfly coloring pages 1

Bees are social insects that live in colonies with a queen bee and worker bees. They are busy all day collecting nectar from flowers to make honey and pollinating plants. Snails are slow-moving mollusks that live in moist habitats like forests, gardens, and fields. They eat plants and fungi for food. Birds have wings to fly through the sky. Butterflies have brightly colored wings with patterns on them that can help them blend into their environment or attract mates.

But in this story, the insects and birds are having a party together. What is their party like?

All The Different Butterflies Show Off Their Wings

butterfly coloring pages 2

Once there was a girl who loved butterflies. She found out that there were many different types of butterflies and they all have their own special way of flying.

In what ways do you think that butterflies fly?

The Old Butterly Has A Beautiful Pattern

butterfly coloring pages 3

This is a story about a woman who visits her grandmother in the country. The old butterfly has a beautiful pattern, and she wants to show it to her grandmother.

But when the woman arrives, she finds that her grandmother is not there.

She walks around the house looking for clues, but all of them seem to lead nowhere.

She decides to look through the window into the garden, where she sees her grandmother sitting with an old plant in front of her.

When she looks more closely at the plant, she notices that it has a beautiful pattern too!

The woman decides not to say anything about what she saw and instead asks if there are any more plants with beautiful patterns.

The Butterfly Flies Through A Maze Of Flowers

butterfly coloring pages 4

A little girl named Alice was walking in her garden when she saw a butterfly. The butterfly flew through the maze of flowers and landed on a flower. Alice picked up the flower and walked over to the butterfly. The butterfly flew away.

The Butterflies Nibble On The Flowers And Leaves

butterfly coloring pages 5

This is a story about a butterfly who lives in the woods.

The butterflies nibble on the flowers and leaves. They also fly from flower to flower to drink nectar. One day, a butterfly flew into the forest and found it was full of wonderful new things to eat! There were so many different flowers and leaves for her to explore. The butterfly was happy she found such a magical place!

Beautiful Butterflies Blend In With Beautiful Flowers

butterfly coloring pages 6

A long time ago, there was a girl who loved to watch the butterflies. She would watch them fly and land on flowers. One day the girl noticed that the butterflies were no longer landing on flowers. They would just fly around and never land. The girl wanted to know why they were not landing on flowers anymore so she asked her father about it.

The father said that the butterflies had grown tired of being watched by people all day and decided to stop landing for people to see them. The girl felt very sad about this because she loved watching them when they landed on flowers!

The next day, the girl went outside with a flower in her hand and tried to attract some butterflies by waving it around in the air. The first butterfly that landed became her best friend.

The Butterfly Makes A Home Among The Flower Bushes

butterfly coloring pages 7

This is a story about a butterfly that lives among the flower bushes. It was not her original home, but she found it to be quite nice. The flowers were all around and they were so beautiful, she couldn’t help but stay there.

The butterfly was not alone in the bush, there were also bees and birds and many other animals who lived there too. The butterflies flew together and they would share their secrets with each other when they would land on one of the flowers.

The bird would sing for them and the bee would tell jokes to make them laugh. They all lived in harmony until one day when it rained hard for hours, making everything wet and slippery on the ground.

The rain made it impossible to live there so all the inhabitants had to find a new home.

The Flowers Welcome The Butterfly To Land

butterfly coloring pages 8

This story is about two flower friends who were in a very bad place. One day, one of them found a butterfly and was so happy, but then the butterfly flew away. The other friend said that the butterfly was just telling them that it’s time to start moving on with their life and they should be happy. So the flower friends decided to be happy together, all thanks to the butterfly.

The Butterfly Gives A Kiss To The Girl

butterfly coloring pages 9

This story is about a butterfly who is looking for a girl to give him a kiss.

The butterfly was looking for the girl so that he can give her a kiss. He flew up and down and found the girl in the garden. The butterfly landed on her nose and she woke up from her nap.

“Hello, my name is Butterfly,” the butterfly said, “and I want to give you a big kiss.”

The girl smiled at the butterfly and said, “Hello.”

“I love your smile,” said the butterfly. “Do you want to be my friend?”

“Yes,” replied the girl, “I would like that very much.”

The two friends sat together for a while until it was time for Butterfly to fly away.

The Butterfly Dances Upon The Leaves

butterfly coloring pages 10

This is a story about a butterfly.

It is a beautiful butterfly. It’s all black and it has orange spots. It’s very pretty and it dances upon the leaves.

The butterfly dances in the forest, where there are many trees and many other animals, such as rabbits and squirrels. The forest is green because of the leaves that are on the trees. There are also flowers in the forest, which make it very colorful and pretty. The animals live in the forest too, like rabbits and squirrels. They live there because they like to eat things that grow on trees and plants, such as apples or carrots or bananas or oranges, and many other yummy treats.

The Butterfly Shows Off Its Beautiful Pattern

butterfly coloring pages 11

This is a story about a butterfly who wanted to show off her beautiful pattern.

The butterfly wanted to show off her beautiful pattern. She flew up high, and then down low, over the flowers and the leaves. She was so happy she could do all the things that she loved most!

But then she saw the bird looking at her from above. The bird looked angry, like he didn’t approve of her at all. The butterfly felt sad and scared. She felt like this was not what she should be doing at all.

She flew down low again, and hid among some leaves on the ground.

She was so sad that she had let someone make her feel bad about herself without even trying to talk to her first!

Will the butterfly ever be happy again?

The Momma Butterfly Teaches The Baby How To Fly

butterfly coloring pages 12

The Momma Butterfly Teaches The Baby How To Fly

This story is about a baby butterfly who is learning how to fly. The mama butterfly teaches the baby how to fly by letting go and watching the baby fly away.

The Grand Butterfly Flaps Its Wing In The Air

butterfly coloring pages 13

This story is about a butterfly we will call Fred.

One day Fred was sitting on a nice flower, relaxing.

Then all of a sudden, he heard something in the air.

Fred looked up and saw a big tornado.

Fred was scared so he flew away.

The tornado was getting closer so Fred flew to another flower, but that flower got ripped out of the ground.

Fred was scared but then he thought of something.

He flew up in the air, Fred flew up and up and up until he was safe.

The Butterfly Waves Hello To The Sunflowers

butterfly coloring pages 14

The Butterfly Waves Hello To The Sunflowers is a story about a butterfly who waves hello to the sunflowers.

One day there was a butterfly who like to wave hello to the sunflower with his wings. He did this every day, and guess what? The sunflowers would wave back with their bright yellow petals.

The Big Butterfly Can’t Wait To See Her Friends

butterfly coloring pages 15

This story is about a butterfly who has to wait for her friends.

The big butterfly can’t wait to see her friends. She’s had a tough time and needs some company. But she has to wait for them because they are all out of town.

When she sees her friends she will have a wonderful time with them. She just knows it.

The Butterflies Have A Big Ball

butterfly coloring pages 16

This story is about a group of butterflies that were playing together. They had a big ball and they were all flying around it. Every time the ball would come near one of the butterflies, they would catch it and take off with it. The butterflies just loved to play that way.

A Butterfly and His Friends Play Together

butterfly coloring pages 17

This is a story about a butterfly and its friends.

Once upon a time, there was a butterfly who lived in the meadow. The meadow was his home and he loved to fly around the flowers. One day, he saw something new – it looked like a friend! It had wings just like him and it was flying around the flowers too. He flew up to her and said, “Hello!” But instead of talking back, she just flew away!

The butterfly felt sad that his new friend didn’t want to play with him but then he realized that she might not know how to talk yet. He found some other butterflies playing together and asked them if they could teach her how to talk. They said yes so he went off to find her again. This time when she came near him and was able to talk.

The Butterfly Can’t Decide Which Flower He Likes More

butterfly coloring pages 18

This is a story about a butterfly that has two flowers to choose between. One flower is pretty, but the other one smells good. The butterfly can’t decide which flower he likes more, so he flits from one to the other, back and forth.

The butterfly can’t decide which flower he likes more because they are both very different in their own ways. The first flower is pretty, but it doesn’t smell like anything. The second flower smells really good and has a nice color too. The butterfly flits from one to the other, back and forth because he can’t make up his mind about which one to pick.

Two Butterfly Friends Dance In The Flowers

butterfly coloring pages 19

A story about two butterfly friends that dance in the flowers.

Once there were two butterfly friends. They loved to dance together in the flowers. One day they found a new place to dance, but it was too cold and they had to fly away. The next day they went back and it was still too cold, but they were determined to keep trying until they found a place where they could dance together again.

The Butterfly Wears A Wing Dress Made From Flowers

butterfly coloring pages 20

This story is about a butterfly girl who has always wanted to be a flower. One day, she was walking in the forest and saw some flowers. She picked them up and put them on her head. She then looked at herself in the mirror and said, “I’m a flower!”

She wore a beautiful dress made from flowers that almost made her look like a flower.

A Fairy Spends Time With Her Butterfly Friend

butterfly coloring pages 21

This story is about a fairy who spends her time with her butterfly friend.

Once upon a time, there was a little fairy named Snowy. She lived in the forest and loved to play with the butterflies that fluttered around the flowers.

One day, while she was playing near some flowers, she heard someone call out to her.

“Hello!” said the voice. “Who are you?”

Snowy looked up and saw a little butterfly standing by the edge of the forest. The butterfly looked very lonely and Snowy wanted to say hello back, but she didn’t know how to speak the butterfly language! So she just waved at the butterfly instead.

The next day, Snowy heard that the butterfly was happy to meet her.

A Jar Of Butterflies Is Beautiful To Look At

butterfly coloring pages 22

Butterflies are beautiful creatures. They are often seen as a sign of good luck and happiness

It was in the middle of our vacation when I found a jar with hundreds of butterflies on it. It was sitting on a shelf in the back corner of the store. I had never seen anything like it before and I was instantly intrigued by it.

I picked up the jar to take a closer look at it and read what was written on the label: “A Jar Of Butterflies Is Beautiful To Look At”

It was true.

The Big Butterfly Ballerina Twirls Around

butterfly coloring pages 23

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who loved to dance. She was so good at it that she became known as the Big Butterfly Ballerina who twirls around.

She would twirl around and around, and her long skirts would fly up in the air until she looked like a big butterfly ballerina.

She loved to wear her favorite pink tutu with flowers on it, and she danced in front of everyone-even the queen!

The Baby Kittens Play With Baby Butterflies

butterfly coloring pages 24

This is a story about baby kittens playing with baby butterflies.

The kittens were chasing the butterflies and having a great time. They were so happy to see the butterflies, they wanted to play with them. The butterflies were scared of the kittens and tried to fly away from them. The cats didn’t want to scare their new friends, so they started jumping on their own legs instead of chasing the butterflies.

The Butterfly Delivers Easter Eggs To Friends

butterfly coloring pages 25

It was a cold, rainy day.

The raindrops were falling from the sky and landing on the ground.

The wind was blowing through the trees.

The leaves were rustling in the wind.

A butterfly flew by and landed on a flower nearby.

It looked around for a moment and then flew away again, looking for somewhere else to go.

Suddenly, it spotted something in the distance! It looked like another butterfly! It flew up into the air and followed it until it landed again on another flower in a garden nearby. The first butterfly flew closer to see what was going on and found that there was an easter egg lying there! The second butterfly had left an easter egg behind for its friend!

The Big Butterfly Lets People Design Her Wings

butterfly coloring pages 26

The story follows a butterfly that puts her wings up for you to paint. You can use any colors you want and create any design you want. She comes out of the book, she flies up to you. She tells you that she is going to sing her song for you.”I can fly high! I can fly high! Born from a flower, I was born to be hers!” A butterfly who sings and lets you design her wings.

The Smiling Butterfly Can’t Wait To Sing

butterfly coloring pages 27

This is a story about a butterfly.

The butterfly was born with a terrible voice. He couldn’t sing, and he couldn’t dance. He could never make any friends because of his voice, so he would always be lonely.

But one day, the butterfly found out that there was an audition for the best singing show in the world! The butterfly was very excited to audition, but he knew that his voice was too terrible to audition. He didn’t want to go and embarrass himself in front of everyone else at the audition, so he decided not to go.

However, on the day of the audition, all his friends from school came up to him and said “We know your voice is terrible but we still want you to come with us!” The butterfly felt very happy.

The Hungry Butterfly Stops For A Snack

butterfly coloring pages 28

The Hungry Butterfly Stops For A Snack is a story about a butterfly that is hungry.

The story starts with the butterfly being told by his mother to go and find food. The butterfly goes to the forest, where he sees a lot of different flowers and trees. He eats some nectar from a flower, but it doesn’t fill him up, so he continues on looking for more food. He finds an apple tree and eats an apple, but it still doesn’t fill him up so he continues on looking for more food. He finds a berry bush and eats some berries from it, but it still doesn’t fill him up so he continues on looking for more food.

He finally finds another berry bush and eats some berries from it, then falls asleep because he’s full at last.

A Baby Butterfly Zooms Through The Blue Sky

butterfly coloring pages 29

A butterfly flew from flower to flower. It was a beautiful day and the butterfly was enjoying it. It landed on a daisy and then it flew to a dandelion. Suddenly, something caught its eye – it saw another butterfly! The two butterflies started playing in the sky together and then they both went back to their flowers.

A Gathering Of Butterflies Enjoy The Warm Autumn

butterfly coloring pages 30

It was a foggy morning when the butterflies emerged from their cocoons. They were all very excited and animated about their new life. They were ready to explore the world and find a place for themselves.

They were happy to be alive, but they felt that something was missing. They couldn’t put their butterfly fingers on it, but they felt like they had forgotten something important. It wasn’t until they met each other that they realized what it was: there wasn’t enough of them!

The butterflies went on a search for more of themselves, and finally found them in the forest nearby. The feeling of belonging came back to them as soon as they saw each other and started chatting about their new lives together.

Two Butterfly Fairies Dance In The Moonlight

butterfly coloring pages 31

In the moonlight, two butterfly fairies danced. They were having so much fun that they didn’t notice the sun coming up. It was a beautiful morning and they were happy to dance all day long!

A Very Happy Butterfly Tells A Funny Joke

butterfly coloring pages 32

This is a story about a butterfly that tells a funny joke. The joke goes like this:

“Why did the chicken cross the road?”

“To get to the other side.”

A Family Of Butterflies Have A Grand Feast

butterfly coloring pages 33

This story is about a family of butterflies that have a grand feast.

The story starts with the father butterfly telling his children all about the feast. He tells them about how he had to fly for miles and miles to find the best flowers for their dinner. He tells them about how he had to search high and low for the perfect flowers, but how it was worth it because they would be eating something so delicious. He tells them that they will be eating food that they would never get in their own backyard, and they would enjoy it even more because they were so hungry from flying all day long.

The children are very excited and can’t wait to eat their dinner. They ask their father if there will be more than one course, and he assures them that there will be three courses.

A Gazillon Butterflies Fly High Into The Sky

butterfly coloring pages 34

A story about a gazillion butterflies flying high into the sky.

Once there was a little girl who liked to watch the butterflies fly high into the sky. She would stand on her tippy toes and wave her arms, trying to catch them as they flew by. But she never could catch one.

One day as she was watching, she saw a butterfly land on her finger. It didn’t fly away–it just sat there! She was so excited that she wanted to show everyone else what had happened, so she ran inside and grabbed her mommy and daddy’s hands and took them outside to see it too. Her parents were happy for her and said that it must have been because of all of the love in her heart that made this happen!

The little girl smiled proudly because she hoped it was true.

Three Butterflies Enjoy The Beautiful Flowers

butterfly coloring pages 35

Once upon a time, there were three butterflies who were flying around in a garden. They saw some beautiful flowers and wanted to go and see them. The first butterfly went to the flowers and landed on one of them. It started to drink nectar from the flower. Then it flew off and landed on another flower. It drank some more nectar before flying off again to another flower. The second butterfly went up to one of the flowers, but it didn’t drink any nectar from the flower because it was too busy looking at its reflection in the water below it. The third butterfly flew up above all the other butterflies and looked down at them with envy because they were having so much fun drinking nectar from all of those beautiful flowers!

Beautiful Butterflies Fly High Among The Stars

butterfly coloring pages 36

The story begins with a butterfly that is flying high among the stars. It is so happy and content with its life that it doesn’t want to leave. The butterfly’s family and friends are worried about it as they want to see their loved one again. They try to convince the butterfly to come back but she refuses. She says that she is happy where she is and does not want to leave her new home.

The story ends with the butterfly’s family and friends understanding her choice and respecting it.

Butterflies and Dragonflies Fly Fly Fly

butterfly coloring pages 37

This is a story about two insects that are friends. One day they were playing in the grass and they saw a butterfly. The dragonfly said to the butterfly, “You’re so beautiful!”

The butterfly was so happy and thanked the dragonfly for his compliment. Then, they saw another insect that looked like a butterfly but it was different. They asked it if it was a butterfly too, but it said no and flew away.

The Butterfly Enjoys A Cool Breeze With Flowers

butterfly coloring pages 38

The story is about a butterfly who enjoys the cool breeze with flowers.

There once was a butterfly who enjoyed the cool breeze with flowers. The flower would pick up the sweet scent of the butterfly and feel refreshed by its company.

The butterfly would enjoy the cool breeze and look at all of the other butterflies that were flying around it. The flower would always feel happy whenever it saw this happen.

One day, when there wasn’t any wind, all of the butterflies were gone from sight and there was no flower to be seen either. But then, after a few days, there was a light wind which blew in some new butterflies for company for both the flower and for itself too!

Butterflies Perform A Funny Dance For The Flowers

butterfly coloring pages 39

A butterfly flies over to a flower and lands on it. The butterfly’s wings brush against the petals of the flower, which causes a breeze. The breeze is enough to make other flowers in the vicinity start to sway and dance.

All The Beautiful Butterflies Flap Around In The Sun

butterfly coloring pages 40

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who had never seen a butterfly before.

She was so excited when she saw her first one because it was so beautiful and bright. She wanted to catch it and take it home with her, but she knew that wasn’t possible.

The little girl watched the butterfly as it flapped around in the sun. It looked like it was having so much fun! The little girl wished she could join in the fun too. But she couldn’t because butterflies are very delicate creatures and they would not survive long outside of their natural environment.

It was a beautiful day and the butterflies were out. They flapped around in the sun and played with each other.

The Butterflies Become Friends With The Lonely Fox

butterfly coloring pages 41

The Butterflies Become Friends With The Lonely Fox is a story about two butterfly children, Lily and Jack. They are best friends who go on adventures together. They also have a pet fox that they found in the forest. One day, the fox got lost and the children went to find him. They searched for days and finally found him where he was stuck with his leg in a trap. Lily and Jack were so happy to see their friend again!

The Singing Butterfly Performs Music Around Town

butterfly coloring pages 42

It was a sunny Saturday morning and the town was bustling with activity. People were walking in and out of shops, children were playing on the sidewalk, and a light breeze was blowing through the air. The only thing that wasn’t moving was a large metal sculpture in the center of town.

Suddenly, there was a flash of blue light. A butterfly had landed on its surface and began to sing! The sound it made echoed through the town. It seemed to be coming from all directions at once. Then it flew away as quickly as it had come, leaving behind nothing but silence.

The people who had been enjoying their morning in town stopped to look at where the sound had come from. They talked excitedly about what they had just heard and what it might have meant for them personally.

A Friend Group Of Butterflies Love To Smell Flowers

butterfly coloring pages 43

This story is about a group of butterflies that love to smell flowers

The first butterfly said, “I love the smell of flowers.”

The second butterfly said, “I love the smell of flowers.”

The third butterfly said, “I love the smell of flowers.”

The fourth butterfly said, “I love the smell of flowers.”

The fifth butterfly said, “I love the smell of flowers.”

The sixth butterfly said, “I love the smell of flowers too!”

All The Butterflies Enjoy The New Flowers This Season

butterfly coloring pages 44

The story is about a butterfly who is very happy because there are new flowers blooming in the garden.

The story takes place in a garden where there are many different types of flowers. One day, the butterfly notices that there are new flowers blooming and she is so happy to see them. She starts to fly around and explore all the new flowers.

A Boot Of Flowers Becomes Friends With The Butterflies

butterfly coloring pages 45

One day, a boot of flowers became friends with the butterflies.

The butterfly would come and visit the flowers every day. They would fly around and play in the petals. The flowers loved to watch them and they would always be excited to see them when they came.

But one day, the butterfly didn’t come to visit anymore. The flowers were sad because they missed their friend very much. They wanted to know why their friend hadn’t come back but couldn’t find out why so they just waited for him patiently every day until he showed up again.

Butterflies Carry Beautiful Roses In The Air

butterfly coloring pages 46

The story begins with two butterflies, who are friends and they both love to fly around and play with each other. One day, they see a flower blooming and it is the most beautiful flower they have ever seen. They both decide to go closer to see what it is, but when one of them gets too close, she accidentally steps on the flower. The other butterfly tries to help her friend by picking up some of the petals from the ground and putting them back on top of the flower. But it doesn’t work because there are too many petals on the ground for them to pick up. So instead, they decide that their next best option is to take some of the petals from another nearby flower and put them together. So the butterfly carried petals from a rose. The rose was happy to be joining a new flower.

A Large Butterfly Takes A Break On The Flowers

butterfly coloring pages 47

This is a story about a butterfly who goes on a journey.

It was the middle of summer and the days were hot. The sun shone brightly in the sky, and all around there was nothing but green fields, blue skies, and butterflies.

The butterflies had been flying happily from flower to flower all day long, drinking up nectar as they went. All of them were so busy that they didn’t notice a large butterfly coming their way until he landed right on top of one of the flowers.

He felt very tired and decided to rest for a while before continuing his journey.

A Colorful Butterfly Blends In With The Flowers

butterfly coloring pages 48

This story is about a butterfly that was born with a different color than the others.

This is the story of one small butterfly that didn’t match the rest. When it was born, it had a different color than all the other butterflies in its family. The other butterflies were all yellow and orange, but this one was blue and purple and green.

The butterfly’s mother loved it just as much as she loved her other children, but she also knew that being different would be difficult for her little one. She worried about how it would find food or shelter from predators when there were so many colors to attract attention. She wondered if other butterflies would be scared of her baby because he looked so strange. So she told him to stay near flowers and to blend in with them so he wouldn’t stand out, and the butterfly was okay with that. Because he was beautiful and so were the flowers.

A Butterfly Looks Just Like A Flower

butterfly coloring pages 49

This story is about a boy who is looking for flowers to give to his friend.

Once upon a time, there was a little boy who lived in the country. He loved flowers and wanted to give them to his friend, but he couldn’t find any in the fields. He went by the river, and there were lots of flowers growing on its banks, but they were all too big or too small. The little boy was very sad because he didn’t have any flowers for his friend.

Suddenly he saw that there was one flower left over from the bunch that had been cut down by the farmer’s wife. It wasn’t perfect like all of the other flowers, but it had just enough petals and it smelled so sweet! The little boy picked it up but to his surprise, it wasn’t a flower. It was a butterfly.

A Group Of Butterflies Love To Take Pictures Of Flowers

butterfly coloring pages 50

A group of butterflies loves to take pictures of flowers. They fly from flower to flower, taking pictures. It’s a beautiful sight to see.

Can You Count All The Butterflies That Love Flowers?

butterfly coloring pages 51

I was in a field of flowers.

The flowers were so pretty and they were all different colors.

I saw some butterflies flying around the flowers.

Butterflies are so beautiful and they are my favorite animal.

I tried to count how many there were but I couldn’t because there were too many butterflies.

I wanted to catch one but I knew I couldn’t because if I did, then it would die.

The butterflies love the flowers very much and they are their favorite food.

The Little Girl Brought A Backpack Of Flowers To The Butterflies

butterfly coloring pages 52

This is a story about a little girl who brought a backpack of flowers to the butterflies.

The little girl in this story brings her mother’s flowers to the butterflies. She wants them to have something pretty to look at and enjoy. The butterflies are so happy with the gift that they give her their own beautiful wings.

A Big Butterflies Spread It’s Wings For Everyone

butterfly coloring pages 53

This is a story about a butterfly.

It was a hot day and the butterfly was out enjoying the sunshine. Suddenly, the butterfly felt thirsty. It didn’t want to fly too far away from its perch so it flew down to the ground to find some water. It found some water but it wasn’t enough for it to drink. The butterfly flew up again and found another puddle of water but this time there were other insects drinking from it, so the butterfly didn’t dare go near it. Again, the thirsty butterfly flew up and saw yet another puddle of water with insects drinking from it but this time they were all butterflies! The thirsty butterfly took one look at them before flying off in search of more water that wasn’t shared by anyone else.

The Butterflies Enjoy Snacking On Fresh Spring Flowers

butterfly coloring pages 54

This is a story about some butterflies that enjoy eating fresh spring flowers.

The butterflies enjoy snacking on fresh spring flowers. They fly from one flower to another, enjoying the sweet taste of the nectar. They can’t get enough of it!

Butterflies are beautiful and delicate creatures that live in most parts of the world. They are attracted to flowers by their colorful petals and sweet smell. Butterflies love to feed on nectar from these plants and they are often seen fluttering around them, looking for just the right spot to land on.

One day, a butterfly landed on an old tree stump near some flowering bushes that were in full bloom. It was so hungry!

Butterflies Find Warmth In The Glow Of The Lamp Light

butterfly coloring pages 55

It was a cold winter evening. The snow had just begun to fall, and the wind had picked up. As I walked back from work, I noticed a beautiful butterfly resting near a lamp post. I was so happy to see it that my mood instantly brightened up.

I looked at the butterfly and smiled as it fluttered its wings in response to my presence. It seemed like it was saying thank you for noticing me as well.

A Lonely Butterfly Looks For Friends To Play With

butterfly coloring pages 56

In this story, a lonely butterfly looks for friends to play with.

The butterfly is looking for friends to play with, but it can’t find any. The butterfly is sad because it doesn’t have anyone to play with.

Finally, the butterfly finds a friend to play with, and they both fly away together in the sky.

A Real Butterfly Turns Into A Bouquet Of Flowers

butterfly coloring pages 57

The story is about a butterfly that turns into a bouquet of flowers.

A little butterfly was sitting on a flower, enjoying the sun and the fragrance. He felt so happy that he forgot to fly away. He was so content that he turned into a bouquet of flowers.

Butterfly Friends Decorate The Homes With A Boot Full Of Flowers

butterfly coloring pages 58

This story is about a little butterfly girl named Sophie who has a problem. She’s allergic to pollen and flowers. One day, her mom buys her a pair of shoes and she realizes that she can decorate her house with them. Sophie would love to decorate her boots with flowers, so she has an idea to buy fake flowers. 

This way Sophie can have flowers and not have allergies.

The Happy Butterfly Finds Happiness With Flowers

butterfly coloring pages 59

This is a story about a happy butterfly who finds happiness with flowers.

Once upon a time, in the land of flowers, there lived a happy little butterfly. Every day he would fly from flower to flower and enjoy the beauty of all that surrounded him. He loved to see all the colors, smell all the different smells, and taste all the different tastes. One day he flew into a very large garden full of flowers, and he was so happy that he could not stop himself from smiling. Suddenly, his smile turned upside down as his wings started to feel heavy and tired. He felt like he was going to fall down on top of one of those beautiful flowers in front of him but then something wonderful happened! The wind picked up and blew him gently onto the flowers, and flowers welcomed him with a warm hug.

A Butterfly Admires A Unicorn Resting In The Flowers

butterfly coloring pages 60

A butterfly admires a unicorn resting in the flowers.

The butterfly is so busy admiring the beauty of the unicorn that it doesn’t notice when a lion sneaks up from behind.

The lion captures and eats the butterfly and then goes to sleep.

It’s not until morning that the lion realizes what he has done and starts feeling guilty about it.

But it’s not too late the lion opens his mouth and out comes the butterfly, it flies in a circle and up in the sky happy that the lion decided not to eat him.

Magical Fairies Make Flowers Grow Big For Butterflies

butterfly coloring pages 61

This is a story about magical fairies who make flowers grow big for butterflies.

Once upon a time, there were two magical fairies named Flora and Fauna. They lived in the forest where all the trees were tall, and all the flowers were small. One day, they saw a butterfly flying by with a flower in her mouth. The flower was very small and not very pretty at all. “Oh no!” said Fauna. “The butterflies need big flowers to eat so that they can grow up to be big butterflies.”

“What should we do?” asked Flora.

“We need to make flowers bigger,” said Fauna.

So Flora and Fauna went around picking up little flowers, one by one and blowing on them until they grew into big.

The Butterfly Princess Pays Her Friend A Visit

butterfly coloring pages 62

The Butterfly Princess Pays Her Friend A Visit is a story about two friends, one who feels she can’t fly anymore and the other who wants to be a dragon.

The story begins with the butterfly princess paying her friend a visit. The friend is so sad that she can’t fly anymore because she’s been grounded for a while now. The butterfly princess asks why this has happened and the friend tells her that she’s been grounded because of her wings which are not as bright as they used to be. The butterfly princess then says that it’s time to go on an adventure and find some new wings for the friend.

A Fairy Plays A Happy Tune For Her Butterfly Friends

butterfly coloring pages 63

This is a story about a little fairy girl who finds a butterfly and she wants to keep it as her pet. But the butterfly is not happy with the little girl and flies away. The little girl is sad, so she plays her violin to make the butterflies happy.

And to her surprise, the butterfly comes fluttering back.

Have You Ever Seen A Butterfly Cat? It Loves Flowers

butterfly coloring pages 64

This story is about a little boy who loves butterfly cats. One day he finds one and asks it if it likes flowers. It says yes and they go to pick some.

The boy is so happy to have found this butterfly cat that he wants to take it home with him, but the butterfly cat flies away. The next day the boy sees the same butterfly cat again and asks if it still likes flowers, but the butterfly cat says no and flies away again. The third time they meet, the boy does not ask about flowers; instead, he asks if they would like to come home with him for a while. The butterfly cat agrees, so they go together back to his house where he feeds it milk and honey until finally when its wings are strong enough, the little boy lets his new friend fly free once more into the garden.

The Camera Snaps Several Pictures Of Butterflies

butterfly coloring pages 65

This is a story about how I got to know and love butterflies.

I used to be scared of them. They always seemed so alien and strange when I saw them fluttering in the garden, perched on flowers, or even outside my window.

But then one day I was walking in the woods when a butterfly landed on my hand. And it was like nothing had ever happened. It felt so natural and familiar as if we were meeting for the first time.

Ever since that day, I’ve been able to see butterflies with new eyes, and they’ve been a constant source of joy for me and now my favorite thing is to capture these beautiful moments with my butterfly friends.

A Young Girl Whistles To A Butterfly

butterfly coloring pages 66

This story is about a young girl who is playing outside her house. She sees a butterfly and decides to try to catch it. The girl tries to catch the butterfly by following it around, but she can’t catch it. The girl then whistles at the butterfly and the butterfly lands on her hand.

A Shy Butterfly Slowly Approaches A Flower

butterfly coloring pages 67

A shy butterfly slowly approaches a flower. It is careful not to be too close or too far. It flaps its wings and flies around the flower, but never lands on it. The butterfly is afraid of being rejected, so it decides to stay away from the flower.

An Ecstatic Butterfly Jumps For Joy

butterfly coloring pages 68

I was sitting at the dinner table with my family. I was always happy to be around them. I loved hearing their voices and seeing their faces, especially the way they all seemed to enjoy each other’s company, even when they were arguing.

It made me feel so lucky to have such a great family.

I felt like a butterfly who had just taken flight for the first time and was now soaring through the sky in ecstasy.

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Butterflies fly high and you’ve been able to join them in their colorful adventures, what was your favorite butterfly story?

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