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If you’re looking for a way to relax and enjoy a little fun coloring, there’s no better way than with coloring pages. These coloring pages offer the perfect opportunity to decompress and relieve anxiety by completing the patterns with your choice of colors. Coloring pages are a great way to reach out to others as well since they’re filled with bright colors and patterns that make everyone feel at ease. The best part is people of all ages can enjoy coloring, whether you’re a child or an adult. Check out the following coloring pages and see if one speaks to you:

Candy Buffet

Candy coloring pages 1

I love candy and I love buffets, so this was the best of both worlds.

I walked into the room and saw a table with rows of different candies. There were rows for gummy bears, rows for chocolate bars, and rows for other types of candy. I was so excited to see all these different types of candy that I couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear.

I grabbed a few handfuls of my favorite candies and went on my way.

Sweet Bee Party

Candy coloring pages 2

The bees were having a party and they were eating lots of sweet treats. They had so much fun that they didn’t want to leave the party. When the party was over, all of the bees were still buzzing and buzzing. The bees are buzzing around in the hive, and they’re all having a party! They’re eating a lot of sweets and drinking nectar. They eat so much that the honeycomb is overflowing with sweet goodness. The bees have been having so much fun that they don’t want to leave their party.

Yummy Sweets For Friends

Candy coloring pages 3

It was a hot summer day. I was sitting in the shade of a tree and reading my favorite book when I heard someone call my name. It was my best friend, and she looked very excited.

“Guess what?” she said, “my mom just bought some delicious sweets! Let’s go share them with our friends!”

I grabbed the bag of sweets from her hand and we ran to find our other friends. We found them playing soccer on the field nearby and ran towards them to show them the sweet treats that we had brought for everyone to share.

Raining Lollipops and Candy Canes

Candy coloring pages 4

It was a cold winter day, I was just walking down the street when all of a sudden it started raining candy! It was so crazy and amazing. I couldn’t believe my eyes, but then I realized that this is what it’s like to be in the Candyland. I couldn’t wait to be a part of the fun and go inside! I was so excited when I got there. There was milk, honey, lemon drops, chocolate syrup, and more. The first thing I did was take a big scoop of chocolate syrup and pour it all over my ice cream bar. It tasted amazing! After that, I had some milk but quickly got eaten.

Sharing Candy With Friends

Candy coloring pages 5

I remember when I was a little girl, my mom would give me a big bag of candy every Halloween. I would get to choose what kind of candy I wanted to eat and then I would share it with my friends. It was so much fun because we got to trade our favorite candies and try new ones too!

It is important for kids to share their candy with their friends, but it is also good for adults. Sharing candy can help us feel connected and happy.

Lollipop Candy Shop

Candy coloring pages 6

There was a lollipop candy shop in the middle of the city.

It had all sorts of lollipops for sale.

Some were sour, some were sweet, and some were just right.

The shopkeeper was always happy to see kids come in and buy a lollipop or two.

But one day he noticed that there weren’t any kids coming into his store.

He thought it might be because he didn’t have any new flavors for them to try.

So he went out into the city and bought some new flavors that he thought would be perfect for kids to try – like watermelon, grape, and orange-flavored lollipops!

Ice Cream and Candy Party

Candy coloring pages 7

A group of friends were having a party and they had ice cream and candy. The party was so much fun because they had lots of ice cream and candy. They played games with the ice cream and candy, ate the ice cream, and even made a dessert with the ice cream. The party was so much fun because they had all these great foods to eat!

The Ice Cream Parade

Candy coloring pages 8

It was a hot day, and the ice cream man was trying to sell his wares. He had been selling ice cream for years, and he knew how to do it. But this day was different. There were no kids in the neighborhood that he could see.

He walked up and down the street, looking for any sign of life. He saw a few mothers pushing strollers but they were all going in the opposite direction of his truck. He saw an old lady walking her dog but she didn’t seem interested in buying anything either. He even saw a cat slinking across the street, but it ran away when he tried to get its attention with some yummy treats!

He started to feel discouraged by all these empty homes and uninterested people. Then he noticed something, at last, a bunch of kids who wanted some ice cream!

The Magical Candy Land

Candy coloring pages 9

I always found it strange that the world was so big and yet there was no place for me. I think I have finally found that place. It’s called Candy Land.

As I walked through the never-ending forest, I could smell the sweet scent of sugar in the air. The trees were tall and their branches seemed to stretch out to me, welcoming me into their home. As I reached the end of the forest, there it was – a giant castle with a huge sign that said: “Welcome to Candy Land!”

I walked up to the door and rang the bell. A man answered and said, “Hello! What brings you here?”

He looked like he had been expecting me all along but how could he have known? He must be a wizard or something!

A Christmas Candy Cane Surprise

Candy coloring pages 10

A Christmas Candy Cane Surprise is a story about a candy cane that gets taken home by a little girl. This candy cane is not like other candies, she has an important message to share with the world. “Candy canes are delicious”, the candy cane shouts!

A Huge Cake With Candy and Donuts

Candy coloring pages 11

A huge cake with candy and donuts is a story about a big birthday cake. The cake was so big that it had to be cut into thirds. One-third of the cake was given to the mother, one-third of the cake was given to the father, and one-third of the cake was given to the youngest child.

The youngest child wanted to eat all of his parts but he could not finish it because it was too big. He then went outside and started eating other people’s pieces of candy.

The Candy Trail

Candy coloring pages 12

The Candy Trail is a story about a magical yummy candy trail. The story is about a little boy who follows the candy trail to get to the candy house. He meets many different people along the way and learns from them.

The Sweets Delivery

Candy coloring pages 13

There was a truck that delivered sweets. The truck had a driver and a helper. They were the only two people in the truck. The truck would go to towns and deliver sweets to stores, shops, homes, offices, and schools.

The driver drove the truck to the town of Sweetville. When they arrived there was a store with a sign that said “Sweet Treats.” They parked the truck outside the store and went inside to deliver some sweets.

The helper loaded up boxes of chocolate bars, lollipops, gumdrops, licorice sticks, and taffy into their arms while they waited for the driver to come back out of the store. Then they walked back out to where they left their truck parked outside Sweetville’s only sweet shop.

Dreaming of Sweets

Candy coloring pages 14

Once upon a time, there was a girl who dreamed of sweets. She dreams of them while she is awake and when she sleeps. The girl’s parents try to satisfy her sweet cravings by taking her to the bakery, but it doesn’t work.

The girl’s father decides to take a different approach and goes to the grocery store instead. He buys all the ingredients for a cake and bakes one for her, which has many layers of chocolate frosting and fresh strawberries on top. The father then puts it in front of his daughter, and she is very delighted to have sweets.

The HUGE Candy Jar

Candy coloring pages 15

One day, a little girl named Jane went to her grandma’s house.

She was so excited to see what her grandma had for her.

She ran up the porch steps and opened the door and saw a huge candy jar on the counter.

It was filled with every kind of candy she could imagine.

She couldn’t believe that it was all hers!

Cupcakes for Everyone

Candy coloring pages 16

Once upon a time a kid had enough cupcakes for everyone. He was feeling very generous and wanted to share his cupcakes with his friends. He took the cupcakes to school and gave them to his friends. They all enjoyed eating their cupcakes!

The Friendly Talking Sweets

Candy coloring pages 17

A long time ago, there was a little girl who had a very sweet tooth. She would eat all her favorite sweets every day and sometimes she would ask for even more. One day, she met these friendly talking sweets. They were so sweet that they could talk to her and tell her stories about their lives. The little girl was so happy and she loved the sweets very much!

The little girl’s parents didn’t like the idea of her eating too many sweets, but they liked that the talking sweets were teaching their daughter some manners. So they let them stay in the house for a while until their daughter could learn to control herself better.

The House Made of Candy

Candy coloring pages 18

This is a story about a house made of candy. It was not just any house, but the most delicious, mouth-watering, sugar-coated house in the world. Everyone wanted to take a bite out of it.

The Big Lollipop

Candy coloring pages 19

One day, a little girl named Lola went to the store to buy a big lollipop.

Lola walked up to the store and she saw a big lollipop in the window. She wanted that lollipop so much. She went into the store and said, “I want that lollipop.”

The man behind the counter said, “That’s not a lollipop, it’s a popsicle.”

But Lola didn’t care because she loved popsicles too. So she bought it and took it home.

She loved her new popsicle so much that she ate it all up.

A Surprise Cupcake Cake

Candy coloring pages 20

I was in the kitchen baking a cake for my husband’s birthday. I had his favorite chocolate cake batter in the bowl and was about to pour it into the pan when I realized that I didn’t have any frosting.

I opened up my freezer and saw that there were no cupcakes either. I started to panic as this was his last day as an employee at his company and he would be coming home from work soon.

Just then, I heard him come through the door with a bag of groceries, so I quickly ran to the front door and hugged him tightly. He said, “What’s wrong?” “I don’t have any frosting or cupcakes for your birthday cake!” He looked at me with a loving smile on his face and said “That’s okay, I love cake without frosting.”

Printable PDF Candy Coloring Book

How terribly sweet this adventure has been, if you love sweet treats you’ll enjoy the sweet coloring pages. And it would be sweet if you share your sweet drawings with us as well as there’s nothing sweeter than sweet art.

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