Cartoon Fox Coloring Pages

Foxes have been a popular animal for a long time and now you can find them on your coloring pages. They are loved by children and adults alike. There are many exciting reasons for this. For one, foxes are beautiful creatures with soft, furry coats and cunning nature. Another reason is that they have been a symbol of wisdom in many cultures around the world for centuries. This means foxes are beloved all around.

What Do the Textbooks Say About Foxes?

Foxes are smaller than other members of the dog family such as wolves, jackals, and domestic dogs. They tend to be slim and agile members of the order Carnivora. The red fox (Vulpes vulpes) is the largest and most widely distributed species and inhabits a wide range of habitats.

Foxes also tend to live in dens called earths.

What Are Some Fun Facts About Foxes?

Did you know that foxes are distant cousins of dogs? Foxes are highly intelligent and have human-like features. They can also be easily tamed.

You can learn about foxes through these coloring pages and explore their natural habitat as well as the other animals that live there too. These coloring pages are fun to color, have a lot of practical information about foxes, are perfect for developing motor skills and hand-eye coordination, and are great for teaching you all about foxes.

Ready to get creative and bring your animal friends to life?

Fox Playing With a Rabbit

Cartoon fox coloring pages 1

This story is about two animals that are playing together. The fox is chasing the rabbit. The rabbit is riding a bike. What will happen next? That’s up to you to decide.

The fox and the rabbit seem very happy.

A Fox Enjoying the Wintertime Snow

Cartoon fox coloring pages 2

This fox is playing in the snow. He is happy and has a lot of fun. One day, he finds himself lost in the woods and doesn’t know where to go. He tries to find his way back home but he can’t find it. He walks all night and finally sees his house again in the morning.

The fox walked around in the snow. He looked at the ground, he looked up at the sky, he looked down at the tree, and then he looked to his left. He noticed that there was a lot of snow there. He then noticed that there was something shining in all that snow.

What could the secret shiny item be that the fox found in the snow?

A Flying Fox

Cartoon fox coloring pages 3

One day, a fox came across a bunch of feathers on the ground. One feather drifted by and the fox grabbed at it, but it floated away. The fox ran after the feather, but the feather floated away again. The fox looked at the ground and saw a whole bunch of feathers. He grabbed one feather and found that he could fly by flapping his tail. He flew in circles in the sky before landing on the ground.

Have you ever seen a flying fox before? Where did he fly to?

The Fox and the Butterly Become Friends

Cartoon fox coloring pages 4

Once upon a time, a fox was trying to find food. In his search for food, he saw a butterfly and said hello. The butterfly, not believing that the fox was friendly, flew away. The next day, the fox found another butterfly and said hello again. This time the butterfly didn’t fly away but it still wasn’t sure about the fox’s intentions so it flew away after talking for a while.

The next day, the fox found another butterfly and talked to it for a long time before flying off. The two became friends and would see each other every day to chat for hours at a time about their days or anything else they could think of!

The fox was happy to be friends with the butterfly.

Springtime With Fox Friends

Cartoon fox coloring pages 5

A fox is playing with a ladybug. The ladybug lands on the ground and the fox pounces on it, but it flies away. The fox chases after it and they play together for a while. They stop when they see some other animals coming their way.

The foxes love spring as there are many things to do outside during this time of year. They can go outside, have fun, and enjoy the nice weather.

Mr. Fox Takes a Nap

Cartoon fox coloring pages 6

This is a story about Mr. Fox who takes a nap in the forest with his animal friends.

Mr. Fox was walking in the forest with his animal friends, the squirrel, the raccoon, and the deer.

“I’m so tired,” said Mr. Fox. “I think I’ll take a nap in this comfy spot here.” “We’ll wake you up when before it gets dark.” the squirrel said. Soon, Mr. Fox was sleeping soundly in the shade of a tall tree.

Did Mr. Fox wake up in time from his nap?

The Fox Plays in a Band

Cartoon fox coloring pages 7

A fox, a lion, and a giraffe play in a band. The fox sings, the lion plays play guitar, and the giraffe plays drums. “I sing like a superstar,” says the fox, “I play the guitar,” says the lion, “I play drums,” says the giraffe. “Together we make music.” they all sang.

What kind of songs do you think the animal band plays?

The Soccer Fox

Cartoon fox coloring pages 8

A fox always loved to play soccer. Whenever he saw a soccer ball, he would jump up and down. But he was too small to kick the ball or to carry it. He was not happy about that. One day, the fox found a box. He knew that this was a chance to play with a ball. He tried to pick up the ball, but it was too big for him.

How could the soccer-loving fox play with the ball?

Fox Smelling Spring Flowers

Cartoon fox coloring pages 9

Once upon a time, there was a fox. The fox liked to smell the spring flowers. One day, the fox smelled something very nice. The fox followed his nose to find that it was a flower! What a surprise! The fox climbed up the flower to get closer to the flower’s fragrance. The flower said, “Hello.” The fox said “hello” back to the flower, and they became good friends.

The Fox Learns to Ice Skate

Cartoon fox coloring pages 10

The fox knew that ice skating was a winter activity, so she waited until winter to try it. The fox found a pond and skated around it over and over again. She practiced her skating every day, and as much as she could.

Finally, she decided she wanted to show off her skills to her friends, she skated in circles, did fancy twirls, and even did a flip. The fox’s friends really enjoyed her performance.

Hippy Happy Fox

Cartoon fox coloring pages 11

One day, the fox was walking in the forest when he saw a small hole in the ground. It was dirt, and it looked like there might be something inside. The fox was curious, so he got down on his knees and stuck his head deep into the hole. He could see that there was a hidden passageway that ran very deep into the forest. As he crawled through, he began to hear strange noises coming from all around him. When he go to the noises it turns out some other hippy happy animals were having a tea party. They invited the hippy happy fox and they all had a hippy happy time.

The Fox Who Sleeps In Flower Beds

Cartoon fox coloring pages 12

There once was a fox who loved to sleep in flower beds. The fox would always find the most colorful flowers to lay on and have the best dreams. One day, he found himself awakened by a big noise. He was so startled that he ran away quickly and never came back again.

What do you think startled the sleeping fox? Was it a buzzing bee?

Do Foxes Love Nature?

Cartoon fox coloring pages 13

A big city fox moves to the wilderness and finds out that he loves nature. He meets animals in this new environment, but they are all too busy with their own lives to take notice of him. The fox is sad because he wants someone to love him. One day, he comes across an old bear who has been hibernating for many months. The bear doesn’t have anyone either, so the two become friends.

The Flower Fox

Cartoon fox coloring pages 14

The flower fox was a very kind fox who loved to give away flowers. The fox picks flowers and gives them to people she meets on her way. She picks the most beautiful flowers from her garden and brings them with her as she goes about her day, stopping at every person she meets to offer them a flower.

Everyone in the forest is thankful that the flower fox is so kind, they love her flowers.

Rainy Day Fox Play

Cartoon fox coloring pages 15

There was once a little fox who loved to play in the rain. One day, he found an umbrella and took it with him everywhere he went. The fox was so happy that his friends were all surprised. They had never seen him so happy before!

Do you love the rain as much as the rainy day fox?

Christmas Present for Mrs. Fox

Cartoon fox coloring pages 16

Mr. and Mrs. Fox lived a long way from their friends and family, so they didn’t see them very often. Mrs. Fox was one of the most thoughtful creatures in the world, and she wanted to spend Christmas with her friends and family, but they lived so far away. There was only one idea that came to her. She bought a lovely Christmas present for each of them, wrapped them up beautifully with a red ribbon, and put them all in a big bag.

When Christmas came, Mrs. Fox delivered all her presents to her friends.

The Fairy God Fox

Cartoon fox coloring pages 17

The Fairy God fox loved to grant wishes for her friends.

But, as she granted their wishes, she realized that they were not happy with what they had received. So the fox stopped granting wishes and stopped being a fairy god fox.

Why do you think her friends weren’t happy with their wishes?

The Stylish Fox

Cartoon fox coloring pages 18

Once upon a time, there was a fox. The fox was very stylish and smart and always wore the best clothes. One day, the fox saw a human and thought, “I should ask them for something to wear.” But the fox was scared. So, the fox thought and thought about what to say.

Finally, the fox got an idea and said, “Please may I wear your clothes?” The human looked at the fox, smiled, and said “yes.”

Now the stylish fox was even more stylish.

Printable Cartoon Fox Coloring Book

With your imagination and beautiful coloring, our fox friends will come to life. Remember to share your wonderful art to inspire other fox friends.

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