Cartoon Penguin Coloring Pages

Coloring pages are a fun way to keep kids entertained and give adults a chance to relax. There are plenty of free coloring pages available on our site. Our coloring pages cover all sorts of different topics featuring all sorts of different friends. 

Today we’re visiting our penguin friends, and we’ll get to see what sort of fun they’re having today.

Did you know penguins like the cold weather? Do you like the cold weather?

Penguins are one of the coolest animals in the world. As a result, they have been studied by scientists for centuries. There are many interesting facts about these lovable animals that might surprise you.

Ready to cozy up with our happy penguin friends and have some fun in the snow? Grab your coloring pencils and let’s get creative.

Tap Dancing Penguin

Cartoon Penguin Coloring Pages 1

Tap Dancing Penguin is a penguin who loved to tap dance. He was so good at it, he was asked to join the tap-dancing show that came to town. The penguin’s name was Fred and he had never been happier when he was allowed to tap dance for all his penguin friends.

The Cool Kid Penguin

Cartoon Penguin Coloring Pages 2

A cool penguin was looking for a friend. He walked and walked, looking for a friend who was cool like him. As he walked, he saw a penguin eating an ice cream cone. The cool penguin asked, “Hi, are you, my friend?”

“Yes, I am your friend and I’m eating an ice cream cone.” replied the other penguin.

The cool penguin jumped in joy as he made a new friend, and got to have some ice cream.

The Artist Penguin

Cartoon Penguin Coloring Pages 3

One day, there was a penguin who loved to paint. He loved to paint so much that he wanted to paint something big. He looked everywhere but couldn’t find anything that would work.

That’s when one night, he saw the moon.

The moon was shiny and round and perfect for painting. With some extra help from his friends, the penguin painted the moon blue. He painted it so beautifully that he didn’t want to go to sleep. He wanted to look at the moon all night long.

Eventually, the artist penguin had to sleep though, but that’s when he found a paintbrush and started painting even more things. It was so much fun that he wanted to paint all the time. He painted with his brush in his beak, and he painted on rocks and ice. He painted on the ground and he even painted in the air!

The Penguin That Loved to Ski

Cartoon Penguin Coloring Pages 4

A penguin loved to ski so much that he decided to go on a quest with his friends to find the perfect ski slope. The penguin was named “Skipper.” He loved to ski so much that he would wear his skis even when he wasn’t going skiing.

One day, Skipper was sitting in the snow when he saw a little boy playing in the snow. The little boy looked at Skipper and said, “What are you doing?”

“I’m going skiing,” said Skipper.

“Can you teach me how?” asked the little boy.

Skipper looked at the boy in surprise. He was delighted to teach the boy how to ski.

A Penguin That Loves His Gift

Cartoon Penguin Coloring Pages

A penguin received a present from his friends. It was a big box, and the penguin was very excited to open it up. The penguin opens the present and finds a nice, new hat. The penguin is very happy with the hat and starts to wear it.

The penguin is walking through the ice with his new hat on. He goes home to show his family the hat that he got. They all love it! They loved his hat so much that they wanted new hats too.

The Penguin & The Strawberry Ice Cream

Cartoon Penguin Coloring Pages 6

One day, a penguin was looking for some food. He was looking for food that he liked the most. The penguin found some strawberry ice cream. The penguin thought strawberry ice cream was his favorite food. He was so happy to find some. Now that the penguin found strawberry ice cream, he sat down and ate it happily.

A Penguin Eats a Popsicle

Cartoon Penguin Coloring Pages

One day, a penguin eats a nice cold popsicle. But then, the popsicle was all gone. The penguin was sad when her popsicle was all gone. At first, she was unsure what to do. But then her mom surprised her with another popsicle. The little penguin was happy again.

Sledding Penguin

Cartoon Penguin Coloring Pages 8

Once upon a time, there was a penguin that loved to use a sled to slide down the snow,  he also liked to slide on his stomach. He wanted to go fast so that he could catch up with his friends who had already made it to the bottom of the hill.

He slid and slid and slid, but he could not catch up with them. He was too slow. It was not until he stopped at the top of the hill again that he realized what was wrong. The penguin was afraid of heights.

The Sweet Candy Penguin

Cartoon Penguin Coloring Pages 9

One day, there was a penguin who wanted some candy. In fact, he always wanted candy because he would eat so much candy that there was never any left. So he went to the store to buy some candy. But he couldn’t find any. He must have eaten all the candy from the store too.  So he went home, sad and hungry. But on his way home, he found some candy under a rock outside of his house! He picked up the candy and gobbled it up quickly.

Penguin Friends Open Presents

Cartoon Penguin Coloring Pages 10

Penguins are very clever and they love to give presents and open them too.

One day, the penguins went to their friend’s house and found a pile of presents on the floor. The penguins wanted to know what was inside the presents so they opened them together. They found some food inside! And then they opened another present and found some more food! They were so happy that they had such good friends!

Penguins Go On a Date

Cartoon Penguin Coloring Pages 11

Two happy penguins, named Al and Sally, met at the zoo. They are both single and they start to talk to each other while looking at animals in cages. They find out that they have some similar interests and decide to go on a date. After their date, Al and Sally decide that they would like to see each other again.

The Penguin Takes a Photo

Cartoon Penguin Coloring Pages 12

A photographer penguin takes the camera from its owner and wanders off to take pictures of the scenery. The owner follows the photographer penguin but is quickly left behind as the penguin heads up a hill. When the penguin reaches the top, it sets up its tripod and takes pictures of everything in sight.

The owner catches up to it, but before he can grab his camera back, he sees that the penguin has taken his picture with it. The two of them both laugh at this discovery and go their separate ways.

Penguins And Seals Go On a Picnic

Cartoon Penguin Coloring Pages 13

One lovely snow day, a group of penguins and seals going on a picnic. The two very different animals were walking around in the snow when they saw something in the distance. It was a big lake with ice and water everywhere.

“What’s that?” asked the seal. “It looks like a place for us to have our picnic.”

“I think so too,” said the penguin, “Let’s go!”

They swam through the water and found a nice place to have their picnic. They brought fish and other nice things for their picnic in the snow.

“Wow!” said the seal, “This is perfect!”

A Penguin Teaches Her Child the ABCs

Cartoon Penguin Coloring Pages 14

The mom penguin teaches her baby penguin his ABCs.

“A is for ant.” When the penguin says “ant,” he flips the book to the page that shows an ant.

The next page shows an apple. The baby penguin then says, “Apple.” 

“B” is for the ball.” The mommy penguin points to the bright red ball.

The little one tries to say “C”. next. But the penguin doesn’t know how to say “C” very well.

The mother can’t help but laugh.

A Penguin Lives In an Igloo

Cartoon Penguin Coloring Pages 15

Do penguins live in igloos? This penguin lives in an igloo and loves to decorate its home with fish and beautiful decorations. Not every penguin lives in igloos. But the ones that do really enjoy living in igloos.

The Happy Penguin Goes Fishing

Cartoon Penguin Coloring Pages 16

One day, the happy penguin went fishing and catches a fish. He is so excited that he jumps up and down because he has never seen such an amazing catch before. When he gets home, his friends ask him where he caught the fish from and how big it was. The happy penguin replies by saying “I don’t know but it was huge!” Later that night, the happy penguin and his friends enjoy fish for dinner.

Penguin Friends Hang Out In The Snow

Cartoon Penguin Coloring Pages 17

Penguins are one of the most interesting animals to watch. They are always up to something. One day, the penguin and her friends decided to go outside and play in the snow with all the other snow animals. They were having so much fun that they didn’t want to go back inside.

Penguin Goes Skiing Down a Hill

Cartoon Penguin Coloring Pages 18

Penguins are really good at skiing downhills. They have been doing it for years and they are very good at it. One day, a penguin was going skiing down a hill when he saw another penguin at the bottom of the hill. He wanted to show off his skills so he sped up and went faster and faster down the hill, but he didn’t see the tree in front of him. He crashed into it with a huge bang!

But that didn’t stop the penguin, he got back up and had a good laugh.

The Penguin Sleds On Christmas Day

Cartoon Penguin Coloring Pages 19

George is a penguin that goes sledding on Christmas day.

He was really excited to go sledding with his friends, but when he got to the hill he realized that he didn’t have any sleds. He walked around looking for some other penguins who might have some extra sleds, but everyone was busy playing in the snow. No one had any time to help him out, so George decided to make his own sled using whatever he could find around him – sticks, rocks, and anything else that was laying around.

After making his own makeshift sled, George went down the hill and had a lot of fun!

A Penguin Ice Skates

Cartoon Penguin Coloring Pages 20

Once upon a time, there was a penguin. The penguin lived in the South Pole. It was very cold in the South Pole, and the penguin liked to ice skate. The penguin went to the ice rink and put on his ice skates. He walked around the ice rink and then he found a girl penguin who was skating too.

The girl said “Hi”, and the penguin replied, “Hi.”

The girl said, “I like to ice skate.” The penguin laughed and replied, “Me too.”

Both the penguins smiled and decided to spend the rest of the day ice skating together.

A Penguin Enjoys The Snow

Cartoon Penguin Coloring Pages 21

A penguin enjoys the snow by playing in the snow. He laughs and jumps and dances in it. The penguin is happy because he loves the snow. He knows that soon it will be gone, but for now, he enjoys every second of it.

A Happy Penguin Holiday

Cartoon Penguin Coloring Pages 22

Once upon a time, there were penguins and polar bears. They are both very happy animals that enjoy the holidays. They love to eat fish, play in the snow, and go ice fishing.

One day they were playing in the snow when they heard a sound coming from the forest. It was Santa Claus! Santa Claus was coming to visit them! The penguins and the polar bears were so excited because they knew he would give them lots of presents.

But before they could get their presents, it was time for lunch. So all of them went back to their igloo to have lunch with their family and friends before opening their presents with Santa Claus later that night.

Penguin Friends Enjoy The Snow

Cartoon Penguin Coloring Pages

Penguin friends are getting ready to play in the snow. They are so excited that they can’t wait. They put on their coats, hats, gloves, and scarves. Then they go outside and start playing in the snow. For the penguins, the snow isn’t cold, but they can’t help but to want to be cozy.

Penguin In a Snow Globe

Cartoon Penguin Coloring Pages 24

It was a cold winter morning in Antarctica when there was a penguin in the snow globe. He was very happy. Once there was a happy penguin in a snow globe. The penguin is always happy and that’s why he is called “Penguin In A Snow Globe”. He loves to dance in the snow globe. He loves to make friends with all the other animals, but he doesn’t like it when they’re sad.

He tries to cheer them up by singing songs and giving them hugs. In the end, everyone is happy and they get along.

Sports Penguin Plays Golf

Cartoon Penguin Coloring Pages

One day, the penguin was playing golf with his friends. The penguin wanted to win the game of golf, but he couldn’t. His friends were teasing him and said that he was too small to play golf. The penguin got very sad and started crying.

But then the penguin had an idea! He went home and told his mom all about it. His mom loved the idea and helped him make a plan to win the game of golf the next time he played with his friends. When they played again, the penguin won!

A Penguin Wins a Skiing Race

Cartoon Penguin Coloring Pages

A penguin named Pippy, who is very fast at skiing, was visiting his friend in the Arctic. All the other penguins were amazed at how quickly he could ski. Pippy’s friend told him that there was going to be a big race the next day and they would like him to join them.

Pippy said, “I can’t wait!”

The next day Pippy woke up early and got ready for the race. He put on his best outfit – his red hat with white stripes and his green scarf with white polka dots – and he skied down to the starting line where all of the other penguins were gathered together waiting for him. As the race started Pippy got in place and raced to the bottom. Pippy won!

The Happy Penguin And Her Fish

Cartoon Penguin Coloring Pages 27

One day, a penguin was walking over the snow when he saw a fish. The penguin took the fish and ate it. The penguin got happy because the fish was so delicious. The fish was so delicious that the penguin went to go look around for more fish.

The Penguin Chef Bakes a Cake

Cartoon Penguin Coloring Pages

One sunny day, the penguin chef bakes cakes for everyone in the world. He does it because he loves to bake and wants everyone to have cake. He does all of this without any help from anyone else. The penguin chef bakes a cake because he loves to bake and wants everyone to have cake. Once the cake was done baking, everyone had a slice, and they thought it was the most delicious cake they ever had.

A Penguin Decorates For Christmas

Cartoon Penguin Coloring Pages 29

Once upon a time, there was a penguin that loved to decorate for Christmas. The penguin is very excited to decorate the tree and put up lights. But he has so many questions! How do you hang lights? How do you put up a tree? What kind of lights should I use?

Penguin Happy Birthday

Cartoon Penguin Coloring Pages

This penguin is a very happy penguin. He is a very happy penguin because it is his birthday.

He wakes up and he looks at his clock. It says it’s his birthday, so he jumps out of bed and starts to sing “Happy Birthday” really loud. He runs down the hall to see if anyone else has woken up yet, but no one has. So he goes back to bed and starts singing again, this time a little quieter so as not to wake everyone up too early.

After a while, the other penguins start waking up and they all come into the room where he’s singing. They sing with him for a little while before they go downstairs for breakfast because it’s the birthday penguin deserves a birthday breakfast.

The Penguin Wizard

Cartoon Penguin Coloring Pages

There was once a penguin wizard who lived in the North Pole. His name was Frosty, and he had an ice castle that was made of ice. He had all sorts of magical powers, like making snowfall or giving presents to people. One day, he met this little girl named Jessica and she told him that she wanted to learn how to do magic too.

Frosty said, “I’ll teach you how to do some magic if you want.” And so they went inside his castle and Frosty showed her how to make snowfall for the first time in her life. It felt really good because Jessica never knew that snow could feel so cold!

The Cozy Penguin

Cartoon Penguin Coloring Pages 32

One day, while walking on the ice, a penguin saw a sweater floating in the water. The penguin decided to put it on and wear it for a while. The next day, the penguin found a new sweater floating in the water. The penguin put it on and wore it for a while. He is so cozy in both his new sweaters. One day, the penguin meets another penguin who does not have a sweater. The other penguin is cold and needs a sweater. The first penguin decides to give him his old one because he is so cozy in his new one.

Now both the penguins are happy in their sweaters.

Printable PDF Cartoon Penguin Coloring Book

With all the happy penguin friends getting up to such fun you’ll surely have a blast with them as well. What kind of coloring ideas do you have for the penguin friends? Don’t forget to share your penguin artwork to inspire other happy penguin friends.

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