Dinosaur Coloring Pages

Dinosaur coloring pages can be a great activity to bond with your kids. It can also be a great way to spend some time on your own and have some fun. You can use these pages to unwind and relax after a long day at work.

Coloring pages are a great way to spend time with children of all ages. You can find them in various themes and designs so you never have to worry about running out of options. There are many coloring pages that are free to download or print. You just have to make sure you know what you’re looking for and what type of quality you want before downloading one.

When choosing one of our dinosaur coloring pages remember that coloring is not just for fun, coloring is a great way to relax with your children and improve their cognitive skills. It also helps them develop creativity and fine motor skills.

Ready to go back in time with the dinosaurs?

Baby Dinosaurs Become Friends

dinosaur coloring pages 1

In the story, a dinosaur named Troodon helps a baby dinosaur named Pteranodon. The baby friends didn’t know very many games to play, but the most fun they had was when they would play together. No matter, rain or shine, as long as they had each other they were happy.

Dinosaurs Go Exploring

dinosaur coloring pages 2

One day, the dinosaurs were bored.

They were in the desert, and their day had been a long one.

They decided to go exploring for something fun to do.

Suddenly, they heard a strange noise coming from a far distance.

They decided to go investigate, and finally found the source of the noise–a cave!

“Hooray!” said one of the dinosaurs. “A cave!”

The other dinosaurs agreed and went to explore the cave.

A Baby Dinosaur is Born

dinosaur coloring pages 3

A baby dinosaur is born. The mother is a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and the father is a Triceratops.

The little dinosaur has no name yet, so his parents decide to ask the other dinosaurs what they should call him.

The first dinosaur they meet is a Brachiosaurus. He says that the little dinosaur should be called “Tyrannosaurus Rex Jr.” because he’s so small and cute, just like his mommy! The parents think this name sounds perfect for their little one.

The next dinosaur they meet is an Apatosaurus. He tells them that the baby should be called “Triceratops Jr.” because he’s half Triceratops and half Tyrannosaurus Rex! The parents love this idea too.

Which name should they choose for the baby dinosaur?

Dinosaurs Have a Fun Tumble

dinosaur coloring pages 4

Once upon a time, there were two dinosaurs who were friends. One day, the two dinosaurs went to play in the park. They had such a good time together that they decided to play there every day after that.

One day, when they were playing at the park, one of the dinosaurs saw something that was very interesting and he wanted to go over and see it closer. The other dinosaur didn’t want him to leave because he wanted to keep playing with his friend. But the other dinosaur went over anyway because he really wanted to see what it was. The first dinosaur got sad and started crying because he was all alone now while his friend was over by himself looking at something interesting across the park.

The Hungry Dinosaur

dinosaur coloring pages 5

The Hungry Dinosaur is a story about a dinosaur who wakes up in the morning and has nothing to eat. He goes through his day thinking about all the food he could eat and all the fun activities he could do. But as time passes, he realizes that he is going to get sick of hunger if no one feeds him. Luckily the dinosaur finds a juicy steak to eat and is happy again.

The Dinosaur Battle

dinosaur coloring pages 6

The Dinosaur Battle is about a battle between two tribes of dinosaurs. The story starts when the two tribes are living in peace, but then one tribe invades the other. After that, they start fighting and they never stop. The dinosaurs want peace so they eventually stop fighting.

Dinosaurs Search For Food

dinosaur coloring pages 7

There was a family of dinosaurs. The mother dinosaur, the father dinosaur, and their two children. They were looking for food in the forest.

“What do you want to eat?” said the mother dinosaur to her children. “I want to eat an apple,” said one of them. “I want to eat a banana,” said the other one. “But we can’t find any apples or bananas in this forest.”

The father looked very sad because he wanted to help his children but he couldn’t find anything either. Suddenly, he saw some mushrooms near his feet and picked them up with his mouth and ate them happily!

“Look!” he called out happily, “We found something!” And they all ate mushrooms that night for dinner!

The Muddy Dinosaur

dinosaur coloring pages 8

Once upon a time, there was a dinosaur. He was very muddy. All of the other dinosaurs laughed at him because he was so dirty. The muddy dinosaur was sad after being teased, so he took a bath and was no longer muddy.

A Flying Dinosaur Goes On An Adventure

dinosaur coloring pages 9

This is a story about a little dinosaur who wants to fly. One day, he meets an old dragon and asks him to teach him how to fly. The dragon tells the little dinosaur that he can only teach him if he can find the dragon’s lost treasure.

The little dinosaur says that it would be easy, but the dragon says it’s not as easy as it sounds.

The little dinosaur then sets out on an adventure to find the treasure. Does he find the treasure?

A Dinosaur Goes Fishing

dinosaur coloring pages 10

A Dinosaur Goes Fishing is a story about a dinosaur who goes fishing. The story starts with the dinosaur waking up and going for a walk, where he sees some fish in the water. He tries to get the fish but can’t because he doesn’t know how to swim. So instead, he builds a boat and sails out to find more fish. He gets some, but then the boat falls apart and he has to make another one. This time, he finds lots of fish and catches them all before returning home with his catch.

A Dinosaur Eggs Hatches, What’s Inside?

dinosaur coloring pages 11

Once upon a time an egg that’s been sitting on the shelf for years suddenly hatches. It cracks and falls apart and out comes a little dinosaur. What kind of dinosaur is it?

The Very Angry T-Rex

dinosaur coloring pages 12

The T-Rex is very angry because he has lost his toy. He wakes up, he starts searching for it. But he can’t find it. What do you think where his toy is?

The Dinosaur Goes Exploring Alone

dinosaur coloring pages 13

The story is about a young dinosaur who goes exploring alone. He finds a hole in the ground and decides to go inside it. It turns out to be a cave where he sees many other dinosaurs playing with each other. The dinosaur decides to join them and have fun too.

The T-Rex Goes Jogging

dinosaur coloring pages 14

The T-Rex is not a morning person and usually stays in bed until the last possible minute. But one day, he decides to go for a morning jog and has the time of his life. Now the T-rex loves to jog every morning.

Baby Dinosaurs Play and Eat Outside

dinosaur coloring pages 15

Dinosaurs are very big and they live on the ground. They like to eat leaves, flowers, and bushes. The baby dinosaurs are very hungry.

One day, a dinosaur saw some leaves on the ground. He picked up the leaves with his mouth and ate them all up! Then he felt much better!

The dinosaur walked around for a while, but he didn’t see any more food on the ground. He guessed that he would have to wait until tomorrow to find more food.

The next day, when the sun was shining bright in the sky, another dinosaur found some flowers on the ground! The dinosaur picked up all of them with his mouth and ran away as fast as he could!

Two Dinosaurs Search For Dinner

dinosaur coloring pages 16

The two dinosaurs were searching for dinner. They had been searching all day and they were very hungry. They had searched everywhere they could think of but they still couldn’t find anything to eat. The dinosaur on the left said, “Maybe we should just give up and go home.” The dinosaur on the right said, “No! I know it’s here somewhere.” And then he saw a little bug crawling across the ground. The dinosaur on the right picked up the bug and ate it in one bite.

A Dinosaur Does a Dance

dinosaur coloring pages 17

This story starts with the dinosaur waking up in the morning and getting ready for school. He tries to find his favorite shirt, but can’t find it anywhere. The dinosaur then realizes that he left it at home, so he goes back to get it. When he gets home, he finds his shirt on the ground and realizes that someone stepped on it! The dinosaur gets really mad and starts stomping around until his mom comes in and asks what’s wrong. The dinosaur looks embarrassed and tells his mom he was just doing a dance. 

The Lonely Dinosaur Wants Friends

dinosaur coloring pages 18

In this story, the dinosaur wants to get more friends. And he tries really hard to get them, but he can’t find any. He thinks that no one will want to be his friend because he’s too different from them and not as good as they are at doing things like jumping or running fast. But then, in the end, the dinosaur finds a friend that likes him for who he is and they both decide to spend their time together doing things they enjoy doing like reading books or playing games.

The Very Long Dinosaur

dinosaur coloring pages 19

The story starts with a long dinosaur waking up in the morning and stretching his neck. He then starts to eat breakfast, which consisted of leaves and berries. All of this was happening while he was still stretching his neck.

At one point, the dinosaur’s mom called him over to her and they started talking while he kept on eating his breakfast.

After that, he went to play with some other dinosaurs that were also playing in the forest area where they lived. They were all running around having fun until it was time for them to go home for a lunch break.

The Dinosaur Family Feast

dinosaur coloring pages 20

The dinosaur family were so hungry that they couldn’t stop eating. The mother dinosaur was so happy that she had enough food for her three children and herself. She had so much food in fact that it turned into a big feast for the family.

Dinosaur Friends Play Outside

dinosaur coloring pages 21

One day the dinosaur is playing with his friends and they are having a lot of fun.

Suddenly, the dinosaur hears a noise coming from far away. He starts to get scared because he doesn’t know what it is but he knows that it’s not good.

The dinosaur’s friends start to run away and the dinosaur runs with them, but then he falls down. The other dinosaurs see him and they all come back to help him up. They tell him that it was just a car going by, which makes the dinosaur feel better about everything that happened.

The Small Dinosaur Family

dinosaur coloring pages 22

There once was a small family of dinosaurs. Just a mom and her baby. The mom loved her baby so much and the baby loved the mom. One day the baby asked the mom to tell her a story. The mom agreed. Since that day, the mom tells the baby a new story every day.

A Very Colorful Dinosaur

dinosaur coloring pages 23

The story is about a dinosaur that has a very colorful personality. This dinosaur is so colorful that his friends are always telling him to tone it down. But this dinosaur doesn’t want to change who he is. He likes being different and making people happy with his colors.

Dinosaur Friends Sit & Chat

dinosaur coloring pages 24

Once upon a time, a big and little dinosaur, became friends.

The two dinosaurs were sitting on the ground and chatting. The big dinosaur was telling the little dinosaur all about his day when he suddenly realized that he had forgotten to eat lunch. He told the little dinosaur that he would be back soon and ran off to find some food.

The little dinosaur felt sad because he didn’t want his new friend to leave just yet. So, he got up from the ground and followed the big dinosaur in order to say goodbye.

The Old Dinosaur

dinosaur coloring pages 25

This story is about an old dinosaur that has been living in a forest for many years. One day, the old dinosaur meets a little girl who is playing outside. The little girl asks the old dinosaur to tell her a story and he gladly agrees. He tells her about how he once was this magnificent creature, one of the most powerful animals on earth. But with time, he becomes weak and can’t move as fast as before.

The little girl listens attentively to the story and when it’s over she asks: “What happened to you?” The old dinosaur replies: “I’m just an old dinosaur now.”

The T-Rex on Wheels

dinosaur coloring pages 26

A T-Rex was walking down the street when he saw a motorcycle. He thought, “I want to ride that.” So he got on the motorcycle and started riding it. He rode for hours and hours, and then he saw an ice cream truck. He stopped to get some ice cream because he was hungry. After eating his ice cream, he rode off again on his motorcycle.

The T-Rex rode for another hour or two before deciding that it was getting too dark out to ride anymore, so he went home.

A Dinosaur Gets Dirty

dinosaur coloring pages 27

This story is about a dinosaur who gets dirty.

Once upon a time there was a dinosaur. One day, he got really dirty because he fell in the mud and got all muddy. The next day, his mommy came to clean him up with soap and water.

Now the dinosaur is all clean.

A Dinosaur Misses His Mother

dinosaur coloring pages 28

Look at how sad this dinosaur is. The dinosaur has to go through various obstacles and challenges in his journey. But he always remembers that he loves and misses his mother and that she will be waiting for him at home.

The Dinosaur Practices Singing

dinosaur coloring pages 29

The dinosaur practices singing every day. He sings all the songs he knows. His favorite song is “My Favorite Things.”

He sings this song all the time. One day, he was singing this song when he saw a rabbit walking by. The rabbit stopped and listened to the dinosaur sing the whole song! The rabbit was so surprised that she forgot to keep walking and just watched him sing.

The next day, the same thing happened again! This time, it was an elephant who stopped and listened to him sing “My Favorite Things.”

He sang this song for many days after that and each time an animal would stop and listen to him as soon as they heard him start singing.

The Big Dinosaur Goes For A Swim

dinosaur coloring pages 30

Once upon a time, there was a very big dinosaur who liked to swim in the lake. It’s about how he goes for a swim with his friends. He has fun and plays with his friends in the water all day. His favorite time to swim is when it is hot outside.

A Hungry Dinosaur Gets Angry

dinosaur coloring pages 31

A hungry dinosaur gets angry when he can’t find anything to eat. The hungry dinosaur is on the hunt for food. He searches and searches until he finds a tasty-looking plant. He starts eating the plant, but it tastes terrible! The poor guy is so hungry that he gets really mad and starts to roar at the sky and other dinosaurs.

Two Dinosaurs Prepare For Battle

dinosaur coloring pages 32

Two dinosaurs are preparing for battle. One of them is a triceratops, the other is a stegosaurus. The triceratops is wearing a green shirt, and the stegosaurus has on a red shirt. Who will win the battle?

A Dinosaur With Horns Drinks Water

dinosaur coloring pages 33

The dinosaur was thirsty, so he drank some water from the river. He then found himself in a forest where he met an alligator and they became friends. The alligator told the horned dinosaur to be careful of hunters because they might hurt him if they see him.

The horned dinosaur was still thirsty, so he went back to the river and drank some more water from it. He found himself in another forest where he met a bear who told him that his horn might attract hunters too and that it would be better if he didn’t show it off to them anymore. The bear also warned him about how dangerous it is for dinosaurs to go into forests. The dinosaur made a promise to be careful from now on.

A Baby Dinosaur Is Hungry

dinosaur coloring pages 34

A baby dinosaur is hungry. He goes to the kitchen and finds a big bowl of cereal.

He eats it all up, but he still feels hungry. So he goes back to the kitchen and finds a big bowl of spaghetti.

He eats it all up, but he still feels hungry. So he goes back to the kitchen and finds a big bowl of ice cream.

He eats it all up, but he still feels hungry. So he goes back to the kitchen and finds a big plate of cake.

He eats it all up, but he still feels hungry. So he goes back to the kitchen and finds a big box of pizza.

The baby dinosaur is happy now because his tummy is full!

A Mommy Dinosaur and Her Baby Travel

dinosaur coloring pages 35

The mother dinosaur takes her baby on an adventure to the beach where they play in the water and build sandcastles. The mommy dinosaur teaches her baby how to jump over waves and how to build sandcastles. After playing for hours, they head home for dinner with their dad.

The next day, mommy dinosaur takes her baby on another adventure, but this time it’s flying high in the sky! They fly over trees and rivers, and even over their house! The mommy dinosaur tells her baby that she wants them to experience all of life’s adventures together.

A Family of Dinosaurs Enjoy The Sun

dinosaur coloring pages 36

A family of dinosaurs who enjoy the sun. One day, Max, the father dinosaur, tells his children that it’s time for them to go to bed early because they have been playing outside all day. The kids are disappointed but they know that their dad knows what’s best for them and they get ready for bed. Most importantly they know they are going to be able to play in the sun tomorrow. 

A Scary Dinosaurs Goes RAWR

dinosaur coloring pages 37

One day, the scary dinosaur wakes up from his slumber and goes to the kitchen for breakfast. The dinosaur eats all the food in the house and then decides to go outside for more. The dinosaur finds a bush full of berries and eats them too. The dinosaur then gets hungry again but this time he can’t find any more food. So he lets out a big RAWR in frustration. 

Flying Dinosaurs Hatch From Their Eggs

dinosaur coloring pages 38

One day, a mother dinosaur was sitting on her eggs. She was so happy to be the mother of these little dinosaurs. She had been waiting for so long, and now she was finally going to see them hatch.

The first egg cracked open, and out came a little green dinosaur! It looked around, then it saw its wings and jumped up in excitement! The second egg cracked open, and out came a little blue dinosaur! It looked around too, then it saw its wings and jumped up in excitement as well!

The third egg cracked open, and out came a little red dinosaur! The fourth egg cracked open and out came a yellow dinosaur. And the fifth one opened-and out came an orange dinosaur.

The mother dinosaur was very excited to finally meet her babies.

Printable PDF Dinosaur Coloring Book

That’s all the dinosaur fun we have today but you can keep it going by showing off some of your dinosaur art. Thanks for reading all of our dinosaur stories, the best part is you can help continue their stories using our coloring pages. Where will the dinosaur adventures take them next?

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