Elephant Coloring Pages

You’ll love these elephant coloring pages, and how elephant coloring pages can help teach your kids.

The benefits of coloring for adults are well documented and include reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. But what about children? Coloring is a great way to teach kids how to focus on the task at hand. The repetitive motions can help kids learn how to hold a pencil or marker correctly as well as develop their fine motor skills.

Elephant coloring pages are a great way to teach your children about the animal kingdom. The vivid colors and intricate designs of these pages will keep them entertained as they learn. We also have many other animal coloring pages available in our store for you to choose from!

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The Big Elephant and His Friends

Elephant coloring pages 1

A big elephant and his friends are walking through the jungle. They come to a river and see that it is filled with crocodiles. The big elephant can’t swim, so he doesn’t know what to do. One of his friends tells him that he has an idea to help him cross the river, but the other friend says it’s too dangerous. The first friend says they can use a tree trunk as a bridge across the river and then they can all walk across together. The other friend says this is not such a good idea because there are crocodiles on both sides of the tree trunk too!

So the friend crosses the river quickly and safely.

An Elephant Takes a Bath

Elephant coloring pages 2

I know an elephant who takes a bath. He will take a bath in the morning or the evening. He always takes a bath in the rain, never in the sun. He never washes his face with soap, he just washes his feet.

The Thirsty Elephant

Elephant coloring pages 3

Once there was an elephant who was so thirsty. He walked around the jungle for hours, looking for a place where he could find water. But every time he found a pond or a river, the water looked too dirty and disgusting to drink.

Finally, the elephant came upon a small puddle of muddy water. It was not very clean but it was better than nothing. So he bent his head down and began drinking from it when all of a sudden, out popped a little mouse!

The mouse scolded him for drinking from such filthy water and told him about another river nearby where he could get fresh clean water. The elephant thanked the mouse and set off in search of this other river.

An Elephant Needs a Haircut

Elephant coloring pages 4

One day, the elephant was walking with his friends when he noticed that his hair had grown too long. He felt embarrassed and wanted to fix it right away. He walked up to the nearest tree and rubbed his head against it, but nothing happened.

He then tried to climb up the tree, but he couldn’t reach all of his hair. The elephant was very sad because he didn’t know what to do. His friends suggested that they can cut his hair for him, and so they did.

Apples for Elephants

Elephant coloring pages 5

A circus elephant named Sophie loved apples. She is the most intelligent and well-trained elephant in the circus. One day, she sees two young men eating apples, and she becomes very curious. The next day, she sneaks into the men’s tent and steals an apple for herself. Yum!

The Baby Elephant Loves The Water

Elephant coloring pages 6

The baby elephant loves the water. It jumps in the water and plays with it. It dips its trunk into the water and drinks it. The baby elephant loves to splash in the water, too.

The little elephant is happy when he is in the water, but he does not like to get wet when he is outside of it.

Happy Elephant Goes on a Walk

Elephant coloring pages 7

Once upon a time, there was an elephant who went for a walk. She walked and walked until she came to the edge of the forest. The elephant looked around and saw that the trees were getting smaller and smaller until they disappeared altogether.

The elephant thought to herself, “I am so happy I went for this walk.”

The Talented Circus Elephant

Elephant coloring pages 8

The talented circus elephant was born in India. When he was just a baby, he could walk on his hind legs and do tricks. He could also stand on his head and balance things on top of his head. He was truly a very talented circus elephant.

But when the circus owners saw that this elephant didn’t have any tusks or big teeth, they were not happy about it. They decided to send him to the zoo to live with other elephants who were not so talented.

The zoo elephants were all very happy with their new friend and they all wanted to help him get better at balancing things on top of his head, they helped him every day until he became a talented circus elephant.

A Tired Elephant Takes a Break

Elephant coloring pages 9

One day, an elephant decides to take a break. He goes to the river and takes a bath. Then he goes to the forest and eats all of the fruits that he wants. After that, he goes back to his family and tells them about how he is feeling refreshed and happy.

Elephant Covered In Beautiful Designs

Elephant coloring pages 10

The story begins with a little girl named Sophie who loves to paint. One day, her mommy tells her that she has to do some chores before she can paint. She is disappointed because she doesn’t want to do the chores but knows her mommy is right. After doing the chores, she goes outside and sees an elephant in the yard. The elephant looks sad and Sophie’s heart just melts for him. She asks if he would like to come inside and he does! When they go inside, Sophie’s mommy says that she doesn’t know what happened but that it must have been raining because there are water droplets all over his body.

Sophie then asks if she can paint him and her mommy says yes! So they get out all of the paints and start painting the elephant.

The Baby Elephant Makes a Butterfly Friend

Elephant coloring pages 11

One day, the baby elephant was feeling very sad and lonely. He had been looking for a friend for a long time and he couldn’t find one.

He saw a butterfly flying by and he felt like he wanted to be friends with it. The butterfly flew away before the baby elephant could say anything to it.

The next day, the baby elephant went back to the same place where he met the butterfly and tried to find it again. But this time, instead of waiting there, he started walking around in search of his new friend.

He walked all around the forest before he found another butterfly! This time, they said hello to each other and became friends right away!

The Chubby Happy Elephant

Elephant coloring pages 12

There was a chubby happy elephant who eats too many bananas.

One day, he wakes up to find that he has grown so big that his belly can’t fit through the door of his house. He tries to squeeze through but can’t because he’s so fat. His mom comes and helps him out by cutting the banana tree down to make it smaller. After his mom cuts the banana tree down, he was able to get inside again and eat all of the bananas in peace because there were no more banana trees in his way!

Elephant Mom and Baby Go Exploring

Elephant coloring pages 13

An elephant mom and baby go exploring.

The sun is shining, the sky is blue.

They’re having so much fun that they don’t even notice that they’re lost. They keep walking and walking until they find a path. They follow it for a while, and then they get to the end of it!

The Patterned Elephant Goes on an Adventure

Elephant coloring pages 15

Once upon a time, there was an elephant who had very interesting patterns on his body. His patterned trunk was longer than other elephants and he also had a patterned trunk on his tail. To make things even better, he also had a unique pattern of spots all over the body that looked like flowers and stars.

The Pretty Modeling Elephant

Elephant coloring pages 16

A pretty modeling elephant is trying to fit in with the other elephants. She tries to be like them by doing everything they do. But she can’t because she’s not like them. She’s special in her own way.

A Baby Elephant Has a Balloon

Elephant coloring pages 17

The little elephant is walking on the ground when all of a sudden, he sees something in the sky. It’s a big, round yellow thing. The little elephant thinks it’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen. He wants to get closer and touch it, but he can’t seem to get there no matter how hard he tries. He looks around for someone to help him get up there, but everyone is too busy. Finally, the elephant decides to jump up and grab the big yellow balloon. He’s very happy now.

The Elephant Visits The Park

Elephant coloring pages 18

One day, an elephant visited the park. It was a nice sunny day and the elephant was feeling very happy. He went to the playground and saw all the children playing on the swings, slides, and monkey bars.

The elephant wanted to play too but he didn’t know how. The children were laughing at him because they could see he was struggling to figure out how to use the equipment.

Suddenly, a little girl came up and helped him by putting her hand on his back so he could push himself up on the swing set. The other children followed suit and helped him with everything else too!

Patterned Elephant Dad and Baby

Elephant coloring pages 19

The elephant dad was a very handsome, patterned elephant. He loved to play with his baby. They would go on walks and rides together, watch the sunset, and sometimes they would even paint together.

One day the elephant dad decided to paint his baby’s room while she was at school. He painted it in stripes just like he was! When the baby came home from school she saw that her room had been painted and she was so happy!

Big Pretty Elephant Covered In Drawings

Elephant coloring pages 20

The elephant is sad because he cannot draw. But then he meets an artist who helps him to find his own drawing style and draws beautiful drawings on his skin. 

The Little Lonely Elephant

Elephant coloring pages 21

A little lonely elephant was living in the jungle. He was sad and lonely because he had no friends to play with or talk to. The other animals were too busy doing their own thing.

One day, a new animal came to the jungle. It was a little bunny rabbit! The little bunny rabbit noticed the sad elephant and wanted to help him feel better. They played together, talked about their days and became best friends! The little bunny rabbit had a friend for life!

The Walking Elephant

Elephant coloring pages 22

One day a man sees an elephant walking down the street. He’s surprised to see the elephant because he thought elephants were supposed to be big and heavy. But he soon realizes that this elephant is different. This is not an ordinary elephant, it’s a walking one!

Elephant Friends Hangout Together

Elephant coloring pages 23

This story is about two elephants who are best friends. One day they decide to go on a walk in the jungle. They go on their walk and see some other animals that they know. They meet a giraffe, an alligator, a monkey, and even some kangaroos!

The two elephants hang out with each other and have fun playing in the jungle.

An Elephant Goes Cloud Watching

Elephant coloring pages 24

A long time ago, there was a little elephant who loved to watch the clouds. He would often go out and find a nice spot in the sky where he could watch them. One day, he went out to go cloud watching like usual, but when he got there, all the clouds had gone away. The little elephant was so sad that he couldn’t see any more clouds.

The next day, his friends came over and told him about some new clouds that they had seen in the sky. They said that they were very pretty and it was worth going to see them! The little elephant felt so happy again because his friends were right – these new clouds were beautiful!

An Elephant Rests In a Teacup

Elephant coloring pages 25

An elephant rests in a teacup, and that’s not the end of the story.

The elephant is on a journey to find out if elephants can fly.

The elephant has many friends and family who offer to help him fly.

But he doesn’t want to be helped, he wants to do it himself. Can the teacup elephant fly?

Elephant Family Takes Baths

Elephant coloring pages 26

The elephants are very clean animals and they like to take baths. The mother elephant washes her baby and the father elephant washes his baby too. The elephants are so happy to be clean and they love to get wet in the water.

The Old Elephant

Elephant coloring pages 27

The old elephant was so old that the other elephants would not help him. One day, a young elephant came back from a long journey and helped the old one to get up. The old elephant felt very grateful for the young one’s help and asked him how he could repay him.

Elephant and Friends Ride in Hot Air Balloon

Elephant coloring pages 28

Once upon a time, there was an elephant and his friend. They were very happy and they wanted to go on a ride in a hot air balloon. They got into the hot air balloon and it took off!

The Elephant Goes for a Ride In Her New Car

Elephant coloring pages 29

The elephant was very excited when her family announced that she would be getting a new car.

She was so excited that she ran around the house and knocked over everything in sight.

She went to the car dealership and tried every car on the lot, but none of them felt right.

The elephant was disappointed until she found a shiny red sports car.

It had a long trunk and two seats in front for the driver and passenger.

It also had a big, softback seat for her to sit in with plenty of room to spare!

When it came time to leave, the elephant said goodbye to everyone at the dealership with a smile on her face.

A Beautiful Elephant Family

Elephant coloring pages 30

It starts with the birth of a baby elephant and continues with the family’s adventures and misadventures. The elephant family will take you on an exciting journey, from the jungles of Africa to the Savannah’s of Asia.

The Happy Elephant With a Flower

Elephant coloring pages 31

Once there was a happy elephant with a flower, who wanted to go on an adventure. He wanted to find out if the world was round, and if it had a hole in the middle.

So he set off on his adventure. He walked for miles and miles and miles until he came across a village that was deep in the jungle. The villagers were very happy to see him, and they gave him food and water. They told him that he should be careful not to get lost in the jungle because it was full of dangers, such as lions, tigers, bees, and snakes.

The elephant thanked them for their help but continued on his journey anyway. After walking for hours more he came across another village that wasn’t as happy as the first one when they saw him coming towards them.

An Elephant Goes Sailing

Elephant coloring pages 32

One day, he saw a ship in the water and wanted to go on an adventure. The elephant climbed onto the boat and started exploring around. He found a teapot but noticed that it was empty. The elephant opened up the lid of the pot and saw that there was no tea inside!

The elephant felt very sad because he wanted to have some tea but couldn’t find any. So he went back home to get some tea leaves so that he could make himself some tea on his own. When he got home, he put all of the leaves into a cup of water and let it sit for three minutes while stirring it with his trunk every now and then so that it would be ready to drink in three minutes’ time!

The Old Wise Elephant

Elephant coloring pages 33

Once upon a time, there was an old wise elephant. He was the wisest of all the animals that lived in the jungle.

One day, he felt very sick and weak. The other animals were very worried and they came to him to ask what could be wrong.

The wise elephant told them that he had eaten a poisonous berry and that he did not feel well. He asked for their help to find a cure for his illness as soon as possible.

The other animals were sad to see him so ill but they did not know what to do or where to find the cure for his illness.

After much discussion, they decided to send out scouts from each animal group in order to find out where the berries grew in their cure. After much searching, they finally found the cure!

The Elephant and Animals Have a Lovely Day

Elephant coloring pages 34

The elephant was feeling sad because he couldn’t find his friend and then he found him. They had a lovely day together in the sun.

Pretty Elephant Models for Photo

Elephant coloring pages 35

Once upon a time, there was a pretty elephant who was always modeling for photos. One day the photographer asked her to take her trunk and put it on top of her head. The photographer wanted to capture the elephant’s pretty eyes.

The photographer took a picture and told the elephant that she did a great job. The elephant felt so happy that she could do something for other people without being hurt or tired.

An Artist Elephant Paints a Picture

Elephant coloring pages 36

Some animals are born with a natural ability to paint, and elephants are one of them. They have been painting for centuries now, but not everyone knows about it.

The paintings of these elephants are not just simple drawings; they are detailed and artistic. The artist elephant in this story is named Tikkie. She was born with a natural talent to paint, and she has been painting for centuries now.

Tikkie is a young elephant who lives in the jungle with her family. One day, Tikkie sees a rainbow on the other side of the river while she’s playing by her mother’s side. She starts running towards it and jumps into the water to swim across but gets caught up in the current instead. Then Tikkie decides she wants to pain the current.

The Painted Elephant

Elephant coloring pages 37

One time, a man finds a painted elephant in the forest. He takes it home and tells his wife about the elephant. The wife is not happy with the idea of having an elephant in their house and she persuades her husband to take it back to where he found it. They go back to the forest and find that the painted elephant has disappeared. They are both very sad about this, but they decide to paint an elephant on their living room wall instead so that they can always remember what happened with the painted elephant.

An Elephant Admires The Flowers

Elephant coloring pages 38

An elephant was walking through a forest when he saw a beautiful flower. He stopped and admired it for a while, and then continued on his journey.

A few days later the elephant came back to the same forest, but this time he saw that all the flowers had been trampled on by other animals. The elephant felt sad and said, “the flowers are so beautiful, but they are also fragile.”

The Sleepy Elephant Sleeps On The Moon

Elephant coloring pages 39

In a faraway land, there lived a sleepy elephant. One day, he felt so tired that he climbed up to the moon and went to sleep.

The next day, when he woke up and looked down from the moon, he saw his friends below looking for him. He waved his trunk at them and they waved back. And then they all had a good laugh together.

Elephant Friends Sing And Dance With Birds

Elephant coloring pages 40

Once upon a time, there lived a family of elephants in the mountains.

They had been living there for many years and they were happy. They loved to sing and dance with the birds that lived in the forest. One day, they heard an unusual sound coming from the sky. It was a big bird with large wings that was flying towards them. He landed on the ground and spoke to them in their own language.

“Hello beautiful elephants,” he said fondly.

An Elephant Walks Alone

Elephant coloring pages 41

The first time the elephant saw humans was when she was very young and she had been playing in her home forest. The humans were walking through, and they had food in their hands and they fed the elephants. 

Big Happy Elephant Dances For Friends

Elephant coloring pages 42

A big happy elephant dances for his friends. He does this because he wants them to be happy too.

One day, the elephant was walking through the forest when he saw some little animals playing in the forest. He really wanted to play with them, but they didn’t want to play with him because he was so big and they were so small. The elephant felt very sad and left without saying goodbye.

At home, the elephant started thinking about how much fun he could have been having if only those little animals had invited him to play with them. The next day, when he saw those same animals playing in the forest again, this time they invited him to join in their game!

An Elephant Enjoys Talking With Bird

Elephant coloring pages 43

The elephant and the birds are friends.

The bird is not afraid of the elephant.

The bird likes to talk to the elephant.

The birds fly around and gather food for their friends.

And the elephant protects the bird from dangers.

An Elephant Floats Up With Balloons

Elephant coloring pages 44

The elephant in this story floats up with balloons because he wanted to go up into the sky and see what it was like. The little elephant was determined and worked very hard so he could get balloons and go up into the sky.

The Elephant Looks Over The Hill

Elephant coloring pages 45

The elephant looks over the hill to see what she can see. But she gets scared, but then he sees that there is nothing there and he feels relieved. The elephant has a laugh for getting scared at her own shadow.

The Happy Elephant Enjoys The Quiet

Elephant coloring pages 46

A long time ago, there was a small elephant that lived in the jungle with his mother. His name was Happy.

One day, when he and his mother were out for a walk in the forest, they saw a huge elephant coming towards them.

The huge elephant said to them, “Where have you been? I’ve been looking for you everywhere.”

Happy’s mother answered, “We were just out walking.”

The big elephant was relieved to find his family.

Three Elephant Friends Gossiping

Elephant coloring pages 47

One day, the three elephants were gossiping about the other animals. The first elephant said that he heard that the rhino was very mean and rude. The second elephant said that he heard a rumor about a giraffe who was really bad at sports. The third elephant just laughed and said “I know something you don’t know.” Are these elephants very nice?

Printable PDF Elephant Coloring Book

Elephants may be huge creatures that can seem a little scary but really they’re just like us, some like to draw and paint, they love yummy foods and hanging out with their friends. Do you think you could be friends with an elephant?

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