Free Printable Flower Coloring Pages

Head over to your window, and take a look outside – how many flowers can you see? Flowers are a beautiful addition to any landscape and offer a beautiful riot of color that is guaranteed to enhance any scene that you lay your eyes upon.

Flower Coloring Pages Gallery

Flowers are one of the most wonderful things that you can draw – the nature of these wonderful plants ensures that you can play and experiment with color, and have plenty of fun getting creative and bringing beautiful landscapes to life.

Ready to kick back, relax and lose yourself in a world of wonderful color with our gorgeous color sheets – the perfect mindfulness activity for some serious “you” time.

The Hummingbird Needs A Home

Flower coloring pages 1

Once upon a beautiful hummingbird was looking for the perfect place to rest. He scoured the land for a peaceful, tranquil spot, but the places he found were not colorful enough, or lacked the sunlight, or did not have enough space for a curious bird.

He flew for miles and miles, growing tired, and was about to give up when a splash of color caught his attention. Soaring towards the color, he was greeted with a field of glorious flowers, and settled down amongst the stunning blooms, knowing that he had discovered the perfect resting spot.

The Perfect Flower

Flower coloring pages 2

This stunning scene tells a story about a curious bird, who discovers a host of beautiful new flowers during his adventures. He had been searching for the perfect flower all day, before the bright colors and vibrant shades of this glade caught his eye, and there was no way to resist – he simply had to take a moment to rest in amongst the beautiful blooms, and enjoyed the peace and tranquility of nature.

The Bride’s Bouquet

Flower coloring pages 3

There was once a beautiful bride who had spent weeks planning her perfect wedding, and the big day had finally arrived. The guests were on her way, her hair and makeup were flawless, and she knew that her beloved was waiting just down the hall in the perfectly decorated chapel.

As she took a moment to consider her bridal reflection in the mirror, her gaze fell upon the beautiful bouquet behind her. Comprised of beautiful roses and elegant lilies, deep emerald leaves and sapphire peonies, it was the perfect display of the joy of the day, and she smiled upon observing it, knowing that this was the perfect final piece of the puzzle for her dream day. With a deep breath, she stood and took the bouquet in both hands, ready to begin an incredible, life-changing journey.

A New Home

Flower coloring pages 4

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful bird, searching for the perfect place to make his new home. He had spent many days searching for his ideal location and had scoured rocky outcrops and ancient forests, deep, dark caves, and cheerful meadows, but the right place simply had not been discovered.

As he searched and searched, he found a tiny meadow that was filled with vibrant, colorful flowers. Bright splashes of color stretched out in every direction, and the bird knew that this was the place to call his home.

The Brightest Flower

Flower coloring pages 5

An explorer was on the hunt for the perfect flower, but all of the ones that he discovered had slight faults; their color was not bright enough, their petals were not symmetrical, or they were too dull to really stand out from the crowd.

Then, just as he was about to give up, he saw it at the top of a pile – the brightest, most colorful, most vibrant flower he had ever seen, and it was just waiting to be added to his collection.

Floral Meditation

Flower coloring pages 6

This image contains a stunning selection of flowers and designs, with the gentle swirls and loops adding a gentle, flowing effect that is interspersed with the pointed curves of leaves.

With an almost meditative effect generated by the gentle curls and swirls, this is a perfect design to get really creative with color and bring the flowers to life.

The Eruption of Color

Flower coloring pages 7

Once upon a time, there was an old lady who loved nothing more than to garden. She collected wildflowers from the meadow behind her home and filled the space with blooms and flowers of all kinds. From dahlias to daisies, roses to rhododendrons, her entire house was a cacophony of color. One day she came home, a bunch of wildflowers in her arms, only to find that all of her vases were filled. Fearing that she would be forced to abandon her blooms, she cast her attention around for a solution – and her gaze fell upon the colorful watering can in her garden – the perfect solution to her plight.

A Focus on Love

Flower coloring pages 8

This image shows a heart shape in the center, surrounded by a delicate heart-shaped border that is edged with gentle curves. The space surrounding the central heart is filled with beautiful blooms and flowers of all shapes, sizes, and types, creating a chance to fill your page with incredible color and a dedication to the beauty of nature.

The Perfect Present

Flower coloring pages 9

There were once two small birds, on the hunt for the perfect gift to share with their friend for their special occasion. They hunted far and wide, but there was nothing that seemed the perfect fit, and the two birds were afraid that they would never find the perfect gift. All of a sudden, they came across a basket of beautifully decorated eggs, buried deep within a meadow of amazing flowers.

Delighted, the two birds presented the gift to their friend – who declared that he had never received such a wonderful gift in his life.

On A Mission

Flower coloring pages 10

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful young woman who was taking a walk in the sunshine, when she suddenly spotted the most beautiful van she had ever seen, parked just across the street. The surface was covered in a series of intricate, delicate blooms and designs, gentle swirls, and incredible patterns. Struck by inspiration, she made an offer on the spot, and before she knew it, she was heading towards the coast, the wind in her hair, the sun in her eyes, and the waves waiting just up ahead – there was no way for life to get better than this.

A Beautiful Bike

Flower coloring pages 11

This image shows a beautiful bike with a bunch of flowers in the basket. The wheels of the bike are filled with beautiful shapes and patterns in the spokes, and the entire bike is surrounded with flowers and leaves.

A Balance of Color

Flower coloring pages 12

This image depicts an array of stunning flowers with pointed and rounded petals sitting side-by-side to form a visual display that has harmony and balance, while the pointed leaves and foliage at the sides act as a natural frame to the overall image and design.

The Love Of Flowers

Flower coloring pages 13

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful tree in a decorated pot. It was struggling to grow tall and strong. One day, a gorgeous butterfly came along to rest at the side of the tree. He complimented the amazing colors, beautiful shapes, and eye-catching design of the tree and for the first time, the tree felt he was truly loved and appreciated. Inspired, he continued to grow, providing a refuge for his new friend, and created an incredible heart shape to show his gratitude.

The Woman Of The Forest

Flower coloring pages 14

There was once a woman so beautiful that her twin could never be captured – and her beauty came from the incredible mass of flowers, blooms, and leaves that formed the hair on top of her head. A part of nature, she was always modest about her beautiful looks and sat amongst the trees and flowers as their guardian and protector.

The Mysterious Horse

Flower coloring pages 15

Once upon a time, a beautiful horse was making her way through a forest of trees, leaves, flowers, and blossoms. Shy, she was afraid to express her love for this wonderful place, but soon realized that this was a forest of true peace, sanctuary, and serenity for all loving things. She realized, at long last, that she had found her home.

A Home For Butterflies

Flower coloring pages 16

This image shows three beautiful butterflies spending time in a meadow of beautiful, vibrant flowers of all shapes and tones, simply relaxing and enjoying the gentle kiss of the sun on a warm summers day,

Three Beautiful Butterflies

Flower coloring pages 17

In this picture, there are three large, beautiful butterflies surrounded by flowers and leaves on every side, just waiting to be brought to life with vibrant color.

A Floral Display

Flower coloring pages 18

Here, we have two incredible flowers made up of a range of smaller blooms and shapes. The incredible variety of shapes and patterns causes the entire image to take on a meditation quality, and the sharp points of the petals juxtapose with the gentle curves found elsewhere for a truly striking overall image.

The Flower Butterfly

Flower coloring pages 19

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful butterfly, who feared that he was different from his friends. Where the other butterflies were decorated with a single, simple color or shade, he was filled with vibrant colors, swirling patterns, and unusual shapes. One day, he expressed his fears to a close friend, who was shocked at his concerns, telling him that his unusual patterns were the talk of the town!

Love Is All Around

Flower coloring pages 20

This image features the word “LOVE” in the center of the page, and this is surrounded by beautiful butterflies, delicate flowers, and heart shapes to form a stunning design that is the perfect dedication to and celebration of love.

The Bridge

Flower coloring pages 21

This picture shows a beautiful bridge across a sparking azure river. Gentle, fluffy clouds can be seen bobbing in the background, and the border is a riot of incredible flowers, foliage, leaves and plants to frame the scene with amazing natural beauty.

A Feline Friend

Flower coloring pages 22

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful cat, who was covered in amazing patterns, colors, floral designs, and blooms from the top of her ears to the tip of her tail. Every inch of her coat was a riot of amazing color, and she made her way through the forest as part of it, watching over all living things, and spreading joy and happiness thanks to her beautiful patterns.

The Display

Flower coloring pages 23

This coloring page shows a beautiful bunch of flowers, being displayed in a colorful pot on a mat to highlight the shades and tones of the blooms above. The flowers are a host of shapes, patterns, designs, and shades, and are perfect for brightening up any space or room.

A Tree Of Wonder

Flower coloring pages 24

Once upon a time, there was a tall, proud tree that stood tall over the landscape, taking care of all the creatures, plants, and blooms that lived within the shadow. The creatures of the realm were grateful for the tree, and spent time playing and celebrating beneath the wide, sprawling branches, drinking in the incredible colors, tones, and patterns far above them.

The Basket Of Flowers

Flower coloring pages 25

On this coloring page, there is a traditional wicker basket filled with an array of beautiful blooms, flowers, leaves, and butterflies. From sharply pointed daisies to softer-edged petals, the variety of lines and shapes offers a real visual treat for the viewer, which is only enhanced and brought to light when touches of color are added.

Two Souls Find One Another

Flower coloring pages 26

Once upon a time, there was a woman made of amazing colors, flowers, shapes patterns, and designs. She wandered the world, fearing that she would never find her perfect match, until one day she came across a man just like her – a figure made of flowers, blooms, leaves, plants, and incredible color. Her perfect match had finally been found, and the two lived in harmony forevermore.

The Hummingbird’s Treat

Flower coloring pages 27

In this picture, a curious hummingbird sticks his beak into the core of a bright, beautiful flower, as butterflies and tiny insects make their way around the rest of the bloom. Gently curved leaves and foliage fill the background, and the stalks create long, flowing lines to pull every detail of the drawing together.

Tulips’ Galore

Flower coloring pages 28

This drawing features a riot of gorgeous tulips and flower heads, all tangled together with delicate stalks and strands. Wavy leaves take over the background and the delicate veins and details of these create an interesting visual effect which is the perfect balance to the curved petals of each flower.

The Cheerful Flower

Flower coloring pages 29

Once upon a time, there was a happy, cheerful flower, living in a happy spotty pot. He spends his days enjoying the sunshine, turning his face up towards the heat of the sun, and waving his long, thin, pointed leaves in joy at those passing him by.

The Windmill

Flower coloring pages 30

Once upon a time, a tall, grand windmill stood proudly over the landscape, standing as the highest point in a meadow of stunning flowers and colorful blooms. It stood proudly, high above the trees, and gazed in pleasure at the bright plants and foliage that carpeted the floor at the base of the structure.

A Tower of Flowers

Flower coloring pages 31

On this coloring page, a series of tall, thin stems dominate the main area of the page, with ball-shaped flowers at the top of each. These flowers are a riot of color and detail, with delicate lines and circles, curved points and ovals, as well as diamonds and small marks and colors.

A Basket Of Wonder

Flower coloring pages 32

In this image, a bunch of beautiful wildflowers fills a rustic planter, and there are gentle tendrils of heart-shaped foliage strands gently kiss the sides as they trail towards the ground. The blooms are a rich array of shapes and colors, and are surrounded by pointed leaves and delicate designs.

Cute Duckling Surrounded With Flowers

Flower coloring pages 33

Once upon a time, a tiny duckling found himself in need of a new spot to rest, sleep and relax. He searched high and low and finally discovered the perfect place: an old basket, surrounded by the most beautiful flowers he had ever seen. Settling down in the remains of his shell, he took a moment to enjoy the surroundings, and felt the joy of perfect peace and serenity.

Tiny Fairy Perched on the Top of a Flower

Flower coloring pages 34

This image shows a tiny fairy, perched on the top of a flower as she gazes curiously at the heart-shaped flower that sits just above her. Beautiful heart-shaped flowers surround her on every side, and her dress is filled with beautiful patterns, lines, and shapes, helping her to blend in perfectly with her natural surroundings.

Stunning Hanging Basket

Flower coloring pages 35

This image shows a stunning hanging basket, filled with a cacophony of shapes, color, and shades. Tendrils and fronds drape gently over the side of the basket, which has a gentle tassel hanging from the bottom – a great balance to the glorious bouquet above.

Wooden Door With Flowers

Flower coloring pages 36

Nestled deep in the darkness of a forest, a wooden door hid, blending almost perfectly into the landscape around it. It guarded its secrets like the stalwart steward it was, completing its task with a quiet dignity. All around, flowers, grasses, leaves, and trees helped to hide the door from the world, the path disappearing into the depths of the forest, and the secrets remaining hidden until the right adventurer emerged.

Barrow With Flowers

Flower coloring pages 37

On this coloring page, a barrow is filled to the brim with beautiful flowers of all shapes and sizes, and these spill from the sides and tip, as well as filling the ground beneath the barrow. Butterflies and insects fill the sky above the barrow, attracted to the color that bursts from the space below.

The Bird In The Teacup

Flower coloring pages 38

This drawing shows a curious bird, perhaps a small robin or sparrow, perched curiously on beautiful flowers spilling from a delicate china teacup. The fragile nature of the cup is enhanced by the delicate fronds of the flowers and gently trailing foliage, and the delicate beauty of the bird is the final perfect part of the scene.

Hidden Figures

Flower coloring pages 39

In this image, a curious fairy creature is seated on a bench, well hidden in amongst the blooms and flowers that surround her. She is delighted by the natural world and smiles at the riot of color and amazing variation of foliage that surround her on every side.

A Summer’s Afternoon

Flower coloring pages 40

On this coloring page, two small birds sit perfected on a small basket, just in front of a wooden fence. The remnants of gardening sit around them; a floral watering can on the left, and a pair of spotty boots on the right. Below is a path decorated with whirls, swirls, and patterns, and beautiful butterflies soar through sky above the scene, creating the perfect late summer afternoon.

The Joy of Nature

Flower coloring pages 41

There was once a happy koala, who was never more content than when spending time with his butterfly and dragonfly friends. He spend his days with the plants, the flowers and the insects, and lived his best life with each and every day.

Love and Roses

Flower coloring pages 42

This image features a collection of beautiful, delicate roses, all brought together to create the shape of a heart – the ultimate gesture of romance and love.

Love Is The Answer

Flower coloring pages 43

This coloring page shows a beautiful set of decorated pots, all placed on top of one another at angles. The sharper lines are perfectly complemented by gentle petals and delicate blooms, while tendrils of foliage trail to the bottom of the image. “Love is the answer” is the message of the page, and this is perfectly demonstrated with the stunning images.

Hope and Beauty

Flower coloring pages 44

This coloring page is an image of hope, and this is emphasized by the word “Hope” in the center of the page, and a host of beautiful flowers and foliage above and below.

An Unexpected Visitor

Flower coloring pages 45

This image shows a beautiful unicorn, enjoying the company of insects and butterflies as she stands in the center of an array of incredible flowers, leaves and beautiful blooms.

The Horse of Flowers

Flower coloring pages 46

There was once a beautiful winged horse, who called the flower-filled meadows her home. Decked with an array of roses, daisies, peonies, daffodils, and other flowers, her beauty is part of the natural world and demonstrates the harmony enjoyed by all natural things.

Be Kind

Flower coloring pages 47

This is an inspiring message, with the words “Be Kind” enclosed in a beautiful circular border, and decked with flowers, hearts, leaves and other gorgeous foliage to really emphasize the beauty of the message.

Adorable Bird and Bells

Flower coloring pages 48

This is a coloring page of an adorable bird, perches on a sturdy branch beneath a series of beautiful bell-shaped flowers and leaves – the perfect depiction of the wonders and beauty of the natural world.

Love Never Ends

Flower coloring pages 49

This is an inspiring message: “Love Never Ends”, enclosed in beautiful flowers, plants, and vines, as well as leaves, twigs, and patterns. The padlock is used to demonstrate the permanence of love, and the beauty of the sentiment is clear.

Anything Is Possible

Flower coloring pages 50

This drawing tells us that “Anything is Possible”, and is depicted with a gorgeous heart shape, filled with a wide variety of flowers of all shapes, colors, sizes, and types – the perfect inspirational message.

A Curious Figure

Flower coloring pages 51

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful child-of-the forest. She spent her days joining with the creatures of nature, protecting the plants, trees, flowers, birds, animals, and small creatures, and doing her part to make sure that the planet is loved, protected, and cherished.

A Majestic Friend

Flower coloring pages 52

This drawing shows a proud, beautiful unicorn, standing tall and elegant amongst an array of beautiful foliage and flowers, which are used to frame the bottom of the neck and face beautifully, demonstrating the truly magical quality of these creatures.

A Bouquet In A Teacup

Flower coloring pages 53

In this image, we have a beautifully decorated, intricately patterned teacup, which is home to an explosion of incredible flowers and plants, emerging from the top and spiraling out across the page, emphasizing the delicate patterns of the cup below, and offering a soothing, wonderful visual balance.

When Spikes Become Petals

Flower coloring pages 54

There was once a beautiful hedgehog, known for his amazing array of colors, shapes, patterns, leaves, spirals, foliage, and flowers. He spent his days relaxing in meadows and forests, spending time in the tranquility of nature, and thrilling all those who saw him with his beautiful designs.

An Unusual Vase

Flower coloring pages 55

This image shows a simple watering can covered in a cheerful spotted design, and has a series of beautiful flowers exploding from the top, blending long, thin fronds and small, rounded tulips, tall petals, and delicate stems. and tiny berries and shapes.

A Gift Of Tulips

Flower coloring pages 56

In this image, long, curved leaves and small, pointed petals share space with a simple put bedecked with a beautiful ribbon, and enclosed in a neat circle. The blooms explode from the top creating the impression of a star, and the tiny butterfly makes the most every bloom and petal.

The Enchanted Tree

Flower coloring pages 57

There was once a magical land that was home to a magical, enchanted tree, filled with amazing colors, designs, and patterns. This incredible tree is a key feature of the landscape and offers an incredible view to any observer or viewer lucky enough to catch a glimpse.

Smile More!

Flower coloring pages 58

This coloring page features a large, happy, smiling flower, emerging from a long, thin planter and surrounded by smaller flowers, stars, and shapes. The picture is captioned with the message “SMILE MORE”, and is a perfect pick-me-up for a great mood!

Two Best Friends

Flower coloring pages 59

There were once two dearest friends – a curious kitten, and a cheeky puppy – who enjoyed doing absolutely everything together. They spent most of their time hanging out in their large basket, hiding in the flowers and leaves as they simply enjoyed one another company.

Below The Surface

Flower coloring pages 60

Hidden deep beneath the surface of the meadow, a thriving, buzzing world exists in miniature, and this space is home to a variety of ladybirds, butterflies, and insects, as well as beautiful flowers and grasses which create this vibrant habitat.

Hidden Creatures

Flower coloring pages 61

This beautiful coloring page focuses on two elegant birds, perched on strong, sturdy branches, and surrounded by a plethora of stunning blooms, flowers, shapes, leaves, patterns, and designs for a real smorgasbord of color and life.

The Bird and The Butterfly

Flower coloring pages 62

There was once a little bird, who was best friends with a tiny, beautiful butterfly. The two were famous for doing everything together, and spent many a happy day amongst the flowers and leaves, chatting the time away and relaxing under the glow of the sun.

For The Love Of Blooms

Flower coloring pages 63

This picture features a heart shape in the center of the page, with delicate roses, flowers, petals, and leaves filling the center of the space. Butterflies and swirls also fill the space, creating a beautiful., elegant design that symbolizes the beauty of love and romance.

A Sleeping Visitor

Flower coloring pages 64

There was once a curious fox, who lived her life amongst the fields and meadows of a beautiful land. She spent her days exploring, playing, and learning more about the world around her and making friends with the other animals, insects, and plants that called the space home. One day on her travels, she was overcome by the soothing nature of the meadow and laid down in the peace and quiet to rest.

A Cloud of Color

Flower coloring pages 65

In this image, a simple, curved vase is home to a waterfall of soft, curved flowers, tumbling out and down across the page. The rounded edges and gentle shapes make this a soothing, relaxing image that is the ultimate meditation tool.

A Curious Bunny

Flower coloring pages 66

There was once a curious bunny, who made it his mission to explore as many places as he possibly could, taking the chance to dig deep into burrows, leap through tall grasses, and get lost in leafy forests. One day, he found himself tired on his travels, and collapsed into a pile of vibrant flowers to rest – the perfect end to a wonderful day of adventures!

The Woman of Flowers

Flower coloring pages 67

This is a drawing of a beautiful woman, who wears a hat of stunning flowers, the tendrils and trailing foliage framing her face. Her neck and chest are a mass of gorgeous, bright flowers, and she gazes out with a benevolent expression – a true spirit and guardian of the meadows.

A Glimpse of Gardening

Flower coloring pages 68

This image shows a snapshot of the perfect gardening shed, caught in a single moment. Grapes, vines, leaves, and flowers fill the space on the sides, while the tools of gardening are perched on the shelf, just waiting to transform empty pots into incredible floral displays.

The Lonely Sunflower

Flower coloring pages 69

There was once a tall, beautiful sunflower, who found herself feeling lonely. Despite her vibrant shade, she was often alone and cried out for companions to keep her company. Two small butterflies heard her call and fluttered over, delighted at her incredible shades and bright colors, and the three were inseparable in no time.

A Beautiful Butterfly

Flower coloring pages 70

On this coloring page, we have a large, colorful butterfly, filled with designs and patterns, set across a backdrop of flowers, twigs, leaves, and grasses – the perfect place for such a majestic insect to truly relax and make her home.

A Trio of Beauty

Flower coloring pages 71

In this drawing, three glass jars sit, home to three very different types of flowers; tall, thin tulips, round, cheerful daisies, and taller pieces of grass and leaves. Happy butterflies zoom in the space above, and the vases sit on shaped mats to emphasize the color and beauty of each set of flowers.

The Perfect Painting

Flower coloring pages 72

There was once an old woman who lived deep within the forest, who dedicated herself to capturing and preserving the beauty of nature that she saw all around her in every moment, bringing it to life through the power of painting and art.

Wonderland in a Watering Can

Flower coloring pages 73

This image displays beautiful flowers flourishing from the top of an old watering can, with incredible blooms and petals interspersed with delicate leaves and smaller twigs, and topped with curious insects.

Guardian Of The Forest

Flower coloring pages 74

Once upon a time, a beautiful princess lived as guardian of the forest. Long, luscious locks tumbles down across her shoulders, and a crown of flowers adorned her head. She remained part of nature, never apart from it, and was beloved by the creatures, plants, and animals who called her forest their home.

A Summer’s Moment

Flower coloring pages 75

In this image, a bunch of eye-catching, delicate flowers sits in a decorated pot on the sill in a kitchen. The remnants of a delicious tea sit all around, and one gets the impression that you are catching a glimpse of the scene early on a Sunday morning before the rest of the world is truly awake.

The Daffodil Tea Party

Flower coloring pages 76

In this image, three colorful, patterned mugs form homes for a host of bright, cheerful daffodils. A series of stunning butterflies are dotted around, and the whole scene forms the perfect snapshot of a late, lazy summers evening.

A Tasty Treat

Flower coloring pages 77

Once upon a time, a beautiful, colorful butterfly found himself in front of two stunning flowers, nestled neatly in a jug. Keen to enjoy the delicious nectar, he took full advantage of the ornate spoon that leaned gently on the side – the perfect addition to any feast!

A Floral Gift

Flower coloring pages 78

In this image, a bunch of beautiful flowers are wrapped in bright, colorful paper, and a cute bow sits at the bottom. A blend of curved petals and pointed leaves offer interesting visual balance, while the chance to play with colors and patterns makes this a beautiful, vibrant image.

Be Happy Today

Flower coloring pages 79

This coloring page shows a bright signpost, with the words “BE HAPPY TODAY” surrounded on all sides by flowers and foliage, and with gentle patterns and designs helping the whole image glow with happiness and positivity.

Taking a Moment

Flower coloring pages 80

This coloring page shows a glimpse of a garden, with a watering can exploding with flowers on the bottom by the fence, and another wonderful bouquet of color just above this. More fronds and blooms fill a basket on the top right, and birds make their way across the sky.

Home Sweet Home

Flower coloring pages 81

Once upon a time, a tiny bird was struggling to find his place in the world. A young man working in a garden noticed that the bird visited every day, and decided to try and help. He created a beautiful bird box, nestled in amongst the flowers, and allowed the little bird to finally have a place to call his own.

The Tallest Tree

Flower coloring pages 82

There was once a tree that grew taller than all the trees around him. At first, he was self-conscious about his extra height, but he soon realized that this allowed him to shelter those smaller than him. The birds, the sunflowers, the plants, and the insects sought shelter in his shadow, and he became one of the most important trees in the forest.

A Circle of Color

Flower coloring pages 83

This image shows a large circle with a large flower at the bottom, surrounded by flowing leaves, Two other flowers are at the tops on the sides, and the space in between is filled with yet more beautiful flowers, trails, patterns and designs, all coming together to create a stunning overall shape.

She Lived in a Shoe

Flower coloring pages 84

Once upon a time, a young girl was taking a walk through the forest, enjoying the feel of the wind on her face, and the sun on her skin. All around her, she heard the whisper of a summer breeze, and the gentle hum of the trees and flowers talking to one another. As she made her way down the winding path, a curious sight met her eyes – a house shaped like a shoe, hidden in the depths of the forest. With a small smile, she realized the simple truth: this was the perfect home.

Simple Beauty

Flower coloring pages 85

This is an image that shows a collection of wildflowers, leaves, and buds arranged in a simple bucket, with a small shovel and a series of blooms at the bottom of the bucket. The gentle design of the flowers and foliage are enhanced by the simplicity of the bucket, allowing their natural beauty to truly shine through and be realized – especially when kissed with color and light.

A Moment To Rest

Flower coloring pages 86

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful butterfly, who was desperate for a place to simply lie down, relax and hide from the world for a few minutes. His bright, vibrant colors and gorgeous patterns made it hard to find anywhere to hide; he was simply too stunning to hide amongst green leaves, smooth, dark dirt, or the brown of a tree trunk. Finally, he found himself in the center of a spectacular meadow, filled with blues, pinks, purples, greens, browns, golds, and oranges – the perfect place for a colorful butterfly to blend in and rest for a few minutes.

Be the Reason Someone Smiles Today

Flower coloring pages 87

This image is the perfect greeting to send a loved one; the picture shows an elegant city bike at the bottom of the page, with beautiful flowers on the front basket, and a cascade of blooms at the back. Gentle patterns of flowers swirl around the sides, and the page is topped with a poignant message: “Be the reason someone smiles today”.

Two Tiny Birds

Flower coloring pages 88

Once upon a time, two little birds were on the hunt for the perfect place to make their nest. They searched far and wide, climbing the tallest trees and diving into the deepest bushes, but there was no place that was perfect for making their home. When they were just about to give up, one little bird decided to check the final tree in the forest – and there, in front of them, was the coziest, warmest spot in the forest: the ideal place for two birds to build a home.

Gentle Giants

Flower coloring pages 89

This coloring page shows a series of flowers, each made up of a series of gentle, curved petals, ascending towards the top of the page. They are surrounded on all sides by tall, thin leaves which are the perfect balance to the rounded shape of the blooms.

The Tulips

Flower coloring pages 90

Upon the sill of a window sits a jug, the simple white color the perfect backdrop to the wild riot of color offered by the tulips peeking from the mouth. From deep fuchsias to vibrant teals, scarlett shades to sunshine yellow petals, the incredible tones of the blooms are only enhanced by the gentle kiss of the sunshine peeking through the glass, slowly awakening every bloom, and bringing the beauty to life.

Unique Beauty

Flower coloring pages 91

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful feline, who was known for being totally unique amongst cats – his entire body was made up of delicate blooms, swirls, flowers, and patterns, as though he was part of nature itself. His beauty did not go unnoticed by those around him, and he spent his days surrounded by the creatures of the natural world, living in perfect harmony with all living things.

A Magical Meditation

Flower coloring pages 92

The coloring page shows a series of flowers emerging from a central bloom, and these cover the entire space of the page, with a wonderful combination of curves and points creating a smooth, calm effect that acts as a meditation as you fill the shapes with color.

And there we have it – a plethora of opportunities to express your creativity, soothe your mind and let your soul enjoy color and joy.

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