Frog Coloring Pages

Frogs are a popular topic for children’s coloring pages. But did you know that frogs are just as cool in the real world too? We all know that frogs are a lot of fun to color. But did you know that they are also a lot of fun to learn about?

Some frogs are really small and some are very big! There are even frogs that can grow to be as long as your arm!

Frogs live in a lot of different places, including deserts, forests, marshes, and ponds.

Use our frog coloring pages to discover the many different kinds of frogs nature has to offer, or get creative and color your own unique kind a frog. Such as a rainbow frog, or a frog with blonde hair, a frog with a mustache, or a frog that wears clown shoes. The choice is up to you.

Frog Friends Play Hopscotch

frog coloring pages 1

This is a fun story about two frog friends who are playing hopscotch.

One day, they found a long piece of string and decided to play hopscotch with it. How do you play hopscotch with a string? It’s easy. But something went wrong.

The frog friends played hopscotch for a long time until the string broke in half. They were very sad because they didn’t know what to do now. Then, one of them said “I have an idea!” and pulled out some more string from his pocket. He tied the two pieces together and said “We can still play!”

So the two frog friends continued to play hopscotch with strings until the sun went down.

Romantic Frog Date

frog coloring pages 2

This story is about a little frog who was in love with a girl. The little frog wanted to ask the girl out on a date but he was too shy. So, he went to his friend and asked for help.

The friend first asked him what he would like to do on the date. The little frog said that he would like to go for ice cream or see a movie. The friend then said that there are some frogs who are not interested in movies or ice cream so they should think of some other ideas for the date.

The two friends then came up with the idea of going to the park, having dinner at her house, and going for a walk through the forest after dinner and enjoyed the beautiful nature in the park.

Happy Frog Enjoys Nature

frog coloring pages 3

The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and Happy Frog was enjoying nature. The frog hopped from one leaf to another, and he saw some flowers. He took a deep breath of the fresh air and felt happy. He would always cherish the memory of spending time in the nature. He enjoyed his day so much that he decided to go back the next day for even more fun in nature. 

A Hungry Frog Finds Lunch

frog coloring pages 4

Once there was a frog who was very hungry. He hopped around the forest looking for food. Suddenly, he noticed a fly sitting on a leaf. The frog hopped closer and the fly flew away. The frog tried to jump up to catch it but he missed. He was so hungry that he got really mad and said, “I’ll get you next time!”

The frog hopped around some more and saw another fly sitting on a leaf. He tried to catch it with his tongue but this time the fly flew up high in the air and escaped him again! This made him even angrier than before so he said, “I’ll get you next time.”

The frog continued hopping around looking for food when suddenly he saw a third fly sitting on the ground not too far away, this time he took a deep breath and he caught it. The hungry frog was no longer hungry.

Frog Friends Play Catch With Fireflies

frog coloring pages 5

Once upon a time, there was a frog who lived in a pond. One night, the frog heard something. He could not figure out what it was but he knew it was something good. The sound got louder and louder and then he saw the fireflies coming to his pond!

The fireflies were so excited to be in this new place! They had never been here before and they were so curious about everything. They wanted to meet all of the other animals that lived in the pond too.

The frog told them all about his friends who lived here and they were so happy that they had met each other!

A Beautiful Frog Hums A Song

frog coloring pages 6

A beautiful frog sits on the riverbank, humming a song. The sound of the water is soothing and the frog is happy. But then, a large snake slithers out from behind some leaves and looks at the frog! “What song are you humming?” asks the snake. The frog tells the snake that it’s a song about friends and how cool they are. The snake smiles and stays awhile to listen to the humming frog.

The next morning, the same beautiful frog sits on the riverbank, humming a different song.

The Hungry Frog Eats A Firefly

frog coloring pages 7

Once there was a frog who lived in the middle of the forest. One day, he saw a firefly and wanted to eat it. But when he opened his mouth, the firefly flew away. The next day, the frog tried, again and again, to catch the firefly in his mouth. He tried for days and weeks until one day he ate it! The frog wasn’t good at catching fireflies, but when he did catch them, they were very good.

The Shy Toadstool Toad

frog coloring pages 8

Once upon a time, there was a shy toadstool toad who lived in a forest.

One day, the toad was walking through the forest and saw a big animal. She was so scared that she jumped into the air and landed on her back. ” I can’t believe I did that,” said the toad. When the shy toad got to her feet she realized that a wasn’t a big animal she saw in the forest, but instead just her shadow. The toadstool toad laughed at how silly she had been.

A Cute Frog Rests Under A Lilypad

frog coloring pages 9

One day, when I was out in the pond, I found this cute frog resting under a lilypad. He looked so peaceful and happy that I wanted to tell him my story.

I asked him what he did all day and he said that he just slept, ate, and rested. He doesn’t have any other work to do because his job is taking care of the pond.

He told me about his work taking care of the pond. The cute frog did everything he could to make sure the other pond frogs were happy. This was very nice of the frog.

Four Frogs Hunt For Bugs

frog coloring pages 10

The story is about four frogs who go out to hunt for bugs.

The four frogs are very hungry and they decide to go out to a hunt for some bugs. They spot a few bugs and decide to jump on them, but the frog on the left jumps too soon and misses. The other three frogs jump at the same time, but they all miss as well. Disappointed, they go back home and tell their mother that they couldn’t find any bugs. Their mother tells them that it’s because they jumped at the same time. She tells them that if they want to catch more bugs, then one of them needs to wait until another one jumps before jumping themselves.

The Mommy Frog Helps Her Tadpoles

frog coloring pages 11

Once upon a tim there was a mother frog who did everything she could to protect and care for her tadpoles.

One day, the mother frog told her tadpoles that she would be gone for a little while. She tells them that they need to get back into the water quickly if they feel scared or lonely. The mother frog then leaves and goes on an adventure, returning home at night to tell her tadpoles all of the wonderful things she saw.

The tadpoles told their mommy how much they missed her while she was gone. The mom frog was sad that her tadpoles missed her so she promised that the next time she went on an adventure she would take them with her.

Flowers For The Best Frog

frog coloring pages 12

This is a story about a frog who wanted to be the best frog in the world.

The frogs had a competition and they were going to crown their champion at the end of it. The first one who could jump over a log was to be crowned as the best frog in the world.

Frogs were jumping all over the place, but nobody could jump over that log. Then, out of nowhere, came this big leapfrog who jumped right over it!

“Who are you?” asked everyone else. “I’m King Frog,” said he proudly and hopped off with his prize. “What’s your name?” asked Little Frog. “I don’t have one,” replied King Frog, “But I’m sure you’ll think of something.”

What is the best frogs name?

Little and Big Frogs Hang Out

frog coloring pages 13

A little frog is hopping along the forest floor, and he comes across a big frog. The little frog hops up to the big frog and says, “Hi! I’m a little frog!”

The big frog looks at him with a smile on his face. He says, “I’m a big frog.”

They both continue on their way.

The Frog Family Is As Happy As Can Be

frog coloring pages 14

This is a story about a happy frog family. It’s about how they live in the forest and how they are all very happy.

One day, while the frogs were playing in their pond, they heard a voice coming from the sky. The voice said, “I will give you one wish for every frog.” The frogs looked at each other and wondered what to do. They thought about it for a long time but couldn’t come up with anything.

They looked back up to see what was happening in the sky and saw that it was starting to rain. One of them said, “I wish we could be something else. I don’t want to be a frog.”

The next day, when they woke up, they found themselves as humans! They had legs and arms like humans too. The frog family was shocked but as happy as can be. They are always together and have a great time.

The Little Princess Kisses The Frog

frog coloring pages 15

The little Princess was playing in her garden, when she saw a frog.

She caught him and put him in a golden cage, and every day she would feed him fresh sweets and berries. One day, the Prince spoke to her. “Why are you keeping this frog in a cage?” he said.

“Because I caught him”, said the Princess. The Prince laughed, “I was once a frog, you know!” The princess was shocked at his confession. She wondered if she kissed her frog then he would turn into a prince too. Once the prince had left she bent down to her little frog and gave it a big kiss.

A Bouncy Frog Family Reunion

frog coloring pages 16

A Bouncy Frog Family Reunion is a story about a frog family reunion. The story follows the adventures of a frog family and their friends as they go hiking.

During the big family hike the frogs have so much fun, they hope everywhere, up hills and down them too. The frog family will never forget this moment.

The Pretty Princess Frog

frog coloring pages 17

I am just a frog who lives in a pond. I like to eat bug soup. And hop around really high in the sky. The other day, I saw a pretty princess on the other side of the pond. She was wearing a beautiful dress and had long hair that flowed down her back.

She was so pretty I had to talk to her, I told her about my life as a frog in my home pond. It’s about how I would never have met the princess if it wasn’t for my mom telling me to go get some food for her from the pond and how she was so impressed with me when she saw me hopping around with all of those bugs that she started talking to me, asking questions about what kind of bugs I like to eat, where do they come from. After our long talk, me and the pretty princess frog became best friends.

The Queen Frog Addresses Her Subjects

frog coloring pages 18

When the Queen Frog sat on her throne, she looked around at all of her subjects. She saw the handsome prince, the kind older man, and the mean old woman. The Queen felt so happy that she jumped up and down on her throne.

“I am so glad to see you all here today,” said the Queen Frog. “I have been waiting for this day for a long time.”

“I am the Queen,” she said, “these very lands have been under my rule for many years.”

The queen frog smiled before continuing “and today we shall have a feast, and everyone is invited. 

The crowd of frogs cheered, they were so happy she was their queen.

The Patterned Toad

frog coloring pages 19

Once day, an old woman finds a toad in the garden. The toad is covered in patterns and she can’t tell what color it is. She decides to keep the toad because it’s so interesting.

The old woman, who lived alone, liked having company and would sometimes sit down by the pond with her pet frog or her pet turtle. When she did that, she would say a little prayer for her new friend and then put some bread on a rock near the water’s edge for him to eat.

She loved her patterned toad.

A Frog With Pretty Designs

frog coloring pages 20

A frog with pretty designs is a story about a frog who tries to find a place where he can live with his friends. Everyone loved his pretty designs, and all his friends wanted to live with him but none of them could decide. Who should the pretty frog live with?

The Camouflaging Frog Hides

frog coloring pages 21

The Camouflaging Frog is a silly frog that disguises itself as a tree. The frog, who is called the “treefrog” by scientists, changes its color and shape to blend in with its surroundings.

The frog likes to disguise himself as all sorts of trees big and small.

A Hungry Frog Enjoys Summer

frog coloring pages 22

A frog is sitting on a lily pad. The lily pad is covered in ice and the frog is hungry. It looks for a way to get off the lily pad, but it can’t find one. How can he frog get off the icy lilypad so he can enjoy summer?

The frog’s stomach rumbles and it’s so hungry that it doesn’t care about anything else.

A Frog Goes Fast In His Car

frog coloring pages 23

He’s not a superhero, he’s just a frog. One day, while he was hopping around the pond, he decided to hop into his car and go for a drive. He was so excited that he hopped right into the driver’s seat and started the engine with one big hop!

The frog drove around for an hour before realizing that there was no steering wheel or pedals in the car. He pulled out his phone and looked at it for guidance but there were no instructions either! The little green screen had no buttons or anything to tell him what to do.

Maybe the frog is a superhero after all.

The Patient Frog Waits For Her Friends

frog coloring pages 24

One day, a frog was sitting on a lily pad, watching her friends swim in the pond. The water was so clear she could see all of them. They were having fun jumping around and splashing each other. Suddenly, another frog came hopping out of the bushes and jumped into the pond with her friends.

“Come on!” she said to him, “Let’s play!”

But he just sat there on his lily pad looking at her.

“Come on,” she begged, “I’m ready to play, are you?”

The Smiling Frog Is Happy Today

frog coloring pages 25

The frog was happy because it had just eaten a delicious fly. The fly had been sitting on the frog’s head for hours and the frog was happy to finally eat it. The frog was so happy that he went to the same spot the next day to wait to eat another fly. He could not wait. 

Two Frog Friends Share Stories

frog coloring pages 26

A frog was sitting on the bank of a stream, watching some fish swimming by. He shouted out to another frog that sat on a lilypad across the way, “Hey! Can you tell me why there are so many fish in this stream?”

The frog didn’t answer him because they were too busy eating insects they found on the ground. The frog said again, “Hey! I’m talking to you!”

The frog finally looked over at the frog and said, “I don’t know why there are so many fish in this stream either.”

The Little Princess Frog Goes Hopping

frog coloring pages 27

Once there was a Little Princess Frog that went hopping to try to find their way back home. The frog meets many new friends and learns to love the world around her. She learns this because even though she was lost, she met so many helpful friends along the way that helped her get back home.

The Hippity Happity Frog

frog coloring pages 28

The Hippity Happity Frog was hopping along the path one day when he found a treasure chest. He hopped in and out of the chest to see what was inside.

He found an old key, a gold coin, and a golden feather. The key he thought would be perfect for opening the lock on his treasure chest back home. He then realized that he had left his treasure chest at home and hopped back to get it.

An Old Frog King Tells A Story

frog coloring pages 29

A frog king has a lot of stories to tell, and he tells them in his book he plans to write. It is about a frog who’s going on a journey to find the meaning of life.

The frog king is wise and has many stories to tell about life and love. Once the old frog kind writes his book he plans to share it with all his family and friends.

The Hopping Frog Rests In A Tree

frog coloring pages 30

A hopping frog, begins his day by hopping from one branch of a tree to another. He lands on the first branch and naps for a while before waking up again and continuing his journey. The hopping frog does this all day long because he loves to hop everywhere so much. But after every long hop he takes a nice relaxing nap. 

The Frog With Lines and Swirls

frog coloring pages 31

There once was a frog who was born with lines and swirls on his back. The frog stood out from the other frogs.

He was different, but he liked being different. He liked to be different because he knew that if he were just like the other frogs, then he would never be able to do anything new and interesting.

The Skinny Frog Tells A Secret

frog coloring pages 32

There was once a skinny frog that lived in the forest. One day, he became very hungry and he started hopping around to find food. He hopped over to a pond where he saw some insects flying around. The frog decided to catch one of them and eat it for dinner. But as soon as the frog grabbed the little insect, it turned into a big fat fish! The fish swam away and left the poor little frog with nothing but his mouth open on the ground.

Now everytime the skinny frog sees another frog he tells them his secret about catching fish.

The Fairy and Her Frog Friend

frog coloring pages 33

The Fairy and Her Frog Friend is a story about a fairy and her frog friend. They live in the forest, where they enjoy playing together. One day, the fairy has to go away for a while but promises to come back soon. The frog is sad when she leaves because he misses his friend. But as the fairy promised she comes back again and plays with her frog friend. 

A Frog Makes Friends With Butterflies

frog coloring pages 34

There was a frog named Ribbit who wanted to make friends with butterflies but is afraid they will not like him. The frog tries to get closer to them by doing all the things that butterflies like, but in the end, he just ends up being their friend. It was then that Ribbit realized that the best way to make friends is to be yourself. 

A Very Royal Frog Has Tea With Her Friends

frog coloring pages 35

There once was a very royal frog who lived on the edge of the pond. She had many friends, but she was always too afraid to talk to them. One day, she decided to take a chance and talk to her friends. They ended up having a very exciting conversation together and became best friends.

A Friendly Frog Waves Hello

frog coloring pages 36

Once upon a time, there was a friendly frog that sat on a log near a murky pond. He waves at the frog next to him and he waves back. The frog next to him is friendly and they continue to wave at each other for a while.

Printable PDF Frog Coloring Book

While the frog adventures end here, your coloring adventures don’t have to. Get creative and share the kinds of fun your frog friends get up to with everyone else. 

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