Fruit Coloring Pages

Fruit coloring pages are a great way to get kids excited about being creative and even eating fruit. They can be used as a perfect and fun activity for the summertime.

A lot of people think that fruit is just a snack. However, fruits have many benefits and should be included in our diets. Fruits can help you live a healthier lifestyle and improve your mood.

With fruit coloring pages you can teach your kids the benefits of eating healthy while coloring and being their natural creative selves.

Which Colors to Use When Doing Fruit Coloring Pages?

There are many factors that determine which colors to use when doing fruit coloring pages. These factors include the age of the person who will be coloring, the skill level of the person who will be coloring, and whether or not there is a specific theme or goal.

For example, when using fruit coloring pages for kids then you would want to use bright and bold colors with simple shapes and patterns. You would also want to stick with only two or three colors on the page so that children can easily distinguish between them. On the other hand, if you are looking for printable fruit coloring pages for adults then you may want to use more muted tones and more complicated shapes and patterns.

Our fruit coloring pages offer both for kids and adults.

Ready to learn about fruit and get creative?

The Cool Strawberry Sips Lemonade

fruit coloring pages 1

The sun was shining brightly in the sky, and the birds were singing their songs. It was a perfect day for a walk in the park. As I walked through the park, I saw a few people sitting on benches, enjoying the day. One of them was a cool strawberry that was sipping lemonade.

I’ve never seen anything like that before. Have you?

A Bunch Of Fruit Are Ready To Eat

fruit coloring pages 2

A bunch of fruit are ready to eat. There are strawberries, grapes, raspberries, and peaches. The strawberries are red. The grapes are green. The peaches are yellow and red.

The raspberries are purple. So many colors! And so much flavor!

All The Fruit Pose For A Painting

fruit coloring pages 3

The girl has been working for hours on her painting, but she can’t seem to get the colors right. She’s tried painting the fruit with all sorts of colors, but it just doesn’t feel right. Suddenly, she has an idea: maybe if she paints them in the same color as they are in real life, it’ll help!

She starts by painting the apple green and then moves on to paint the banana yellow. When she finishes with those two, she goes back and paints the orange, orange. The girl smiles when she sees that her painting looks just like what’s on her table!

The Fruit Want To Make A Fruit Salad

fruit coloring pages 4

One day, a fruit wanted to make a fruit salad. But it’s not the kind of fruit salad you might think, though. This is the kind of fruit salad that’s made with other fruits.

The apple was sitting on the counter, peeling an orange and taking bites out of it while thinking about how much he loved oranges. He thought to himself, “If I had my own fruit salad, I would put oranges in it.”

The apple looked around for other fruits that might want to make a fruit salad with him and saw the pear over by the sink washing some grapes in his dishcloth. “Hey Pear,” said Apple, “do you want to make a fruit salad?”

“I would love to!” said Pear enthusiastically.

The Fruit Friends Play Together

fruit coloring pages 5

There are five fruit friends, and they are all different colors. The first one is orange, the second one is purple, the third one is green, the fourth one is yellow, and the fifth one is red.

Each of them has their own favorite thing to do. The first friend likes to jump up in trees and eat apples from high up in the branches; the second friend likes to jump on leaves and make them crunchy; the third friend likes to jump on the grass with her hands outstretched like she’s going to fly; the fourth friend likes to skip stones across water in a pond; and finally, the fifth friend likes to bounce on oranges like they’re flying.

All The Fruit Pose For A Picture

fruit coloring pages 6

A young girl tries to take a picture of her fruit salad but the fruit doesn’t want to cooperate. They are all hiding behind each other, making it hard for her to get them all in one shot. She tries different poses with them but none of them work. Finally, she finds a way to get them all in one frame by using an old camera that she has in her room and they finally agree on being photographed together.

A Fresh Fruit Pie Gets Baked

fruit coloring pages 7

It’s a lovely day outside and the sun is shining brightly. The birds are singing and the flowers are blooming. It’s a perfect day for baking a fresh fruit pie!

When it’s a hot sunny day outside, there are many things you can do in the garden. There’s always the option of just enjoying the sunshine and sitting outside with a book. Or you could water some of your plants to help keep them healthy or pick some fruit or vegetables from your garden to use in cooking later on. And what better way to enjoy these delicious ingredients than by making a fresh fruit pie.

All The Fruit Friends Have A Talk

fruit coloring pages 8

Apple and all the other fruit friends have a talk in the forest.

Apple: Hey, all the fruit friends, let’s have a talk! Why do you think people love fruit so much?

Orange: I don’t know, but I’m not very happy about it.

Pear: I don’t understand what’s going on either.

Strawberry: It doesn’t seem like we’re being heard at all. We’re just being eaten!

Apple: You’re right, Strawberry! They can’t hear us because they are not listening to us! How can they listen to us if they keep eating us?

Banana: Well, they can’t hear us because they never listen to anything we say anyway…

The friends went on talking and talking about how much people love fruit.

Happy Birds Eat Watermelon

fruit coloring pages 9

It has been told in the past that birds don’t like eating watermelons, but this one does. One day, he saw a beautiful watermelon and he decided to eat it. When he ate it, the bird felt so happy that his friends were jealous and they wanted to know why. The bird then explained to them that when you are really hungry and you find something delicious, your happiness will be amplified. That’s what happened to him when he found the watermelon and ate it for the first time in his life!

The Pear Makes Itself At Home

fruit coloring pages 10

The pear makes himself at home by taking the initiative to make friends with the other fruits and vegetables in the kitchen.

The Pear is very excited to meet his new friends and he feels happy when they are all together. But then he realizes that he doesn’t have any friends outside of the kitchen. He feels sad but then decides that he wants to make more friends. So, he starts by introducing himself to the other fruits and vegetables in his fruit bowl and then goes out into the world to find more friends!

An Eggplant House

fruit coloring pages 11

One day, a farmer was walking across his field when he saw something strange. It was a house made of eggplants! He went over to see what it was and found that it was a house. He knocked on the door and called out, “Hello?” There was no answer. He peeked in the window and saw nothing but darkness inside. Strange, he thought to himself. Who could have built this? What is it for?

It turned out that an old woman had lived there for many years. She had planted eggplants all around her house so that no one would ever find them again. The farmer tried to find the woman’s family but couldn’t find them either! The eggplant house became just another mystery.

A Worm Lives In An Apple House

fruit coloring pages 12

Once upon a time, there was a worm who lived in an apple house.

The worm loved apples and would often eat them all day long.

One day, the worm noticed that there were no more apples left.

So he decided to go on an adventure to find some more apples.

He went down the road and found a big apple tree with lots of apples on it!

The worm climbed up the tree and ate all the apples he could find.

But when he got to the top of the tree, he saw that it was just an old apple tree with no more apples on it. So he went back home to his apple house.

The Yummy Strawberry House

fruit coloring pages 13

This is a story about a strawberry house, and it’s not just any old strawberry house. The strawberries that grow in this house are the most delicious strawberries you will ever taste.

The reason they are so delicious is that they were grown in the best soil on the planet. They were grown with love and care, and they were watered with clean water that was just as fresh as can be. They were given sunshine every single day, and when it was time to harvest them, they were picked at just the right time – when their flavor had reached its peak. And then they were put in containers that had been specially designed to keep them fresh for as long as possible.

Every single strawberry from this house tastes absolutely amazing!

The Little Girl Picks A Basket Of Fruit

fruit coloring pages 14

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who loved going to the market. She would always pick her favorite fruit from the basket that her mother would put in front of her, then she would go around to all the different stands and talk with everyone.

One day, she went to the market and found that all of the fruit was gone! The only thing left in front of her was an old basket. The little girl thought for a minute, and then she picked up the old basket and said “I’ll take this one!”

The Funny Fruit Tells A Joke

fruit coloring pages 15

The apple was sitting on the table, and it said to the banana, “I’m not good at telling jokes.”

The banana replied, “That’s okay. I’ll start.”

“What’s green and goes up and down?”

“A frog.”

“Why did the chicken cross the road?”

“To get to the other side.”

Both the fruits laughed.

A Girl At The Cash Register Sells Fruits

fruit coloring pages 16

She is a very kind girl and she always greets her customers with a smile.

She works hard every day and never complains.

She is happy to be able to work in such a beautiful place.

And she loves selling fruit.

A Beautiful Painting Of Fruit

fruit coloring pages 17

It was an ordinary day in the life of an artist. He was sitting in his studio, painting some fruit for his new exhibit. The artist painted for hours and the result was a beautiful painting of fruit.

A Friendly Bunch Of Watermelon

fruit coloring pages 18

I was walking home one day when I saw a bunch of watermelons sitting on the side of the road. I picked one up and it was so ripe that it just fell apart in my hands. It was so juicy and sweet that I couldn’t help but take another bite, and then another, until they were all gone.

A Big Pattern Of Fruit

fruit coloring pages 19

One day a little girl was given a basket of fruit. The next day, she took the fruit to school and told her friends about it. The next day, when she got home from school, she found that her mother had put it in the refrigerator for her. When she looked at all her fruit it looked like a big pattern.

A Farmer Picks A Basket Of Pears

fruit coloring pages 20

Once upon a time, there was an old farmer who picks a basket of pears from his tree and takes them to market to sell. On his way, he meets many people who are struggling with the hardships of life, including an orphan girl, two hungry children, and an elderly woman. In each case, he has compassion for them and gives them some or all of his fruit for free. When he arrives at the market and sees that there are no customers for him to sell his fruit to, he decides to give the fruit away for free.

Fruit and Honey For A Party

fruit coloring pages 21

One day a young girl asks her mom for some fruit and honey.

“I need some honey and fruit for a party with my friends,” said the daughter.

“What kind of party will it be?” the mom asked.”It is at my friend’s house,” the daughter replied. “They’re having a celebration.”

“Okay, what do you want?” the mom asked.

“I want apples and oranges,” she said. “And some honey.”

A Woman Prepares Fruit For Lunch

fruit coloring pages 22

She cuts the apple in half and takes out the core. She then peels the skin off and cuts it into slices. She takes a knife and cuts an orange in half, then peels off the skin, and then cuts it into slices too. She takes a grapefruit and does the same, cutting it in half and peeling off its skin before cutting it into pieces. All her fruit is ready for lunch.

A Big Beautiful Pineapple

fruit coloring pages 23

One day, a Big Beautiful Pineapple was given to a little boy for his birthday. The pineapple has been living in the store for many years and it’s time to retire. The pineapple was once beautiful, but now it’s all withered and wrinkled. But the little boy loves her and takes care of her until she becomes big, bright, and beautiful again.

All The Fruit Go Dancing

fruit coloring pages 24

Once upon a time, there was a monkey who lived in the jungle. One day, he was playing on the ground when he saw something red and round. He picked it up and found it was a mango! He took off his hat and put it on the mango to keep it safe from other animals.

The monkey ran around all day looking for other animals to show his new hat. But no one could see him because he was too little, so he just kept running around and around until he got dizzy and fell down. When he woke up, his hat had fallen off of the mango!

The next day, the monkey went back to look for his hat but couldn’t find it anywhere. The monkey thought that someone else must have taken it while he was asleep. The monkey went back to find his mango friend, and to his surprise, he saw a bunch of fruit dancing, and they all had hats. The monkey was so excited he decided to dance with them.

A Big Gathering Of Fruit

fruit coloring pages 25

The story begins with a big gathering of fruits. There are apples, oranges, pears, and grapes. They all look delicious.

Suddenly, one of the apples falls off the table and rolls under the couch. The children start to search for it but they can’t find it anywhere!

The Grocer Sells Fresh Fruit

fruit coloring pages 26

One day she was walking in the grocery store when she saw some delicious-looking apples. She picked up one and started eating it, but it turned out to be rotten inside!

She was so disappointed that she didn’t buy any more apples.

The next day, she went back to the grocery store and found some delicious-looking bananas. Again, they looked perfect on the outside, but when she cut into one of them, it was rotten too!

She decided that she would never buy fruit again at the grocery store because it always seems to be rotten inside!

But finally, the grocer approached her and said, here try this fresh watermelon. The girl was hesitant but ate the watermelon and it wasn’t rotten inside.

A Happy Raspberry Wants A Friend

fruit coloring pages 27

The raspberry asks all the other berries on the tree if they want to be friends, but they all say no. The raspberry then goes on to ask for a different type of fruit, and they all say yes. The raspberry was happy about making new friends and couldn’t wait to make more. 

Fresh Berries Rest In The Sun

fruit coloring pages 28

The sun was out in full force and a light breeze blew through the fresh berry bushes. The berries were resting in the sun, basking in their glory. Tootles the dog walked around the bushes, picking up berries to eat. He looked up when he heard a noise and saw two children hiding behind a bush. They started running when they saw him. The berry bushes were so thick that Tootles couldn’t follow their scent trail, but he sprinted after them anyway. The berries continued to rest in the sun.

A Girl Makes A Fruit Smoothie For Her Dad

fruit coloring pages 29

A girl wanted to make a fruit smoothie for her dad. One day, she made some fresh-squeezed orange juice and mixed it with some frozen blueberries and strawberries to make the perfect drink to soothe her father’s sore throat.

A Butterfly Enjoys Her Favorite Fruits

fruit coloring pages 30

The butterfly was enjoying her favorite fruits. She loved the taste of the juicy berries and the sweet nectar from the flowers. But she never knew that sometimes, these tasty treats could be dangerous for her health.

One day, she found herself feeling very tired and uncomfortable. She didn’t know what was happening to her but she knew that something wasn’t right. So she decided to visit the doctor to find out what was wrong with her body and how she could get better again.

After talking to the doctor, it turned out that eating too many of these tasty treats were making her sick and they were even starting to harm her little wings! The doctor told her that when she wanted a treat, instead of eating fruit all day, to try to eat vegetables too.

Fresh Fruit Ripen For Eating

fruit coloring pages 31

I was walking by the grocery store and I saw a girl eating fresh fruit. I thought to myself, “wow, it is so nice that she can eat fresh fruit.”

The other day my friend told me that she saw a person eat fresh fruit and she said it was so good. I thought to myself, “yeah, it is really good for people.”

Everyone should eat fresh fruit.

A Fresh Basket Of Fruit For Gifting

fruit coloring pages 32

I was walking down the street when I saw an elderly man. He looked like he was in need of some help. I offered to buy him a coffee and he accepted. We got to talking and he told me about his life, how lonely he felt living on his own. We spent hours together and I never got his name. As we parted ways, I gave him my business card and told him that if he ever needed anything, to call me.

He called me a week later and asked if it would be alright if I dropped by with some fruit for him because he had been feeling really down lately with all the holidays coming up. So I bought him a basket of fruit, and he loved it.

Bananas Are Delicious To Eat

fruit coloring pages 33

Bananas are delicious to eat. They have a sweet taste and they are easy to peel. Bananas grown in the tropics have a different flavor than bananas grown in other places.

Bananas are not only healthy, but they also come with many benefits.

A Treasure Of Good Fruit

fruit coloring pages 34

One day a girl sets out on an adventure and discovers that there is more than one type of fruit and that they’re not all sweet. A little girl wanders off from her mother to find more fruit, but she doesn’t know what kind of fruit she’s looking for. After walking a long time, the little girl sees a big tree and starts climbing it to get closer views of the apples. It’s a whole treasure chest of fresh fruit.

Very Good Tropical Fruit

fruit coloring pages 35

The fruit was very good.

It was so good, in fact, that it was the best.

The best fruit in the world.

And so the people who lived there named it…

Very good tropical fruit.

A Boy Picks Red Apples

fruit coloring pages 36

A boy picks red apples to give to his teacher.

He came down the hill, with a basket of apples on his back. He was carrying a basket full of red, ripe apples. He had picked them all himself and he was very proud of himself for doing so. The sun shone down on him and the sky was blue above him and there were no clouds in sight, as he walked up the hill towards the school with his apples and was ready to give them to his teacher.

Fruit Fall From The Tree

fruit coloring pages 37

Once upon a time, there was a small village in the middle of a forest.

In this village, there was a girl who loved to play outside with her friends. One day, she found an apple tree and decided to climb it and get some apples for herself.

The girl climbed up the tree and found that there were many apples on the branches above her. She reached out to grab one but then realized that they were too high up for her reach.

The girl then looked down and saw some apples on lower branches that she could reach easily. She picked them up and ate them happily.

She continued climbing higher into the tree until she reached the top branch where all of the apples were ripe and ready to be picked! The girl happily grabbed as many as she could hold. She loved apples.

Apples and Pears Make A Pie

fruit coloring pages 38

A long time ago there were two friends who would always play with each other. They loved playing together and would not stop until they ran out of ideas. One day, they were playing with a ball in the park. The ball was lost so they looked for it. They found it under a tree, but on their way back, they saw a pie in the window of the bakery and decided to buy it.

The two friends went to sit down at a table nearby and were about to start eating when one friend said “I think we should share this pie.” The other friend agreed, so they cut the pie into two pieces and shared it between them.

The Grapes Are Ready To Be Picked

fruit coloring pages 39

“I’m going to pick grapes!” said the girl. She ran to the backyard and found her friend, “Hey! The grapes are ready to be picked!” she said. The girls ran over to the grape vines and started picking them up. They were so excited they couldn’t stop talking about how many grapes they picked.

A Coconut Drink Is Great In Summer

fruit coloring pages 40

It’s summer. The days are getting hotter and hotter. It’s a perfect time to enjoy a cool and refreshing drink.

I love coconut drinks in the summer, but I can’t find them anywhere around here. I’m not sure if they’re out of season or something, but it seems like all the stores around me have stopped selling them.

I was in this one store the other day when I saw this really weird-looking drink with a bunch of crazy ingredients that I couldn’t pronounce on the label. 

So I bought it and took it home, thinking that maybe it would taste like what I remember from my childhood summers at my grandparents’ house where I drank coconut drinks in the summer.

Fruit Friends Pose For A Picture

fruit coloring pages 41

Once there were two friends who are both fruits. They are so close that they want to take a picture together. The first fruit, a pineapple, has an idea for the perfect picture. He wants to stand in front and hold up his leaf as a background for the photo. The second fruit, a strawberry, agrees with this idea and stands on the pineapple’s leaf with her back turned towards him.

The two friends pose for their photo but something is not quite right… The pineapple’s leaf is too small and it can’t cover up the whole strawberry! Oops!

A Woman Collects A Bunch Of Fruit

fruit coloring pages 42

It was summer and the woman had been picking berries all day. She was tired and she wanted to go home, but she had to pick one more basket of berries before it got dark. She walked into the forest, looking for some more berries when she saw something shining in the grass. It was an apple!

She picked up the apple and carried on looking for berries. After a while, she found another shiny thing in the grass – it was an orange! She picked up the orange too and carried on looking again. After a while, she found another shiny thing – it was a pear! The woman couldn’t believe her luck; she had just found three of her favorite fruits!

Tiny Fruit Dance Together

fruit coloring pages 43

There was once a fruit family of four living in a small apartment. The parents were always busy, and the children were bored. One day, the father suggested that they all do something fun together. They decided to dance!

The father turned on some music and began to dance with his wife and daughter. The son watched from the sidelines for a few minutes before joining in on the fun. They danced for over an hour before getting tired and returning to their apartment.

Lovely Fruit Shape A Heart

fruit coloring pages 44

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Lulu. She was the most beautiful girl in her school. She had long brown hair and she always wore pink clothes.

One day, Lulu went to the store to buy some apples for her family. She saw some oranges too and she wanted to buy them too because she loved oranges. But there were so many people in the store that Lulu couldn’t decide what to buy!

Then, a tall man walked up to her and said “Hello! What are you buying?” Lulu replied, “I want some apples but I also want some oranges because I love them both!” The man helped Lulu pick out some apples and oranges for her family. She was so happy she decided to put all her fruits in the shape of a heart.

A Fruit Friend Group Talk

fruit coloring pages 45

“I’ve been eating so many apples nearly every day,” said Melissa. “I think it’s because they’re so delicious and healthy.”

“Every single day? Don’t you ever get tired of eating nothing but apples?” asked Morgan.

“Nah, I love them too much,” said Jackie. “But one day I might try to eat something else.”

A Lovely Patterned Pear

fruit coloring pages 46

A patterned pear was the best pear in the world. The pear was so sweet, juicy, and delicious that everyone wanted to eat it. But there was only one problem – they couldn’t get to it because it was too high up on the tree. One day, a little boy climbed up the tree and ate it!

Summer Fruits Help You Cool Down

fruit coloring pages 47

It was a hot day and I was out in the sun all day, so I went to the grocery store to buy some summer fruits. I bought some watermelon, strawberries, blueberries, and peaches. When I got home, I drank some watermelon juice and ate a few slices of watermelon for dinner. Then for dessert, I had some blueberries with whipped cream on top!

I felt great after eating these summer fruits because they made me feel refreshed. The next day when it was so hot outside again, I ate more watermelon and blueberries to keep cool!

A Village Collects A Basket Full Of Fruit

fruit coloring pages 48

A village that lives near the edge of the forest collects fruit from the trees in the forest and then takes it back to their village. One day, they notice that there is less fruit on their trees. They start to worry about how they will be able to survive if they don’t have any more food.

But as they do some more people from the village return with baskets full of fruit.

Printable PDF Fruit Coloring Book

Fruit friends are some of the best friends because they’re healthy and colorful. How did you spend time with these fruit coloring pages? Did you use a lot of colors or just a few? Share your fruit art with us and show us how it’s done. 

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