Graffiti Coloring Pages

Graffiti coloring pages are a great way for children to learn about the art of graffiti. They can use them as a learning tool or just for fun.

Graffiti is a form of street art and it first appeared in New York City in the 1960s. It is often done on public property, but it can also be done on private property with permission from the owner.

As an art form, graffiti has evolved over time and today there are many styles that people can choose from when they want to color their graffiti coloring page.

What kind of style will you use for your graffiti coloring page?

Cool Graffiti Mural

graffiti coloring pages 1

The graffiti mural was one of the hottest places in the city. It was a beautiful, bright, and colorful piece of art that people from all over came to see. A young boy walked past the mural, admiring the artist’s work. He stopped for a moment to think about which direction he wanted to go. In the end, he decided to go left and create some of his own artwork.

Funny Graffiti Directions

graffiti coloring pages 2

I used to live in a big city where I often saw graffiti. One day, I was walking by a graffiti wall and saw graffiti that pointed in several different directions, I had a great idea to follow the directions the graffiti pointed in, each day I tried a new direction and every day it took me to a new place. 

A Watchful Graffiti Lion

graffiti coloring pages 3

The lion watched the city through its eyes. He waited patiently for a moment, then he pounced on his prey. At the night, he would hear the night of the city, and listen to its soothing sound. But in the day he was a watchful graffiti lion.

The Talking Graffiti Wall

graffiti coloring pages 4

On the corner of an alley, in the middle of downtown, there is a graffiti wall. Every day, people walk past by, looking at it and admiring its colorful artwork. Sometimes they stop to talk to one another and read a few words that someone has written on the wall. One day, however, the people stopped to read the graffiti’s words out loud. And to their surprise, the graffiti wall started talking back. 

A Graffiti Blinking Eye

graffiti coloring pages 5

Once upon a time, there was a bad man who was on the run from the police. He went into an alley and found a graffiti blinking eye.

In the alley, he saw something that looked like a blinking eye painted on a wall. He quickly realized that that couldn’t be possible. He rubbed his own eyes and shook his head, but still the graffiti was blinking at him. All the man could do was blink back. 

The Graffiti Raptors

graffiti coloring pages 6

This is a story about a graffiti raptor who teaches the world how to be cool. The graffiti raptor is an impulsive and creative young graffiti artist who gets in trouble with the law for tagging his work on private property. He is then sentenced to community service by painting murals in public spaces. But one day, he discovers that his work has been vandalized by a new predator: another Graffiti Raptor!

The Graffiti Raptor is not just another vandal; he’s an art critic and graffiti vigilante that wants to clean up public spaces from sloppy tags and make them look more professional. He only targets artists that are using spray paint with no creativity or heart behind it.

The Mismatch Graffiti

graffiti coloring pages 7

One time there was a graffiti artist, they were frustrated with the lack of content in their life. He goes to the bookstore and sees another artist in action and decides to take inspiration from that. 

The result is a beautiful wall of mismatched graffiti, it might seem strange to many but it’s actually very pretty.

The Tiger Lips Graffiti

graffiti coloring pages 8

One day an artist was very bored, she felt she had painted every kind of painting there was to paint. But when her friend asked her had she ever painted graffiti she was surprised that she hadn’t so went out one day to paint graffiti on a wall. The result was a beautiful mural with a tiger and some lips. 

Body Builder Graffiti

graffiti coloring pages 9

A bodybuilder, known as Big Tony, has been a member of the gym for years. Every day he goes to work out in the same place. He’s a regular guy that no one knows much about. Recently, he had an idea to change his life and work out at another gym in the area when he was there he saw a beautiful graffiti painting on the wall. Big Tony was inspired, when he went back to his home gym he decided to paint a body builder painting on the wall. 

Graffiti For Artists

graffiti coloring pages 10

Graffiti is for everyone, but especially for artists, one day a beginner artist didn’t know what kind of art they wanted to do, so they started with graffiti art and they fell in love with how unique it could be and how they could paint anything they wanted. They were very happy. 

The Advanced Graffiti

graffiti coloring pages 11

Once there was a graffiti artist who moved to the city to make his art bigger.

In the beginning, the young graffiti artist wanted to make his mark on the world. He wanted to make his art bigger and get more people’s attention. Eventually, he found a way to do just that. He was so good he did an advanced graffiti painting like none other.

The Brain DJ Graffiti

graffiti coloring pages 12

The brain DJ Graffiti was done by DJ that was just a brain, everyone was surprised that a brain could be a DJ but he knew that all it took to be a good DJ was a good brain. People were so shocked that one day an artist decided to paint a graffiti mural of the brain DJ due to how shocked he was that one existed. 

Graffiti For Cool People

graffiti coloring pages 13

My name is Diego and I’m an artist. I make cool graffiti, which is what I like to call my work. I never thought I would be an artist, but it’s been my passion since I was a kid.

In elementary school, I always loved drawing and painting. When I graduated high school, I had big dreams of becoming a famous artist, so I went to the Art Institute of Chicago.

I never realized how hard it would be to make it as a graffiti artist for cool people.

The Valentines Day Graffiti

graffiti coloring pages 14

I was walking home from school and I saw a graffiti of a heart on the wall.

I thought it was really sweet and I wanted to do something similar for my boyfriend. So I wrote him a letter in the form of graffiti on the wall near his house. He loved it.

Street Graffiti

graffiti coloring pages 15

The urban landscape is full of a story to tell. Graffiti is one of the many ways that people can express themselves in public spaces, and they are usually found in cities all over the world.

A street artist who goes by the name “street” has been painting his work on walls for years. He has become so well-known that he even has a website where people can buy his work and check out more of his paintings. His specialty is street graffiti, people come all over to see it. What do you think of their street graffiti?

Swirly Musical Graffiti

graffiti coloring pages 16

There once was a little girl named Kim who loved to draw. She is always scribbling on every available surface, and her parents don’t know what to do with her drawings. One day she goes to the park and starts scribbling all over the ground with her chalk. All the other kids gather around to see, and to her parents surprise their daughter created some very nice swirly musical graffiti. They’re very proud of her and give her a big hug.

Graffiti For Students

graffiti coloring pages 17

Did you know that graffiti has been around for a long time. It can be seen as an urban art form that has been used in many cultures.

Graffiti can even be used to teach students, when it’s time for students to learn, the teacher starts doing graffiti. What can you learn from this graffiti?

Stop Covid-19 Graffiti

graffiti coloring pages 18

Covid-19 is a story about a graffiti artist who is also a high school student. He wants to stop covid-19 so he can go back to school. To help get his message out he paints a large graffiti painting so that all his classmates can be safe and help stop covid-19. 

Weird Graffiti

graffiti coloring pages 19

I was walking home from a late-night shift when I saw this graffiti in the middle of the road. It was written on a building wall and it looked like it had been there for quite some time. The graffiti was written in red paint, with an orange background. It was beautiful. But also very weird. 

Curly Book Graffiti

graffiti coloring pages 20

Once there was a girl who loved to read. She loved books so much that she would spend her time writing on them.

One day she was bored and decided to write in her favorite book. She wrote the words “I love you, Mom” and “I love you, Dad”. When she was done, she took it home to show her parents what she had written. Her parents were so touched by the words that they decided to frame it and put it in their living room.

Cool Style Graffiti

graffiti coloring pages 21

I was walking down the street and saw a cool graffiti on the wall. It was a painting of shoes, and trashcans, and really cool glasses. It might not be cool to others, but it was really cool to me.

Weird Art Graffiti

graffiti coloring pages 22

“What’s the weirdest graffiti you’ve ever seen?” One friend says to another. The first friend smiles and tells their friend to follow them. Their adventure is an hour long before they stumble upon the weirdest piece of graffiti they’ve ever seen. It’s so weird they can hardly stop looking at it. 

Video Game and Music Graffiti

graffiti coloring pages 23

A young graffiti artist from the Bronx, New York, was painting his latest masterpiece on the side of a building when he looked up to see an NYPD officer watching him. The officer was not happy with what the graffiti artist had painted and asked him to remove it right away.

Retro Soul Graffiti

graffiti coloring pages 24

The boy’s parents are worried about him, but he does not care. He just wants to express himself through his art. He goes out every night to make his own mark on the world. One night, he meets two old men who teach him how to do graffiti correctly and then give him a canvas to practice with.

One day, while he was painting on the canvas, he felt like something was missing so he went out into the city and found an old man sitting in front of a building with a piece of chalk in his handwriting “Soul Graffiti” on the wall. The man told him that it was time for him to start doing real graffiti now that he had learned all that he could from them. The boy was happy.

Hip Hop Cool Graffiti

graffiti coloring pages 25

The story is about an artist named “Ace” who has been doing his thing for over 20 years. He started out as a graffiti artist in the early 1990s and now he’s still going strong. Ace talks about how he first got into graffiti, what motivates him to continue, and the importance of keeping the culture alive.

Ace is currently working on some new pieces that will be coming soon to the streets of New York City. Namely, his new piece, hip hop cool graffiti.

Printable PDF Graffiti Coloring Book

Graffiti isn’t just for artists. With our coloring pages anyone can jump in and color their own graffiti. What kind of graffiti do you like to color? Don’t forget to share your favorite graffiti coloring page.

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