How to Draw a Baby Alien

When we see lights in the sky, we assume that they come from a plane, weather instrument, or other reasonable location. Sometimes, however, there are things we just cannot explain… read on to discover what a baby alien may look like, and make sure you are fully prepared.

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How to draw a baby alien step 1

Staring with a black pen, make a large shape in the center of your page – this should resemble an ”upside-down teardrop”, or classic alien shape.


How to draw a baby alien step 2

Add two lines, one on each side, heading downwards at a slight diagonal angle.


How to draw a baby alien step 3

Join the two halves together with a straight line, and add two curves to the side lines.


How to draw a baby alien step 4

Just below the bottom line, add a semicircle shape.


How to draw a baby alien step 5

Now, add two small triangles pointing out from the bottom of the semicircle – these are the legs of your baby alien.


How to draw a baby alien step 6

Add a long, thin oval shape to the bottom of these triangles, and fill this in with the black pen.


How to draw a baby alien step 7

Add two shapes to the inside of the main head, to create eyes for your baby alien…


How to draw a baby alien step 8

And fill these with two small circles in each eye, one on top of the other.


How to draw a baby alien step 9

Fill in all of the eye with the black pen, leaving the circles empty for the moment.


How to draw a baby alien step 10

Now, add a small circle just beneath the eyes, and a double-edged ring emerging from this. At the top of this, add a soft ”M” shape to create the top of the mouth, holding the pacifier to keep your baby happy and content!


How to draw a baby alien step 11

Use a light green pen to shade in the main body, arms and legs of the alien…


How to draw a baby alien step 12

And use a green pen to highlight the right hand edge of the face and head.


How to draw a baby alien step 13

Grab a yellow pen, and add similar highlights to the left hand side of the head…


How to draw a baby alien step 14

Before ending with a red pen to add color to the mouth and pacifier.

And there we have it; your very own alien baby – just always remember to keep it as happy and content as possible…

When it comes to outer space, there is definitely more that we don’t know than that which we do – especially when it comes to the possibility of alien life.

It is commonly believed that there are a few key possible sites for aliens to inhabit, and these include the moons of Jupiter, Calisto and Europa, which may include water, as well as the moon of Saturn, Enceladus, or one of the favorite choices, Mars. One thing which is certain is that the ideal habitat would need to contain water, and this is one factor to link all of these sites.

Individuals have claimed to have memories and sightings of abductions and interactions with alien life, though this can neither be proven nor disproven. There are plenty of conspiracy theories – Edgar Mitchell was the sixth person to stand on the moon, and he made a claim that ”outsiders have reached people a few times”.

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