How to Draw a Baby Alpaca

Like their cousins the llama, alpacas have proven to be popular pets, and have a legion of fans across the world. In just a few short steps, we will learn how to draw our very own baby alpaca.

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How to Draw a Baby Alpaca Step 1

Start with a gray pencil and make a bumpy line starting in the center of your page, moving across to the right, and down around an inch.


How to Draw a Baby Alpaca Step 2

Now, continue the line to the left, moving downwards, in slightly, and then back out towards the bottom of the page. Bring the line across sightly, then up to form a leg. Repeat this with two other legs, and at the end bring the line back up, out in a fluffy tail, and across to join the bottom of the neck.


How to Draw a Baby Alpaca Step 3

Now, add another leg just in front of the back one…


How to Draw a Baby Alpaca Step 4

And use a black pen to add thicker lines to the bottom of the legs, to give your alpaca some hooves.


How to Draw a Baby Alpaca Step 5

Now add two small circles inside the face for eyes…


How to Draw a Baby Alpaca Step 6

Fill in most of the circle, leaving two small dots empty.


How to Draw a Baby Alpaca Step 7

Now, add a small love heart shape just beneath the eyes, and add a small mouth beneath this.


How to Draw a Baby Alpaca Step 8

Use a pink pen to fill in the pink ears, and add small dots to the cheeks, just below the eyes.


How to Draw a Baby Alpaca Step 9

Take the gray pencil and add a circle around the nose and mouth.

And there we have it – your very own gorgeous baby alpaca, complete with fleecy coat! Why not give your pet some friends, or take some time to explore their amazing adventures?

Of all the unusual creatures in the world, alpacas are amongst the most prized, and are celebrated as both pets and cattle all across the globe.

Despite their popularity, it is interesting to note that alpacas never existed in the wild; instead, the creatures we enjoy today are domesticated versions of a South American ruminant known as vicuñas, which live high up in the Andes.

It comes as no surprise that alpacas are close relatives of llamas, and the close physical likenesses are often noted. While llamas are pack animals however, alpacas are raised more commonly for their soft, malleable wool, which can be used to create a huge range of textile materials. Alpacas are also part of the camel family, and form the smallest members – their average height at the shoulder reaches 3 feet, and animals vary from between 4 to 7 feet in length, and weigh between 121 and 143 lbs.

The versatility of alpacas has seen them exported all across the world, including across Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands and the United States, and they are typically found in farmland. Despite this, 99% of all alpacas are still found in South America, where they exist as sociable, gentle, curious creatures, which can become amazing pets.

They breed once a year, with a gestation of between 242 and 345 days, and have one offspring at a time. Their young are known as “cria”, and alpacas will live for up to 20 years at a time.

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