How to Draw a Basketball Jersey

Let’s draw a basketball jersey step by step. Tools needed: paper, black pen, brown pen, pink pen, yellow pen, red pen.

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In many ways, your jersey defines your tribe – so let’s get out heads around learning the basics.


How to draw basketball jersey step 1

Start with a black pen, and draw a line in the center of your page, around one inch (2.5 cm) from the top. This should be curved, with a slight “dip” in the middle.


How to draw basketball jersey step 2

Beneath the “dip” in your line, add three large, loping semicircles, which increase inside as you move down the page. The lines should be fairly close together, with a slight gap between these and the “dip” at the top.


How to draw basketball jersey step 3

Next, add two short, curved lines to either end of the original line, curving in and back out at the bottom – these will be your armholes. Then, add two move lines at the bottom of these to create the outline of your jersey. Join the lines at the bottom with a slight curve.


How to draw basketball jersey step 4

Add a few parallel lines just above the bottom line, and curved lines inside the armholes – aim for three or four in total.


How to draw basketball jersey step 5

Next, add a black color to the stripe on the outside of the armhole – this is where your player will place their arms!


How to draw basketball jersey step 6

Switch to a brown pen, and fill in the top semicircle – the neck hole – as well as the stripe beneath this with a rich brown shade. Then, add the same tone to the stripe at the bottom of the jersey, and the second stripe in from the armhole – next to the back section you just created.


How to draw basketball jersey step 7

Use the same shade to add a large number to your jersey – we picked 23 for the how-to, but feel free to add a number which is a better fit if you prefer! Keep the edges angular and sharp.


How to draw basketball jersey step 8

Outline your numbers in the same brown, leaving a gap between the outline you create, and the edge of the number.


How to draw basketball jersey step 9

Now, use the same brown to add the word “BASKETBALL” in capital letters, curving around the top of your number.


How to draw basketball jersey step 10

Grab a pink pen, and use this to highlight the text and the numbers on your shirt so they are super clear.


How to draw basketball jersey step 11

Switch to a yellow pen, and fill in the final stripes on the neck, armhole and bottom of your jersey with the yellow shade.


How to draw basketball jersey step 12

Finally, choose a red pen, and use this to fill in the rest of the jersey, taking care to avoid the number and text.

Now that you have the basics down, why not try creating your favorite team shirt, or switching up the colors and numbers?

Interesting Facts About Basketball Jerseys

Basketball would not be the sport we know and love without the instantly identifiable “uniform” worn by players. The distinctive logos tell us which team we are supporting, influence fashion and trends, and act as a way for fans to come together and connect over a common love.

When the sport first started, however, any type of athletic wear was deemed acceptable, including football uniforms and standard tracksuits. In fact, the first official uniforms were not a concept until the early 20th century, when the Spalding catalog featured a range of clothing items – solely for the purpose of playing basketball. Originally, shorts were tight and short, and jerseys were made from heavy wool, later moving to nylon and polyester.

Michael Jordan bucked the trend in the ’80s with a request for longer, baggier shorts, and the influence of hip hop evolved the style further through the ’90s, with an oversized aesthetic taking charge.

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