How to Draw a Blue Tulip

As far as flowers go, it is safe to say that tulips hold one of the top spots. They are one of the most popular choices of Valentine’s Day flowers, hold an array of meanings depending on their color, which may or may not have caused an economic crash in the 1600s! Without further ado, let’s learn how to draw your very own stunning blue tulip!

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How to Draw a Blue Tulip Step 1

Start with a black liner, and draw a curved, “crescent” shape roughly in the center of your page, around half an inch from the top.


How to Draw a Blue Tulip Step 2

Mirror this shape on the other side, to create a “teardrop” shape.


How to Draw a Blue Tulip Step 3

Now, add another, similar shape to the right of the first, hiding it behind the original shape.


How to Draw a Blue Tulip Step 4

Repeat this on the right-hand side with another shape…


How to Draw a Blue Tulip Step 5

And add a slight, pointed shape just above the first, so that it connects those on either side and peeks out of the top.


How to Draw a Blue Tulip Step 6

Add a smooth, slightly curved line descending from the center at the bottom of the tulip head.


How to Draw a Blue Tulip Step 7

Add another line coming off this one, heading up towards the top right-hand corner of the page.


How to Draw a Blue Tulip Step 8

Repeat this with a parallel line beside the first, joining the two lines at the tip with a point.


How to Draw a Blue Tulip Step 9

Now add another parallel line to the stem…


How to Draw a Blue Tulip Step 10

And shade the top with a blue pen.


How to Draw a Blue Tulip Step 11

Finally, use a green pen to fill in the stem and complete your tulip.

And just like that, you are the proud owner of a stunning blue tulip drawing! Why not try experimenting with a range of other colors to complete your collection, and create your very own field of tulips?

Tulips are popular flower options for gardeners and flower fans alike. With over 3000 varieties of tulips available across the globe, divided into around 150 species, it is inevitable that everyone will have their favorite type and color – and of the latter, there are also plenty of options to choose from, including “Queen of the Night” variety which offers a deep purple, almost black hue – as a side note, purple tulips are a symbol of royalty, and white ones represent apology and forgiveness.

Red tulips, it comes as no surprise, represent true love, and this has helped to establish their status as the second most popular Valentine’s Day flower.

Despite their popularity, the blooms of tulips are typically only last for between 7 and 10 days, and this fact has given rise to tulip festivals that occur throughout the United States and the wider world. Such events are designed not only to celebrate the beauty of tulips, but also to acknowledge the short amount of time that the blooms last for, and to celebrate them while they survive.

Tulips have remained a popular and valuable flower throughout much of history, with the main record starting in the 1600s when tulips caused chaos in the Netherlands. During this time, some historians estimate that tulips were as expensive to purchase as homes and have hypothesized that this was the cause of the economic crash occurring in 1637 – not bad work for a humble tulip!

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