How to Draw a Bunny Footprint

Bunnies are fluffy, adorable, and known for getting into mischief! Bring your bunny to life by drawing their footprint, and take a look at just what they’re getting their head into!

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How to draw a bunny footprint step 1

Start by grabbing a black marker, and using this to draw a large upside-down crescent moon shape at the top of your page.


How to draw a bunny footprint step 2

Just beneath this crescent moon, add a small “cloud” shape.


How to draw a bunny footprint step 3

Just below this, add two small curves on either side, facing the bottom of the page.


How to draw a bunny footprint step 4

Next, use these curves, and extend the lines down diagonally, so that you have two parallel lines. At the end join the lines with a series of three bumps – these will be the feet of your bunny!


How to draw a bunny footprint step 5

Connect all of the separate pieces together by adding a large circle, which extends from the bottom of the crescent moon, curves around, and ends by joining the two feet together.


How to draw a bunny footprint step 6

Now, give your bunny some ears by adding two crescent moon shapes emerging from the first, one on each side.


How to draw a bunny footprint step 7

Switch to a black liner, and add three little ovals just inside each of the toes.


How to draw a bunny footprint step 8

Now, add a large “teardrop” shape just above the toes, and inside the feet.


How to draw a bunny footprint step 9

Use a pink pen to fill in all of the shapes you just made.


How to draw a bunny footprint step 10

Next, grab a gray pencil, a gently shade in the bunny.


How to draw a bunny footprint step 11

Use a piece of tissue to carefully smudge the lines, giving you a smooth, even finish.

Now, the real question you have to ask yourself is just what might your bunny be looking at? Why not try drawing the rest of the scene to find out!

When it comes to choosing a household pet, bunnies tick many boxes – they are furry, super cute, friendly, and smart enough to be trained! They are also great at communicating not only with their humans, but with one another – you just need to learn to speak their language.

Bunnies communicate primarily with their bodies, and use body language and position to make their feelings clear. If they are worried or uncertain, you may notice clenched facial muscles and a shift in body position – usually turning their backs to you – and this can be a sign to keep your distance and allow them to calm down.

Remember that bunnies also have incredible hearing, and can rotate their ears 180 degrees to help them track down the exact location of a sound; try to keep things fairly quiet and calm, and avoid loud noises, and these can be very scary when your hearing is that good.

Your pet bunny may come in one of a myriad of breeds, colors, sizes and shapes, but they all have one thing in common: they are constantly in “survival mode” thanks to instincts picked up from their wild ancestors and relatives, and so may be reluctant to being picked up or handled – to them, your hands coming down to scoop them up may resemble and owl or other predators, swooping down from the sky to attack! Use slow, gentle movements, and make sure your bunny is safe, secure, and happy to be home.

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