How to Draw a Bunny from Behind

Catching a glimpse of your bunny from the front is one thing; but did you know they also look adorable from behind? Read on to find out how to draw your own, and enjoy the adorableness of these fluffy creatures!

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How to draw a bunny from behind step 1

Grab a black liner, and use this to draw a large pointed triangle shape – with the ends unconnected for now – in the top right hand corner of your page. From the bottom left hand corner of the “triangle”, bring across a slightly curved line, heading out to the left.


How to draw a bunny from behind step 2

Now, repeat this shape on the left hand side, with the right hand line emerging from the side of the curve you just drew. Bring the left hand edge of this shape down, so it is roughly level with the one on the other side. These will be the ears of your bunny.


How to draw a bunny from behind step 3

Next, add curved, jagged lines coming down from the bottom of each of the ears, filming almost a circle shape. At the bottom of these lines, add another jagged line, almost like an inverted “V”, to connect the two side lines, and descend down slightly.


How to draw a bunny from behind step 4

Now, add another semi-circle line, again, made up of jagged edges, just beneath the shape you just drew.


How to draw a bunny from behind step 5

Inside this semi-circle, add a “jagged cloud” shape – this will be the tail of your bunny rabbit!


How to draw a bunny from behind step 6

Complete the semi-circle at the bottom, by closing the gap with another jagged line just beneath the tail.


How to draw a bunny from behind step 7

Underneath the rabbit, add two shapes, one on either side, consisting of a straight line ending in three bumps. These will be the rabbit’s feet.


How to draw a bunny from behind step 8

Use a brown pen to shade the outside of the ears, and the bottom edges of the feet.


How to draw a bunny from behind step 9

Next, add a little more shading around the outside edges of the rabbit, leaving the center of the body, the edges of the ears, and the middle of the head blank for now.


How to draw a bunny from behind step 10

Grab a pale orange pencil, and use this to fill in the rest of the body and the feet.


How to draw a bunny from behind step 11

Next, use a gray pencil to outline the tale.


How to draw a bunny from behind step 12

Use the gray pencil to add another shape, emulating the first, inside the tail. Then, use the same color to gently shade in the whole tail.


How to draw a bunny from behind step 13

Use the gray pencil to add color to the right hand side of the cheek.

Now, the only thing left to do is figure out what your bunny is looking at – why are you seeing him from behind? The rest is up to your imagination!

Bunnies may appear to be small, simple creatures, and popular pets, but they have a number of fascinating attributes and facts which can be useful to fans of the animals, and owners alike.

These small mammals are part of the order Lagomorha, and the family Leporida, and are found in almost every corner of the world, with the exception of Antactica. As a rule, wild bunnies tend to live in few specific habitats, typically grasslands, wetlands, woods and forests, deserts and meadows, and over 50% of the world rabbit population can be found across North America. In some locations, bunnies are the native animals; this is the case in southwestern Europe, the islands of Japan, regions in southeast Asia, South America – here, they were introduced as part of the Great American Interchange – and some parts of Africa and Sumatra.

Bunnies have two main, distinctive features: their long floppy ears, and their strong, powerful hind legs, and both of these are used to detect and escape from predators. As a rule, bunnies will have ears of around 4 inches long, while their legs will have five toes on their front paws, and four toes on the hind feet. In addition, bunnies have strong nails and teeth, and these are useful for defending themselves, as well as digging burrows and warrens for shelter and safety – perfect for escaping and hiding from predators!

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