How to Draw a Bus Stop Sign

Boarding a bus is an everyday ritual that most of us take for granted. Without a set of intricate lines, rules and routes however, a seemingly simple bus journey would become much more complicated. Part of this is ensuring that there are adequate bus stop signs to help drop off and pick up passengers. Wondering how to draw your very own? Read on for everything you need to know!

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How to draw a bus stop sign step 1

Use a black pen and a ruler to draw a large rectangle shape in the center of your page – do not connect the corners of the shape for the moment.


How to draw a bus stop sign step 2

Use the black pen to add curves to the corners of the shape, creating a solid rectangle.


How to draw a bus stop sign step 3

Use the blue pen and ruler to add lines to the inside of the rectangle – once again, do not join the corners.


How to draw a bus stop sign step 4

Then, use the blue pen to add curves, joining the corners.


How to draw a bus stop sign step 5

With a gray pencil and a ruler, add a horizontal line to the center of the shape. Add slight curves to the ends and bring two vertical lines down slightly on either side.


How to draw a bus stop sign step 6

Now, return to the right-hand line, and bring a line across at a 45 degree angle. On the left-hand side, bring a line down at a slight curve. Then leave a small gap and bring a short horizontal line across. Leave another gap and add another short line.


How to draw a bus stop sign step 7

Add two small circles to the gap, creating the wheels for the bus.


How to draw a bus stop sign step 8

Add two curved lines above the tops of the wheels…


How to draw a bus stop sign step 9

And then add a tall, thin rectangle to the front of the shape.


How to draw a bus stop sign step 10

Follow this with a series of long, thin rectangles moving across the shape – these are the windows of the bus.


How to draw a bus stop sign step 11

Use the ruler to add two sets of parallel lines beneath the bus shape.


How to draw a bus stop sign step 12

Now, use these guidelines to add the word “BUS” in the top section, and “STOP” in the bottom section.


How to draw a bus stop sign step 13

Finally, grab a blue pen, and fill in the main body of the sign, leaving the words and design a clear, crisp white.

And just like that, any bus that comes along will know exactly where to stop thanks to your well-drawn bus stop sign! But are you wondering just how buses came to be, and how the classic yellow school bus first became a symbol? Read on to find out…

From pop stars to politicians, school children to everyday citizens, taking the bus is an everyday occurrence that the majority of us probably never give a second thought to. In actual fact, this is a vehicle steeped in history, with a long and rich tradition which almost never got off the ground!

The name itself – “bus” is originally derived from a Latin word, “omnibus”, which translates as “for all”, I was originally used to refresh the hat shop alongside which the very first bus route in the world run. Originally, these transportation devices were known by this full word – omnibus – but many found it too much of a mouthful and so it was later shortened bus, becoming the well-known method of transportation that many of us know and enjoy every single day.

While the very first version of buses may date back to 1662 – where they took the form of horse-drawn carriages and eight passengers, and the high price meant that they were reserved for the elite few who could afford it – one of their most common uses in the modern world is to transport school children to and from school each day.

Even these classic school buses however, have an interesting history, and originally started life as horse-drawn carriages. In 1939, a man named Frank Cyr became tired of relying on horse-drawn carriages to access his rural education, and called a conference which was designed to standardize school buses, helping to make sure that they were accessible to all students, and given a uniform to help ensure safety. Thus, the classic yellow school bus was born.

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