How to Draw a Cartoon Canoe

You will learn in just under 4 minutes how to draw your very own canoe in cartoon style. Click on the video to start the drawing tutorial, or read below the step-by-step instructions!

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Get a blank sheet of paper, a graphite pencil, a black pen and a brown-colored pencil, and start drawing!

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For fans of the great outdoors, there are few experiences more satisfying than hitting the water on a canoe or kayak. Whether you opt for a lazy wander down the river, or are more into faced paced and high adrenaline adventures, canoeing can be an amazing way to get out, feel the fresh air, and have a lot of fun. The humble vessel has a long and rich history, with similar structures being noted by Columbus, and cropping up time and again throughout history.

Whether you are an avid canoe fan, or simply saving up to enjoy your first taste of sailing, express your appreciation through the power of art – read on to learn how to craft your very own canoe drawing!


How to draw a canoe step 1

Start with a strong, curved line, almost exactly in the center of the page, using a graphite pencil. Make sure it curves upwards slightly at either end.


How to draw a canoe step 2

Extend the curved ends up slightly, and connect the two sides with a third, slightly curved line, making sure that this dips slightly in the middle.


How to draw a canoe step 3

Move to the right hand side, and place your pencil just below the tip of the point. Draw another line down from here, following the curve of the outside line, and closing around two thirds of the way across.


How to draw a canoe step 4

Return to the top right point, and draw another line straight down, making sure that this is curved – this should almost look like a capital “J” shape.


How to draw a canoe step 5

Move to the end of the “J” shape you just drew, and extend this line across and up, until it meets the tip of the point on the left hand side of the shape.


How to draw a canoe step 6

Next, add another line to the bottom of the shape, starting at the bottom of the curve of the “J” shape, and reaching up in an almost straight line – there should now be a mark bisecting the bottom curve.


How to draw a canoe step 7

Time for another small line – this time, head to the inside line at the top of the “J” shape – there will be an unfinished line along the inner section. Place your pencil at the end of this line, and draw a smooth line almost straight down, following the curve of the outer line. Close this just above the curve of the “J”.


How to draw a canoe step 8

Now, move back to the curved line at the very top of your drawing, and draw another parallel line just inside the top one. Take this to around half an inch (1.3 cm) from the edge of the left hand point, and draw a horizontal line straight across, until you are just above the second curve. Then, continue the line just above the second curve, and bring this all the way round until you meet the first line you have just drawn. These two lines should meet at a point.


How to draw a canoe step 9

Returning to the bottom, add another short line just above the curve at the very bottom of your drawing; this does not have to go all the way across.


How to draw a canoe step 10

Now it is time for a little more detail; move to around halfway across the canoe shape, and add an oar – this should be two long, parallel lines extending above the top of the oar, and ending in a semicircle – almost like a lump on the top – and stopping just below the second curve. Here, extend the shape out on both sides, and follow the line down for around an inch and a half (3.8 cm), connecting the two lines at the bottom with a curve.


How to draw a canoe step 11

Follow the same process to draw another oar, this one at a 45 degree angle, laying across the canoe.


How to draw a canoe step 12

Now add some detail to the boat, by drawing smooth, slightly curved lines across the length of the shape. Remember, these do not have to be perfect – just try and follow the general curves and shapes of your outlines.


How to draw a canoe step 13

Add two long, horizontal blocks to the inside of the canoe, making sure these are slightly angled upwards. Then, add some vertical lines between these two blocks, making sure to angle them at a slight diagonal.


How to draw a canoe step 14

Go over all your outlines with a black pen to add definition, and add details to your oars with hatching and lines.


How to draw a canoe step 15

Erase the unnecessary pencil lines.


How to draw a canoe step 16

Time for color – add a warm brown to most of the shape, leaving the outer rim white to help it stand out. Use a brown-colored pencil for this step.


How to draw a canoe step 17

Add a shadow to your canoe with your graphite pencil.

Now you are ready to sail away, to any place your imagination decides to transport you! It may not be your own real life canoe – yet – but you have the perfect replica to enjoy any time.

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