How to Draw a Cartoon Jar of Honey

Learn how to draw a delicious jar of honey with this easy guide. Get the required materials and then begin watching the video or read the drawing tutorial with the step-by-step images.

Tools needed

  • A blank sheet of paper
  • A black marker for the outline
  • Crayons in the following colors: pale orange and mustard-yellow.
  • An orange-colored pencil

How to Draw a Delicious Jar of Honey Video Tutorial

Now is the time to celebrate this incredible substance, and learn how to craft your very own jar of honey – let’s get drawing! Click on the play button to get started:

Step-By-Step Guide

You can click on the images for the full-size versions.


How to draw a jar of honey step 1

Begin by drawing a straight, horizontal line in the center of your page, around one inch (2.5 cm) from the top, using a black marker.


How to draw a jar of honey step 2

Go to the right end of your line, and draw a short wiggly line, heading downwards, from the end.


How to draw a jar of honey step 3

Next, draw a line from the bottom of the wiggle, and sweep this across to the left until you reach the end of the first line you drew. Then, add a small “bow” shape to the end of the rectangle you have just created. Leave the other end open.


How to draw a jar of honey step 4

Move to the bottom line you just drew, and add another line parallel to this.


How to draw a jar of honey step 5

Next, draw a smooth line, curving inwards slightly towards the end, down your page. At the bottom of the line, turn 90 degrees to the right, and draw a straight horizontal line, before sweeping back up, curving slightly inwards once again. Leave the left line open – do not close it right up to your top section yet.


How to draw a jar of honey step 6

Now it is time to add the stirrer; start the top left hand side of your top section, and draw a long “cloud” shape, which finishes the bottom horizontal line. Add a few short, slightly curved lines for texture, and then sweep your pencil down to draw the sides of the handle. Finish with a slight bulge at the bottom.


How to draw a jar of honey step 7

Add a few swift, short lines to the top of the jar, and fill in the ribbon with hatching to add decoration.


How to draw a jar of honey step 8

Next, add a little “movement” to your jar, by adding quick, short lines around the top, bottom and sides. These can be fairly random to add texture and vibrancy. You will also need to add a smooth, faint semicircle to the bottom of your jar.


How to draw a jar of honey step 9

Time for some color! Add a gentle yellow shade to your stirrer with a pale orange crayon or pencil.


How to draw a jar of honey step 10

Now, liven it up a little with bright orange tones around the top – this will be where the honey has attached itself! Use an orange-colored pencil for this step.


How to draw a jar of honey step 11

Starting at the bottom of the jar, add a few strong streaks of orange with your orange-colored pencil, working in an upwards motion, around the sides and top of your jar.


How to draw a jar of honey step 12

Add a few brighter, yellow splodges, lines and marks with the pale orange crayon or pencil


How to draw a jar of honey step 13

And then fill in the remaining space with a mustard-yellow crayon or pencil which is slightly darker in shade – this will help you to add perspective and reflection to your image.


How to draw a jar of honey step 14

Fill in the top of the jar with a pale orange crayon or pencil.


How to draw a jar of honey step 15

Add a little color to your ribbon with a mustard-yellow pencil; make this slightly lighter than the honey, to help it really stand out.


How to draw a jar of honey step 16

Add two drops of honey next to the stirrer with an orange-colored pencil. And congratulations – you have a perfect pot of honey!

Whether you enjoy eating it, learning about it, or even wearing it on your skin, there is no denying that honey is a great treat. Make sure you give it the love and attention it deserves, by learning how to immortalize your favorite snack through the power of art – anyone feeling peckish?

Interesting Facts About Honey

Whether drizzled on pancakes, added to a cold recipe, or simply enjoyed on a hot slice of toast, there is no denying the seemingly magical healing properties of honey. As well as tasting great, honey has a number of incredible properties which give it almost a mystical edge.

Honey never spoils – as attested to by the jars discovered in the tombs of Egyptian royalty, which have remained intact and perfectly edible for thousands of years – and was once deemed so valuable that 11th century German feudal lords demanded their peasants make their payments in honey.

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