How to Draw a Confetti Cannon

Let’s draw a confetti cannon step by step. Tools needed: paper, black pen, ruler, brown pencil, yellow-orange pencil, yellow pencil, gray pencil and colorful pens.

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How to draw a confetti cannon step 1

We will begin our own confetti cannon with two parallel, diagonal lines in the center of the page, around one inch (2.5 cm) apart. These should point towards the bottom right hand corner of the page, and be around two inches (5 cm) from the top of your paper. Use a ruler and a black pen for this step.


How to draw a confetti cannon step 2

Join the tops and the bottoms of the lines together with a horizontal, slightly curved line, leaving you with a long, thin cylindrical shape.


How to draw a confetti cannon step 3

Return to the top of the cylinder, and draw a curved line connecting the two top corners of the shape, with the edges of this curving downward. Now, you will have a 3D version of your cylinder – perfect for a confetti cannon!


How to draw a confetti cannon step 4

Head back down to the bottom of the shape, and, moving to the center, draw three straight, parallel lines with a ruler heading down diagonally towards the bottom of your page. Then, join these at the bottom with a straight line, giving you stick, or handle shape.


How to draw a confetti cannon step 5

At the bottom of the handle you just drew, add two very small circles on either side of the central line – almost like a figure 8 crossing the center line. Repeat this shape approximately halfway up the handle.


How to draw a confetti cannon step 6

Moving back to the top of your confetti cannon, cover the top section in a series of large circular shapes – three half circles on either side, and three complete circles in the center.


How to draw a confetti cannon step 7

Next, add a thin, brown border around the very outline of the handle with a brown pencil


How to draw a confetti cannon step 8

And fill in the remainder of the handle with a bright, celebratory yellow-orange shade, using a yellow-orange pencil.


How to draw a confetti cannon step 9

Now add that same yellow-orange to the circles in the top of your cannon, but keep it fairly faint, and focus your color on the outside edges of the circles.


How to draw a confetti cannon step 10

Fill in the rest of the circles with a yellow pencil, and take some time to blend the two colors until you are happy with the results.


How to draw a confetti cannon step 11

Now, add a gray shade to the flattened oval shape at the very top of your cannon with a gray pencil.


How to draw a confetti cannon step 12

We cannot create a confetti cannon without one essential aspect: the confetti! This is a chance to really get creative; draw a series of circles, of similar sizes, emerging from the top of the cannon, and fill these in with a bright, party red color, using a red pen.


How to draw a confetti cannon step 13

Add a few more circles – this time in a vibrant, cyan shade – this is a celebration, so make your colors as loud, cheerful and bright as you possibly can! Use a cyan-colored pen for this step.


How to draw a confetti cannon step 14

Now, add a few yellow circles to the mix – don’t be afraid to let your different colors overlap and get mixed up. There is no set formula or rules when it comes to confetti, so feel free to make it as random as you like! Use a yellow pen for this step.


How to draw a confetti cannon step 15

Add a few blue circles to the mix with a blue pen – once again, don’t worry too much about making anything neat or overly organized – this is a party!


How to draw a confetti cannon step 16

And finally, add some purple circles into the mix with a purple pen.

Now you have the confetti cannon ready to go, it is time to create your ultimate fantasy party scene – you need to put all of that amazing confetti to excellent use, so now is the time to really get creative!

Interesting Facts About Confetti

In many cultures, a wedding wouldn’t be a wedding unless the happy couple found themselves covered in confetti after exchanging the “I dos!”.

In addition to being a staple during nuptials, confetti as we know it has a long, rich history dating right back to the 14th century, when Italian novelist Giovanni Boccaccio described candy-like confections being used as a means of celebration.

Since then, confetti has been used as bedding for silkworms, made from silver and gold to demonstrate the ultimate extravagance, and become a staple of the Times Square New Year celebrations, which includes over one ton of confetti being dropped… we have come a long way from flinging eggs and mud to celebrate good times – and for this, at least, we can be incredibly thankful!

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