How to Draw a Melting Ice Cube

Ice is one of those curious substances which acts as both a solid, liquid and gas – all at the same time! It is equally contradictory in terms of the reactions it draws; on a hot summer’s day, ice is essential for lounging by the pool, and adding a cool, refreshing tang to your drink. On a cold, bitter winter’s day however, ice becomes your worse enemy – it is uncomfortable, slippery, and in some cases, downright dangerous.

Our attitude to ice depends primarily on the context, but it actually plays a crucial role in helping our planet to stay in balance; ice prevents global sea levels from rising too much, offers us vital, useful data about the nature of the climate of our planet, and helps to ensure a freshwater supply for the entire world – not too bad!

In short, ice – also known as the “cryosphere” according to super smart workers at the NOAA – is pretty essential to our overall wellbeing as a species, so let’s learn how to translate it into stunning artwork!

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How to draw a melting ice cube step 1

Beginning with a blue pen, draw a large “arrow” shape, pointing upwards, roughly in the center of your page.


How to draw a melting ice cube step 2

Next, draw two lines down on either side, from the corners of your “arrow”, to create a “house” shape – albeit with short sides. Repeat this shape below, inverting it so that you have a misshapen hexagon – leave small gaps in each side of the shape – on the top of the left hand side, and towards the bottom of the right hand side.


How to draw a melting ice cube step 3

Turn to the right hand side, and add two parallel lines emerging from the gap, and heading out to the right. Make a 45 degree angle, and continue this two lines upwards slightly, ending with small curved lines at the top – this should be an “e” shape on the left hand line, and a smaller curve on the right.


How to draw a melting ice cube step 4

Can you see the hand starting to form? Carry this on by adding three small, oval shapes just above the curves – these are fingers. Next, draw a shape protruding from the “hand” – this should have a slightly bulbous end, and a square, half rectangle shape at the top.


How to draw a melting ice cube step 5

At the top of this “half rectangle”, add a long, rectangular shape with a slight semicircle just behind. In front of the rectangle, add a small circle in the center, surrounding by curved lines like a sun – this is the fan your ice cube is using to try and keep cool!


How to draw a melting ice cube step 6

Next, fill our your ice cube by adding three lines – one from the gap on the left hand side, one up from the bottom point, and the other connecting these to the right hand side – this will make your ice cube 3D. Then, add another “arm” to the left have side, bending the line so that it comes across the front of the ice cube, and add some small details for the hand.


How to draw a melting ice cube step 7

On the left face of the cube, add two small shapes – these should be tiny semicircles, with a small curved line above them. Make sure these are at around a 45 degree angle to one another.


How to draw a melting ice cube step 8

Just below these, add a slightly wavy line, and another, slightly longer semicircle reaching downwards – here is a tongue for your character!. Add a line from the top of the tongue heading downwards, stopping just before you reach the bottom.


How to draw a melting ice cube step 9

Now you need to add some droplets to show that your ice cube is melting! Add a few “teardrop” shapes all over the side faces of your ice cube to highlight this.


How to draw a melting ice cube step 10

Next, add a wavy, jagged line in a “V” shape, around the bottom of your ice cube.


How to draw a melting ice cube step 11

Switch to a cyan pen and connect the tops of the jagged lines across to meet the sides of the ice cube – a puddle has formed! Fill this in with the same blue, and add color to the edges of your cube with slight hatching.


How to draw a melting ice cube step 12

Grab a blue pen and add in small details within the puddle for texture.


How to draw a melting ice cube step 13

Finally, use the same blue pen to add a fountain of tiny dots above and around your ice cube – someone get this guy to a freezer!

And in just a few short steps, you have your own melting ice cube – time to cool down with a refreshing drink!

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