How to Draw a Quick Airplane

Let’s draw a quick airplane step by step. Tools needed: paper, black pen, ruler, blue pen, cyan pen, gray pencil.

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How to draw a quick airplane step 1

Begin with a black pen, and draw a long, thin curve roughly in the center of your page. This should be almost “fish” like in shape, and feature two long, curved sides heading downwards, to meet in a soft point at the end. Leave the end free in an opening”.


How to draw a quick airplane step 2

Next, add a small, parallel line just inside the “opening” – this should be very small, and have a slight point at the top.


How to draw a quick airplane step 3

Using your black pen and a ruler, draw two parallel lines straight up from the mark you just made, Make the right slightly shorter than the left, and join the two lines with a straight, diagonal line. Then, draw two sets of parallel lines heading out vertically from this central tale – one heading out to the right, the other to the left. Join the lines together on either end with a straight line.


How to draw a quick airplane step 4

Next, add a long, curved shape to the front of your initial shape – this is the windshield of the plane. Behind this, add a series of small rectangles, along the bottom line of the plane.


How to draw a quick airplane step 5

Using the black pen and ruler, draw two lines from the right hand side of the plane; these should angle in towards one another as they reach the end. Then, add another, parallel line right beside the outside edge. Finally, add a small “triangle” shape to the top of the wing – again, add a small “strip” to the right hand side.


How to draw a quick airplane step 6

Use the tools to repeat this on the other side of the plane, to create wings extending out on both sides, adding a straight line to the end of the second wing, heading up at around a 45 degree angle. Add a small, thin rectangle just inside the top line of the wing on both sides.


How to draw a quick airplane step 7

Now, add two rectangles, just in front of the “tail” – level with the point shape you made earlier. On the side of these rectangles, add two long, thin ovals, with circles at the front end – these will be your engines.


How to draw a quick airplane step 8

Add a black to the inside of the engines, and the tall, vertical aspect of the tail.


How to draw a quick airplane step 9

Use a blue pen to add color to the horizontal aspects of the tail, and the strip at the front of the wings.


How to draw a quick airplane step 10

Switch to a cyan pen to add a blue sheen to the windshield, and each of the small windows.


How to draw a quick airplane step 11

Then use a gray pencil to add an outline to the oval of the engines, and the outline of the body of the plane.

And just like that, you have learned to draw a super fast, simple aircraft – the world really is your oyster now!

Interesting Facts About Airplanes

The wonders of flight are not to be underestimated. Though many of us are used to the routine of boarding a plane, suffering the pre-flight safety announcements, and taking a flight to an exotic location, the fact remains that this was not possible for passengers until super recently in our history.

The plane has taken many forms and shapes – from “flying boats” to the flying machine imagined by Leonardo Da Vinci, and gradually evolved and developed until they took the familiar shape we recognize today – this was an impressive journey.

There are some things, however, that we really do not want to think too closely about; did you know that the pillows and blankets you are given on board a plane often go through several trips – and several passengers – before they are finally washed? The same goes for headphones, as well as in flight magazines, which are passed from passenger to passenger until they can no longer be used – pretty gross!

Despite this, it is hard to ignore that feeling of excitement when you find yourself soaring high above the clouds, making out islands, countries and shapes thousands of miles below you. Airplanes allow us to see and explore the world, take incredible adventures, and connect with friends and family from across the globe – all with less effort than travelling by car, boat, or camel.

To help show our appreciation and wonder for the amazing flying machines, let’s take a few minutes to learn to draw our own, and bring your own adventure to life!

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