How to Draw a River

Rivers are a crucial part of any ecosystem, and it is our job to celebrate them whenever we can. With this in mind, read on for all you need to know to draw your own gorgeous river in just a few simple steps.

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how to draw a river 1

Use a black pen to add two wavy, parallel lines diagonally across your page.


how to draw a river 2

Add a series of curved half-circle shapes for rocks at the bottom of your river.


how to draw a river 3

Add a few more collections of rocks up the river…


how to draw a river 4

And then use a black fineliner to add a small, curved shape to the top left of each rock.


how to draw a river 5

Use the same fineliner to add a series of long, wavy shapes all down the length of the river to create the waves.


how to draw a river 6

Shade the space around the detail with a light blue pen.


how to draw a river 7

Grab a gray pen, and shade the rocks, leaving the details white…


how to draw a river 8

And then use a light gray pen to lightly shade the wave details.

And there we have it – your chance to celebrate the beauty of nature and the wonder of the river. Anyone for a swim?

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