How to Draw a Simple Meteor

When you head out into the night sky, and see the vast expanse of space above, it can be hard to wrap your head around the vast array of stars, planets, rocks and debris which make up space. As you stand beneath the darkness, you can pick out constellations, see the moon wax and wane and, if you are very lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of a meteor.

These objects are best described as “space rocks”, and can range from tiny grains to dust, to small, breathtaking asteroids. As they enter the atmosphere, they burn up, allowing us to enjoy an amazing light show, and marvel at the wonders of the galaxy so far above us.

Whether you have been lucky enough to see a meteorite yourself, or are just fascinated by all things space, you can learn how to create your very own meteor drawing, and bring the marvels of space to life.

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Step-By-Step Instructions


How to draw a meteor step 1

Begin by drawing a small, “cloud” shape at the bottom of your page, around 2 inches (5 cm) from the left hand side.


How to draw a meteor step 2

Next, add some details to your “cloud” – including flame shapes around the bottom, and a few small marks and details – the goal is to make it look as though your cloud is on fire!


How to draw a meteor step 3

Fill in the “flame” shape with a dark color.


How to draw a meteor step 4

Now for the tail; add a large orange “flame” all around the cloud shape, heading upwards towards the top right hand corner of your page. Make sure that you add edges and points to really bring the fire feel to life.


How to draw a meteor step 5

Then, draw another, smaller “flame” inside the first, and then another, even smaller flame inside this second shape. Fill in the second shape with a bright orange – you should now have three layers – an unfilled flame, a filled orange flame, and an unfilled flame in the center, next to the cloud shape.


How to draw a meteor step 6

Return to the innermost flame – the one right next to the cloud – and color this with a bright yellow. You can also color the space at the bottom of the “cloud” with the same shade.


How to draw a meteor step 7

Next, add a fiery red to the outermost flame, leaving you with three layers of colors. You can also blend the edges of these a little to create an authentic flame look. You now have the tail of your meteor!


How to draw a meteor step 8

Add some energy by making a series of small, straight marks all around your meteor, using the same fiery red shade. There should point in the same direction as the tail, and add life and movement.


How to draw a meteor step 9

Add even more energy by switching to an orange, and adding a few orange marks alongside the red ones…


How to draw a meteor step 10

Along with a few blue and pink shades to really bring the drawing to life, and create a sense of movement and motion.


How to draw a meteor step 11

Finish by adding a gentle orange tone to the center of your “cloud” – or the head of the comet. Make sure this is faint so that the bright colors stand out!

And voila! You have your very own replica meteor – the perfect addition to a deep space scene, or as inspiration to learn and discover more about the wonders of space. Just where will this adventure take you? Remember – the only limit is your imagination!

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