How to Draw a Teacup Pig

Pigs can sometimes have a tough time, and this is largely due to incorrect assumptions and stereotypes. Contrary to popular belief, pigs are smart, clean and loyal animals, and can make truly unique and wonderful pets.

Pigs come in a range of shapes and sizes, with the smallest types – mini pigs – coming in at around 50-150 pounds in weight. These so-called “teacup” pigs are very popular due to their friendly nature, smaller size – and absolutely adorable appearance.

They are not necessarily the easiest pets, and require a lot of stimulation, training and structure to keep them occupied due to their very high levels of intelligence, but they are more than worth the effort. Be prepared for plenty of talking – pigs are known for being super vocal, and will oink, chat, while, grunt, shriek, grumble, coo, and gurgle to get your attention, and express their moods, opinions or emotions – you will never be bored or lonely with a pig around!

Whether you are a proud pig owner, or waiting until that day arrives, let’s look at the key steps to help you craft your very own snuggle teacup pig drawing, and take a chance to celebrate these amazing creatures.

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How to draw a teacup pig step 1

Begin with a black pencil, and create two small, solid dots just to the left of the center of the page, around halfway down.


How to draw a teacup pig step 2

Just above these dots, add two eyes by drawing small circles beneath short, wavy lines. Add a dot in the center of each circle to create the pupils.


How to draw a teacup pig step 3

Turn to the left eye, and create two small triangles above this, connecting the two shapes at the bottom. Then, add another triangle-like shape to the right of the right eye – this can have more of a jagged edge, and be slightly more curved, with a less defined tip. Fill in all of these shapes with a gentle black shading.


How to draw a teacup pig step 4

Now add more shapes with a triangle below the right hand side shape, an inverted triangle below this one, and another triangle turned on its side slightly to the left of this. Add four tiny trotters to the bottom of the page, and fill in all of the shapes with the same black.


How to draw a teacup pig step 5

Add a wavy line beneath the original two dots to give your pig a cheesy and cheerful grin!


How to draw a teacup pig step 6

Grab a pink pencil, and draw a circular shape around the two dots to form a snout; the bottom of this should line up with the wavy line you just drew.


How to draw a teacup pig step 7

Add some shading to the snout, creating a lighter tone as you move towards the center.


How to draw a teacup pig step 8

Now switch to a yellow-orange pencil, and gently shade in the gaps between the black shapes and the pink snout, creating a very light outline for your teacup pig.


How to draw a teacup pig step 9

With a slightly darker orange pencil, use gentle hatching to create the texture and detail of fur – most teacup pigs will have long, bristly fur, so try to replicate this feeling.


How to draw a teacup pig step 10

Finish up by adding closer details and textures to the legs to really bring your adorable creation to life!

And now you have the perfect picture of a teacup pig to tide you over until you can enjoy your very own – or just take a few moments to really appreciate their adorable nature!

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