How to Draw a Water Well

For many of us, our main source of water comes as soon as we turn on the tap, allowing fresh, clean water to emerge, and with very little thought to the history of the precious substance. The well is an item from fairytales, capable of granting wishes, summoning creatures, and weaving narratives. Across the world, the well is a symbol of hope, life and health, and too many of us take it for granted. To help us appreciate and celebrate these fantastic structures, here are the steps you need to draw your very own well.

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How to draw a well step 1

Start with a smooth, curved line in the center. Make sure this is curved upwards at either end.


How to draw a well step 2

Move to the right hand end of the line, and draw two parallel lines, heading straight upwards, and ending around an inch from the top of the page. Repeat this on the left hand side of the line, this time making sure that the inside line is slightly shorter than the outside.


How to draw a well step 3

Move to the left hand set of lines, and draw two sets of parallel horizontal lines, almost like an “equals” sign, on either side. Repeat this on the right hand set, but only draw the “equals” sign on the inside line. These will be your handles later on.


How to draw a well step 4

Now, add another vertical line to either side – on the right hand side, this should go straight through the “equals” sign. On the left hand side, this new line should be on the very outside, and, again, straight through the “equals” sign.


How to draw a well step 5

Turn to the left hand side of the drawing, and add a small circle to join the left hand ends of the “equals sign/” Then, draw a “backwards L” shape, adding parallel lines to make this solid.


How to draw a well step 6

Next, add a rope to the middle, connected by the two inside handles. This can be made up of lots of small oval shapes, all connected together.


How to draw a well step 7

Add two parallel lines from the middle of the rope, heading straight down to the bottom – they should meet the very first line you created.


How to draw a well step 8

Add a semicircle to the bottom line, this time with the ends curving down., and skipping over the parallel lines you just drew. This will be the bottom of the well.


How to draw a well step 9

Add another, parallel line to this first semicircle.


How to draw a well step 10

Next, move to the right hand side, and draw a vertical line heading straight down to end just above the bottom of the page. Repeat this on the left hand side, but make the line very short. Finally, join the right hand line to a horizontal line moving across to the left, stopping just short of the left hand vertical line.


How to draw a well step 11

Now it is time to add some detail; draw a few small, flower shapes in the bottom left hand corner of your well.


How to draw a well step 12

Next, add some detail to the well itself with a series of small, rectangular shapes – these will be the bricks which were used to build the well.


How to draw a well step 13

Return to the left hand side, at the height where the rope starts. Just above this, add a series of short, diagonal lines to both sides, so that you end up with a “V” shape. Follow this with two short, parallel lines close together on the right, and more evenly spaced on the left.


How to draw a well step 14

Now, return to the top of this section – the top of the two parallel lines. Add a large “arrow” shape, and follow this by repeating the shape just above, so that you have the edges of your roof.


How to draw a well step 15

Draw a line from the top of this arrow, heading horizontally to the right, at a slight upwards angle. At the end of the line, move downwards diagonally, before joining this end of the roof to the other, using a series of “bumps” to connect the two ends.


How to draw a well step 16

Now add detail to the roof by carefully drawing on tiles – these should be roughly rectangular in shape, but with curved ends.


How to draw a well step 17

Return to the top of the well itself, and move to the inside rim – the curved line at the back. Add a few bricks to this as before, and then careful hatching just inside the back,, facing downwards at a diagonal, to ad texture and detail.


How to draw a well step 18

Now for a little color – add a bright, cheerful red to the roof…


How to draw a well step 19

And follow this with a bright yellow on the inside of the roof, and on the wooden supports.


How to draw a well step 20

You can also add the same bright yellow shade to the rope, including the section of the rope which heads down into the well.


How to draw a well step 21

Add an orangey-red shade to the bricks which make up the actual well…


How to draw a well step 22

And the same shade to the hatching on the inside of the well.


How to draw a well step 23

You can also shade a little further down, to make your well look deep and impressive.


How to draw a well step 24

Now add some color to the flowers on the left hand side – use a blend of reds and yellows to create that stunning springtime effect.


How to draw a well step 25

And don’t forget to add a patch of green just underneath the well, helping you to set the scene.


How to draw a well step 26

Finally, add a little more grass to the bottom of the image – you can really play with shades and tone here to create a unique, authentic feel.

And in just a few short steps, you have learned how to create your very own well drawing! The next steps are up to you – will you place the well into a wider, pastoral landscape, or add characters and figures to bring the scene to life? It really is up to you – happy creating!

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