How to Draw an Abstract Angel

One of the only things we know about angels, is just how little we actually know about them! Different texts, artworks and sources have different interpretations, and these are often conflicting. This does mean however, that we can use our imaginations to create our very own abstract angel.

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How to draw an abstract angel step 1

Start by grabbing a black pen, and drawing a curved line, almost like a shepherd’s crook, which curves over at the top, and snakes down in an almost reverse “S” shape.


How to draw an abstract angel step 2

Next, add another curve to the right hand side of this, so you end up with a pointy shape, and then mirror the shape to the left, giving you almost a balloon shape.


How to draw an abstract angel step 3

Just above the “neck” of the balloon, bring two straight lines out on either side, before curving these down at a 90 degree angle. On the right hand side, leave a small gap, before bringing the line down, and across to the left, again at 90 degree angle. On the left hand side, bring the line all the way down to flick inwards at the end. There should be a large gap between the two lines at the bottom.


How to draw an abstract angel step 4

Just beneath each of the “flicks”, add two small shapes with jagged bottoms – these are the hands of the angel.


How to draw an abstract angel step 5

Add a slight curved line, heading up from the bottom of the “pointy” shape. Then, add another line heading up from the bottom of the “balloon”. Draw another, slightly wavy, line just inside the right hand line at the top. Fill this with very slight hatching and lines – this will I texture to the hair of the angel.


How to draw an abstract angel step 6

Now, add a line which curves up from the bottom of the page, and flicks out towards the top right hand corner. Just beneath the flick, add three other lines, which run parallel to the shape.


How to draw an abstract angel step 7

Leave a slight gap, and continue these lines down to the bottom of the page, where they end in points.


How to draw an abstract angel step 8

Repeat this process is on the other side, bringing the edges of the lines together at the top to form feathers, and connect to them at the bottom to create a robe.


How to draw an abstract angel step 9

Every angel needs a halo, so add a small ring to the top left of the head.


How to draw an abstract angel step 10

Finally, grab a purple pencil, and gently shade over the entire shape – there’s no need to worry about being overly neat.

Ethereal, mysterious, and elegant – you now have the tools to draw your perfect abstract angel. Why not try adding some color to your pattern, to create a totally unique figure drawing?

For thousands of years, angels have been explored across art, literature, and of course, theology and biblical studies. There are a number of different interpretations across different religions, but one consensus seems to be that angels were created before man. According to the Bible and other religious texts, God created angels and so-called “hosts of Heaven” before he created man.

In addition, though it may seem contrary to believe, biblical texts also suggest that angels actually eat food. Many stories in the Bible discuss this, with the usual foods enjoyed being bread and other baked goods.

In addition, many angels in the Bible lack one of the most important features, the wings! This may come as a surprise; after all the most common depiction of an Angel is with large, feathery wings, but some interpretations of these mysterious creatures describe them without this important asset. It should be noted, however, that while some angels lacking wings, others more than make up for; some stories discuss seeing angels with six wings on one creature, and this has also been depicted in art across history.

Ultimately, we must remember that interpretations differ across different religions, and even within texts from the same religion, such as the Bible. Most of what most of us know of angels comes from these sources, and this means that we can use our imagination in determining what our ideal angel may look like, and how we choose to interpret and present them in our own understanding and artwork.

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