How to Draw an Abstract Dragon

Stay back traveler: for here there be dragons. It is a warning determined to strike heart into even the bravest of travelers, especially with the fearsome and formidable reputation given to dragons throughout the ages. If you are feeling brave enough, read on to discover just how to draw your very own dragon figure – the adventures await!

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How to draw an abstract dragon step 1

Use a black liner to create a “reverse C” shape starting in the center of your page, making the line with a series of jagged, “flame-like” marks. At the top of the line, add a curved “step” shape heading off to the left.


How to draw an abstract dragon step 2

Extend the bottom line out a little further to the left.


How to draw an abstract dragon step 3

Return to the “step” on the top line, and bring a line across to the left, curved down and across to the right, adding two sharp teeth to the front. Bring the line in to a point, and then replicate the shape on the bottom jaw, complete with a small point.


How to draw an abstract dragon step 4

From the end of this line, add another sharp point. Bring this back up and curve the line across, round and down in a reverse “C” shape. Then, follow this line again with another “jagged” line to create the neck.


How to draw an abstract dragon step 5

Now add an almond shape to the head of the dragon, and a stream of flame emerging from his mouth.


How to draw an abstract dragon step 6

Now add another curved shape, nestled inside the neck of the dragon, with a point at either end.


How to draw an abstract dragon step 7

Use a black pen to outline the main body of the dragon.


How to draw an abstract dragon step 8

Then, use the black pen to fill in the rest of the body of the dragon…


How to draw an abstract dragon step 9

And use a red pen to bring the tongue of flame to life, and to add color to the curved shape inside the neck.

And in just a few short steps, you have created your very own stunning abstract dragon figure. How about experimenting with different colors, patterns and designs to create something totally unique and exciting?

The mighty dragon is a formidable figure in folklore, literature, history and mythology; the word itself comes from the ancient Greek word “draconite” meaning “to watch or to see”, and scholars have hypothesized that this may refer to drag his reputation for guarding real or metaphorical treasure – a constant theme in many stories surrounding the creature.

Dragons have been presented in a number of different ways across the number of different cultures, religions, and geographical origins – China, for example, revered dragons, believing that they symbolized wealth, power and leadership. In addition, they believe that emperors were the offsprings of dragons.

The Bible, however, portrays Dragons in a less favorable light, and draws comparisons between Dragons and the serpent which tempted Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden.

According to one theory, dragon legends have persisted across nearly all cultures and historical periods as a result of the universal fear held by humans towards snake-like creatures. The Biblical interpretation, at least, appears to support this theory, as to the number of stories involving dragons being slain by heroes.

One thing is for certain; it seems likely that human’s fascination with dragons, and dragon-like creatures, is here to stay.

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