How to Draw an Airplane Seat

Let’s draw an airplane seat step by step. Tools needed: blank sheet of paper, black pen, gray pencil, blue pen.

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Please take your seats, buckle up, and let’s get ready to draw our very own airplane seat!


How to draw an airplane seat step 1

Begin with a black pen, and draw two lines at the top of your page, roughly in the center. The first should be a gentle curve, and the second more of a sideways “l” shape, with the ends of the line meeting, and the second slightly overhanging the first.


How to draw an airplane seat step 2

Continue the lower line to create a curved rectangular shape, and make the bottom line of this a little thicker.


How to draw an airplane seat step 3

Then, return to the top line, and draw a gentle curve from the left hand corner, curving down to almost the bottom of the page. Repeat this on the right hand side, this time starting the curve from the bottom of the “rectangle”.


How to draw an airplane seat step 4

On the left hand line, add a long, thick curve, with a bump at the end – almost like a comma.


How to draw an airplane seat step 5

Next, add a small circle to the left hand side of this line – do not fill this in for the moment.


How to draw an airplane seat step 6

Join the bottom of the “comma” to the circle you just drew with another slightly curved line.


How to draw an airplane seat step 7

Then, return to the right hand side of the circle, and draw a curved line down, across at a 45 degree angle, and round to curve at the bottom. Continue this line, curving at the corner, and curving back up and out – this will look almost like the end of a bone.


How to draw an airplane seat step 8

Connect the edge of the curve to the circle with a straight line, at a slight angle.


How to draw an airplane seat step 9

Next, add another curved shape to the right hand side of the drawing, roughly in line with the shape you have just drawn. Again, this should be long and thin, with a slight “comma” at the right hand end.


How to draw an airplane seat step 10

Thicken the top line of this shape, just as you did with the one on the left.


How to draw an airplane seat step 11

Now, connect the two sides of the main shape together with a thick, strong black line.


How to draw an airplane seat step 12

Extend this line out to the right, ending in a curve. Follow this line back down and across, parallel with the top line, to meet the left hand shape.


How to draw an airplane seat step 13

Add three parallel lines to the bottom right hand side of this shape, end connect them together at the bottom with an oval shape.


How to draw an airplane seat step 14

Now, draw two more parallel lines, this time horizontally from the bottom of the oval to the shape on the left hand side. Around halfway across, interrupt the lines with two vertical lines, the same height as the width of the strip you were just creating, which are slightly curved at the top.


How to draw an airplane seat step 15

Now, move to the center of the bottom of the seat, and add two curved lines, moving from, the center to the bottom left hand corner, and meeting in a point when they get there.


How to draw an airplane seat step 16

Grab a graphite pencil, and use this to add a little color to the arm rests and main structure of the chair, leaving the main seat empty.


How to draw an airplane seat step 17

Finally, use a blue pen to shade in the rest of the seat, leaving you with a completed end result.

And now, kick back and take a seat of your own – you have successfully completed all of the steps to draw your very own stunning airplane seat!

Interesting Facts About Airplanes

From the initial check-in to finally taking off, the thrill of flight will never grow old! For many holidaymakers, there is a real feeling that the vacation is not underway until you are tucked firmly in your airplane seat, listening to the inflight safety announcements, and planning which film to watch first.

Did you know that the first people to enjoy this tradition were aboard the first flight in 1914 – on New Years Day? The trip flew 34 km from Tampa Bay in Florida, and the first passenger aboard was Abram C. Pheil, Mayor of St Petersburg.

Since that inaugural flight, millions of passenger jets have flown willing holidaymakers all across the globe, with a huge number of routes, airlines and destinations springing up all around the world – holidays, visits and tourism are now multimillion-dollar industries.

The shortest flight recorded was performed by none other than the amazing, supersonic Concorde, which set a record for flying between London and New York City in just 2 hours and 56 minutes on the 1st January 1983 – this was a vast improvement from the typical 9 hours plus flight between the two destinations!

While this flight may have been the fastest, it was not the busiest; that honor goes to the South Korean Seoul-Jeju flight route, which saw 250 daily scheduled connections, and over 14 million passengers per year – on average, you could board a flight once every 15 minutes!

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