How to Draw an Alien Dog

When it comes to the perfect pooch, many of us have a favorite breed. From shepherds to chihuahuas, Great Danes to Labradors, there really is a dog for everyone. An alien dog, however, is a brand-new concept; and just what would they look like? Follow the steps to find out!

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How to draw an alien dog step 1

Grab a black pen, and draw two circles, just to the right of center of your page.


How to draw an alien dog step 2

Connect these two circles with a jagged line, with three points on the top, to form the head of your dog.


How to draw an alien dog step 3

Add two tall semi-circles, one above each circle, on either side of the head. Then, add an outline to each of these semi-circles. These will be the dogs’ ears.


How to draw an alien dog step 4

Move to the bottom of the eyes, and draw a curved line on each side. Add a small circle just below the eyes.


How to draw an alien dog step 5

Fill in all of this circle with the black pen, leaving just a small white dot for the nose.


How to draw an alien dog step 6

Next, add a circle in the middle of the curved lines, just below the nose, for the mouth area of your dog.


How to draw an alien dog step 7

Fill in this mouth area with a curved “W” shape, and draw a small “U” shape underneath for the tongue. Add a short vertical mark just below the point of the “U” for detail, and then add a few dots just above the mouth, and below the nose.


How to draw an alien dog step 8

Next, add two shapes inside the eyes; these should almost look like fat crescent moons. Fill in the eyes with the black, leaving little “cutouts” at the top.


How to draw an alien dog step 9

Return to the left hand side of the dog just underneath the left cheek. Draw a long curved line, like a “C” shape, heading down towards the bottom of the page. At the bottom, bring a curved line up and continue this down to draw a paw the bottom of the creature. Then, add two small marks for toes, and bring another curved line up, making this thicker at the bottom, and coming up to a point – this will be the tail.


How to draw an alien dog step 10

Next, bring a line down from the right hand side below the cheek, and add another paw to the bottom. Bring a line across from the left-hand paw, moving up and across to end in jagged line. Then, add a curved line to connect the two paws together.


How to draw an alien dog step 11

Add a little tail to the left hand side of the dog, by drawing two curved lines, joined with a jagged line.


How to draw an alien dog step 12

Grab a pink pen, and add some color to the inside of the ears and the tongue.


How to draw an alien dog step 13

Now, use a light green highlighter pen to fill in the rest of the body of the dog, leaving the eyes and mouth area blank for now.


How to draw an alien dog step 14

Use a green pen to go over the outlines at the bottom of the body, the bottom of the face and the edges of the ears.


How to draw an alien dog step 15

Use a red pen to add another outline to the inside of the ears.


How to draw an alien dog step 16

And grab a gray pencil to add careful shading to the bottom half of the eyes.

And in just a few short steps, you have your very own alien dog. Now, the real question is, just what does one call such a creature?

We know that pooches are man’s best friend – but could this also apply to aliens? Our furry companions are a common sight in homes across the planet and there are over 470 million of the creatures in the world – if alien friends decided to pay us a visit, there is every chance they would fall in love with our four-legged friends for themselves!

Over half of all US presidents have owned dogs as trusted advisors, and President Calvin Coolidge owned at least a dozen dogs during his lifetime!

As well as being adorable, dogs are also super smart, and have a rich, extensive history. The oldest known breed in the world is the Saluki, and these are believed to have originated in Egypt in around the year 329 BC, making their way through time to walk beside us today.

In addition, a recent study by experts at Cornell University suggested that dogs were domesticated between 9000 and 34000 years ago, and have been familiar and loyal companions ever since this time.

The most popular breed according to the American Kennel Club is the Labrador Retriever, and this is perhaps the most recognizable family dog, though each breed has their own unique style and beauty.

This includes the smallest breeds – the chihuahua, which comes in at around six inches, right up to the Irish wolfhound, which is the tallest breed at between 30 and 35 inches in height.

No matter your preference, there is no denying that dogs are a major part of our lives, and they have plenty to offer a loving home.

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