How to Draw an Alien Dragon

We all know stories of aliens, and tales of dragons, but what happens when you bring the two together? Read on to discover the ultimate hybrid, and learn how to bring it to life.

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How to draw an alien dragon step 1

Begin by drawing two “egg” shapes to the left of your page. At the top of the “eggs”, add a curve line, and fill in the top space. Then, add a curved line coming up and out from the left hand “egg”, and reaching over to the right. These will be the eyes of your creature.


How to draw an alien dragon step 2

Add another line, heading straight out towards the left, emerging from the left hand eye. Bring this line across, curved round, and down, before curving again at the bottom and bringing the other side up to almost meet the original line. Make the bottom line slightly thicker, and add a series of small, blue dots just inside the curve.


How to draw an alien dragon step 3

Add a “teardrop” shape in the middle of this shape, and make the bottom of this slightly thicker by adding more lines.


How to draw an alien dragon step 4

Now, bring a short line across from the original curve, and then flick this up towards the top of the page. Add a series of “bumps”, and at the end of the third one, bring the line back down at an angle.


How to draw an alien dragon step 5

Next, return to the original curve, and after a very slight gap, add another curved line, extending out to the right, and ending in a large spiral, which curls in below the main body of the drawing.


How to draw an alien dragon step 6

Now, return to the dotted curve, and add a “U” shape just below this line, connected to the bottom. Bring this up and across, and add another, smaller “U” shape to the right, before continuing the line parallel with the spiral, joining both ends together in a sharp point.


How to draw an alien dragon step 7

Thicken the line on the inside of the spiral by adding a few more lines to the original.


How to draw an alien dragon step 8

Now return to the jagged lines on top of the creature, and add small, sharp “square” shapes just inside these. These are the fins and scales of your alien dragon.


How to draw an alien dragon step 9

Add another set of fins to the back of the creature, and repeat the “square” shapes just inside.


How to draw an alien dragon step 10

Fill in the scales on the back fin with the blue pen.


How to draw an alien dragon step 11

Grab a gray pen, and use this to fill in the scales of the front.


How to draw an alien dragon step 12

Then, use the blue pen to fill in the outer shape of the front fin.


How to draw an alien dragon step 13

Use the gray pen to add two small pupils to the inside of the eyes…


How to draw an alien dragon step 14

Now switch to a red pen, and add a series of sharp points, with one row facing down and the other facing up, inside the “teardrop” shape you drew earlier – this is the mouth of the dragon. Leave these points empty, and fill in the rest of the mouth with the red.


How to draw an alien dragon step 15

Using the red pen, add a series of small circles to the tail of the dragon.


How to draw an alien dragon step 16

Then, add three “points” to the bottom of each of the “U” shapes, to represent fearsome claws.


How to draw an alien dragon step 17

Return to the gray pen, and add small dots to the bottoms of these points.


How to draw an alien dragon step 18

Finally, use a cyan color to fill in the rest of the dragon’s body.

And just like that, you have discovered just what an alien-dragon hybrid would really look like, and brought it to life before your very eyes!

The world of fantasy has long gripped the imagination of readers, movie goers, and TV fans alike. From long-lands to mythical creatures, there are a few must-have elements to include in every fantasy story.

But what about thinking outside the box, and combining the world of fantasy with the concept of extraterrestrial life? By definition, extraterrestrial life is any hypothetical life which did not start its journey on Earth, and which may exist outside our planet. According to experts, examples may include intelligent and sentient beings, as well as the potential for huge, advanced civilizations with the potential to rival those of humans.

Research has been actively ongoing ever since the mid-20th century, and this has included a search for extraterrestrial life in all its forms, including plants, animals and life forms which may emulate humans. Methods have ranged from analyzing specimen and telescope data, to using radio technology to search for and interpret communication signals which may have emerged from outside our Universe.

In addition to a range of methods and advancing technologies, conversations have arisen regarding the ethics and motivations for attempting to communicate with extraterrestrial life – what will we gain from this? Are our intentions purely scientific, or are we looking to dominate the civilizations we find? Will the creatures we uncover be friendly, or express unhappiness or even anger at being discovered? And just what are we likely to find? After all, if the possibility of extraterrestrial life exists, then why shouldn’t it take the form of a fearsome alien dragon?

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