How to Draw an Alien Plant

When we talk about aliens, many of us are interested in discovering whether there is life on Mars, whether there is water in outer space, and how we can make contact with those beyond our Galaxy. One important area to consider however, is plant life – and we have the ultimate tutorial to allow you to draw your own alien plant – let’s get started!

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How to draw an alien plant step 1

Grab a cyan pen and a drawing compass, and use these to create four circles, two large and two small, roughly in the center of your page.


How to draw an alien plant step 2

Using a purple pen, add a small “bucket shape” to the bottom of the top large circle. Fill this in using the purple pen.


How to draw an alien plant step 3

Next, draw a series of small lines growing up from this “bucket”, and add small circles, like rings, to the top of each strand.


How to draw an alien plant step 4

Repeat this process inside all of the other circles.


How to draw an alien plant step 5

Now, turn your attention to the smaller circle at the bottom. From just below this draw a large puddle shape, emerging from the bottom of the circle.


How to draw an alien plant step 6

Once again, repeat this on all of the other circles, drawing a long line from the top circle to the puddle at the bottom.


How to draw an alien plant step 7

Use the purple pen to add an outline to each of these puddles, so that some is filled in and some left white.


How to draw an alien plant step 8

Switch to a pink pen, and use this to fill in the rest of the puddles – leave a few long, thin gaps in each of the streams.


How to draw an alien plant step 9

Grab a cyan pen, I’d use this to fill in the gaps, so that all of the puddle is colored.


How to draw an alien plant step 10

Finally, use a cyan highlighter pen to fill in the remainder of the circles at the top, to complete your incredible alien plant!

Now, it is up to you to use your imagination to decide where your plant would grow; would it be a whole new planet? Could it be edible? Maybe it contains a deadly poison… the rest is up to you!

Most of us are happy to accept that E.T. was just a movie, but that is not to say that there have not been serious noises and signals emanating from the universe; and attention on them has grown in recent years.

Just a few years ago researchers announced that they had captured a mysterious beam of energy in the radio aspect of their electromagnetic spectrum. This hit readings of 980 megahertz, and was said to be coming from the star which is closest to our own, known as Proxima Centauri.

Proxima Centauri is just 4.2 light-years away from earth – just up the road in terms of the universe – and is known to host 1 rocky world which is 17% larger than earth, as well as one large gas giant. The rocky planet is in the area of the star which is said to be habitable – that is, one which could sustain in life in a similar way to earth, thanks to its ability to hold water.

While scientists have been quick to dismiss the signals as the shifting of a planet, or a mundane source such as a hydrogen cloud or comet – maybe even space junk – the fact remains that we cannot say for certain what did, or did not, cause the sound. Could beings from another planet to be trying to make contact? Are they trying to get in touch, or deliver a message? And if this is the case, what are they trying to say? Only time will tell, and all we can do is watch and wait…

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