How to Draw an Angel Dog

We know that in real life, most dogs are far from angels… but there is no harm in pretending with this simple tutorial!

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How to draw an angel dog step 1

Start with a black liner, and draw a wavy line, ending in a” balloon” shape at the right hand end – don’t worry about making this perfectly round.


How to draw an angel dog step 2

Now, repeat this shape on the other side of the line.


How to draw an angel dog step 3

Now, add a short vertical line in the center of these two shapes, and two curved lines on either side. Then, make another short mark just below these.


How to draw an angel dog step 4

Just below the short mark, add a wavy ”S” shape, which flicks out at either end of the line. Beneath this, add a small circle, with a short line descending from the bottom, and two short, diagonal lines – almost like a stick figure with no arms. Around this shape, add a circle, and join this to the other side.


How to draw an angel dog step 5

Now, add two small eyes beneath the wavy line, and add a line inside these, around two thirds of the way up. Fill in the bottom two thirds almost completely, leaving just a small, white dot in each.


How to draw an angel dog step 6

Add another set of two lines heading down from beneath the right hand ear…


How to draw an angel dog step 7

And from the left hand side, heading down in a wavy line, intersected with short, curved lines heading up and across to the right.


How to draw an angel dog step 8

Now, add a series of bumpy lines to the right hand side, to create wings for your angel dog!


How to draw an angel dog step 9

Add another set of wings on the left hand side, just inside the line.


How to draw an angel dog step 10

Continue the outline line on the left hand side down, before curving it across the bottom of the page, and adding another” bumpy” line upwards to join the two halves of the shape.


How to draw an angel dog step 11

Add a feathery tail to the middle of the bottom of the drawing; use short lines and hatching to add detail and texture here.


How to draw an angel dog step 12

Now for some color! Use a black to fill in the ears and the face, leaving the lines clearly visible.


How to draw an angel dog step 13

Use a yellow pen to create a golden halo for your dog…


How to draw an angel dog step 14

And carefully outline this with an orange pen.


How to draw an angel dog step 15

Use a pale orange pencil to add color to the main body of the angel dog.


How to draw an angel dog step 16

Now, go over the outlines of the body with the orange pencil, pressing slightly harder to add a little darker shading around the edges.


How to draw an angel dog step 17

Finally, use a black liner to carefully outline the details of the dog, and to add small hatching and marks to the inside for a little extra detail and depth.

Positively angelic! Now, if only all pet dogs looked and behaved that well…

There is no denying that dogs are often considered man’s best friend, and they are a valued member of the family for many of us.

Pooches come in all shapes and sizes, from the tiniest chihuahua to the speedy greyhound – these amazing breeds can reach speeds of up to 44 miles per hour when running at full pelt – and most people will have a particular fondness for their favorite breed.

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As an aside, they will get adorably cranky if they are tired, and may need their humans to put them to bed! Puppies are at the very start of their lives, and need assistance with everything from learning to walk and socialize with other dogs, to being taught commands and tricks to help them integrate into the family.

They also love to play, and hide and seek is a perfect way to spend an afternoon with a puppy! It can take over a year for a puppy to gain the other half of their body weight, and during this time they will be curious, naughty, and full of energy – but there is no denying that the rewards are very much worth it.

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