How to Draw an Avocado Tree

Staying healthy is a key priority for the majority of us, and this includes enjoying a healthy, balanced diet. In recent years, avocados have become the golden option, and offer a range of health benefits which can offer incredible advantages. Want to learn where they come from? Read on to learn how to draw your very own avocado tree!

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How to Draw an Avocado Tree Step 1

Begin with a black marker and draw two parallel lines in the center of your page, emerging up from the bottom. Around halfway up, bring the right-hand line across to spiral downwards to the right, on the left-hand line across to the left to spiral upwards – this is the trunk, and the bottom branches of your tree.


How to Draw an Avocado Tree Step 2

Add two small, slightly curved lines to the top of the curve on the right-hand side. Then, add another curved line just above this, ending in two curved “forks”.


How to Draw an Avocado Tree Step 3

Add the same curved shape to the bottom of the left-hand line, and just above the main trunk.


How to Draw an Avocado Tree Step 4

Use a black pen to add another branch to the left, just above the first, with several smaller branches coming off at the top and bottom.


How to Draw an Avocado Tree Step 5

Repeat this on the right-hand side, with plenty of swirls, spirals and wavy lines to create branches and twigs.


How to Draw an Avocado Tree Step 6

Continue to repeat this on both sides, ending the branches in two forks, until you meet in the middle with a tall, curved branch at the top, ending in a fork.


How to Draw an Avocado Tree Step 7

Then, use the black pen to fill in the trunk and branches of the tree.


How to Draw an Avocado Tree Step 8

Now, grab a green pen, and add leaves to the top branches – create three small, triangular shapes on each, and fill these in.


How to Draw an Avocado Tree Step 9

Next, add a series of small “avocado” shapes to several of the other branches, angling these down towards the ground.


How to Draw an Avocado Tree Step 10

Finish drawing the branches above some avocados.


How to Draw an Avocado Tree Step 11

Continue to add leaves and fruits to various branches…


How to Draw an Avocado Tree Step 12

Until each of them is full!

Now you have created your very own avocado tree – the bearer of the mighty avocado fruit! Why not work to create your own orchard, or combine the tree with the fruits of its labor – the avocado itself?

When it comes to superfoods, avocados are up there with the best of the best, and there is good reason for their status as a health must-have. They contain more potassium than bananas – often cited as the best source – as well as plenty of antioxidants, fat (more than any other fruit or vegetable) and a ton of fiber. This combination allows the avocado to form the staple of a number of dishes and delicious recipes, including the famous guacamole.

These days, 95% of all commercially grown avocados in the United States come from trees which are a direct descendant of a single tree, originally owned by a mail carrier from California – this means that most of the avocados you enjoy will be distantly related in some way!

While avocados are recommended to help humans stay healthy and well, the same cannot be said for other species – these fruits are extremely poisonous to cats, dogs, birds and rabbits. Keep your treat away from your precious pets – they are for you alone to enjoy!

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