How to Draw Apple Seeds

Let’s draw apple seeds step by step. Tools needed: paper, black pen, brown pen, orange pen.

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How to draw apple seeds step 1

Start with a black pen, and draw a large, teardrop shape on the left hand side of your page. The point of the “tear” should be facing just off to the right.


How to draw apple seeds step 2

Next, replicate this shape around 6-7 times, alternating the direction of the “teardrop” ever so slightly, leaving you with an eclectic mix of similar shapes.


How to draw apple seeds step 3

When you have all your outlines, add another, smaller “teardrop” shape just inside the first, and repeat this for each example.


How to draw apple seeds step 4

Then, add a small circle to the right hand side of each shape, in the space between the inner and outer lines.


How to draw apple seeds step 5

Add dark shading to the outer ring of each shape, leaving the small circle blank.


How to draw apple seeds step 6

Grab a brown pen, and use this to fill in the center of the shape almost completely – leave a small sliver in the center on each example.


How to draw apple seeds step 7

Take an orange pen, and fill in the sliver in the center of each shape to give you a detailed and textured multitone for your final seed.

And that is all you need to know in order to create your very own apple seeds! The next stage: work your way up to the full tree, and let your imagination grow.

Interesting Facts About Apples

We all know how important apples are to our health, but did you know that they are also a member of the rose family? And that the first apple actually originated in China?

As well as tasting great, these seemingly simple fruits are also home to a host of unexpected facts, and have been satisfying fruit fans since 6500BC. Despite the miracles of technology, most apples are still picked by hand to preserve their crisp crunch.

With over 7500 varieties available worldwide, and apples being found in pretty much every country on the planet, it is little surprise that they take a place as one of the most popular fruits – and it all starts with a tiny, seemingly insignificant little seed.

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