How to Draw Cartoon Shoes

Nowadays, we take the shoes we put on out feet for granted, and rarely tend to give them much thought beyond choosing a style that is fashionable, appealing and practical for the purpose we have chosen.

Many styles of the shoe have a rich story – did you know, for example, that men were the first to wear heels in the 10th century, to help them stay in the stirrups of their horses?

Or that in Ancient Greece, the higher your platform, the higher your status?

How about the fact that Dr. Martens started life as worker’s boots, rather than a fashion statement?

Whether you are a fan of sky-high Louboutin’s (whose red sole was inspired by Andy Warhol), or prefer to keep it comfy in sneakers (so-called because their soles make no noise), read on to discover how to create your own pair of cartoon shoes, and make sure you are always prepared!

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How to draw cartoon shoes step 1

Start with a black pen, and draw a “horseshoe” shape to the right of your page, around an inch from the top. Make sure that the inside line curves in slightly more than the outside.


How to draw cartoon shoes step 2

Next, add another similar shape below this one, this time turning it upside down. The second “horseshoe” should be slightly longer than the first, and have a curve along the tip to create a top section. There should be a gap between the top and bottom shapes.


How to draw cartoon shoes step 3

Add four small, crescent shapes along each inside edge of the “horseshoe” – these will be your holes for laces.


How to draw cartoon shoes step 4

Add the laces themselves by creating a crisscross pattern between the crescent shapes, making sure that each “lace” is composed of two parallel lines, moving across the shoe.


How to draw cartoon shoes step 5

Then, add lace on either side of the shoe, emerging from the gap you left, by drawing two parallel, wavy lines. Add a slight point to the ends for that extra detail.


How to draw cartoon shoes step 6

Now for stitching – add a series of small dashes all around the edge of the shape, following the outside curves, to add stitching to hold your shoes together.


How to draw cartoon shoes step 7

No shoe is any good alone, so repeat the steps above to create the other half of the pair, placing his alongside the first shoe.


How to draw cartoon shoes step 8

Grab a red pen, and use this to fill in the main body of the shoe, keeping the tips, insides and laces blank for now.


How to draw cartoon shoes step 9

Use a brown pen to add a little color to the inside of the shoe…


How to draw cartoon shoes step 10

And grab a gray pencil to add some shading to the edges of the tip, and the sides of the soles which are visible.

And voila – you have everything you need to know to draw your very own pair of cartoon, “Chuck” style sneakers – but just where will they end up taking you?

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