Free Printable Mushroom Coloring Pages

Mushroom coloring pages are a great way to have fun with coloring, and they also help children develop their motor skills. They can be used for relaxation, as well as for developing creativity.

Mushroom Coloring Pages Gallery

Mushroom coloring pages are an easy and enjoyable way for children to practice their motor skills, as well as to work on their creativity. Whether you want to use it for relaxation or design, mushroom coloring pages are a great choice.

Today we’re sharing many stories about the fun times that can be had with mushrooms. Mushrooms have all sorts of forest friends, like caterpillars, bunnies, and snails. They also get up to all sorts of adventures that are like none other.

So prepare to have a grand time without mushroom friends today. Grab your coloring utensils and help make their stories come to life.

A Caterpillar Rests On A Mushroom

Mushroom coloring pages 1

Once there was a caterpillar resting on a mushroom. The caterpillar was resting on the mushroom for quite some time.

It just sat there, not moving at all. It seemed to be enjoying the sun and the fresh air.

The caterpillar was very content with its surroundings and he didn’t want to leave.

A Bunny Visits The Grand Mushroom

Mushroom coloring pages 2

Once upon a time, there was an old man who lives in a house with his daughter and her husband. One day, the old man sees a bunny in his garden. He goes to the garden to see what it is doing there and finds that it is eating all of his vegetables. The old man then decides to take care of the bunny as he feels sorry for it. He feeds it carrots and lettuce every day and one day, he even decides to let it stay in his house with him.

The story ends with the old man’s daughter telling him not to feed the bunny anymore because she wants her father back and not this stranger who has taken over their home.

A Big Mushroom Grows In The Wilds

Mushroom coloring pages 3

A mushroom that was found in the wilds of West Virginia. It is a big mushroom, and it grows in the wild, not in your garden. That makes it a special kind of mushroom, and to see it you must travel to the wilds.

A Dozen Mushrooms Bounce Around The Forest

Mushroom coloring pages 4

It starts with one mushroom, who is feeling bored and lonely. He notices that all of his friends are busy doing something else, so he decides to go find some more friends. He finds three other mushrooms and they bounce around together for a while. But then they get distracted by something shiny, and the four of them go off in search of it. They end up finding another mushroom, who has been looking for them too! The five of them have a lot of fun bouncing around together until they get distracted by something else shiny again. They find two more friends and the six of them have an even better time bouncing around together than before!

Tall Mushroom Grow Wide And Large

Mushroom coloring pages 5

Once upon a time, there was a mushroom that grew tall and wide. He had no friends because he was so big.

The little mushroom wanted to be as big as the other mushrooms, but he couldn’t because he needed more time to grow.

One day, the big mushroom met another mushroom that was also tall and wide. The little one felt bad that he had no friends like the other mushrooms did.

The two mushrooms decided to team up and make a plan together! They thought about how they could grow wider and taller together so they could have more friends!

A Happy Mushroom Party Takes Place

Mushroom coloring pages 6

One day, a group of mushrooms was sitting around a fire. They were talking about their lives and what they wanted to do in the future.

“I want to be a tall human,” said one.

“No, I want to be a big green fiery dragon,” said one mushroom.

“I want to fly like a big black bird in the sky,” said the third mushroom.

The fourth mushroom had a brilliant idea: “Let’s come up with our own dreams! We can’t all be the same animals, we should be different.” So they sat around in their circle and dreamed of their future selves until they fell asleep and woke up as dragons, birds, humans, butterflies, and all the wonderful things that they wanted to be.

A Family Of Mushrooms Take A Break

Mushroom coloring pages 7

The story starts with a family of mushrooms taking a break on the forest floor. They are all snuggled up together, and one of them is reading a book. The mushrooms start to get bored and they want to play games, but there are no games around. Then they find an old phone by the log and decide to play the old game that was on it.

The Lonely Mushroom Looks For A Friend

Mushroom coloring pages 8

Once there was a lonely mushroom. One day, the mushroom was feeling very lonely. So he started looking for his friend. He looked and looked, but there was no one to be found. The next day, the mushroom was still feeling lonely and sad. But then he saw some ants walking by and decided to ask them if they were his friends too. The ants just walked past him without saying anything at all…

The mushroom was lonely but he would be okay.

The Mushroom Kingdom Crowns Their Queen

Mushroom coloring pages 9

There was a group of mushrooms that were looking for a new queen. They have lived in the forest for many years and it’s time for them to find someone to rule over them.

The mushrooms are determined to find a new queen. They look far and wide until finally they find a new Mushroom Queen and crown her with a beautiful golden crown.

The Mushroom Group Looks For New Friends

Mushroom coloring pages 10

The Mushroom Group has been in business for over fifty years, but they are not satisfied with where they are now. They have been looking for ways to grow their business and make it better, so they are looking for new friends who can help them do that.

They know that if they make a few friends, their mushroom business will be even bigger.

The Girl Has A Tea Party With The Mushrooms

Mushroom coloring pages 11

One day, the girl went to a party with some mushrooms. She loved the mushrooms and they became her friends because they were so interesting and she was so happy. She had never been happier in her life until she woke up one morning and the mushrooms were gone. The girl was very sad because she missed them, but then she saw that there were more mushrooms in her garden!

A Rabbit Moves Into A Mushroom Home

Mushroom coloring pages 12

One day, a rabbit moves into a mushroom home, and that’s when the fun begins. The rabbit can’t wait to decorate his mushroom home and turn it into the home he’s always dreamed of.

The Mushroom Fairy Jumps On A Mushroom

Mushroom coloring pages 13

One day a little fairy goes on an adventure to find a mushroom. She loves to snack on mushrooms and she would just love a tasty mushroom treat right about now. Her favorite way to find a tasty mushroom treat is to jump on them. The bounciest mushrooms are her favorite.

The Fairy Likes To Sleep On Mushrooms

Mushroom coloring pages 14

There was a fairy who liked to sleep on mushrooms and dream of the day when she will come back to the forest. The forest was her favorite place in the world and she couldn’t wait to return.

The Caterpillar Loves Its Mushroom Friend

Mushroom coloring pages 15

Once upon a time, there was a caterpillar who loved her mushroom friend. One day, the caterpillar felt very sad because she had never seen her friend. She decided to go on an adventure to find her friend and bring him back home so they could be together again.

She walked and walked until she found a little house that smelled like mushrooms. She knocked on the door and found out that it was her friend! The caterpillar was so happy to finally see him again.

The Mushroom Homes Look Very Beautiful

Mushroom coloring pages 16

A person named Gabrielle lives in a mushroom home and has been doing so for about a year now. Gabrielle says that she loves living in her mushroom home because it is very environmentally friendly, it’s not expensive to maintain, and it’s really comfortable to live in. Would you live in a mushroom?

The Bunny Hides An Easter Egg In The Mushroom

Mushroom coloring pages 17

A very funny bunny hides an Easter egg in the mushroom. But he doesn’t know where to hide it. He thinks and thinks and then he decides to hide it in the middle of the mushroom.

The bunny hides an Easter egg in the mushroom. Was that a good hiding place?

The Porcupine Takes A Nap Under The Mushroom

Mushroom coloring pages 18

The porcupine was tired from his walk in the forest, so he found a nice place to take a nap under the mushroom.

He found it was very comfortable there, and he fell asleep for quite some time.

Suddenly, he woke up feeling something on his back. He turned around and saw that it was just one of the mushroom’s brown caps that had fallen down on him when it got too heavy from the rain. The porcupine felt relieved and went back to sleep again.

The Mushroom Grows Flowers All Around It

Mushroom coloring pages 19

A few years ago, I had just moved to a new city. I was feeling lonely and out of place. One day I found this old abandoned house on my walk home from work, and it looked like something out of a fairy tale. There were flowers blooming all around the house, and there was this beautiful glow coming from inside. I felt drawn to go inside, so I did.

The inside of the house was empty but it still had this feeling of love and warmth that made me feel at home right away. When I left the house, there were flowers blooming everywhere outside.

The Porcupine Gives Its Mushroom Friend A Big Hug

Mushroom coloring pages 20

Once upon a time, there was a porcupine who was very lonely. One day, it found a mushroom and the two became friends. The porcupine loved hugging its mushroom friend and the mushroom loved being hugged by the porcupine. They would hug each other every day and they were very happy together.

One day, the mushroom decided to go for a walk in the forest with its friend, but when it got back home, it found that its friend had gone away. He went looking for his friend all over the forest but couldn’t find him anywhere. It cried every day because it missed hugging its friend so much.

After many days of searching, one day he saw his old friend coming toward him from far away! He ran as fast as he could to hug the mushroom.

The Big Caterpillar Likes To Dance Around The Mushrooms

Mushroom coloring pages 21

Once upon a time, there was a caterpillar. He liked to dance around the mushrooms. One day, he came across another caterpillar and they danced together for a while. And then they went their separate ways.

The Mushroom Lady Likes To Sing Different Songs

Mushroom coloring pages 22

The Mushroom Lady is my grandmother. She was born in the early 1900s and she had a hard life. 

But even though she had a hard life, her favorite thing to do was sing songs. It didn’t matter what kind of song it was or how many times she sang it before – she just liked to sing different songs.

I remember when I was little, I would go over to my grandparents’ house and we would sit on their porch and listen to my grandmother singing all these old country songs that nobody really sings anymore. She would always say that they reminded her of when she was a little girl.

A Snail Slides Around The Mushroom

Mushroom coloring pages 23

One day, the snail was sliding on the mushroom and a bee came to visit him. The bee asked the snail if he would like to fly with him and go see all of the beautiful flowers in the forest. The snail said no because he loved sliding on his mushroom so much! The bee was very angry but said that he would be back the next day. The bee then flew away.

The next day, a very beautiful flower came to visit the mushroom and asked the snail if he wanted to fly with her for a few hours. The snail said yes! So, they both went flying on their wings and visited all of the flowers in the forest.

The Big Mushroom House Grows In The Sun

Mushroom coloring pages 24

One day a boy goes to the park with his mother. The boy sees a big mushroom house and he asks his mother what it is. His mother tells him that it is a mushroom house. The boy then asks if he can go inside the mushroom house and his mom says yes. As they go in, the boy sees all sorts of mushrooms growing on the ground. He thinks that they are so cool!

The Mushroom Happily Lets A Family Of Snails Move In

Mushroom coloring pages 25

A family of snails moves into a mushroom.

The family of snails who moves into an old mushroom. They live inside the mushroom until it rains and they have to leave because they don’t want to get wet. But they enjoyed their time living inside the mushroom.

The Mushrooms and The Snails Build A Beautiful Home

Mushroom coloring pages 26

There was a little house in the country that is being built by two friends, the Mushrooms and the Snails.

The Mushrooms are very tall and strong, but they’re not so good at thinking about things like stairs or windows. The Snails are small but clever and they love to think of new ideas for what to do with walls or floors. Together they build a beautiful home for themselves and all their friends.

The Woman Loves To Decorate Her Mushroom Home

Mushroom coloring pages 27

The woman lives in a house made of mushrooms and she loves to decorate it. One day, she was looking at the mushrooms in her yard and they looked so sad. She thought that they needed some color. So, she went inside and got some paint from the shelf. She painted the mushrooms all different colors and then went back inside to admire her work.

The Owl Takes A Break On Top Of The Spotted Mushroom

Mushroom coloring pages 28

The family of owls lived in the tree. They were all hooting, and they were all happy.

But one day, an owl was sad because he was tired from flying around all day long. He wanted to take a break.

He flew down from the tree to the ground and found himself a spot on top of the spotted mushroom where he could rest for a while before flying back up to his home in the tree again.

Bees and Other Insects Fly Around The Big Old Mushroom

Mushroom coloring pages 29

One day a little girl named Ellie and her mommy found a big old mushroom. The two of them were walking through the forest when they came across it. They were amazed by its size and the way it was so tall and round. It was covered in dirt, moss, and even some leaves that had fallen from the trees above it.

The next day, Ellie woke up to find that there were bees and other insects flying around the mushroom. She wondered what was happening as she looked closer at its surface. There were many tiny holes on top of it where all of these bugs had gathered for some reason or another. She watched as they crawled out of one hole to go into another one nearby until finally, one flew off into the beautiful sky.

The Butterflies Dance Around The Jumping Mushrooms

Mushroom coloring pages 30

Every day, when the sun is shining, they fly around and play in the field. They jump up and down and they’re so happy!

A Bunny Watches The Girl Do Ballet On A Mushroom

Mushroom coloring pages 31

One warm summer day a bunny who watches a little girl do ballet on top of a mushroom. He admires the way she can spin around and around without getting dizzy, the bunny wishes he could do ballet too. 

The Little Bunny Enjoys Sniffing Flowers Around Her Mushroom House

Mushroom coloring pages 32

One day, the little bunny found some flowers that she had never smelled before. The little bunny was very curious about these flowers and she decided to go closer to them and smell them. When the little bunny got close enough, she discovered that these flowers were not like any other flower she had ever smelled before!

The little bunny loved the smell of these new flowers so much that she wanted to bring her friends over to sniff them too. So the next day, when the sun came out, the little bunny went back and picked some more of these new flowers for her friends.

The Toad Puts On A Performance For the Mushrooms and Flowers

Mushroom coloring pages 33

In the story, a toad who liked to perform for his mushroom and flower friends. He would sing and dance for them every day. One day, the toad had an idea that he would do something extra special for his friends.

The toad put on a performance for his mushroom and flower friends. He sang, danced, and made shapes with his body. The mushrooms and flowers were so happy with the performance that they said they loved him very much.

A Big Strawberry Bush Grows Around A Mushroom

Mushroom coloring pages 34

Once upon a time, there was a big strawberry bush. It grew very tall and wide. One day, the wind blew from the east and some of the leaves fell off of the bush. A storm came from the west and more leaves fell off of it. Some leaves were left on top of it, but they were all yellow and brown because they had been blown away by the wind or fallen off because of the storm.

One day, as some children were walking by, one said to another “I wonder what’s under all those leaves?” The other child replied, “I don’t know.” So they went to find out together. They started pulling at some leaves near them, but then their hands got tired and they decided to go back to the strawberry bush.

The Mushroom Happily Dances With The Strawberries

Mushroom coloring pages 35

Once upon a time, there was a family who lived in a beautiful forest. They had many friends, including some very special friends – mushrooms and strawberries.

The family loved their forest home so much that they never wanted to leave it, but the forest was being destroyed by people who didn’t care about it.

One day the mother found out that if they didn’t do something soon, their whole forest would be gone forever. The family decided to move away from the forest and find somewhere else to live so that other people could enjoy it too.

The Mushroom Kingdom Is Inhabited By Cats

Mushroom coloring pages 36

The Mushroom Kingdom is inhabited by cats.

I know this because I am one of them.

We all have names too, but we don’t use them very often. It’s not a thing we do here. Instead, we just refer to each other as “cat” or “kitty” or “feline” or whatever else seems appropriate at the time. It can get confusing sometimes, but usually, there’s someone around who knows who you’re talking about and can tell you what to call them next time.

A Small Squirrel Snacks On A Delicious Mushroom

Mushroom coloring pages 37

One day, the small squirrel was just minding his own business, snacking on some delicious mushrooms. Suddenly, he spotted something out of the corner of his eye. A big, brown bear! The little squirrel had never seen a bear before and so he started to run away as fast as he could.

But the bear was too fast for him! It only took one leap and the little squirrel found himself in the mouth of the big brown bear. The bear then went back into its cave with its new toy – the small squirrel!

A Group Of Mushroom Friends Have A Growing Contest

Mushroom coloring pages 38

A group of mushroom friends has a growing contest.

One day, the rain started to pour and it kept raining for days. All of the mushrooms started to grow so fast, they were all taller than their friend. The rain made them grow so quickly!

The next day, the sun came out and they stopped growing. They all looked at each other and realized that they were all at different heights.

So they had a contest to see who could be the tallest!

A Snail Dances Around on A Mushroom Bun

Mushroom coloring pages 39

It was a hot day. The sun was shining and the sky was blue. The snail felt like he needed to cool off, so he decided to go for a swim in the pond.

He walked over to the pond and saw that there were some little kids playing in it.

The kids were throwing stones at each other, which made it hard for him to get into the water without getting hurt.

Just then, a big frog hopped up and said “Hi there!”

The snail replied “Hi” and then asked if she could help him get into the water without getting hurt by any of the stones.

The frog said “sure!” and helped him hop right into the water where he could enjoy himself as much as everyone else.

The Porcupine Takes Apples, Pears, and Mushrooms to His Home

Mushroom coloring pages 40

The porcupine takes apples, pears, and mushrooms to his home. He cooks them in a pot. The porcupine likes to eat them with rice. He also likes eating chicken with his fruits too. The porcupine is a really good chef and with just a few ingredients can cook up a feast. This porcupine is a really funny animal because he doesn’t have any teeth and yet he can still eat all these different foods!

The Mushroom Village Has a Party With Butterflies

Mushroom coloring pages 41

In the Mushroom Village, there was a party with butterflies. They were flying around and landing on people’s noses and heads. The villagers were happy to see them.

The butterflies would fly from one person to another, then land on someone else’s nose or head.

The people in the village loved seeing them–even though they were so tiny and light that you could hardly feel them land on you at all!

It was such a beautiful sight!

The Bird Tells A Story To The Mushrooms

Mushroom coloring pages 42

One day, the bird was feeling very lonely and wanted some friends. The only friends she could think of were the mushrooms who lived in her backyard. So, she went over to their patch and started telling them about her life, hoping that they would be interested in hearing it.

The next day when the bird woke up, she found that all of the mushrooms had been eaten by other animals while she slept. She was so sad! But then she realized that all of her stories were still there and so now they are for everyone to enjoy!

A Big Mushroom Ball And You’re Invited

Mushroom coloring pages 43

At the big mushroom ball, everyone wants to eat mushrooms. Even the mushrooms want to be picked and eaten. The mushroom is so big and tasty that it doesn’t want to be left alone. It wants to find someone who will eat it.

A Mushroom Fairy Needs To Grant A Wish

Mushroom coloring pages 44

The mushroom fairy wakes up from its nap and gets ready to grant wishes. They are able to grant any wish, but they can only do it one at a time.

The first person in line is a girl who wants to be able to fly. The mushroom fairy grants her wish and she flies away, happy as can be.

The Mushroom Cats Like To Meow and Eat Tuna

Mushroom coloring pages 45

Two cats who are living in a forest. They are fed up with their food, so they go on an adventure to find something more delicious. They find a tuna fish, but it’s not enough for both of them. The cats get into an argument and start fighting over the fish. The story ends with one cat eating the whole tuna and the other one walking away without any food at all.

The Mushroom Cafe Is Open For Business

Mushroom coloring pages 46

In this story, we are introduced to a young couple who moves to the country with the intention of opening up a cafe. They find a perfect spot for their new business and start working on the construction.

The first thing they need to do is to clear out all of the trees and shrubs that had been there for decades. After that, they have to build a foundation for their new building. They also have some work done on the inside before they can open up their doors.

It takes them about three months before they finally open up shop and put out their grand opening sign in front of their building. It’s not long before people start coming in droves, eager to taste some of their delicious food and drink. The couple is happy with how things are going so far.

The Book Of Mushroom Stories Has Stories About Mushrooms

Mushroom coloring pages 47

The Book Of Mushroom Stories is a collection of short stories about mushrooms who love to write books. These stories are not like any other mushroom story you’ve read before. They are full of wisdom and life lessons that will help you grow as a person, or even just make you laugh out loud.

The Forest Friends Are Happily Harvesting Mushrooms

Mushroom coloring pages 48

The forest friends are harvesting mushrooms one day when they notice it is getting dark. One of the friends, a big brown bear, notices that it is getting dark and decides to go home. The other forest friends thank the brown bear for his hard work today and tell him to come back tomorrow so they can finish up their mushroom harvest.

Two Lovely Snails Get Married On Top Of A Mushroom

Mushroom coloring pages 49

The two snails were friends and they talked to each other. One day, the snail said “I love you” to the other one and they got married on top of a mushroom.

The Big Mushroom Houses Are Matching

Mushroom coloring pages 50

The Big Mushroom Houses Are Matching is a story about two people who live in houses that are the same size and shape. They both have the same number of windows and doors, but they are different colors. One of them is blue and one is brown. The two people are very happy with their houses until one day, a new house appears on the block. It’s not as big as theirs, but it has more windows and doors than theirs.

The Squirrel Curls Up With A Mushroom Book And Reads To Her Friends

Mushroom coloring pages 51

A squirrel loves to read, but he doesn’t have any friends to read with. He decides to go on an adventure and find some friends.

At last, the squirrel curls up with a mushroom book and reads to her friends.

The Mushroom House is Hidden In A Forest Grove

Mushroom coloring pages 52

A little girl named Chloe found the Mushroom house by accident. She went exploring one day and followed a trail of mushrooms. Chloe couldn’t believe how cool the house was and she wanted to explore it. So she took a step inside and when she did, she found herself in a hallway with doors all around her.

Old Mushroom Friends Spend The Afternoon Together

Mushroom coloring pages 53

Two old friends have not seen each other for a long time. They meet at the market and spend the afternoon together.

The old woman is going to the market to buy food. She has been feeling a little lonely lately, and she does not have many friends in town anymore. She sees an old man from afar and she recognizes him as her childhood friend who she hasn’t seen for years. They greet each other happily, hug, and start chatting about their lives since they last saw each other. The old woman feels so happy that she doesn’t want to go home yet so they keep talking at the market until it gets dark outside.

The Mushroom Fairy Becomes Friends With The Happy Frog

Mushroom coloring pages 54

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who loved to read. She loved to read so much that she had a favorite book. The little girl’s favorite book was about two friends, the Happy Frog, and the Mushroom Fairy.

One day, the little girl found a new friend at school who also loved to read. They became best friends and they shared their favorite books with each other. The little girl told her new friend all about her favorite book, The Mushroom Fairy Becomes Friends With The Happy Frog.

The next day, when the little girl went to school she was so excited because she knew that her new best friend would love this story too!

A Mushroom House Is The Perfect Place To Bake Cookies

Mushroom coloring pages 55

There once was a woman who wanted to bake her own cookies. She had a lot of ideas, but she didn’t know how to make them come to life.

The woman in this story was cooking dinner when she got the idea to bake cookies. She had some ingredients already, so she went out and bought the rest that she needed. She thought about what kind of cookie would be best and what flavors would be good for them. But then she realized that she didn’t know how to make cookies at all!

She started looking up recipes on the internet, but there were too many choices! There was no way for her to decide which one was best for her, so instead of baking anything at all, the woman went back into her kitchen and cooked dinner with her daughter instead.

The Mushrooms Like To Grow With The Flowers

Mushroom coloring pages 56

A girl likes to grow mushrooms in her garden.

She would often go out and look for the mushrooms that she wanted, and then she would bring them home. Sometimes, when it was raining, she couldn’t find any mushrooms at all.

The girl’s favorite mushroom was the one called oyster mushroom. She loved to grow oyster mushrooms because they tasted so good.

Two Friends Walk Around Looking For Mushrooms

Mushroom coloring pages 57

A long time ago, there was a town in the middle of the forest. The people in this town were very strange and they would only speak to each other through their doors.

Every day, two friends would walk around looking for mushrooms. One day, they found a huge mushroom and one of them picked it up.

The other friend got mad at him and said that it was not just any mushroom but a magic mushroom! The first friend said he knew that but still wanted to eat it because he was hungry.

The second friend told him he could not because if he did, then the whole town would know about them!

So the first friend put the mushroom back down and they left without eating anything.

The Mushroom House Is Big And Beautiful

Mushroom coloring pages 58

The Mushroom House is big and beautiful. It has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a big yard. A little creek runs through the backyard to the woods that surround it on three sides.

It was perfect for them. They had been living in an apartment for years, but now they could have their own yard and trees and space to grow things. The kids were happy too because they would have friends over all the time to play in the woods or go fishing in the creek with them.

A Man Rides His Frog Amongst The Mushroom Village

Mushroom coloring pages 59

A man rides his frog in the mushroom village. He is going to visit his wife who lives there. The man is happy to see her and she is happy to see him. They are very much in love with each other and they live happily ever after.

The Lonely Mushroom Sings By Herself

Mushroom coloring pages 60

One day, she saw a beautiful flower. She was so happy that she started singing songs. The flower heard her and got happy too. The next day, the flower was gone. The next day, she saw a beautiful flower. The flower got happy and started singing songs too.

A Big Mushroom Village Watches The Full Moon

Mushroom coloring pages 61

One night, when the moon was full and round, all of the villagers gathered to watch it. It was so round and bright as it hung in the sky. The villagers called this night “the moon festival.”

The next day, they all went back to work. But they couldn’t stop thinking about how beautiful it was when they watched the moon together. So every day after that, they would get together to watch the moon rise in the sky. They would talk about their days and laugh about funny things that had happened or just enjoy each other’s company for a few minutes before going back to their workday.

They were always happy on these nights because they were able to take a break from work.

A Squirrel Is Very Hungry For Mushrooms And Acorns

Mushroom coloring pages 62

A squirrel is very hungry for mushrooms and acorns. He wants to find some food, but he can’t find any.

He goes to a tree and starts climbing up. When he gets higher up in the tree, he sees some mushrooms growing on the ground below him. It looks like they’re just waiting for him to come down and eat them! The squirrel starts climbing down from the tree so that he can get to his delicious lunch. But when he gets halfway down, he realizes that there are also acorns growing on the ground below him! He’s so happy to see this because it means that now he has two options of what to eat for lunch today.

The squirrel decides that it would be better if he climbed back up into the tree to decide.

A Big Mushroom Has A Big Announcement

Mushroom coloring pages 63

A big mushroom has a big announcement.

The big mushroom is announcing that they are opening up a new store.

The store will be called the “Big Mushroom Shop” and it will sell all sorts of things like clothes, food, and toys.

The store will also have a café in it so people can come and have lunch or dinner with their family or friends.

The Big Mushroom Shop is going to be open all day long so people can stop by for coffee in the morning, pick up something for dinner on their way home from work, or grab something for lunch before they head to the office.

It’s going to be a great place to visit!

The Little Boy Skips Through The Mushroom Forest

Mushroom coloring pages 64

The story is about a little boy who goes on an adventure through a mushroom forest. He meets a frog and they have an interesting conversation. The little boy then starts to skip through the forest, looking for more adventures.

The little boy goes on an adventure through a mushroom forest and finds new friends along the way.

A Family Of Mushrooms Grow All-Around

Mushroom coloring pages 65

This is a story about a family of mushrooms who grow all around.

One day, the mushrooms were playing outside. They were running around and having fun and they decided to play hide and seek. The first mushroom hid in the bushes and the second mushroom hid behind a tree. The third mushroom was hiding in the grass when he heard something coming down the path. He peeked out from his hiding place to see what it was, but he couldn’t tell because it was so far away.

The third mushroom didn’t know what to do next so he ran back home as fast as he could to tell his friends about what he saw. When he got home, there was another mushroom waiting for him on his doorstep with a big smile on her face!

Flowers, Mushrooms, And Butterflies Dance All Around

Mushroom coloring pages 66

There was a little girl who loves flowers, mushrooms, and butterflies. She loves to see them dance around.

One day she is playing in the garden with her friends and they see a butterfly. They chase it around and it flies away. The little girl gets so sad she can’t stop crying. Her father picks her up and takes her to the forest where they find many more butterflies dancing around in the trees. The little girl is so happy that she forgets all about how sad she was before and starts chasing the butterflies again!

A Tiny Fairy Returns To Her Mushroom Home After Vacation

Mushroom coloring pages 67

A tiny fairy had been on vacation for so long that she forgot where she lived. It was up to her friends to help her find her way back home. Can you help them find their way back home?

The Old Grandfather Mushroom Reads A Book

Mushroom coloring pages 68

Once there was a grandfather who read a book to his grandson. The story is about how the grandfather and his grandson decide to go on an adventure in the forest.

The Tall Mushroom Princess Sings To Her Friends

Mushroom coloring pages 69

This story is about a princess who lives in the forest and sings to her friends. She sings to them every day to show her love and appreciation for them. One day, she gets lost in the forest and cannot find her way back home. She is scared and lonely but she remembers that she can sing to herself too, so she starts singing again to comfort herself. When she sings, the animals come out of their hiding places and help her find her way back home again.

Mushroom friends sure know how to have fun, we visited mushroom kingdoms with mushroom frogs and even met mushrooms who wanted to be big fiery dragons. What was your favorite mushroom story, and how did you help make it come to life? Share with us below.

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