Penguin Family Coloring Pages

A penguin is a flightless bird that lives in the southern hemisphere. They are found in Antarctica, parts of South America, and New Zealand. Penguins are also very cute animals.

They are known for their black and white color combination and their cute appearance. They have a streamlined body that is made for swimming underwater. Penguins also have wings but they can “fly” only underwater.

This makes penguins a very unique kind of bird that’s totally loveable.

We have some penguin family coloring pages for you, let’s get started!

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Christmas Penguin Family

penguin family coloring pages 1

A family of penguins that celebrates Christmas in their own way. The family consists of Father Christmas, Mother Christmas, Baby Santa Claus, and Little Santa Claus. The rest of the family is away getting a Christmas tree while Mother Christmas and Baby Santa Claus prepare the presents.  Each year the family gets together to celebrate the holidays and they always have a lot of fun!

Penguin Family with Baby

penguin family coloring pages 2

A penguin family is a group of penguins that live together. A new penguin family with a baby will always seek out a new home before the new baby is born. With their adorably cute faces and their graceful movements in the water, it is no wonder they are so popular. The babies of the penguin family are even more adorable with their fuzzy baby feathers and inquisitive nature.

The Crystal Penguin Family

penguin family coloring pages 3

The Crystal Penguin Family is a family of cute, happy crystal penguins living in their shiny crystal world. They hang out together while being surrounded by colorful gems that make them happy. Two of the penguins wear crystal crowns. They are very happy, and they are sitting on ice.

Penguins Meet a NEW Friend

penguin family coloring pages 4

This story is about a penguin that meets a new friend and they start to play together. One day, the penguin spots something else in the distance. Can you guess what it is?

A penguin was walking on the ice when he spotted another penguin.

The first penguin said, “Hello, I am a penguin.”

The other penguin said, “Hi, I am a penguin too.”

The first penguin said, “Wanna be friends?”

The other penguin replied, “Okay.”

The new friends happily played together that day.

Happy Penguin Baby & Mom

penguin family coloring pages 5

This happy penguin family is a family of penguins, consisting of a mommy penguin and a baby penguin. The happy penguin family lives in cold climates, near the ocean. The penguin mommy loves her baby and will protect her from all dangers.

Penguin Family Getting Some Sun

penguin family coloring pages 6

The most important part of the day is that everyone in the penguin family gets some sun. The youngest ones are always so excited to see their parents. They run up to them and push them over so they can get more sunlight on their backs. Now the whole penguin family can relax in the sun.

Penguin Family Play Date

penguin family coloring pages 7

The family penguins are playing outside. The babies are climbing on each other and sliding down a hill. The mom and dad penguins are sliding down the hill together. They are having a lot of fun. Penguin families are always playing together. There’s always something new to see and do with the family. This makes penguins one of the most lovable animals on earth. They’re playful, inquisitive and they love to explore new things.

Penguin Dad & Baby Hanging Out

penguin family coloring pages 8

A little penguin dad and baby hanging out. They are just chilling at home together. They are both wearing tuxedos. The tuxedo on the dad’s left is white, while the tux on the right is blue. They have matching tuxedo buttons with different colors on them. This makes both the penguins very happy to be stylish.

Penguin Family Has a Baby

penguin family coloring pages 9

One day, a penguin family has a baby. The parents nestled the baby into their feathers and waddled off to the sea to feed. When they got there, they went fishing. The baby felt lonely.

Then, a walrus saw the baby. The walrus flopped down and said, “Can I play with you?”

The baby said, “Yes.”

So the walrus started to play with the baby and they became very good friends.

It’s always exciting when a new baby joins the family. The Penguin family is no exception.

Penguin Family In The Snow

penguin family coloring pages 10

The penguins are enjoying a day of snow together. The mommy penguin is caring for her children and they all have a lot of fun! She has always been caring for her baby penguins and shows it in different ways. Today she is coming up with great ideas of what they can do together.

The mommy penguin has the idea that all the penguins should play in the snow, they can build a snowman, go sledding, and ice skating. They will have so much fun together!

She has an idea for the whole family to enjoy the snow – from the mommy penguin and her baby to the daddy penguin and his baby. They will slide down slopes, play in the snow, and make a snowball fight!

Penguin Family Dancing

penguin family coloring pages 11

Have you seen a penguin dance?

Penguins know that family dancing can be a fun and entertaining activity to do with their kids. Dancing penguins may not be as well known as other animal symbols, but they represent the joy and freedom that penguins have.

Penguins are known for their unique style of movement but do you know how they move? They walk on both of their feet and some penguins can even run! These birds spend most of their time on land and in the water. Penguins also have these little wings that they use for balance. A lot of penguin movements look like dancing sometimes.

Penguin Family Spending Time Together

penguin family coloring pages 12

Penguins are very cute, and they have a lot of fun together. And the dad penguin is always so nice to his family. He always holds his baby daughter close, and he keeps his other children warm. There are so many fun things they like to do together. They swim and waddle, and their dad always looks out for them. They make the best family because they care for each other so much.

Penguins are one of the most adorable animals on the planet. But it’s not always easy for them to get together with their families. That is why it is so special when these two penguins get together to spend some quality time with their little baby, who has been missing them terribly.

Penguins Ready to Play

penguin family coloring pages 13

The penguin family is always ready to play! They are such a fun family and they never complain even when the weather is cold and they are dressed in warm clothes. They are always there to make sure their kids are having fun and can not wait to find the snowmen that might be hiding in the snow.

This family of penguins is always ready for a snow day! So they dress up in warm and cozy winter clothes so that they can play outside all day. 

When the penguins play outside, they’ll surely make new penguin friends.

Penguin on Ice

penguin family coloring pages 14

This is a story about a family of penguins that have been playing on the ice for hours. The mom, dad, and baby penguins are having so much fun playing together!

The fun-loving family of penguins is spending a day playing on the ice. They’ve been building an ice slide and sliding down it as fast as they can. The baby penguins have even been teaching each other how to ice skate! The ice makes the penguins happy, even if it is a little cold.

Penguin Friends Together

penguin family coloring pages 15

The penguins were happy to see each other.

The first penguin said, “Hey, you look wonderful today.”

The second penguin said, “Thanks! You look pretty good too.”

“What have you been up to?” The third penguin asked.

“Oh, just hanging out in the snow,” the first penguin responded.

“I’ve been swimming in the ocean,” the second penguin said.

These penguin friends are hanging out on the ice, playing and doing what penguins do best.

Penguins are one of the most recognizable animal species on earth. With a cute, round body and stubby wings, these little birds live all around the Earth. They are found in both the northern and southern hemispheres, but they’re most abundant near the Antarctic region.

A Penguin Family Christmas

penguin family coloring pages 16

A penguin couple is hosting a Christmas Eve party. They are both looking forward to the party, especially the food.

“Can you believe it’s December already?” Jenna said. “This year has gone so fast!”

“I know!” said her husband, John, “But it’s time for our annual Christmas Eve party! I can’t wait!”

“Me too!” said Jenna, “I’m so excited for all the fish we will eat”.

The penguin family is so excited to decorate their Christmas tree and celebrate the holiday season. They have a big celebration planned for everyone in their village. Everyone is going to eat a delicious meal, sing Christmas carols, and exchange presents!

Printable PDF Penguin Family Coloring Book

Our Penguin Friends sure do know how to have a lot of fun. And now you can join in. We hope our penguin stories have inspired you to bring their fun to colorful life.

If so, don’t forget to share your art to inspire others.

What fun colorful stories do you want to explore next?

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