Pirate Coloring Pages

Pirates are one of the most popular characters in literature, film, and television, and can range from fearsome foes to cute and charismatic. Our list of drawings features both types of pirates – as well as plenty in between – so take your pick and enjoy the fun!

The Jaunty Pirate

Pirate coloring pages 1

In this drawing, a cartoon pirate stands with his dagger in one hand and pistol in the other. He has a hook for one leg and a peg for the others and stands with a smile as he prepares to encounter his foes…

The Perfect Blade

Pirate coloring pages 2

There was once a pirate who could never find the perfect blade. He searched high and low, but the blades he saw were too curved, too straight, too long, too short, or simply not fearsome enough for a pirate. After a great deal of searching, he finally found the perfect prize – a blade made just for his fair hand.

The Unlikely Partners

Pirate coloring pages 3

There was once a happy octopus who had just one dream: to be the master of his very own pirate ship. He thought that his dream would never come true, until one day on his adventures, he came across a lonely pirate, desperate for a companion. The two became first friends and spent many happy days sailing the seven seas.

Guard The Treasure!

Pirate coloring pages 4

In this coloring image, a pirate is busy guarding his loot, standing beside a trunk while he smokes a pipe, a pistol in one hand, and one eye on the horizon preparing for any danger that may be lurking…

The Pirate Pal

Pirate coloring pages 5

In this coloring drawing, a pirate is excited about new friends and company. He stands, arms outstretched, ready to greet his new visitors, and keeps his dagger held close – just in case of any unwanted advances or risky behavior!

An Unusual Pirate

Pirate coloring pages 6

There was once a shark who had an unusual goal – he wanted to be a pirate. He thought that his dreams were never to be, but soon realized that hard work and commitment could help him fulfill his dreams – he found the perfect crew, and they offered him a chance to truly become part of the team.

Do Not Approach!

Pirate coloring pages 7

In this drawing, two pirates are guarding their ship against enemies and unwanted visitors – and their assortment of weapons and display of strength means that they are pretty unlikely to have anybody arguing with their defense!

The Treasure Hoard

Pirate coloring pages 8

Once upon a time, there was a cute, colorful parrot, who was spreading his wings and exploring the ocean around him, when he made an incredible discovery – a chest stuffed with buried treasure! Delighted with his find, the parrot declared himself king and owner of the treasure and decided that this was his chance to become the pirate he had always dreamed of.

Defending His Territory

Pirate coloring pages 9

This coloring image shows a tough-looking pirate, who holds a flag in one hand, bearing the skull standard familiar to pirates, and a pistol in the left – this is one parrot who you would not want to mess with, or attempt to steal his treasure!

A Kingdom Beneath The Sea

Pirate coloring pages 10

There was once a kingdom deep within the ocean that was ruled by a fierce shark – the most feared shark in all the seven seas. He had a reputation for having the best treasure, the largest pirate hat, and the most spectacular kingdom of all the oceans.

The Pufferfish Pirate

Pirate coloring pages 11

This coloring image shows an adorable pufferfish pirate, ready to travel the world, explore the oceans and have plenty of fun with the rest of his crew – and nobody minds that he looks a little different from the others!

Scan the Horizon

Pirate coloring pages 12

This handsome pirate spends his time on deck, making sure that he observes the horizon in front of him with his prized possession – a rich, beautiful telescope that can scan the skies for miles. Day and night, he protects his ship and defends his crew from invaders, ensuring that their treasure remains safe.

The Protection of Pirates

Pirate coloring pages 13

There was once a large pirate ship that was manned by a crew of talented pirates. They guarded their area of the ocean with pride and strength, but always took the time to ensure that there was guidance, reassurance and support for those around them, keeping the vulnerable safe and the weak protected.

A Boy And His Dog

Pirate coloring pages 14

There was once a young boy who had one dear companion in his life – his precious pirate pooch. the two of them spent all of their time together, and loved nothing more than following an old treasure map to uncover the secrets that lay beneath the surface of the ocean – or buried deep in a pirate lair!

The Pirate Crew

Pirate coloring pages 15

This image shows the whole of a pirate crew in all their glory. They take many shapes, forms and types – including a cheeky monkey companion – and are guarding their treasure and their ship as they take a rest on the banks of a river.

Protecting The Pirate Ship

Pirate coloring pages 16

This coloring image shows a rag-tag bunch of pirates, who stand proudly guarding their ship from any unwanted invaders or enemies. Though happy and smiling, it is clear that this is one crew that nobody wants to mess with!

The Pirate Prince

Pirate coloring pages 17

In this drawing, a young pirate boy is standing over his treasure chest, proud of his victory, and determined to guard it against anyone who dares to approach – he stands with his sword aloft, and is clearly determined to ensure that nobody gets their hands on his hoard!

A Pirate And His Parrot

Pirate coloring pages 18

Once upon a time, there was a brave pirate who was never seen without his parrot companion; the two were said to be inseparable, and one was never seen without the other. The two were lifelong friends, and the pirate was never happier than when he was pacing the deck with his pal by his side.

The Pirate Queen

Pirate coloring pages 19

There was once a fearsome pirate queen who was feared and respected not only in her own land but all the lands that surrounded her. Despite her fearsome reputation, the queen was kind-hearted and always made the effort to ensure that those she cared for were protected and taken good care of.

The Unexpected Find

Pirate coloring pages 20

There was once an abandoned beach, untouched by the footsteps of man for a number of years. A winter storm washed a pirate ship onto the shore, and the crew found themselves amongst the sand, the trees – and the treasure that was buried deep beneath the surface! Delighted by their find, they claimed their prize with pride, setting an example to all other pirates.

Perfect Partners

Pirate coloring pages 21

Once upon a time, a brave young pirate headed out to sea, with his trusty parrot by his side. The two were the best of friends, spending their time sailing the seas, exploring new horizons, and having incredible adventures everywhere that they went. After a long day in the sun, the two would head below deck, count up their bounty, and relax, swapping stories well into the small hours.

The Benefits Of Hard Work

Pirate coloring pages 22

In this coloring page, a young pirate holds his sword aloft as he reveals his bounty: a wonderful chest, most likely stuffed full of treasure. He has used the shovel beside him to dig a large hole to uncover his prize, and is clearly thrilled with the results!

Ahoy There!

Pirate coloring pages 23

This coloring page depicts a chaotic scene of pirate victory and adventure – while the head of the crew steers the ship to safety, the parrot keeps watch, making sure that the ship is headed into clear waters. in the meantime, another member of the crew is trying to rescue a crewmate who has fallen into the ocean – right in the path of a shark! Let’s hope he has everything under control…

An Incredible View

Pirate coloring pages 24

There was once a pirate who loved nothing more than spending his days sourcing the ocean for adventure – and one day he found something incredible. A beautiful whale was emerging from the waves, and a stream of water shot from the blowhole as the whale appeared – an incredible sight for a pirate who enjoyed the wonders of life.

Under The Sea

Pirate coloring pages 25

This is a coloring page showing a cute turtle pirate, enjoying time below the waves with his crab friend as the two worked to uncover chests of treasure and pots of gold. The two are sharing a conversation, and clearly enjoy the adventures they find themselves involved in.

An Epic Rescue

Pirate coloring pages 26

In this valiant rescue scene, a crew member is attempting a heroic rescue of his friend, who has slipped into the ocean and is in the path of a pretty hungry-looking shark…

A Quiet Life

Pirate coloring pages 27

There was once a happy pirate octopus, who loved two main things in life: exploring the oceans around his home, and enjoying a wonderful flask of homemade brew while sitting on the deck of his ship, enjoying a sunset or two after a hard day of work.

Claim Your Prize!

Pirate coloring pages 28

In this drawing, a cheerful-looking chick sits on top of a locked chest – clearly showing off his bounty! He holds a sword in his hand to defend his patch, and a jaunty hat sits on top of his head as he stakes his claim on this area of the beach.

A Perfect Shot

Pirate coloring pages 29

There was once a fearsome pirate queen, known all across the lands and far beyond the seven seas for her razor-sharp wit, her skill with a knife, and her super fast marksman skills…as well as her ability to capture and hunt down any treasure that was buried deep beneath the beach! Her skills earned her a generous ship, and a crew that remained loyal as they scoured the seas for adventure.

Making Plans

Pirate coloring pages 30

This drawing shows a friendly pirate deep in conversation with her beloved parrot friend. The two are clearly involved in animated conversation and are most likely planning their next adventure as they set sail across the seven seas.

Following The Map

Pirate coloring pages 31

There were once two pirates who found themselves on an abandoned island following a dramatic shipwreck. On the beach, they found a curious treasure map, with a mysterious “X” marking the spot of some unknown treasure…a chest, stuffed filled with precious gems, beautiful jewels and bars of gold – a true treasure trove by anyone standards!

To The Horizon!

Pirate coloring pages 32

In this coloring page, a daring pirate is at the wheel of her ship, her braid blowing in the breeze, Her trust parrot sits to one side, head covered in a bandana, and the shore is vanishing behind the pair as they head out for adventures in the center of the ocean.

A Ship Of Dreams

Pirate coloring pages 33

This drawing shows a pirate ship complete with a distinctive skull on the flag – instantly recognisable to any rival pirates who may be considering making a bid for the hard-earned spoils of the crew!

Defending The Territory

Pirate coloring pages 34

In this coloring page, a crew of four pirates stands proudly on the deck of their ship, daggers aloft as they prepare to defend their territory. In the meantime, the captain stands on the viewpoint, gazing out across the horizon with a brass telescope in hand – ahoy!

The Perfect Image

Pirate coloring pages 35

This drawing shows a cute, curious monkey, wielding a dagger and wearing an adorable pirates hat angled jauntily on top of his head. Whether he is part of a crew or remains an aspiring pirate, remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure – he more than looks the part!

The Story of Blackbeard

Pirate coloring pages 36

In the legends of pirates, there is one story that strikes the fear of god into any smart sailor; the notion of a sinister, frightening pirate known only as “Blackbeard”. According to rumor, he wields a razor-sharp sword, and mans his ship with nerves of steel.

The Nautical Life

Pirate coloring pages 37

Here, we have a cute female pirate with a curved blade in her hand, and a small telescope, wielded by her crab companion, to the right. Nautical images surround her on all sides with anchors, wheels, starfish and fish at every turn.

A Pirate Vibe

Pirate coloring pages 38

This coloring page is the perfect combination of nautical imagery, with a pirate crew, a treasure trove, lush palm trees, a must-see treasure map, and small creatures all around the outside to really create that pirate vibe.

Tricks Of The Trade

Pirate coloring pages 39

In this coloring page, a fierce pirate takes center stage, surrounding the tools of his trade. His treasure is to the right, while the essentials – a barrel and bottle of rum – sit to the left, and the must-have tools of seafaring surround him on all sides.

The Hidden Scroll

Pirate coloring pages 40

Once upon a time, there was an older pirate on the search for a lost treasure, rumored to be long gone and scattered to the winds. Upon visiting an island for a well-earned rest, he finally found the secret he had been searching for: an ancient scroll wrapped and hidden in a palm tree, and bearing the most important mark: an “x”, marking the spot of the mysterious treasure.

The Island In The Distance

Pirate coloring pages 41

In this drawing, a pirate ship is approaching a tropical island, rich with luscious trees and greenery, and surrounded by azure waters and the brightest blue skies – a must-land point for any pirate ship.

The Wonders of Treasure

Pirate coloring pages 42

In this coloring page, a pirate is strolling on a beach, with his cute pet monkey in hand. The two have clearly uncovered a true treasure hoard – jewels and coins spill from the chest behind them, and golden sand stretches for miles, as far as the eye can see.

The Secret Scroll

Pirate coloring pages 43

This image shows a spotted octopus very happily hanging out at the bottom of the sea bed, surrounded by the spoils of his exploration endeavors. A ship steering wheel, golden compass, powerful cannon, and old anchor surround him, and a scroll is held in his leg – perhaps a hidden treasure map with a mysterious “X”…

A Perfect View

Pirate coloring pages 44

Once upon a time, a handsome pirate decided that he needed a better method to keep a closer eye on the horizon – and the answer came to him while he was shopping for supplies on the mainland. A magnificent brass telescope was on offer, and this created the perfect way to catch sight of any potential enemies – as well as allow the pirate bird to guard his treasure!

Keeping Guard

Pirate coloring pages 45

There was once a tall palm tree, who stood as the solitary resident of a magnificent desert island. He had one main job: to guard the treasure chest that sat at the base of his trunk, untouched and undisturbed. Golden chains, bright coins, and incredible precious jewels spilled from the wooden chest, and the tree stood, keeping guard, with an eye on the horizon as he carried out his essential duty.

A Watchful Eye

Pirate coloring pages 46

This image shows a fearsome pirate, standing on his ship as he gazes out into the horizon, ensuring that the sea is clear of any enemy ships or potential rivals. He is a tall, proud figure, clearly used to wielding authority, and his long hair blows in the sea breeze, beneath a proud pirates hat perched on top of his head. A formidable figure not to be messed with!

The Mighty Pirate

Pirate coloring pages 47

Of all the pirates who set sail across the seven seas, there was one who had a reputation for following the wildest adventures, tracking the most hidden trails, and navigating the most treacherous waterways: the mighty bear pirate of the deep seas. Known for his strength and daring, he fought sea creatures and monsters with ease, and defended his ship and his crew with nerves of steel.

The Pirate Queen

Pirate coloring pages 48

In this coloring page, a smart young pirate queen is standing proudly, clad in full pirate regalia, including a smart and impressive pirate hat! She holds a heavy brass telescope in her hand, and is busy scouring the horizon to ensure that her crew is defended, and her treasure kept in the right hands,

The Pirate Crew

Pirate coloring pages 49

This is a coloring page depicting a number of key nautical elements and figures as part of a crew, including a sassy pirate queen, a friendly crab, a curious pirate octopus, a sweet fish and, of course, the trusty pirate parrot.

X Marks The Spot

Pirate coloring pages 50

Here, we have an authentic treasure map, complete with all of the essentials needed to track down that must-find treasure. The “X” marks the spots at the top, and the route is clearly laid out for potential pirates – including a helpful eight-legged friend and plenty of fish to guide the way!

The Happy Pirate

Pirate coloring pages 51

There was once an adorable octopus who took enormous pride in his pirate hat, and who ruled his section of the ocean with grace, dignity, and respect. He took care to make friends with all the creatures who crossed his path and was well known for his kind temperament, and generosity.

Beyond The Surface

Pirate coloring pages 52

Once upon a time, there was a curious shark who feared that his frightening reputation meant that he would never make friends. He found himself in unfamiliar territory and came across another curious creature. Fortunately, this tiny creature was also looking for friends, and the two became engrossed in conversation – before quickly becoming firm, inseparable friends.

A Motley Crew

Pirate coloring pages 53

This is a great depiction of a real crew of pirates, made up of all manner of shapes, sizes, ages, and types, including the ships dog as well as several sneaky, stowaway rats and mice, and plenty of nautical symbols to bring the theme to life!

Treasure Hunt

Pirate coloring pages 54

There were once two pirates, determined to locate the perfect source of buried treasure. Upon their exploration of a deserted island, they finally located the thing they were hunting for – a map, with a large “X” to mark the spot! Following the map, they became increasingly excited – particularly when the path ended with the ultimate goal: a chest of buried treasure!

Ahoy mateys – you have all that you need to recreate those pirate vibes in no time; now, let’s board a ship, find a crew, and follow the treasure map to the source!

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