Princess Coloring Pages

Children are drawn to coloring pages with multiple characters for many reasons. One of the reasons is that it is more exciting for them to color in a picture with many figures. They also like to be able to color in a character that they identify with, such as a princess or a superhero. Children like that there are opportunities for many different interpretations of the same picture. They can color in one and then another, making it their own personal picture.

We hope you can experience the same as you explore with our princesses today.

A Prince and Princess Protect Their Castle

princess coloring pages 1

Once upon a time, there was a prince and princess who lived in a castle. One day, they heard that their castle was under attack by an evil dragon. They were very worried and wanted to protect their castle from the dragon. The prince had an idea and said, “I will go to the dragon’s cave and slay him with my sword!” The princess said, “No! You could be killed! I will go instead.”

The next day, the prince went to the cave as planned but found out that it was just a rumor. He returned home safely with his sword still intact. The princess also came back from her adventure unscathed and they were happy they were both safe.

A Happy Prince Declares His Love

princess coloring pages 2

This is a story about the prince who was in love with a princess. He loved her so much that he wanted to marry her. But, he was not rich and the king would not allow his daughter to marry a poor man.

The prince went away for many years and became rich. When he came back, he was no longer poor but very rich and powerful. The king accepted his proposal because he was now rich too. The marriage ceremony took place and they lived happily ever after.

The Lonely Princess Awaits True Love

princess coloring pages 3

This story is about a princess who is waiting for true love.

The lonely princess awaits true love.

She has been waiting for so long, she has forgotten how to be happy.

But one day, her mother tells her that if she can find someone who will love her as much as she loves them, then she will be happy again.

She decides to go out and search for this person.

She meets a prince who is just like her – alone and looking for someone to love him as much as he loves them.

They marry and live happily ever after…

A Fairy Princess Grants A Wish

princess coloring pages 4

Once upon a time, there was a princess who had everything. She lived in a castle with servants and all the luxuries she could dream of. But she was lonely and wanted someone to play with.

So one day, she made her wish. And then her wish came true!

She met a fairy who granted her wish and brought her to the world of stars where they played games and had lots of fun together.

A Dolled Up Princess Attends The Ball

princess coloring pages 5

The doll looked out of her window as the carriage pulled up to the castle. She felt like she was dreaming, but it was too real. The coachman opened her door and took her hand to help her out of the carriage. She could feel all eyes on her as she walked up the stairs and into the ballroom. The music was so loud that it made her ears ring and she could barely hear herself think. All around were people in fancy dresses, some with masks covering their faces, others with masks over their eyes like they were afraid of something or someone seeing them too closely.

The ball was the greatest thing she had ever attended.

The Elf Princess Parades In The Garden

princess coloring pages 6

Once upon a time, there was an elf princess who really wanted to be a queen. But she didn’t want to wait her turn, so she decided to take matters into her own hands. One morning, she woke up and marched out of the garden and down the street where all the kings and queens lived. She marched up to the palace gates and said loudly “I want to be a Queen!”

The guards were taken aback by this sudden appearance and stood there for a moment before they said “Well, you’re not dressed for it.” The elf princess was wearing her pajamas that day because she had been sleeping in. So she turned around and walked back home.

As soon as she got back inside, she got dressed in the best dress she had, it was beautiful and very colorful. When everyone saw the elf princess in her new dress they were sure she was a queen.

The Princess Reads A Love Story on Rainy Day

princess coloring pages 7

This is a story about a princess who was bored on a rainy day. One day, when she was feeling particularly bored, she found an old book in the library. She started reading the book and found herself entranced by it. The book was about two people who were deeply in love with each other. The princess enjoyed reading the story so much that she couldn’t put it down until she finished it.

The Beautiful Princess Decorates Her Horse In Flowers

princess coloring pages 8

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess who loved flowers so much that she would always decorate her horse in them. One day, the king of the kingdom wanted to see her and she went to meet him. When they met, he saw that the beautiful princess had decorated her horse with flowers and he asked her why she did it. She said that she loved flowers so much that she wanted to decorate everything around her with them. The king said “I love you” and the princess said “I love you too.”

The Fairy Princess Magically Grows A Garden

princess coloring pages 9

The Fairy Princess Magically Grows a Garden is a story about the adventures of a little girl who discovers an enchanted garden in her backyard.

One day, the little girl was playing outside her house and found an old, overgrown garden full of flowers and weeds. She decided to plant some seeds and magically water them with her tears. After some time, she was surprised to see that the flowers started growing! The little girl nurtured the plants with care and loved them like they were her own children.

After a few days, she noticed that there were more flowers than she could ever pick! The little girl knew that she had done something extraordinary – she had grown a garden all by herself!

The Strong Princess Prepares To Speak To Her Subjects

princess coloring pages 10

Once upon a time there was a powerful princess. She was strong, confident and wise. She had been preparing to speak to her subjects for many years, but she always hesitated at the last moment. It was as if she were afraid of what her subjects might say or ask.

One day, after much deliberation, she gathered up all of her courage and went to address her subjects. “Ahem,” she said, clearing her throat and looking out at the crowd before her with a determined expression on her face, “I have come to tell you that I am not the princess you think I am.”

What else did the princess have to say?

The Prince and The Princess Go On An Adventure

princess coloring pages 11

There is a prince and a princess. They go on an adventure.

They had to go on an adventure because the prince was going to be king of the kingdom one day and he needed to know how to do it.

The Tiny Princess Spreads Her Fairy Wings

princess coloring pages 12

The ‘Tiny Princess Spreads Her Fairy Wings’ is a story about a little girl who lives in the forest and loves to fly with her fairy wings. One day, she meets an animal that has been caught in a trap. The animal wants to get out, but it can’t because it doesn’t have any teeth. So the tiny princess goes on an adventure and finds some teeth for the animal.

And now with teeth the animal is free from the trap and very happy again.

A Fairy Princess Loves To Play In The Garden

princess coloring pages 13

This is a story about a little girl who loves to play in the garden.

One day, she was playing in the garden and she found a little frog. The frog said, “Hello!” and hopped away. The princess followed the frog into the woods. She saw a lot of wonderful things: flowers, trees, birds and other animals. But suddenly there was a big storm! All of the animals ran away as fast as they could!

The princess had never seen anything like this before! She ran home to tell her mother what had happened. Her mother told her that it was just an ordinary rainstorm and that it would pass soon enough.

The next day, when she went back to play in the garden again, there was no sign of any storm at all!

A Little Princess Rides Her Horse Around the Field

princess coloring pages 14

This is a story about a little princess who rides her horse around the field. Once upon a time, there was a little princess who loved to ride her horse around the field. She loved how fast her horse could go but also how slow when she wanted to taken in the scenery.

The Little Princess Walks Her Little Poodle

princess coloring pages 15

This is a story about a little princess who walks her little poodle every day. She would walk them to the park and then she would walk them home.

The Princess loved her dog because he was so cute and he was very good at sitting and shaking hands.

The Princess had to go on vacation for two weeks but she didn’t want to leave her dog. Her parents told her that they could take care of him until she came back, so the Princess went on vacation with peace of mind.

A Princess Takes A Nap In A Field Of Flowers

princess coloring pages 16

Once upon a time, there was a little princess who had been walking for miles and miles. She was so tired she could not walk anymore. Finally she found some flowers and decided to lie down on them and take a nap.

A Princess With Very Long Hair Rides Her Pony

princess coloring pages 17

The princess has very long hair, she rides her pony. But sometimes her hair can get in the way. So the girl had an idea, she realized that she had so much hair that she could share, so the girl cut some of her hair and gave it to her pony, and her friends. They were happy to receive some of her hair. 

A Princess Named Rapunzel Let’s Her Long Hair Flow From Her Castle

princess coloring pages 18

Rapunzel is a princess who lives in a castle. One day, she lets her long hair flow out of the castle to let her parents know that she is alive and well.

Everyone loves to see Rapunzel let down her hair, it’s quite the sight.

A Little Princess Waves Her Wand And A Beautiful Gown Appears

princess coloring pages 19

A Little Princess is a story about a little girl named Sara. Sara has an amazing talent for making beautiful dresses with her magic wand.

The Princess Plays On A Wooden Swing

princess coloring pages 20

The story is about a princess who has to be rescued by a prince.

A long time ago, there was a princess who lived in an enchanted castle. She had everything she could ever want, but she was lonely and bored. Every day, she would sit on her balcony and watch the people below go about their lives. The people were happy and seemed to be enjoying themselves, but the princess didn’t know how to join them.

One day, the king announced that his daughter’s hand in marriage would go to whoever could rescue her from her tower, which had been cursed for years by an evil witch. The princess was excited at first – she thought that now someone would come for her and take her away from this place where she felt so trapped. All she could do was play on her wooden swing all day, but she wanted to try new things, she wanted to be with other people.

So the princess waited several days, until finally a handsome prince rescued her from the evil witch. She was so happy.

The Magical Princess Tells A Sweet Story

princess coloring pages 21

This story is about a magical princess who tells a sweet story to her friends.

She begins by telling them about how she was born with a gift, and the gift that she was given is the ability to tell stories. She then goes on to tell them all about her adventures in the land of imagination, where she meets all sorts of colorful characters.

The Princess Reads A Magical Book About Knights And Dragons

princess coloring pages 22

Once upon a time, there was a little princess. One day she found an old, dusty book in the corner of the castle library. The book had no title so she decided to read it.

The princess opened the book and found that all of the pages were blank! She was very upset because she wanted to find out what happened in this magical story.

The little girl was sad for a few minutes before an idea popped into her head! She took out her pencil and started drawing pictures on each page of the book.

As she drew, words appeared on each page telling her what would happen next in the story! The princess continued to read until she reached the end of the story.

A Baby Princess Dreams Of Unicorns and Butterflies

princess coloring pages 23

This is a story about a little princess who dreams of unicorns and butterflies. It’s also about how she imagines her life would be like if she had her wish come true.

The little girl’s name is Princess Emma, and she lives in a big castle with her mother, father, and sister. She has everything she could ever want, dresses, toys, and food but none of it makes her happy. The only thing that does make her happy is when she goes to the library to read books or play with the other children there. When it comes time for bedtime, Princess Emma always dreams of unicorns and butterflies. It’s her favorite thing to dream of because they’re so colorful.

The Little Princess is Saved By The Prince From A Fire-Breathing Dragon

princess coloring pages 24

This story is about a little princess who is saved by the prince from a fire-breathing dragon. The story starts with the princess who is sitting on her throne and waiting for the prince to come and save her. But when she hears that there is a fire-breathing dragon, she decides to go find him herself.

But the princess gets lost. 

The prince finds the princess in danger and rescues her, but gets captured by the dragon. The princess then saves him by using her sword to cut off his tail. And so they live happily ever after because they are both safe from harm.

The Tall Princess Spins Around and Around In Her New Gown

princess coloring pages 25

This is a story about a princess who is spinning around and around in her new gown. She loves spinning, and how her gown flows in the wind.

The Sun Is Bright So The Princess Uses Her Parasol

princess coloring pages 26

This is a story about the princess and her parasol.

The princess always carries her parasol with her because she has sensitive skin.

The sun is bright so the princess uses her parasol to protect herself from the sun. She loves her parasol, it’s very handy.

The Princess Received A Beautiful Red Rose From The Prince

princess coloring pages 27

A long time ago, there was a beautiful princess who lived in a castle. One day, the prince from the next kingdom came to visit her and gave her a beautiful red rose.

The Frilly Princess Hugs Her Favorite Unicorn

princess coloring pages 28

Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved unicorns. She didn’t know what her favorite color was but she knew that it was either blue or green because she loved the colors of the sky and grass and trees.

She loved to play with her friends and to read books about princesses and fairies. One day, she went to visit her grandmother in the country for the first time in her life, and when she saw all of those fields of green grass, she knew that this was where she belonged. And so did her favorite unicorn!

A Fairy Princess Relaxes In The Field With Her Pet Unicorn

princess coloring pages 29

In this story, a fairy princess relaxes in the field with her pet unicorn. It’s a hot summer day and the fairy princess can’t wait to relax. Her pet unicorn finds a nice spot in the shade and they settle down for a relaxing break.

A Little Princess Enjoys The Flowers With Her Unicorn Friend

princess coloring pages 30

This is a story about a little princess who has a unicorn friend. One day, the princess and her friends were playing outside in the garden, when they found some beautiful flowers. The princess was so excited to pick them and give them to her mother so that she would be happy. But when they went inside, they found out that the flowers were not for the queen but for the king! This made her very sad because she wanted to make her mother happy but she couldn’t do it this time.

The next day, while playing in the garden again with her friends, they found some more flowers and this time they were for the queen! The princess was so happy because now she could make her mother happy again.

The Princess Is All Dressed Up To Attend The Ball

princess coloring pages 31

The princess is all dressed up to attend the ball. She spends hours in front of her mirror, perfecting her look. She puts on a tiara and takes off her glasses. She puts on lipstick and takes off her braces. She looks at herself in the mirror and smiles.

A Princess Spend Her Day Feeding Her Forest Friends

princess coloring pages 32

This story is about a princess who spends her day feeding her forest friends.

She goes to the river and fills up a bucket with water. With the water she washes her face, arms and feet. Then she takes the bucket of water to the garden where she plants some flowers in it. She also waters all of the plants in the garden with it. Next, she goes back to the river and fills up another bucket with water which she uses to wash her hair and face before going back home for lunch.

After lunch, she takes a nap in her bed then wakes up and decides that it’s time for more fun! She puts on her shoes and walks out into the meadow where all of her forest friends are waiting for their daily treat – a cookie!

A Mermaid Princess Makes Friends With A Tiny Fish

princess coloring pages 33

This is a story about a mermaid princess who makes friends with a tiny fish.

A mermaid princess swims in the deep blue sea, looking for friends to play with. She swims and swims but can’t find any other mermaids or fish!

She’s feeling lonely when she sees a tiny fish swimming by. The little fish is curious about the mermaid princess and asks her what she’s up to. The mermaid tells him about her day and invites him to play with her. They have so much fun together!

Two Fairy Princess Sisters Pose For A Picture

princess coloring pages 34

After the long day of playing and exploring, the two little princesses were ready to take a break. They went to their room, got into their pajamas, and then crawled up onto their bed. The youngest one climbed up onto her sister’s lap and they both curled up under the covers.

“I’m so tired,” said the youngest one. “I think I might go to sleep.”

“That sounds like a good idea,” said her sister. “Are you going to tell me another story?”

The youngest sister nodded in agreement as she snuggled down into her bedding. Her older sister leaned down and kissed her forehead before starting in on another story of her own making.

A Princess Elegantly Walks Down The Stairs To The Ball

princess coloring pages 35

A princess elegantly walks down the stairs to the ball.

She is wearing a dress.

The dress is yellow and it has jewels on it.

The jewels are blue and they sparkle in the light.

She is wearing a tiara on her head, which has diamonds on it.

She walks down the staircase and into the ballroom.

A Princess Has A Dance Party With Her Unicorn Friend

princess coloring pages 36

The princess has a very busy schedule. She is always doing something and she doesn’t have much time to herself. One day, the princess was feeling very down because she didn’t get any time to herself. She was feeling really lonely and needed some company. The princess started thinking about all of her friends, but none of them were available to spend time with her.

The princess then remembered that she had gotten a new pet – a unicorn! The princess decided that it would be fun for them to have some quality time together and invited the unicorn over for an afternoon dance party! They both had so much fun dancing together and the unicorn even taught the princess how to do some new moves!

The Princess Pets Her Unicorn

princess coloring pages 37

The story starts with the princess waking up and wanting to pet her unicorn. She does so, and then she goes back to sleep. She loves her unicorn and loves petting it everyday.

Two Fairy Princesses

princess coloring pages 38

Once upon a time, there were two fairy princesses who were friends. They lived in a beautiful castle together.

One day, one of the fairy princesses found out she was going to have to marry her human prince. She was so excited and told her friend all about it.

The other fairy princess felt so left out that she wanted to get married too! So she asked her human prince if he would be willing to help her get married

But the human prince said no because he didn’t know anyone who could marry her and they wouldn’t be able to live together in the same castle anymore. The fairy princess was very sad and disappointed and felt like nobody loved her.

But then a new prince came to town and wanted to marry the other fairy princess.

The Princess Takes A Stroll On A Warm Summer Day

princess coloring pages 39

The Princess takes a stroll on a warm summer day, she strolled through the gardens, and the forest too. She strolled up a hill and back down again. She strolled for hours and hours until she was home.

The Handsome Prince Takes The Princess On A Tour Of His Castle

princess coloring pages 40

The story is about a handsome prince who takes the princess on a tour of his castle.

He introduced her to each of the rooms, and then he showed her his favorite room of all – the library. The library had many shelves full of books, and they spent hours there looking at all the different titles.

The princess loved to read, so she was very excited to see that he had such an amazing library.

The Beautiful Princess Takes Pictures To Share With Her Friends

princess coloring pages 41

The beautiful princess takes pictures to share with her friends.

One day she was walking through the woods. She saw a tree and took a picture of it.

She saw some flowers and took a picture of them too.

She also took pictures of the animals that she met on her walk.

The princess had so many fun pictures that she couldn’t wait to share them with her friends!

The Moon Fairy Princess Enjoys The Beautiful Night

princess coloring pages 42

The Moon Fairy Princess had a wonderful day in the sky. It was a beautiful, warm and sunny day with her friends. They played all day long and the Moon Fairy Princess loved it. When it got dark, she looked down from the sky to see all the people who were going home from work or school.

It was getting late, so she flew back up to her room in the sky where she lives with her mother and father. She said goodnight to everyone and went to bed. The next morning, she got up and went back outside for another wonderful day of playing in the sun with her friends.

The Princess Is On Her Way To A Big Castle

princess coloring pages 43

Once upon a time, there was a princess who lived in a big castle.

The princess was looking out the window and saw the sun shining brightly. She took off her crown and went outside to play with her friends. As she was playing, she heard some noises coming from the forest. The princess ran towards the noise to see what it was and found an old lady who had fallen on the ground.

The old lady told her that she had lost her way in the forest and asked if she could help find her way back home. The princess said yes and they walked side by side through the forest until they found a path that led them to a big castle. The old lady thanked the princess for helping her find her way back home and said goodbye as they parted ways at their respective homes.

The Princess Cheers On The Prince As He Fights A Dragon

princess coloring pages 44

This story is about a princess who cheers on the prince as he fights a dragon. The princess is very worried and she starts to cry because she can’t help him. But when the prince defeats the dragon, she is happy and relieved.

The Princess Is Ready To Get New Shoes Fitted

princess coloring pages 45

Once upon a time, there was a little princess who loved to wear new shoes. She would always be running around the castle in her new shoes. One day, she said to her mother that she wanted to go out and buy new shoes the next day. Her mother said no because it was getting late and they needed to get ready for dinner. The princess was so sad that she cried all night and couldn’t sleep.

The next morning, the princess woke up early with big eyes and a big smile on her face because she had an idea! She knew that if she couldn’t buy shoes then maybe her mommy could make some for her! So the little princess asked her mommy if she could please make some new shoes for her. Her mommy said yes and they got started right away.

The Happy Princess Loves Flowers

princess coloring pages 46

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who loved flowers. She loved them so much that she wanted to be surrounded by them all the time. She wanted her room to smell like flowers, she wanted her clothes to smell like flowers, and most importantly she wanted to wear flowers in her hair every day!

She had a very special garden in her backyard where she grew all of the prettiest and sweetest smelling flowers that you could imagine. And when she wasn’t outside tending it, she would sneak into the garden at night and just lie among the flowers with their scent filling up her nose and making her feel so happy inside.

The Princess Enjoys The Beautiful Weather With Her Cat

princess coloring pages 47

One day, the princess was sitting in her castle when she saw a big storm coming. She quickly ran to get her cat, and they both hid under the bed. When it was over, they looked out and saw that the storm had made everything look so pretty!

The Little Princess Is In Love With all Her Princess Things

princess coloring pages 48

Once upon a time, there was a little princess who loved all her princess things. She loved her dresses, her shoes, and all the other things that she wore. But one day, she got so carried away with playing with her princess things that she forgot to eat lunch.

The next day, the little princess was so hungry and tired from not eating and playing that she told herself that she would only play for an hour each day. This helped the little princess feel better and be able to eat more healthy food during the day.

A Little Princess Is Very Polite

princess coloring pages 49

A little princess is very polite. She is always saying “please” and “thank you.”

She asked her mother for a new dress. Her mother said, “No, you have enough dresses.” The little princess was not happy about this.

The next day the little princess asked her mother again for a new dress. This time she said, “Please may I have a new dress?” Her mother said, “Yes.” The little princess was very happy and said, “Thank you!”

The Princess Is Learning How To Curtsy

princess coloring pages 50

This is the story of Princess Zara, who is learning how to curtsy.

The princess looked at her mother and tried to copy her movements. But she was not very successful. She was still too short for the task and she stumbled as she tried to bend down all the way.

“You’re doing well, my dear,” said her mother with a smile. “It’s hard at first.”

“I’m not doing well!” said Princess Zara in frustration. “I can’t do it!”

“Of course you can,” said her mother patiently. “Just try again.”

Princess Zara tried again, but this time she fell over on the floor in a heap of skirts and petticoats. Oops!

The Princess Picks Up Her Dress So She Can Dance

princess coloring pages 51

In this story, a princess is picking up her dress so she can dance. She is wearing a beautiful dress that has red and green stripes. The princess is happy because she can dance at the ball.

A Princess Is Honored To Be Called Beautiful and Smart

princess coloring pages 52

She had been called smart and beautiful, but this was the first time she was called both.

The princess is honored to be called both smart and beautiful.

The Happy Princess Plays A Sweet Tune In The Forest

princess coloring pages 53

The happy princess laughed and played a sweet tune in the forest. The animals all came to listen to her song.

She was very happy, because she had found her friends and family again. She knew that she would never be alone again.

The Little Princess Takes A Big Bubble Bath

princess coloring pages 54

“The Little Princess Takes A Big Bubble Bath” is a story about a little girl who takes a bubble bath. The princess tries to get all the bubbles from the floor into her tub but she can’t do it. The princess then takes a bubble bath and plays with her toys in the water.

A Mermaid Princess Sings A Song To All Her Fish Friends

princess coloring pages 55

This story is about a mermaid princess who has a song for all her fish friends.

She sings it to them every day and they like it so much that they dance to the music. Did you know that fish can dance too?

The Princess Goes On An Adventure With Her Lion Friend

princess coloring pages 56

Once upon a time, there was a princess who lived in a castle. Today, she woke up with an idea for a story about her and her lion friend going on an adventure. She liked the story so much that she decided to go on a real adventure with her lion.

A Beautiful Princess Prepares To Dance With Friends

princess coloring pages 57

A princess is getting ready for a ball. She starts by brushing her hair, which is so long that it touches the ground. Next, she puts on her makeup and gets dressed in a beautiful dress.

The princess then goes to the ballroom with her friends to dance. They have so much fun that they don’t want the night to end!

A Princess Relaxes And Enjoys The Beautiful Scenery Around Her

princess coloring pages 58

The Princess sat down on the bench and looked out over the beautiful scenery around her. She had been a princess all her life, but she could not remember a time when she had felt so free.

She looked up at the sky and saw that it was still light outside, but she knew that it would be dark soon. The sun was setting behind the mountains, and she could feel its warmth on her face.

The Princess Wears A Big Fluffy Dress

princess coloring pages 59

Once upon a time, there was a princess. The princess had a big fluffy dress.

One day, the princess wanted to go outside. But she couldn’t because she had to wear her big fluffy dress.

The princess went outside anyway because she was brave and strong.

The Princess Loves Giving Hugs To Her Baby Unicorn

princess coloring pages 60

Once upon a time, there was a princess who loved hugging her baby unicorn. Every day, she would give him hugs and kisses. They were best friends and loved each other very much.

One day, the princess got sick. She felt very sad because she couldn’t play with her baby unicorn anymore. The doctor said it was because of her cold and that she needed to stay in bed for three days to get better again. The princess was so sad that all she wanted to do was hug her little friend again!

She called the doctor and asked him if he could bring her baby unicorn up to see her in bed so they could hug each other again like they used to do before she got sick.

But the doctor told her no. So the princess waited three whole days and when she was finally better she went to hug her baby unicorn.

The Princess Introduces Her Friends To Her Toad Prince

princess coloring pages 61

In this story, the Princess introduces her friends to her new friend, the Toad Prince. When she tells them about him, they are very surprised and excited to meet him. They all like him a lot and want to be his friend.

They wanted to know how they met, so she told them the story.

One day, the princess was walking in the woods when she saw a toad sitting on a log. She was curious and asked him what he was doing. The toad replied that he was waiting for his friends. The princess introduced herself and asked if she could meet them too, but the toad said they were shy and would only come out if they heard her call their names.

The princess then called out in her sweetest voice “Toadie, are you there?”

A few seconds later, one of the logs nearby moved and revealed two more toads sitting next to it.

The princess introduced herself again and this time, all three of them came out!

It was such a silly story, but her friends loved it.

The Princess Runs So Fast, She Loses A Slipper

princess coloring pages 62

This story is about a princess who runs so fast, she loses her slipper.  She tries to go back to get her slipper but then loses her other slipper too. Now the princess is missing both slippers. 

Printable PDF Princess Coloring Book

We hope you enjoyed our princess coloring stories and that you’ve found inspiration for your own princess adventures. Tell us all about them below.

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