Puppy Coloring Pages

Coloring is a great way to relieve stress and focus on something that is not stressful. It also helps with mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

Coloring anything can be fun, but have you tried coloring puppies? They are a great way to relieve stress, and at the same time, they can increase your creativity and productivity.

Coloring books for adults and kids have many benefits, such as:

  • Promoting mindfulness and reducing stress
  • Stimulating creativity
  • Helping people with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia to engage in meaningful activity

So we hope you enjoy these puppy coloring pages and the stories they have to share.

A Boy and His Puppy Go Fishing

puppy coloring pages 1

A young boy and his puppy go fishing. The boy’s grandfather gives him a fishing rod, a worm, and a can of worms. The boy catches fish after fish with his worm, but the puppy catches nothing. The puppy is sad so the grandfather tells the boy to give him one of his fish. The dog eats it up and then goes back to fishing.

Now the boy and the puppy are very happy with all their fish.

A Happy Puppy Eats Breakfast

puppy coloring pages 2

A happy puppy eats breakfast. He eats his cereal. He drinks his milk. He’s so happy! But the happy puppy wants even more breakfast the next day, what will he eat?

A Puppy Takes A Soak

puppy coloring pages 3

One warm morning, a puppy woke up and sniffed the air. She can smell her favorite treat, so she runs to the kitchen to find it. But when she gets there, she’s surprised to see that her treat is gone! The puppy is so upset that she starts crying and then runs back to her room to get ready for school.

When she gets downstairs, her mom tells her that they are going on an adventure today and that they need to pack some snacks for the trip. The puppy thinks this sounds like fun, so she packs some of her favorite treats in a baggy and heads out the door with mommy.

The puppy and their mom head down to the public doggy bath. The puppy doesn’t like baths but she knows she needs one. And to her surprise after her bath the puppy, her mom gives her, her favorite treat.

The Puppy Talks To His Cow Friend

puppy coloring pages 4

Once upon a time, there was a puppy who meets his new cow friend.

The puppy is very excited and he can’t wait to introduce the cow to his other friends. He takes her on a tour of the farm, showing off his favorite places and introducing her to all of the other animals. The cow is very happy and she really likes all of the farm animals too!

Puppy Friends Celebrates A Birthday

puppy coloring pages 5

In the beginning, he was just a tiny pup. He was so small and cute and loved to play with his friends.

But now he’s grown up! He’s so big and strong and loves to play with his friends. How did he get so big and strong? He celebrated his birthdays, the puppy had so many fun birthdays over the years that helped him grow big and strong today.

The Puppy Picks Pickles

puppy coloring pages 6

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Sally. Sally loved pickles, and she also loved her dog, Pickles. She would always ask her mom for some pickles to share with her puppy Pickles.

One day, when Sally’s mom went to the store for groceries, she bought a jar of pickles for the family. When she got home, she gave one jar to her husband and another jar to Sally. But when she reached into the pantry to get more pickles for herself, there were none left!

After thinking about it for a while, they realized that Pickles must have eaten all of the pickles! Sally’s dad said that this was okay because he really liked them too! They all laughed at Pickles eating the pickles.

A Puppy and Cat Friend Take A Bubble Bath

puppy coloring pages 7

Once upon a time, there were two friends, a puppy and a cat. The puppy is very excited because it’s bath time. 

The cat is not so excited. The cat wants to play instead of taking a bath. But the puppy insists that they take their bath together.

In the end, they both take the bubble bath together and have fun!

The Big Dog Party

puppy coloring pages 8

One day, my dog and I were walking down the street when we came across a house with a big party going on. The music was playing, people were laughing and dancing, and there was even a group of kids playing in the yard. It was so much fun to watch them!

I looked at my dog with excitement in his eyes, but he just ran away from me. He was so excited to go to that party.

The Puppy and Boy Dance On Flowers

puppy coloring pages 9

Once there was a puppy and a boy who were best friends. They are so happy together that they dance on flowers all day long. They dance all morning and all night, they dance when there’s no music, they dance when there is music and sometimes they make their own music by tapping their feet on the ground. 

A Boy and His Puppy Make A Snowman

puppy coloring pages 10

A boy and his puppy make a snowman.

Once upon a time, there was a boy who loved to play in the snow. He would jump around and throw snowballs at his friends. One day, he found an old, worn-out toy dog in the attic and decided to fix it up so that he could play with it outside in the snow. Now the boy and puppy make snowmen all day long.

A Big Party For A Small Puppy

puppy coloring pages 11

One day there was a small puppy who was not invited to a big party. The puppy was sad and lonely, but he found out that there was a party of his own. While he wasn’t invited to another party, his friends secretly threw him a party of their own. The puppy had so much fun at his own party.

The Puppy Hides In A Shoe

puppy coloring pages 12

Once upon a time, there was a puppy who lived at the end of the street. He was just an ordinary puppy, but he liked to play with his friends and be very naughty. One day, he decided to hide in one of his owner’s shoes.

One day, the owner found him and pulled him out from inside the shoe. The puppy was very happy that he had been found and didn’t want to hide again! It was all fun and games at first but he soon realized that he was too small and the shoe was too big. He was happy to finally be rescued.

The Little Dog Enjoys His Bone

puppy coloring pages 13

One day, the little dog found a bone in the yard. He was so excited! He took it to his favorite spot under the tree to eat it. But when he got there, he saw that someone had already taken his bone! The little dog was very sad and angry.

The next day, the little dog found another bone in the yard. This time he took it straight to his favorite spot and ate it all up. And this time, no one came along and took it away from him!

A Cute Puppy Is Covered In A Pattern

puppy coloring pages 14

On one cold, rainy day. As the dog walks outside, he finds himself getting dirty and wet. He then gets inside and takes off his clothes to dry them off. When they are dry, he decides to put his clothes back on but finds that they are now covered in paint! But not just any paint, a pretty paint pattern.

The Fluffy Puppy Admires A Snail

puppy coloring pages 15

The Fluffy Puppy is a little dog. He is just an ordinary little dog.

He has a red collar with gold studs on it, and he likes to eat tomatoes. This morning he saw something new: a tiny snail on the sidewalk, crawling along very slowly and carefully.

The Fluffy Puppy was so surprised that he stopped walking altogether, and his tail went straight up in the air!

“You’re so small!” he said to the snail. “I’m much bigger than you.” The snail laughed “that’s true.”

A Boy Plays Fetch With His Dog

puppy coloring pages 16

A boy lives with his mother and his dog. His dog’s name is Sam. They go for walks together. Sam loves to play fetch with a stick. The stick gets lost once but it was found again by the boy’s mother. The boy wants to play with Sam but he can’t because he has to go to school. But no worries the boy will play fetch with his dog as soon as he gets home from school. 

The Pretty Poodle Walks Around

puppy coloring pages 17

There once was a pretty poodle dog who was looking for a friend. He walks around, stopping to see if anyone is home and finding that no one is. So the pretty poodle dog leaves and goes back home only to find his friend, who was waiting for him in his own yard.

A Long Dog Poses For A Picture

puppy coloring pages 18

I am a long dog, and I am so long that my head is at the end of my tail. I had a hard time finding a picture of myself because I couldn’t fit in the frame. But now I have the perfect post to fit into the frame. 

A Fluffy Dog Smiles

puppy coloring pages 19

There once was a fluffy dog that is always happy. He doesn’t know why he is always happy, but that’s just how he feels. One day, his owner complains about his lack of empathy but the dog doesn’t know what he means, the dog just smiles and smiles, and smiles some more.

A Dalmatian Looks For Friends

puppy coloring pages 20

A Dalmatian named Spot is sad because he has no friends. He decides to go on a walk and look for some. Spot meets a cat who is not very friendly. The cat says that he doesn’t want to be friends with a dog.

Spot meets a rabbit who is also not very friendly, but the rabbit says that he has no time for friends because he’s too busy running from the foxes.

Spot meets an owl who claims to be too wise for friends and a squirrel who says that it is too busy gathering nuts for winter.

Spot finally meets a little girl and her mother, and they are kind enough to let him meet their children as well as their pet dog, Timmy.

The children play with Spot until it’s time for them to go to bed. Spot is happy with his new friends.

An Old Dog Relaxes For A While

puppy coloring pages 21

Once upon a time, there was an old dog who had been working hard all day. One day, he got to rest for a while and was able to enjoy his food and drink. What kind of foods and drinks did he enjoy?

Two Dogs Want To Make Fish Friends

puppy coloring pages 22

There were two very happy dogs who wanted to make friends with fish.

One day, a dog called Yuki went to the river and saw a fish. She wanted to make friends with the fish, but it was too afraid of her. Yuki tried again and again, but the fish was too scared of her.

Finally, Yuki found another dog called Nala and asked him to help her make friends with the fish. Nala agreed and they both went to the river together. When they got there, they saw that there were many other dogs there who wanted to make friends with the fish too! One by one, all the dogs made friends with the fish.

A Puppy Goes To The Moon

puppy coloring pages 23

The story starts with a puppy. The puppy likes to play outside. One day, the puppy noticed something in the sky. It was an airplane! The puppy watched as it went up and up and up, until it disappeared into the clouds.

The next day, the same thing happened again! The airplane came back and flew right over the house, but this time when it was at its highest point, something fell out of its bottom. It was a spaceship! And inside that spaceship was another little dog who barked happily when he saw our friend on Earth!

The two dogs talked and played together for hours before they both got tired and fell asleep in each other’s arms. When they woke up, they were in the spaceship and were flying over the moon!

A Small Puppy Plays In The Flowers

puppy coloring pages 24

A small puppy plays in the flowers because the flowers smell good and are very soft, he could play in the flowers all day. If he could he would. But sadly he has to go to bed, and that’s when he has a great idea. He could just sleep in the flowers too. So he does.

The Puppies and The Pumpkins

puppy coloring pages 25

I love Halloween. I love the spooky decorations, the pumpkin carving, and of course the costumes. But Halloween is not just about the decorations. It’s also a time for us to celebrate all the things we are thankful for this year and to have some fun with friends and family.

This year I am thankful for my new puppy, Jack. He’s so cute! He’s been a great addition to our family. And he loves playing outside in his costume too!

I can’t wait until he grows up and starts going trick-or-treating with me on Halloween night!

Kids Play Ball With Their Puppy

puppy coloring pages 26

One day, a little boy was playing ball with his puppy. He threw the ball and the puppy ran to get it. The ball went very far, but the puppy was determined. So he ran, and ran, and ran after the ball until he got it. The puppy was very happy that he found the ball.

A Tiny Puppy Has A Butterfly Friend

puppy coloring pages 27

Can a butterfly and a puppy be friends? The butterfly always flies around the puppy, and they play together all day long. One day, the butterfly flew away. The puppy was sad, but then he remembered that they could still talk to each other even if they were far apart. The puppy and the butterfly had phones.

Two Puppies Bark At Each Other

puppy coloring pages 28

The two puppies are named Daisy and Max. They both want the same bone and they both start barking at each other. The bone is too big for one of them to move so they start to bark louder and louder. Which puppy gets the bone? Maybe they can share.

A Girl and Her Puppy Skate Through The Park

puppy coloring pages 29

One day a girl tells her mom that she wants to go to the park. Her mom tries to tell her that it’s too cold outside and that she should stay home, but she insists on going. When they get there, they find a little boy playing outside and he tells them about how fun it is. The girl then finds a really big hill and decides that this is where she wants to go skating. She takes off running down the hill with her puppy following behind her and then they come back up again.

A Puppy Goes On A Space Adventure

puppy coloring pages 30

There was an adventurous puppy named Rocket. He is very excited because he has never been on an adventure before. Rocket’s mommy and daddy are very proud of him for being so brave. There are lots of other puppies at the space station, but Rocket doesn’t know any of them yet. He meets some new friends and they go exploring together and have lots of fun!

Rocket’s mommy and daddy pack him up with all sorts of things to bring on his adventure like his favorite toy, a food dish, and even a spare diaper just in case. They tell Rocket to be very careful while he is exploring because there might be things that he doesn’t know how to handle yet like the vacuum cleaner or the microwave oven.

Rocket promises to be careful.

A Park Full Of Happy Dogs

puppy coloring pages 31

One day, a man was walking in the park and found a dog sitting by himself. He went over to the dog and asked him why he was all alone. The dog replied that he didn’t know anyone in this park, so he just sat there waiting for someone to come along.

The man then knelt down and introduced himself to the dog, who replied with his own name. The two of them became friends instantly!

A Dog and Cat Hang Out

puppy coloring pages 32

Did you know dogs and cats can be best friends? They do everything together from eating to playing games. The cat is always up for an adventure while the dog prefers to stay at home. One day the cat invites the dog on a walk in the park but he refuses because he doesn’t want to get his paws wet. The cat knows that the dog loves going on walks so she decides to go without him. She goes on her walk and has an amazing time, but when she gets back home, she realizes that she misses her best friend and wants him to come with her next time!

A Cute Dog Gets A New Bow

puppy coloring pages 33

One day, a dog who was a bit too big for his britches got a new bow. The bow was so cute and he loved it so much that he wouldn’t stop showing it off to everyone that he met. From that point forward the dog would get a new bow every week.

The Puppy Counts The Butterflies

puppy coloring pages 34

Once there was a puppy who loved to count the butterflies. He would run and jump and bark and wag his tail.

“One butterfly,” he would say. “Two butterflies.”

He would count until he ran out of breath.

The butterfly loved the puppy, too.

She would fly low to the ground and dance for him, showing off her colorful wings.

But one day the butterfly flew away and never came back.

The puppy felt sad and lonely for a very long time, but soon after the butterfly came back, and the puppy was happy again.

A Silly Puppy Loves The Flowers

puppy coloring pages 35

There once was a silly puppy who loved to play in the flowers. He always has fun when he’s outside and he never wants to go back inside. He would play in flowers all day if he could.

Two Dogs Have A Race

puppy coloring pages 36

At high noon, two dogs have a race. The first dog was named Jack and the second dog was named Jill. They were both very good runners. But which dog will make it to the bottom of the hill?

A Small Puppy Wants A Bath

puppy coloring pages 37

The small puppy starts by telling his owner that he wants a bath. He explains that he is tired of smelling like a wet dog and that his fur has started to feel greasy and clumpy. The puppy then goes on to say that he has been waiting for his owner to take him for a walk, but she doesn’t seem to be in any hurry. The puppy says the only thing she does is put on her makeup, which takes forever and makes him want to go outside even more.

But to the puppy’s surprise, his owner gives him a nice bubble bath, and he feels a lot better when all the dirt is washed off his fur.

The Puppy Waits For Orders

puppy coloring pages 38

There once was a puppy who always waited for his owner to give him orders. The puppy does not know what to do without any instructions. The owner tells the puppy to stay, and the puppy will stay. But one day the owner and his puppy are going for a walk when they see a sad little girl, she looks like she could use some cheering up. So the owner tells his puppy to play with the girl. And sure enough, the girl is all cheered up now.

Two Dogs Are Tired After Playing

puppy coloring pages 39

One day, two dogs were playing together outside. They were running around and playing with each other for a long time. When they finally stopped, the first dog said to the second dog, “I’m so tired.” The second dog said back to the first dog, “Me too.” So the dogs took a break.

The Happy Puppy Is Ready To Eat

puppy coloring pages 40

One day, a little puppy was walking in the park and he saw that there was food on the ground. The little puppy was so happy. He started running towards the food as fast as he could, but then he realized how hungry he was, so he ran even faster. When the little puppy finally got to the food, it tasted so good! He ate all of it right away and felt so full. The next day, when the little puppy woke up from his nap, he wanted to eat some more and he did.

The Cute Puppy Paints A Picture

puppy coloring pages 41

I am a cute puppy and I like to paint pictures. When I was little, my mommy used to give me paper and crayons so that I could paint pictures with them. She would tell me that she wanted to see what kind of picture I would make. But now that I am bigger, my mommy doesn’t have time for me anymore so she just tells me what kind of picture she wants me to paint for her.

One day, my mommy told me that she wanted a painting of a butterfly so I went outside and found the prettiest butterfly that I could find and painted it on paper for her. Then when she saw it, she said “Oh you’re such a good boy!” And gave me a treat.

The Dog Rolls In The Flowers

puppy coloring pages 42

One day, while the dog was out on his walk, he saw some flowers. He sniffed them and then rolled in them. He rolled into them so much that he squished the flowers. He was sad that he did this, but the flowers lucky bounced right back up.

A Little Dog Goes On A Balloon Ride

puppy coloring pages 43

Once upon a time, there was an adventurous little dog named Ginger. One day, she went to the park with her owner and got on a balloon ride. She had never been in one before and she was so excited to go up in the air!

The first thing she noticed was how high up they were getting and then how fast they were going. The wind blew through her fur and made it stand on end! She could see all of the houses below them as they floated over them. When they landed, Ginger had never felt so happy in her life!

The Happy Family Adopts A Puppy

puppy coloring pages 44

There was a family that wanted to adopt a puppy, but the puppy needs to be good with kids. After a few tries, the family agrees that the puppy is not good with kids and decides that they can’t adopt the puppy. The puppy is adopted by the family next door and everything is perfect.

The Chubby Puppy Splashes In A Puddle

puppy coloring pages 45

There once was a chubby puppy who goes to explore the world and have some fun. He meets different animals and they all go on an adventure together. One of the puppy’s favorite adventures is when he and his friends would splash in rain puddles.

The Big Dog Is Happy

puppy coloring pages 46

There once was a dog who was always happy. It starts with the dog waking up in the morning and feeling happy. He then goes to the park, and he’s still happy. He then goes to get some food, and he’s still happy. Even when the dog goes back home he is happy and is even happy when he wakes up in the morning again.

The Puppy Is Excited To Play

puppy coloring pages 47

The puppy Is excited to play. The Puppy’s tail went from left to right, back and forth. This is the first time he was going to play with his new friend.

The Puppy’s eyes were wide open as he was excited to play with his new friend. His tail went from left to right, back and forth. The Puppy said “Woof!” as he saw his new friend come out of the house. When they met, they played all day.

Printable PDF Puppy Coloring Book

While puppies and dogs sure know how to have a lot of fun, sadly the adventures must come to an end for now. What kind of coloring page adventures did you have with these furry friends? Share your drawings below and tell us all about them.

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