Race Car Coloring Pages

A race car coloring page is a fun activity for people of all ages. It helps them to develop their creativity and motor skills. The best part about this activity is that it can be done at home with the help of parents or teachers.

These templates have a racing car design on it which can be colored in any color of your choice. There are also other drawings on the template which are waiting to be colored too. These coloring pages will take you on a fun adventure with race cars while also providing some fun time for creativity.

The Car Is Ready To Race

race car coloring pages 1

At the beginning of the day the car wakes up, and then it goes to school. After school, it gets a snack, and then it goes home. At home, the car watches TV with its family.

At night, the car sleeps in its bed and dreams about racing with other cars down a beautiful country road.

A Speedy Car Gets Away

race car coloring pages 2

The speedy car had been driving for an hour when he realized that he was going the wrong way. He drove back to the traffic jam, but it was no longer there. The speedy car didn’t know how it disappeared, but he knew that it must have been fast. Just not as fast as him. 

A Car Drives Through The Mountains

race car coloring pages 3

The group of friends are driving in their car through the mountains. As they drive, they realize that they don’t know where they are going and that they’re lost. They decide to stop at a gas station to ask for directions but when they get there, it’s closed. They see a tow truck on the side of the road and decide to flag him down for help. When he arrives, he tells them that he can’t tow them because his truck is not equipped for off-road driving. The friends are sad, but then their car tells them that it knows the way, the friends are a little surprised that their car can talk, but they let the car leas the way through the mountains until they find their way back home. 

The Car Wins The Race

race car coloring pages 4

The car and the bicycle are racing each other to see which one is faster. The car is speeding down the road at 60 miles per hour while the bicycle is going at 20 miles per hour. The car has the advantage because it has four wheels and can go in whichever direction it wants to go, but the bike only has two wheels which means that it can only go straight ahead.

The car starts to feel confident that it will win because it’s going much faster than the bike. However, as they get closer to their destination, they have to go up some hills on a dirt road with lots of bumps in it. This makes the bike’s ride much smoother than the car’s ride. But never fear, the car still won the race.

Two Cars Travel Through The City

race car coloring pages 5

The two cars, one red and one green, both started out at the same time. The red car was very excited to be in the city for the first time and was eager to explore it. The green car had been in the city many times before and had seen all that it had to offer.

The red car’s excitement led him to drive too fast around a corner and he crashed into a tree. The green car felt bad for his friend but knew that they would be able to get back on their way soon enough.

The green car was right because, after a few moments, they were back on their way through the city again.

A Car Speeds Down The Street

race car coloring pages 6

A car speeds down the street, coming towards me. I can’t see the driver, but I can tell they’re not slowing down.

I jump out of the way just in time, as they swerve around me and speed off into the distance.

A Car Leaves The City

race car coloring pages 7

The man is not sure where he’s going, but he knows that he has to keep driving. He sees all these people who are stuck in their own lives and are too scared to take risks. So he gets in his car, and leaves the city.

A Fast Car Enjoys The Wind

race car coloring pages 8

A fast car enjoys the wind. It flies down the street, feeling its way through the air. The sound of tires on the pavement is music to its ears, and it’s always looking for more.

The car wants to drive all day, but it can’t because of traffic lights and stop signs. They’re so boring! All they do is tell you when to stop and when to go.

The car wants to fly away up into the sky so that it can drive forever without stopping for anything or anyone!

A Stylish Car Gets A Paint Job

race car coloring pages 9

This car was painted by an artist. The artist painted the car with colors that were not usually used for cars and this made the car look very stylish.

The colors that were used for the paint job on this car were pink, orange, purple, and green. These are colors that are usually used in paintings but not in cars. The artist wanted to make a statement about how we should be using different colors for our cars so they don’t look boring and dull all of the time.

The Car Is Ready For A Ride

race car coloring pages 10

Once upon a time there was an old, beat-up car. One day the car was waiting for its driver, who never came back to it. The car is sad and lonely until one day when it meets its new driver and takes them on a ride.

The Car Honks For A Driver

race car coloring pages 11

One day a car was stuck in a traffic jam. And he was the reason why there was a traffic jam in the first place. Why you ask? Because the car wouldn’t budge. He wouldn’t budge because he was honking for his driver. The car couldn’t drive without his driver. 

A Car Slows Down While Racing

race car coloring pages 12

The car was in a race with another car and it slowed down to let the other car pass. But why would he do that? It’s a race after all. Well the car behind him was going too fast. So he has no choice but to slow down. 

The Shiny Car Is Ready To Drive

race car coloring pages 13

The shiny car is ready to drive and it never stops, but it’s not just any old car – it’s a sentient one that knows what you’re thinking before you do. Would you want to drive a car like this?

A Car Wants to Make Friends

race car coloring pages 14

Once there was a car that wanted to make friends, he tries to befriend other cars, but they are too busy and don’t want to play with him. He tries different ways of making friends, but he always ends up alone. Eventually, the car finds a new friend in the form of a human girl who is playing on her bike. In the end, the car and girl go off on an adventure together and the car finally feeling like he has found his friend.

The Speedy Car With Beautiful Colors

race car coloring pages 15

This is a speedy race car with beautiful colors. Use your imagination to color this fast car. Don’t forget to color the tires, too.

A Tiny Car Wants To Win

race car coloring pages 16

There once was a tiny car that wanted to win a race. It’s doesn’t want to be the last one in line. But the tiny car keeps getting beaten by bigger cars. The little car gets frustrated and starts to feel like the last one in line. But then he realizes that he’s not just the smallest or the last one, he’s actually first in line for his own race!

The Fast Car Learns How To Drift

race car coloring pages 17

The fast car wanted to learn how to drift. But he didn’t know the first thing about drifting, so he asked the other more experienced cars about drifting. And they were happy to teach him. He worked all day long, and even all night long until he mastered the art of drifting. 

The Race Car Is In The Lead

race car coloring pages 18

There was a very fast race car in the lead and has no challengers. As the race car goes around the track, he realizes that he starts to get bored. He needs something to keep him entertained. He decides to turn on his radio, but all he can find is static. He turns on his TV, but all he sees are commercials for products that don’t interest him. He tries reading a book, but it just feels like work. So eventually the race car loses interest and falls behind in the race.

Printable PDF Race Car Coloring Book

Some race cars go fast and others go slow, how will you imagine your race cars when you use our coloring pages. Tell us all about it when you’re done coloring.

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