Reindeer Coloring Pages

Reindeer coloring pages are coloring pages all about sharing the joy of reindeer. You might know reindeer from Santa Claus but did you know that reindeer are very real animals from the north? More importantly, these reindeer coloring pages are a fun way to entertain kids and adults alike during the holiday season.

The reindeer coloring pages are also a great way to teach children about the importance of giving. These beautiful creatures share their fun adventures with us so that we can enjoy the holidays.

Why You Should Use Reindeer Coloring Pages With Your Kids?

Reindeer coloring pages are a fun activity that you can do with your kids. It is a great way to spend some quality time with them and teach them about the Christmas spirit.

Some parents might be wondering why they should use reindeer coloring pages with their kids. Here are some reasons:

  • It is a fun activity for the whole family to enjoy during the holidays
  • It helps children develop their creativity and artistic skills
  • It helps children learn about other cultures
  • It teaches children that there are different ways of celebrating Christmas

So without further ado, let’s take a look at these fun coloring pages!

Santa Goes Sleighing With Reindeer

reindeer coloring pages 1

Santa is seen going sleighing with his reindeer. He is wearing a red suit and has a bag of toys. He prepares for his journey by checking the list of houses to visit. He surveys the list and sees that the first house on his sleighing list is the Bush family. Then he spots the Cleary family house, which he does not want to visit yet. He decides to stay for a little bit longer before moving on to his next stop. Santa does this all night long, going house to house and delivering presents. 

Santa And Friends Ride Down A Hill

reindeer coloring pages 2

Santa and his friends are riding down a hill on their sleds. The first friend, who is driving the sled in front, sees that there is a big rock in the path. He yells to Santa and his friends to stop! But it’s too late. The sled crashes into the rock and breaks into pieces.

The second friend, who is driving the sled behind Santa’s, sees what happened in front of him. He yells to his friends to stop! But he’s too late as well. His sled hits the same rock and breaks into pieces as well.

Luckily, Santa just manages to stop before hitting the rock himself. He helps his friends fix their sleighs and all together they cheer because Christmas is saved.

A Reindeer Goes On A Ski

reindeer coloring pages 3

This is a story about a reindeer who loves to go skiing. He has had a lot of experience skiing on the mountain, and he is really good at it. He has been skiing for many years and he really enjoys it.

One day, while he was skiing down the mountain, he saw another reindeer who was struggling to get down the mountain. The other reindeer was not very good at skiing and was having trouble making his way down the mountain. The other reindeer looked like she needed some help so the original reindeer decided to stop and help her out.

They knew that if they helped her out then they could ski together, which would be more fun than doing it alone or with someone else who is also struggling with their own skillset. So they taught the other reindeer how to safely ski, and by the end of the day, they were skiing together and having a blast.

The Reindeer Who Loved The Sun

reindeer coloring pages 4

It was a beautiful day and a reindeer was running around in the field. He saw the sun shining and it made him happy, so he ran around even more.

One day, it started to rain and it was very dark outside. The reindeer did not like that at all because he wanted to see the sun again. He went to find shelter but couldn’t find any, so he just sat there and waited for the rain to stop.

The next day, when it finally stopped raining, he saw that it was sunny again! He ran out of his shelter as fast as he could and started running around in the field again with his head up high towards the sky towards the sun!

The Ice Skating Reindeer

reindeer coloring pages 5

A little girl, who is an ice skater, one day decides to dress up as a reindeer for a skating competition. She has the most fun she has ever had and wins the competition. She had so much fun pretending to be a reindeer that she decided to make a wish to Santa so that she could be a reindeer forever.

So when Christmas day came around the little girl woke up from her bed, not as a human, but as a cute little reindeer girl. She immediately ran out to the ice to skate. She had never been happier.

A Beautiful Reindeer Family Takes A Picture

reindeer coloring pages 6

A reindeer family was taking a picture for their Christmas card. The little reindeer was jumping up and down, trying to get the perfect pose for the family picture. The mother was looking on proudly, while the father was trying to help the little one find her balance.

Finally, after many attempts and false starts, they got it right. They all posed together for a picture that would make anyone’s heart melt.

Santa and His Reindeer Deliver Presents

reindeer coloring pages 7

Did you know that Santa’s reindeer is not just one animal? There are six of them in total.

Every single year, Santa gets ready for his annual Christmas Eve flight. He starts by harnessing up Rudolph, the most famous of his reindeer, and putting a bright red nose on him so that he can guide his sleigh through the foggy night sky.

Next, he harnesses up Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, and Comet. Then he harnesses up Cupid like a love-struck fool because Cupid is always trying to make people fall in love with each other!

Then he harnesses up Donder and Blitzen because they are the strongest of the reindeer. After Santa harnesses up all his reindeer he prepares for take-off. Do you know where he’s going? If you guessed to deliver presents. You’re correct!

Santa Has A Present For You

reindeer coloring pages 8

Santa has a present for you! And you and you!

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Anna. One day, Anna’s mom told her that Santa Claus was coming to visit.

Anna got so excited that she couldn’t sleep all night long. The next morning, she woke up early and got dressed in her best clothes. She ate breakfast and then went out to wait for Santa Claus.

After waiting for hours and hours, Anna finally saw him coming down the street with his big bag of toys on his back. She ran over to him with excitement and he said “Hello! I am here to give you your present!”

Santa took out a beautiful doll from his bag and gave it to Anna.

Santa asked her if she liked it, and Anna said yes. What kind of present do you want Santa to bring to you?

The Shy Reindeer In The Snow

reindeer coloring pages 9

Once upon a time, there was a reindeer who was too shy to talk to the other reindeer. One day, the reindeer met a little girl who was lost in the snow. The little girl wanted to go home but she couldn’t find her way back. So the reindeer decided to help her and took her home safely.

A Lost Reindeer Wants To Go Home

reindeer coloring pages 10

It is Christmas Eve, and all of the other reindeer are at their homes with their families, but this one is alone in the forest.

The little reindeer has been walking for hours and it is getting very tired. It knows that it needs to find its way home before it gets dark or else it will never get back on time for Christmas morning. It looks around, but there are no signs of any houses or people anywhere nearby.

It starts to feel scary and lonely as night falls and suddenly, out of nowhere, a bright light shines down from above onto the little lost reindeer’s face. It was Santa Claus on his sleight, he helped tie the reindeer to the sleigh and they dashed off into the night. The reindeer was no longer scared and alone. He was happy and Christmas was saved.

The Singing Reindeer

reindeer coloring pages 11

Once there was a reindeer that was born with a different color than the other reindeer.

He didn’t know why he was different, but he knew that it made him sad.

One day, while he was out in the forest, he met a little girl who also had a different color than the rest of her friends. She told him that she was born with one green eye and one brown eye and she never felt like she fit in. The little girl said that it made her sad too.

The two of them became best friends and they promised to always be there for each other when they needed support or wanted to share their secrets with someone new.

The little girl also promised to come to visit the reindeer every day after school because she loved him. The two friends never felt alone or sad again.

The Reindeer Are Ready To Fly

reindeer coloring pages 12

Christmas was nearly here, and the Reindeer are ready to fly. The sky is dark and blue, and the stars are bright right now. We’re going to take a ride on Santa’s sleigh. Are you ready to fly with the reindeer?

Santa’s Reindeer Fly Over The Moon

reindeer coloring pages 13

Santa’s reindeer fly over the moon. They were busy, they were happy, they were bright.

Santa’s reindeer fly over the moon. They had a lot of work to do, but they flew so high.

Santa’s reindeer are on their way to delivering presents to children all around the world. Will they deliver a present to you? Yes!

Reindeer Are Happy To Pull The Sleigh

reindeer coloring pages 14

A reindeer is a deer that has grown antlers and can fly. They live in the North Pole and are happy to pull Santa’s sleigh every Christmas Eve.

Reindeer are very intelligent animals. They have a great sense of direction and they know exactly where they’re going, even if they have never been there before. That’s how no matter where you live in the world, Santa’s reindeer are able to deliver a present to you.

Santa Says Hello

reindeer coloring pages 15

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who loved Christmas. She would always put out cookies and milk for Santa. One night, she stayed up to wait for Santa. When he came down the chimney, he was covered in soot. The little girl said “Santa! You are so dirty!” Santa said, “Yes, I am.” The little girl said, “But you can’t come into my house like that!” Santa replied, “I have to go back up the chimney, but I will leave some presents for you.” So the little girl went to bed and woke up with presents under her tree.

A Large Reindeer On Christmas

reindeer coloring pages 16

Once there was a family that loved Christmas, they loved Christmas so much that they decided to have a celebration that included a large reindeer.

The family of four was getting ready for Christmas and the kids were very excited. They had been looking forward to this day for weeks! Their mom pulled out the ornaments, wrapping paper, and other decorations from the basement. She put them on the table in the living room where they would all be working together to make their holiday memories. The kids helped their dad set up the tree in the corner of the room and then they went outside to find their very own Christmas tree.

They found a perfect one right next door, so they dragged it back home with all of their might. They cut off some branches so it would fit better into their living room and then they decorated it with lights and ornaments. They worked so hard so that when their large reindeer friend arrived, he would feel right at home.

A Reindeer On A Leaf

reindeer coloring pages 17

Once there was a reindeer who lived in the North Pole and was trying to find his way to the South Pole.

The reindeer has never been to the South Pole before, so he doesn’t know what it looks like or how to get there. He decides that he will just follow his nose and hope for the best. Along his journey, he meets many different animals and learns about their homes.

Eventually, he finds himself in Africa where he meets a giraffe who tells him that there are no reindeer in Africa. The reindeer realizes that he’s not at the South Pole but he doesn’t mind being in Africa either.

The reindeer is happy he completed his journey, but he’s very tired, he finds a nice big leaf on the ground and decided to rest for a while.

Two Small Reindeer Splash In A Puddle

reindeer coloring pages 18

One day, the reindeer were having a drink from their water dish when the rain started coming down. They didn’t want to get soaked, so they ran and played in a puddle. When it finally stopped raining, they went back to their water dish for another drink.

A Small Reindeer Family Look For Food

reindeer coloring pages 19

One day a small reindeer family goes out looking for food.

The reindeer family was looking for a lot of food. It was cold and it had snowed the night before. The ground was covered in white, so they couldn’t see any plants that would be good to eat. They were hungry and needed to find food soon. They walked for what seemed like a long time, until finally underneath piles of snow, they saw a big green leaf poking through. The reindeer family was so happy to finally find food.

A Baby Reindeer Rests By A Log

reindeer coloring pages 20

One beautiful day, there was a baby reindeer who rests by a log. The reindeer’s mother had to leave for a while, and the baby was getting tired.

It was too cold for the baby to sleep outside, so he went to find shelter. He found a log and rested next to it. He fell asleep with his head on his mother’s back.

The next morning, the baby woke up and saw that his mother was not there anymore. He looked around and saw that she had left him a note that said “I will be back soon.”

So the baby reindeer continued to rest by the log, until his mother returned and gave him a big hug.

Santa Pets His Reindeer

reindeer coloring pages 21

The reindeer were getting restless because they knew that Santa was near.

They could see him in the sky as he flew over their heads. “It’s time to go,” said Santa to his reindeer, “We have a lot of work to do.”

The reindeer loved to work, they loved to help Santa deliver presents each year and they couldn’t wait to go.

Santa Gives His Reindeer A Big Hug

reindeer coloring pages 22

Did you know that Santa likes to hug his reindeer? Santa gives his reindeer a hug every year before they deliver presents. The reindeer are always so happy because they knew that it was Christmas time. Christmas times hugs are how Santa helps get his reindeer in a Christmas mood and spread the Christmas Spirit.

Reindeer Sips On Milk

reindeer coloring pages 23

A reindeer was drinking some milk when he noticed that it was beginning to freeze over. He thought to himself, “Wow! I’m drinking ice-cold milk.” All the other little reindeer laughed at his joke. They laughed so hard that milk began to come out of the reindeer’s nose, which only made everyone laugh even harder.

Baby Reindeer Guide The Sleigh Tonight

reindeer coloring pages 24

An adorable story about a little reindeer who wants to be a sleigh driver for Santa Claus. But he has a lot of work to do. It’s hard for a baby reindeer to guide the sleigh on his own, so he needs help from his friends, he asks all the big reindeer for help guiding the sleigh, and they are happy to help him. On Christmas Eve all the reindeer help the baby reindeer guide the sleigh.

Happy Animals Celebrate Christmas

reindeer coloring pages 25

There are so many different animals in the forest. They all lived together and were happy. One day, one of them got hurt, and this made the others very sad.

The animals all gathered around to see what to do. They felt very sad because they wanted their friend to get better. So they started singing songs and telling jokes to try to make him feel better. They wanted their friend to know that they cared about him so much that they would do anything for him, even if it meant being sad themselves.

But their beautiful songs made him happy, and just at the perfect time. Christmas was coming and now that their friend was all better, all the animals could happily celebrate Christmas together.

The Old Reindeer Tells A Story

reindeer coloring pages 26

There was an old reindeer who has seen many seasons come and go. The old reindeer is not sure if he will see another Christmas.

He tells the other animals that they should be happy because they are young and have their whole lives ahead of them. But the other animals tell him that they are not happy because they do not want to be alone on Christmas day.

The old reindeer smiles at the younger ones and tells them they could never be alone on Christmas day.

A Reindeer Does A Dance

reindeer coloring pages 27

There once was a reindeer who dances to the beat of his own drum. He dances every day and night, with no regard for anyone’s opinion.

He doesn’t care what people think of him, as long as he’s happy. And as long as he can dance to the beat of his drum, he will be happy.

A Reindeer Gets Painted In Pretty Design

reindeer coloring pages 28

I was walking around the town when I saw this reindeer in the pet store. The owner of the store said that they had just gotten it and they were going to paint it in a different design.

The owner said that they would be painting it on Monday, but I told them that I would like to paint it myself so I could have some fun with it. I decided to paint it with some colors and give it a little bit of my own style.

It took me about 20 minutes to do and then after that, I was happy with what I had done! And so was the reindeer.

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Why You Shouldn’t Miss Out on These Cute & Easy Holiday Coloring Pages

The holidays are a time for family and friends to come together, and this is the perfect time to share memories and create new ones. We hope you enjoyed spending time with our Reindeer friends, what kind of stories did you learn, and what kind of stories did you come up with on your own?

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