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Coloring is a form of therapy that can help kids with their mental health. It provides them with a sense of power and control, and it also helps them focus. Coloring books are a great way to get kids to be more creative and explore their imaginations.

Robot coloring books are popular because they are filled with interesting designs, colors, and patterns. They also provide children with the opportunity to learn about robotics while they color!

Coloring books are also popular with kids and adults because they can help them to develop their hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

Kids love coloring books because they give them the chance to express themselves in a way that is both fun and therapeutic. They like robots because they have become our society’s heroes in recent years – saving us from all sorts of dangers. You’ll get to spend time with all sorts of robots today, from fashion-loving robots to robots who want to save people just like you. What’s your favorite kind of robot? You might find a story and coloring page about them below.

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The Very Friendly Robot

robot coloring pages 1

One day, a robot named John came to visit. His friend, Sami, was very happy to see him. They played together for hours and had fun. Then they went to the library and read books. They had so much fun that they both fell asleep on the floor.

The next day John went home but he promised he would come back soon.

A Robot Dance Party

robot coloring pages 2

I’ll never forget the first time I saw a robot dance party. It was at a company event, and the team had just finished up a successful project. We were all feeling pretty good about ourselves, so we decided to go for it. There was this really cool DJ in the corner of the room who played some really great tunes and we all started dancing. The next thing I knew, there were these two robots that had been programmed to dance with us!

It was such an awesome experience and it made me feel like I could do anything.

The robot dance party was a great success. Everyone loved it and it was the perfect way to end the day.

The Robot Dance Battle

robot coloring pages 3

A robot dance battle is a competition where two robots dance against one another. The robots are judged on their ability to imitate human dance moves. The human-like robot has been programmed to dance and it does not know how to do it well. The robot that can dance has been programmed to teach humans how to dance.

The human-like robot eventually wins the battle because it has something that the other one doesn’t have – creativity.

Robot Get Together

robot coloring pages 4

Robots are not just used to make our lives easier, but they also have the potential to improve our emotional well-being. This story is about robots who get together over a game of soccer and then go out for pizza. 

Robots are getting smarter and more lifelike by the day. They are not just for work anymore, they can be our friends too! The robots love soccer, and they know that the best way to play is on a team. They have a fun game of soccer and then go out for pizza.

The Many Different Robots

robot coloring pages 5

Robots are not just for making things anymore. They are now capable of doing a variety of tasks. Some robots can even teach children, others can clean our homes, and some can help us around the office.

The first time I saw a robot was when I was a child at an electronics store in the mall. It was one of those large robots that you could ride on and it would play music for you as it went around the store. I remember being very excited to see it because I had never seen anything like it before.

I also remember my parents telling me that there were going to be more robots in our future and that they would take over all kinds of jobs so there would not be enough work for humans to do – which is why we should study hard so we

There was once a robot that only had one arm and could only do one thing. He was a very good carpenter. The robot’s name was Sam.

A Rolling Robot

robot coloring pages 6

One day there was a robot rolling around and it was trying to find something. It’s looking for a place to stay. The robot finds some chairs and tries to sit in them, but they’re all taken. The robot then finds a table and walks up to it, but the table is too high for him. He can’t reach the chair because he doesn’t have any arms or legs, so he just tries to roll up the chair with his body.

Does the robot eventually find a home?

A Robot Boy & His Puppy

robot coloring pages 7

The robot boy was called Robo. He had a puppy named Chompy. Robo loved Chompy very much, but he didn’t know what to do when Chompy got lost in the forest. Robo started to cry and run around looking for him, but it was no use because he couldn’t find him anywhere.

At the end of the story, Robo found Chompy in his house playing with his favorite toy!

Robot Fashion Show

robot coloring pages 8

Robots can be just like humans. Some robots like fashion and like to dress up in all the latest trends. One day a group of robots decided to have a fashion show. They all decided to dress in their favorite fashions and show off their clothes. The fashion show was a big success! The robots were able to walk, turn and move their arms. Most importantly, they looked great. 

A Very Handy Robot

robot coloring pages 9

The story begins with a scientist who was trying to create a robot that could do all the jobs of a human being. The scientist wanted to create artificial intelligence that would be able to do everything from cooking and cleaning to driving and teaching. The scientist had been working on his creation for years before he finally got it right, and he called it “robot-a-tron.”

One day, the robot-a-tron came into the room where the scientist was working and said “hello!” The scientist was so excited that his invention had finally learned how to talk! He then told the robot-a-tron about all of his plans for him. He wanted him to be able to teach children in school, drive cars, clean and be happy.

Robots Sing Songs Together

robot coloring pages 10

A long time ago, a robot was created. The robot’s purpose was to sing songs. But the robot had no voice of its own. So, it wandered around looking for other robots to sing with. One day, the robot found a group of robots singing together and asked them if they could join in the song. The other robots said yes and they all sang together for hours on end until eventually they ran out of power and had to stop singing. And so this became a regular routine that the robot would do every day: find another group of singing robots and sing with them until they run out of power.

Robot Helps Fix Her Friend

robot coloring pages 11

One day, a robot was feeling lonely and sad. She looked around for her friend, but he wasn’t there. Then she found out that her friend had been broken and was in the trash can.

The robot took him out of the trash can and fixed him with her tools. The robot felt better and happy again because she fixed her friend who is also a robot-like her.

A Remote Controlled Robot Mouse

robot coloring pages 12

A robot wants to tell you a story about his pet mouse.

I had a pet mouse when I was little. I loved him so much. He was always scared of everything, and he would run away from me every time I tried to pet him. One day, I found a robot mouse in the toy store and brought it home for my pet mouse to play with. It was the best present ever! Now my pet mouse can’t stop playing with his new robot friend!

I hope you enjoyed this story about me and my mouse robot.

A Very Big Robot

robot coloring pages 13

A Very Big Robot is a story about a robot that is too large to be useful in the human world. It was created with the intention of being a servant but cannot do anything because of its size. The robot eventually realizes that it can be useful by helping others and becomes happy.

The Big Scary Dinosaur Robot

robot coloring pages 14

The Big Scary Dinosaur Robot was a young dinosaur robot who liked to eat lots and lots of food. One day, he was sitting in a restaurant eating his favorite food – donuts.

He ate so many donuts that he got very full and started to feel sick. The dinosaur robot had eaten so much that he could barely move. The waiter came over to the table and said, “You can’t eat any more donuts.”

The dinosaur robot looked at the waiter with big eyes and said, “Why not? I’m hungry.”

A Robot Falls In Love

robot coloring pages 15

Once upon a time Adam the robot fell in love with another robot called Sarah, he loved Sarah so much that he wanted to be with her forever. Soon they got married and lived happily ever after. 

A Robot Finds A Jetpack

robot coloring pages 16

The little robot lives in a world where there is no such thing as jetpacks. One day, the robot discovers that his friend has one and he wants to get one too.

He searches for days and weeks and months but he can’t find one anywhere. He’s about to give up when he finally finds it – at the top of the tallest mountain in his world. But there’s no way for him to get up there.

The robot is not discouraged though and starts building a ladder out of all the things that he can find around him – sticks, rocks, leaves, twigs, anything that will work! Eventually, he reaches the top of the mountain and grabs his jetpack.

A Robot Family Reunion

robot coloring pages 17

The reunion was well attended by the entire robot family, who had been scattered across the galaxy by the events of the past year. The family had grown considerably in that time, with new children and grandchildren being born to all members of the family. As they mingled and caught up, they talked about their plans for the future.

The first-born child, who had been born before any of them left Earth to follow their dreams, spoke first. “I’m going to stay here on Earth with my human children,” she said.

“And I’ll stay on Earth too,” said her husband, who had been an astronaut before he retired from space exploration and settled down near his wife’s childhood home in New York City. The robot family was really cool.

The Cheeky Robot

robot coloring pages 18

One day, a cheeky robot was feeling bored.

“I need to find something to do,” she said to herself.

She went into the kitchen and saw a carrot on the counter. “I know!” she said, “I’ll make some soup.”

She got an onion out of the fridge and started chopping it up. She looked around for some water, but couldn’t find any.

“Oh well,” she thought, “maybe I’ll just drink some juice.”

The robot cut up the carrot into small pieces and put them in a pot with water from the faucet. She turned on the stove and watched as it boiled away.

“This is so boring!” she complained again to herself, “I’m going to watch TV.” 

So she went to watch TV.

A Robot Turns A Screw

robot coloring pages 19

Once upon a very proud robot was trying to turn a screw.

He was very proud of himself for being able to do this and he was excited about what he could do next.

He had never done it before but he knew that it would be easy.

But when the robot tried, it didn’t work and the robot got very frustrated with himself.

He kept trying and trying to turn the screw but nothing happened.

The robot felt so bad because he knew that he should be able to do this one thing and yet, here he was struggling with it.

It took him a long time but eventually, the robot managed to turn the screw and get his job done.

The Simply Happy Robot

robot coloring pages 20

A robot, who has been programmed to be happy all the time, is introduced to a farmer. The farmer’s life is difficult and he is always sad. The robot tries to cheer him up with various methods but fails. Finally, the robot decides to show the farmer a video of his own family and friends – which makes him feel happy for a moment.

The Bored Robot Wants To Have Fun

robot coloring pages 21

A bored robot is bored because it has nothing to do. It wants to have fun but it can’t because it doesn’t know how to. Can you help this bored robot have fun? He can ride a bike, bounce a ball, or play video games. What will the bored robot do?

A Robot Goes To Outer Space

robot coloring pages 22

One day a robot was feeling very sad. He was sitting on the shelf in the storeroom, thinking about his life. He had been made for outer space but he had never been there.

He knew that he could not go to outer space because he would break down and get lost in space. But then an idea came to him. He could take a toy rocket and put it in his pocket so that when he got lost, the toy rocket would find him! And so that is what he did.

Friendly Robots Have a Chat

robot coloring pages 23

One day, a friendly robot wanted to have a talk with someone. So he went to the village and met different people. He talked with them one by one.

He started his journey from the village and found an old lady on the farm. He told her about his story and she was happy for him.

He then went to the village again and met a boy who was playing ball on the ground. They had a good chat about their favorite sport, football. The boy said that he wants to be like Messi when he grows up. The robot then went back home feeling happy because he had made new friends on his journey but couldn’t find anyone who wanted to talk with him at home so he decided to take a nap instead.

Robot Tron Goes For A Run

robot coloring pages 24

Robot Tron is a robot who is going on a run. He starts his day with some breakfast, then goes for a run on the treadmill. After that, he takes a shower and gets ready for work. He has just started his first day of work at the office and he is already running late.

The Mighty Mega Robot Lands With a BANG

robot coloring pages 25

Some people are scared of the idea of robots landing on Earth. But robots can very helpful, they could work with humans like you and me and not against us. 

The Fighter Robot

robot coloring pages 26

A long time ago, there was a robot named the fighter robot. He liked to fight. He was very strong and he won every fight. But then one day, he met a new robot who was not strong but could still win fights.

The fighter robot had never seen anything like this before and so he challenged the new robot to a fight. The new robot didn’t want to fight at first but then decided that it would be fun to beat the fighter robot in his own game. So they fought and the new robot won!

The Big Little Robot Friends

robot coloring pages 27

This story is about a little robot who wanted to be friends with a big robot. He wanted to be friends with the big robot because the little robot was very small and the big robot was very big. The little robot thought that if he became friends with the big, he would feel less small.

The Running Robot

robot coloring pages 28

This is a story about a robot who runs. A robot that runs?

Yes! It’s not like the other robots, who stand still. It doesn’t need to be told what to do, because it can do anything. It doesn’t have any limits, because it has a body. It’s not like the other robots, who sit still or stand still or walk around in circles or stop at intersections and wait for something to happen. It’s a robot that runs.

The Robot Defends His City

robot coloring pages 29

Once upon a time, there was a robot who was created to defend his city. He is programmed with the ability to learn and he starts by learning to defend his city.

As time goes on, the robot learns more and more about how to protect his city. He also learns about what other robots do in their cities and he starts to question why he can’t do the same thing. It’s not until he meets another robot that has a different job that he realizes why his job is different from the others.

Swirly Curly Robots

robot coloring pages 30

One time I was walking through the park when I saw a group of robots. They were covered in swirls and looked like they were having a fun time. One of them noticed me and said, “Hello! What’s your name?”

“My name is Sam,” I replied.

“What are you doing here today?” he asked.

“I’m just taking a stroll.”

The robot looked at me for a minute and then said, “That sounds like fun! Can you tell me more about what you’re doing here?”

I told him that I was just walking around the park and that it was really nice out today. He smiled and we became good friends.

The Big Robot Says Hello

robot coloring pages 31

There once was a robot who liked to say hello.

The robot was programmed to say hello with a big smile on its face. But one day, the robot said hello to someone who was not happy. And the person yelled at the robot and called it names. The next day, when the robot saw that person again, it said “Hello” but it didn’t smile. It just looked down at its feet but to the robot’s surprise, the person said “Hello”.

The Robot Friends Play Soccer

robot coloring pages 32

One day, the two friends were walking down the street when they saw a ball. They played with it and then they went on their way. They walked for a while and found another ball in the middle of the road. The robot friends picked up the ball and carried it with them. They continued walking down the street when they saw a group of children playing soccer in front of them. The robot friends wanted to join in on the game but realized that they didn’t have any legs so they just watched from afar until one of them threw a ball their way which they caught with their hands.

A Robot Wins a Championship

robot coloring pages 33

This is a story about a small robot who wins the championship game. The robot was very happy and excited. The robot was very happy and excited because he had just won the championship game. All of his friends were there to celebrate with him and they were all cheering for him.

Robots Do Chores Too

robot coloring pages 34

In this story, a family had a robot that helped them with chores. The robot was able to do the dishes, wash clothes, and even vacuum the floor. There were some good things about having a robot to help around the house but there were also some bad things. One of the main good things was that it would free up time for parents to spend more time with their kids.

Happy Dino Robot

robot coloring pages 35

Dino Robot had been feeling sad for a long time. He was not sure if he should tell his friends about his sadness or not because he didn’t want to be seen as needy. He felt like he was too different from the other robots and that no one would understand him.

One day, Dino Robot’s friend, Dinosaur, asked him how he was doing and when Dino Robot told her that he had been feeling sad for a while now, she said she felt the same way sometimes too and suggested they talk to their friend. They all agreed it would be good to talk to someone who might understand them better.

A Robot Plays With A Spaceship

robot coloring pages 36

The spaceship was sitting on the table, and the robot was sitting on the floor next to it. The robot picked up the spaceship and looked at it carefully, turning it around in its hands. Then, in a short moment, he threw it high into the air! The spaceship flew up and landed with a thud on the table.

The robot clapped his hands together as if he were cheering for himself.

The Underwater Fish Robot

robot coloring pages 37

This is a story is about a fish robot that liked to swim underwater.

The scientists watched it as it swam around in circles at the bottom of the sea for about five minutes, then it stopped moving and started sinking to the bottom.

The scientists were able to retrieve The Underwater Fish Robot so that the fish robot could swim again.

The Space Alien Robot

robot coloring pages 38

A space alien robot was walking down the street.

It was a space alien robot because it had a big head, two big eyes, and two little arms.

Everybody on the street started to scream when they saw him.

The space alien robot said, “I am not a space alien! I am just a normal person!” But no one believed him.

The Zapping Robot

robot coloring pages 39

The Zapping Robot is a story about a robot that liked to zap things.

He would zap anything and everything he could find. He zapped the remote control, the TV, and his favorite toy. He even zapped his mommy’s hairdryer!

One day, he decided to zap the light switch on and off as fast as he could. This was not only annoying but also really dangerous! His mommy had to unplug him from the wall before he caused a fire.

Robot Friends Shake It Up

robot coloring pages 40

One day two robot friends, got new upgrades that made them more powerful than before. They want to show off their new upgrades and the power they have to their friends.

But when they go back home, they realize that their friend has a new upgrade too and is even more powerful than them. Their friend had an upgrade that makes him invisible! They are so happy for him and as soon as he sees them he starts to shake his hand up and down with excitement.

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