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Ready to dive undersea with some sea creatures friends? These coloring pages will allow you to blow bubbles with seahorses and get to know all about their seahorse adventures. 

A Seahorse Becomes Friends With The Fish

seahorse coloring pages 1

A seahorse becames friends with the fish.

The seahorse was very lonely in the sea, but he finally found a friend.

The seahorse and the fish swam together all day.

They played and laughed and had a lot of fun.

The seahorse was so happy that he could have stayed there forever with his new friend!

A Seahorse Blows Bubbles

seahorse coloring pages 2

A seahorse blows bubbles.

The little fish swims around them, and sometimes even through them.

The seahorse blows more bubbles, and the little fish swims around and through them again.

The Seahorse Hangs Out With Friends In The Reefs

seahorse coloring pages 3

A seahorse spends its day hanging out with friends in the reefs.

One day, he met a new friend, a clownfish. The two of them spent the whole day together, but they never talked to each other. They just hung out together and played without saying anything at all.

The next day, the seahorse found himself alone again on one of the coral branches that he liked to visit every now and then. He was feeling lonely when suddenly he saw something move in front of him! It was another seahorse! And it was waving at him! The seahorses started talking to each other.

The Seahorse Loves To Swim In The Water

seahorse coloring pages 4

This story is about a seahorse that loves to swim in the water.

The seahorse likes to swim in the water because he can see all of the other fish and coral. He also likes to swim around with his friends and they have lots of fun together.

The Majestic Seahorse Poses For A Picture

seahorse coloring pages 5

One seahorse was feeling a little shy, so he hid behind his friend. But the other seahorse wouldn’t let him hide from the camera!

A Lovely Seahorse Shows Off His Patterns

seahorse coloring pages 6

This is a story about a lovely seahorse who shows off his patterns.

One day, a seahorse was swimming near the shore. He was so happy because he could show off his patterns to everybody! He swam back and forth to show them what he was made of.

The Seahorse Scoots Around The Sea

seahorse coloring pages 7

One day, the seahorse was tired of swimming and decided to take an adventure on land.

He found himself in a forest with tall trees and long grass. He was surrounded by new smells, new sounds, and new sights.

The seahorse was so excited to explore his surroundings that he forgot all about being tired!

The Lonely Seahorse Is Looking For Friends

seahorse coloring pages 8

The Lonely Seahorse is a story about a seahorse who wants to make friends with other sea creatures. There once was a seahorse who doesn’t have any friends, and wants to find some. The other sea creatures tell him he needs to find his own way of playing, and that he will be able to find new friends in the end.

So the seahorse plays alone and has fun until he finds friends.

The Pretty Seahorse Wears Flowers On Her Back

seahorse coloring pages 9

Once upon a time, there was a pretty seahorse that lived in the ocean. She loved to swim and eat sea urchins. She was always very happy, but she had one problem.

She didn’t have any friends.

One day, a little girl found her and decided to take her home so she could be friends with her too. The seahorse was so happy that she wore flowers on her back for the rest of her life as a sign of gratitude.

The Seahorse Like to Blow Bubbles In The Water

seahorse coloring pages 10

Once upon a time, there was a seahorse who liked to blow bubbles in the water.

One day, he was playing with some bubbles when he saw a big fish coming toward him. He blew out all his air and the fish passed by without noticing him.

The next day, he blew out all his air and another fish came toward him. He blew out all his air and the fish passed by without noticing him again. The seahorse continued this pattern of blowing out all his air every day when he saw a fish coming towards him until one day, he got tired of blowing out all his air every time and decided to just let the fish get close enough so that it could be his friend.

The Mama Seahorse Tells Her Child About Ocean Flowers

seahorse coloring pages 11

The mama seahorse tells her child about the ocean flowers by describing them in detail.

There are many different kinds of flowers in the ocean, and they are all different colors. Some of them have petals that are big and flat, while others have petals that are small and round. Some flowers have leaves that grow right out of the center, while others have leaves that grow on long stems from the bottom. And some flowers even have leaves that look like they’re made out of seaweed!

The Seahorse Friends Share A Laugh

seahorse coloring pages 12

One day, the seahorses were all out of sorts. They had lost their sense of humor and could not find it anywhere. They met up in a field and discussed what they should do about this problem. One seahorse suggested that they should go to the beach and see if they could find it there. The others agreed and off they went to the beach. When they got there, not only did they find their sense of humor but also a whole lot more!

The Happy Seahorse Swims and Sings A Song

seahorse coloring pages 13

Once upon a time, there was a happy seahorse who swam and sang a song. She would do this all day long until all the sea creatures started to expect to hear a beautiful song. 

The Seahorse Tells A Joke To The Fish

seahorse coloring pages 14

The seahorse tells the fish he meets, “I am on my way to see the king.”

The fish replies, “Why are you going to see him?”

“I want to tell him a funny joke,” says the seahorse.

“But why would he want to hear a joke from you?” asks the fish.

“Because I’m very wise,” says the seahorse.

The fish laughs and swims away.

A Little Seahorse Is Lost Undersea

seahorse coloring pages 15

One day, he was swimming along when suddenly he saw a big, dark shadow coming towards him. It was so big that it blocked out the light and he couldn’t see anything. He started to feel very afraid and tried to swim away from the shadow as fast as he could. But then it touched him and everything went black.

When he woke up, the seahorse found himself in an unfamiliar place with lots of strange creatures staring at him from all around. He felt very scared but then one of the other creatures said hello to him in his own language and told him that everything would be alright now because they were friends. The seahorse felt much happier after hearing this and soon made new friends.

The Seahorse Goes To Seahorse School

seahorse coloring pages 16

The Seahorse Goes To Seahorse School is a book about a seahorse who goes to school with other animals.

He learns how to read and write, and he makes lots of friends.

A Tall Seahorse Pretends To Be A Fish

seahorse coloring pages 17

A tall seahorse was feeling bored. He was looking for something to do and he found the ocean. He saw all the fish swimming around and thought, “I want to be one of those fish.” So he swam in the water until he felt like he was one of them. The other fish were curious about him because they had never seen anything like him before. They asked him where he came from, but the seahorse did not know what they meant by that question so he just kept pretending to be a fish.

The only thing that made it hard for him was when it got dark because then all the other fish would go home and sleep, but he didn’t know how to sleep. He didn’t want to!

Two Seahorses Go On An Underwater Adventure

seahorse coloring pages 18

One day, when they were swimming near the ocean floor, they found a treasure chest with a big red gem inside. The seahorses were very excited and couldn’t wait to open it.

They looked at each other and said “Do you think we should open it?”

“Yes!” they said together. They opened the chest and found lots of shiny coins inside! But as soon as they took one out, the chest started shaking! They quickly closed the lid and ran away from where they found it. What an adventure.

A Seahorse Makes A Friend With A Colorful Jellyfish

seahorse coloring pages 19

A seahorse makes a friend with a colorful jellyfish.

This is the story about an unlikely friendship. One day, a seahorse was swimming in the ocean when he saw a colorful jellyfish. The seahorse was afraid of the jellyfish because it looked so different from him. But then he realized that they were both different and that made them special.

A Starfish Rides On A Seahorse Under The Sea

seahorse coloring pages 20

The starfish was riding on the back of the seahorse and they were galloping under the sea. The seahorse was very fast and it could gallop for hours. The starfish loved to feel like he was riding in a boat with his friends.

Suddenly, they heard a noise coming from up above them. They looked up and saw a boat with some people in it. The people were looking down at them!

The seahorse stopped galloping and turned around to see what this noise was all about but there was nothing there.

“What are those people doing?” asked the starfish, “It looks like they are watching us,” The seahorse said.

A Seahorse Hums A Beautiful Song

seahorse coloring pages 21

Once upon a time, there was a seahorse that lived in the ocean. One day, he came up to the surface and looked around. He was so excited to see all the things that were up there. He found himself a little shell and played with it for a while.

He noticed that all of his friends were playing with shells too, so he decided to go back down and find one for himself. When he got back to the bottom of the ocean, he found a really big shell that was perfect for him!

So perfect, he decided to sing a song about how perfect the shell was.

A Colorful Seahorse Designs A Pattern

seahorse coloring pages 22

I am a colorful seahorse. I have always wanted to be part of the underwater world, but I was never able to swim. One day, my dream came true!

I found a new friend who likes to paint and draw. He is an artist, and he likes to use me as his canvas for his artwork. It’s so much fun! I get to live in the water like I always wanted and be part of the underwater world. And it’s all because of my new friend who is an artist!

The Seahorse Looks For Friends To Play With

seahorse coloring pages 23

The story is about a seahorse who is lonely and wants to find friends to play with.

What if the seahorse found a friend? What if it was just a fish? What if it was just a shark?

The seahorse is friendly and can find all sorts of friends.

An Old Seahorse Explores His New Home

seahorse coloring pages 24

This is a story about an old seahorse who had to leave his home because it was destroyed by a storm.

The seahorse named Mr. Smith lived in the Caribbean Ocean for most of his life. One day, he woke up and realized that his home was gone! He was so sad because he loved his home and he didn’t know what to do.

Luckily, Mr. Smith found a new place to live in Africa with all of the other seahorses. He was very happy there and made lots of friends!

A Shy Seahorse Tries To Make New Friends

seahorse coloring pages 25

This is a story about a shy seahorse who tries to make new friends.

One day, the seahorse was all alone on the beach. He was very sad because he had no friends to play with. Then, all of a sudden, he saw another seahorse in the distance. The other seahorse was also alone and they both swam toward each other and became friends.

The end.

A Seahorse and An Octopus Put On A Musical For Their Friends

seahorse coloring pages 26

This is a story about two friends, a seahorse, and an octopus. They are both very good at making music. But the seahorse is better at playing the guitar and the octopus is better at playing the drums.

The two friends decide to put on a musical for their friends but they need to work out who should do what in order to make it perfect. The seahorse thinks that he should play the guitar and the octopus should play the drums because they are better at those instruments. The octopus thinks that he should play the guitar and the seahorse should play the drums because they are better at those instruments.

The two friends can’t agree so they decide to have a competition to see who is best at each instrument. They both practice really hard and end up putting on a musical anyway.

A Baby Seahorse Looks For His Mom

seahorse coloring pages 27

This is a story about a baby seahorse who goes out to find his mom.

The seahorse’s name is Timmy. He lives in the ocean with his dad and all of his friends. One day, Timmy’s dad tells him that it’s time to go out and find his mom.

Timmy has never been to the surface before, so he doesn’t know where to go. His dad tells him that he should just swim up and down until he finds her.

Timmy swims up and down for what feels like forever, but he never finds her. So he asks some of his friends if they have seen her, but they haven’t either!

He starts feeling really discouraged because he can’t find his mom. Can you help him find his mom?

A Chubby Seahorse Does A Dance All Alone

seahorse coloring pages 28

This story is about a chubby seahorse who decides to dance all alone. He doesn’t care what anyone thinks. He enjoys dancing alone and will continue dancing until he can’t dance anymore.

A Silly Mermaid Hugs Her Seahorse Friends

seahorse coloring pages 29

The story starts on the beach where a mermaid and her seahorse friends are having fun playing in the sand. The mermaid was happy to have seahorse friends and she wanted to show it, so she gave her friends a big hug. 

A Seahorse Talks About its Beautiful Pattern

seahorse coloring pages 30

This is a story about a seahorse.

It’s not just me. I know that you’re thinking that too.

No, really, it’s true. The pattern on my back is beautiful!

The colors are so bright and the lines are so smooth and perfect!

I’m not kidding, I’m really proud of it.

And you know what? It’s not just me who thinks so either!

People often stop to admire my pattern when they see me in the ocean or at the aquarium.

I don’t know if they think it’s because I’m special or because they’re bored, but they always say how much they like how my pattern looks!

A Seahorse Spends The Night Talking To Its Crab Friend

seahorse coloring pages 31

This is a story about a seahorse and its crab friend. The seahorse has been feeling lonely and asks the crab to spend the night with it. The crab agrees and then they talk together until they fall asleep.

A Seahorse Plays Hide and Seek With A Sea Shell

seahorse coloring pages 32

One day a seahorse was playing hide and seek with a sea shell. He would swim around the shell and then quickly hide behind it. The seahorse was having so much fun that he didn’t realize that the tide had come in, trapping him inside the shell. The seahorse was not happy about being trapped because he loved to play games but now he couldn’t do anything. The seahorse’s friends tried to help him get out of the shell by pushing on it from all sides but it didn’t work. All of his friends were sad because they couldn’t help their friend get out of his shell and they also missed playing hide and seek with him so much.

So they worked very hard and got him out of the shell and they did. And now they all could play hide and seek again.

The Seahorse Says Hello To Passing Fish

seahorse coloring pages 33

Once upon a time, there was a seahorse who would swim up to passing fish and say hello. It was her favorite thing to do because she loved meeting new friends. She would swim around for hours and greet all the different kinds of fish she could find.

The seahorse’s friends were always happy when she said hello because they liked talking with her as well. They had lots in common and they enjoyed chatting with each other while they swam by one another in the ocean.

Three Seahorses Go Out To Have Dinner

seahorse coloring pages 34

Once upon a time, there were three seahorses who went out to have dinner.

The first seahorse wanted to eat a pizza, the second wanted sushi, and the third wanted steak. They all agreed that they should go to a restaurant that had all three types of food. But they couldn’t decide which restaurant they should go to.

The first seahorse said that he liked the pizza at this restaurant, but it didn’t have sushi or steak. The second seahorse said that she liked the sushi at this other restaurant, but it didn’t have pizza or steak. The third seahorse said that he liked the steak at this other restaurant, but it didn’t have pizza or sushi. So none of them could agree on where to go for dinner because each wanted different things.

Can you help them settle on a restaurant?

A Seahorse Swims Around With Her New Hairdo

seahorse coloring pages 35

One day, a seahorse was looking at herself in the mirror and she saw that her hair was all tangled. She tried to comb it with her little fingers but it didn’t work. So she decided to go see the mermaids who lived nearby.

The seahorse swam up to the surface and found a mermaid, but when she swam up to her, the mermaid just said “No” and turned away. The seahorse tried again with another mermaid but she said “No” too! The poor seahorse just couldn’t get someone to help comb her hair.

Then, finally, one of the mermaids agreed to help her out. The first thing they did was take out all of the knots in her hair by rubbing it and combing through, now the seahorse had a new hairdo and it was so beautiful.

Going undersea was fun, but now it’s time to return to land. How did you fare? Share your art below and tell us what you loved most about these seahorses.

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