Sloth Coloring Pages

We are going to talk about the benefits of sloth coloring pages. Sloths are really cute and they have lots of colors!

Sloth coloring pages are a great way to release some stress, have fun and learn facts about sloths. Coloring sloths can reduce stress and will help you feel happy. Even more, coloring sloths is a great way to teach children about the animals that share our planet!

Did you know that sloths are nocturnal animals? They spend their days hanging upside down in trees, and at night they come out to eat leaves, fruit, and bark.

Sloths sleep around 15 hours a day and even go into a deep sleep – technically known as torpor!

The Sloth Hangs Around The Tree

Sloth coloring pages 1

There once was a sloth who hangs around a tree.

The sloth hangs around the tree.

It’s been there for days and days, maybe weeks.

The other animals are getting a little bit annoyed with it.

They say that it’s not right for a sloth to spend so much time hanging around the tree.

But the sloth doesn’t care what they think, and he stays put.

He feels pretty safe up there in his little nest on top of the tree, high above everything else in the forest.

And he knows that if he falls from this height, he won’t get hurt by anything but gravity – because all of his friends are down on earth and not up here with him in this treetop.

A Baby Sloth Swings From A Branch

Sloth coloring pages 2

There was a baby sloth who swings from a branch.

A little baby sloth named Gilberto is best described as “lazy.” He spends most of his days sleeping, eating, or swinging from a branch.

A Sloth Hugs The Tree For Warmth

Sloth coloring pages 3

There once was a sloth that is trying to find warmth in the cold winter. The sloth finds a tree and hugs it for warmth. The tree is so warm with all its leaves and the sloth couldn’t be happier.

Two Sloth Friends Swing Around In Circles

Sloth coloring pages 4

This is a story about two sloths that are friends. They swing around in circles and play together.

One day, two sloths were playing together. One sloth swings around in circles and plays with the other sloth. They have a great time playing together.

Sloth Friends Nap Around

Sloth coloring pages 5

The two sloths are friends who nap around. They like to sleep and relax on their own.

It’s very important to have friends who can support you and make you feel good about yourself.

A Sloth Starts His Morning With A Cup Of Coffee

Sloth coloring pages 6

It was a cold, rainy morning and the sloth was feeling lazy. He didn’t want to go out in the rain and he wanted to stay inside.

He went into the kitchen and saw that his coffee maker had run out of coffee. He looked in the cupboard for a packet of instant coffee but couldn’t find any.

The sloth then remembered that he had some old tea bags left over in the cabinet. He boiled some water and put one in a mug with some sugar, stirred it up, and drank it down. It wasn’t as good as his usual coffee but it would do for now.

The Baby Sloths Rests Inside A Teacup

Sloth coloring pages 7

The story starts with a little girl who finds a baby sloth that has fallen out of its tree. She takes the baby sloth home and gives it milk, but it is too small to drink from the bottle. So she puts it in her teacup so that he can have milk from there. The little girl’s mother finds out about the baby sloth and gets worried about what will happen to him if nobody adopts him.

Finally, the little girl’s mother takes the baby sloth back to its tree and puts it back in its nest. The little girl is happy because she knows that somebody will love him now.

A Sloth Has A Big Birthday Party

Sloth coloring pages 8

The sloth is celebrating his birthday. He gets a lot of presents and loves them all. What present will you give the sloth for his birthday?

The Sloth Enjoys A Rainy Day With His Seagull Friend

Sloth coloring pages 9

There once were two friends, the sloth, and the seagull. The sloth is feeling lonely because it’s raining outside and nobody else is out. The seagull has the same feeling of loneliness because he’s stuck in his nest all day long. What do they do to fix their loneliness? They go on an adventure together!

The Super Hero Sloth Saves The Day

Sloth coloring pages 10

Once there was a sloth named George. He was a very lazy sloth and spent most of his time sleeping. George’s mother warned him that he would never be able to find a mate if he didn’t get up and do something with his life.

One day, George’s mother told him that the town was being threatened by an evil king who wanted to destroy it. She asked George to help save the town by using his laziness in order to defeat the king and save the day.

George agreed to go fight the king and save the day, but only if she promised not to wake him up until it was all over.

The sloth mother agreed and so off went George on his quest…

A Big Sloth Likes To Nap In The Afternoon

Sloth coloring pages 11

The story begins with an introduction of a big sloth who likes to nap in the afternoon. It then goes on to describe his routine, how he wakes up from his nap and takes some time for himself before going back to work. The sloth also has a smile that never leaves his face, which is why he is called a happy sloth. 

A Family Of Sloths Have A Big Sloth Party

Sloth coloring pages 12

The family of sloths were all having a good time at the party. The food was delicious and the music was great. They spent the whole day dancing, eating, and playing games together.

A Mermaid Sloth Swims Around In The Ocean

Sloth coloring pages 13

Once there was a mermaid sloth who swims around in the ocean.

The mermaid sloth swam around in the ocean with her friends. She liked to explore and see new things. One day she saw some seaweed on the shore and decided to go check it out. The seaweed was slimy and smelled funny, but she stayed there for a while because it was so interesting!

She didn’t know how long she had been there, but suddenly she realized that it was getting dark! She had to swim back home so that her friends wouldn’t worry about her.

A Sleepy Sloth Takes a Nap On A Rainbow

Sloth coloring pages 14

A sleepy sloth takes a nap on a rainbow.

The little sloth was very tired. He had been running around all day in the forest and hadn’t had time to take a nap. He was so tired that he couldn’t even climb up the tree to go home and take a nap, so he decided to take one right on the ground. A rainbow appeared in front of him, with all of the colors of the rainbow shining brightly in his eyes. The sloth closed his eyes and fell asleep for a long time until it was dark outside.

A Sloth Likes To Play Along With The Cactus

Sloth coloring pages 15

Once there was a sloth who liked to play along with the cactus.

The sloth used to climb up the cactus and eat all of its prickly leaves.

The sloth loved it when he could feel the prickly leaves on his tongue.

But one day, he felt something different on his tongue:

It was soft and fuzzy, like a piece of cotton candy!

He kept climbing up and down the cactus, feeling this new texture on his tongue.

He wondered what it was!

The Sloth Enjoys Eating Delicious Sweets

Sloth coloring pages 16

The sloth enjoys eating delicious sweets. He likes all types of sweets, but his favorites are the ones that are really sweet. One day, he felt like eating some delicious sweets, so he went to the store and bought some candy. He ate it all up in less than an hour!

The next day, he went back to the store and bought more candy. He ate it up just as quickly as before! On the third day, he was getting tired of eating so many different kinds of candy every day, so he decided to buy some cupcakes instead. The sloth loved these cupcakes even more than the other candies because they were sweeter! So every time that he wanted something sweet to eat, he went to the store.

It’s The Sloth’s Birthday

Sloth coloring pages 17

A sloth named Jimmy is celebrating his birthday today. He loves to eat cake, but he doesn’t have a lot of friends because he’s a little shy. So he decided to try something new and make some friends online.

He signed up for a social media account, but that didn’t work out so well because he didn’t know what to say. So instead, Jimmy started blogging about his favorite things—like how much he loves the rain and his mom’s cooking. And then one day, people started following him!

Jimmy was so excited that he invited all of them over for cake at his house!

A Sloth Takes A Warm Bath After Work

Sloth coloring pages 18

There once was a sloth who has a long day at work and needs to take a warm bath before going to bed. The sloth is not very good at taking care of himself, so he decides to take a bath. He takes his clothes off and gets into the tub, but he doesn’t know how to turn on the water. He tries hard for a while but can’t figure it out. Luckily, his friend comes home and helps him turn on the water so that he can have his bath.

A Sloth Enjoys To Smell The Flowers

Sloth coloring pages 19

One day, while he was smelling one of the flowers, he noticed that there was a bee on the flower. He wanted to help save the bee so he started to smell all of the other flowers. When he had sniffed all of them, he found that there were no bees on any of them. He then went back and saved the bee from the flower.

A Sloth Has A Cool Drink While In A Tree

Sloth coloring pages 20

There was a sloth, who is trying to get a drink from a tree, and has to deal with the heat.

What do you think the sloth does?

A Sloth Climbs A Tree With His Baby Sloth

Sloth coloring pages 21

There was a sloth who climbs up a tall tree with his baby sloth. The sloth’s journey starts at the base, where he has to go through a lot of obstacles in order to reach the top. In the end, he is able to get his baby sloth up to the top of the tree and they both live happily ever after.

The Sloth Takes A Long Nap On The Tree Branch

Sloth coloring pages 22

A sloth named Mango was taking a nap on a tree branch when he heard a noise. The noise was coming from the forest below him. Mango looked down and saw an animal that he had never seen before. It was dark brown with a long tail and it had four legs. He thought it might be an anteater, but he wasn’t sure.

Mango went back to sleep and woke up when the sun had set behind the trees again. He looked down at the forest for another glimpse of the strange animal but couldn’t find it anywhere!

A Happy Sloth Wants To Get A Tan On The Beach

Sloth coloring pages 23

There was a sloth feeling very happy and excited to go to the beach. He was so happy that he did not even care that he had no idea how to get there.

He walked around until he found a bus stop, where he met another sloth who was also heading to the beach. They both got on the bus and arrived at their destination. Once they got off, they realized that they were in an area of town where all of the beaches were closed for construction. This made them both very sad, but luckily for them, there was an ice cream shop nearby!

A Sloth Rides His Bike Through The Park

Sloth coloring pages 24

Sloths are one of the slowest mammals on Earth. But when they’re on their bike, they can go as fast as they want.

There was a sloth named Toby who likes to ride his bike in the park. One day Toby meets a new sloth and they both race to see who’s faster!

A Family Of Sloths Swing From Tree To Tree

Sloth coloring pages 25

Once upon a time, there were three baby sloths who lived in the rainforest. They had never seen the world outside of their tree and they were eager to explore it.

One day, the youngest sloth said to her brothers, “I’m going to climb down from our tree and see what’s outside.” The other two sloths tried to convince her not to go but she was determined. She started climbing down from their tree but when she got halfway down, she started feeling scared. She didn’t want to go any further so she climbed back up and rejoined her brothers on the branch.

The next day when they woke up, they saw a bird sitting on their branch! They all got excited and went over to say hi. The bird told them all about what there was to see.

Sloths are very slooooooow creatures but they’re also really fun to spend time with. Did you enjoy the adventures we had with our sloth friends? Sloths may like to sleep a lot but when they’re awake they’re always getting into some fun times. What were your favorite adventures with the sloths and how did you bring their stories to life with your artistic skills? 

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