Snake Coloring Pages

Snakes can have something of a bad reputation, but these are actually smart, sophisticated creatures with a lot to offer the world – and we have put together a selection of the very best snake coloring pages to help you fall in love with the beauty of snakes.

The Smartest Snake

Snake coloring pages 1

There was once a snake who loved to learn; he spent all of his free time studying maps, reading books, trying experiments, and discovering all that he possibly could about the world. Perhaps unsurprisingly, he soon earned a reputation as the most brilliant snake in all the land – and was famous for his unique inventions!

The Sassy Rattlesnake

Snake coloring pages 2

This coloring page depicts a snake gazing with a sassy expression at the viewer, as the bells on her tail ring out loudly to alert everyone to her presence!

Ready To Play!

Snake coloring pages 3

This coloring page depicts a snake enjoying a game of hockey – he stands with his stick and puck, ready and waiting for the game to start – on the whistle everyone!

Under Desert Skies

Snake coloring pages 4

This drawing shows a snake deep in the desert, his bright colors standing out against the golden sands and bright colors of the backdrop – he is perfectly at home here, and looks happy and contented as he basks on a rock.

The Most Colorful Snake

Snake coloring pages 5

In this coloring page, a beautiful snake shows off the patterns on his body – he is covered in swirls and shapes, spirals and curves, and delicate points and features that help him to stand out from the crowd and ensure that he is the talk of the town.

The Perfect Spot

Snake coloring pages 6

There was once a colorful serpent who loved nothing more than to bathe in the sun. He kept heading to all his favorite sunbathing spots – only to find that they had been discovered and taken by the other snakes! Finally, he found the perfect solution – wrapping himself around the branch of a tree; perfect for finding some peace and quiet.


Snake coloring pages 7

This is a coloring page covered in a myriad of snakes, each with their own patterns, designs, colors, shapes and unique features. – the perfect way to stretch your creative muscles, play with color, and enjoy the beauty of these curious creeatures.

A Moment To Rest

Snake coloring pages 8

There was once a snake who was known for his hardworking nature – no matter what time of day or night, which time of the year, or how tired he was, the snake was known for always working hard. One day, he emerged to see the sun high in the sky, and made the decision to take a short well-earned rest beside a tree stump – pure bliss!

A Curious Cobra

Snake coloring pages 9

This coloring page depicts a proud, tall cobra standing and meeting the eyes of the viewer as he gazes out, covered in a beautiful array of shapes and colors, as well as curious scales and unique designs which help to create a distinctive look.

Perfectly Hidden

Snake coloring pages 10

There was once a snake who loved to hide – and he had a reputation for being very good at it. He could lie in the center of a group of leaves, plants, trees and foliage, and remain completely hidden from view – perfect for those days when he was simply looking for a little peace and quiet in a busy world!

Where To Next?

Snake coloring pages 11

This image shoes a happy, cheeky rattlesnake, pulling a face as he grins out at the viewer with a cheerful expression. He appears to be young, and is clearly awaiting for his next adventure or story to tell!

Love Conquers All

Snake coloring pages 12

This coloring page depics two snakes, interwined as they sit on a hillside beneath the clear blue sky. The green fields and hills are behind them, and the two creatures gaze into one another eyes as they take a moment to share and celebrate their love in the chaotic business of life.

By Royal Decree

Snake coloring pages 13

There was once a snake who was covered from nose to tail in bright, colorful diamonds – a design that helped him to earn an elevated status amongst the other snakes, who considered that he must be some kind of royal figure, in order to be blessed with such jewel-like patterns and images!

Taking A Moment

Snake coloring pages 14

This image shows a snake covered in beautiful diamond patterns, relaxing on the top of a rock beside a river, surrounded by beautiful leaves and foliage. The overall mood of the scene is one of peace and tranquility, and this is a great reflection of taking a moment to pause.

A New Beginning

Snake coloring pages 15

Once upon a time, three small eggs sat in a patch of grass. They lay there, undisturbed for a long time, until one day there was a loud “crack”. All of a sudden, a small snake emerged from the top of one egg, and took a moment to gaze about and explore the world around him. To either side of him, two cracks appeared in the other small eggs, as his friends began to hatch themselves.

Best of Friends

Snake coloring pages 16

There were once two dear friends; a happy, cheeky monkey, and a curious serpent who went everywhere with him. The two enjoyed spending their time exploring the forest where they lived, swinging on vines and making new forest friends everywhere they went.

Two As One

Snake coloring pages 17

This coloring image shows a beautiful woman with a serpent coiled around her head and hair, until the two beings appear to become as one. The serpent is decorated with intricate scales and coils, and the woman has long, flowing hair.

The Serpent King

Snake coloring pages 18

In this coloring image, a serpent sits on top of a rock, with a glorious crown on the top of his head. He is surrounded by stars on all sides, and exudes a sense of glamor, majesty and authority.

The Woman In The Woods

Snake coloring pages 19

There was once a woman who made the choice to retreat to the woods and become part of nature, During her visit, she encountered a wonderful snake who was wrapped around the trunk, decorated with coils, shapes, designs and patterns, and appearing to become part of the landscape itself.


Snake coloring pages 20

This coloring image shows a snake wrapped around a branch, giving the viewer a cheeky grin as she pokes her forked tongue out. She is covered in scales and bold, curved patterns, and these help her blend perfectly into the backdrop.

A Snake And His Charmer

Snake coloring pages 21

This drawing shows a genie-like figure charming a spooky cobra from the top of an ornate pot, and is an amazing depiction of the bond that exists between these two beings, as well as the way that the magic of music can really bring a relationship to life.

The Eyes of Hypnosis

Snake coloring pages 22

In this coloring image, there is a beautiful snake, distinguished by a range of geometric markings, curved shapes, flowers, bumps and patterns, while his distinctive eyes stare directly at the viewer in a truly hypnotic stare.

The Spiral Snake

Snake coloring pages 23

This coloring image shows a snake arranged in a perfect spiral design, and decorated with an ornate range of beautiful designs, spirals, shapes, squares and patterns that light up with color and vibrancy, and help to create a meditative effect.

The Perfect Place

Snake coloring pages 24

There was once a handsome snake who was struggling to find the perfect place to make his home. He searched high above the oceans, in the mountains close to the clouds, and down deep in depths of caves and crevices. He was about to give up hope, until he found the perfect spot: an old, abandoned ship wheel that rose high above the foliage. Happy and content, he wrapped his tail around the shape of the wheel, and poked his head proudly for all to see.

Snakes and Roses

Snake coloring pages 25

This drawing shows a beautiful ornate snake tangled in a series of beautiful roses and other flowers. The snake forms a key part of the curves and waves of the drawing, and the overall effect is beautifully detailed and intricate – a true visual masterpiece.

A Gentle Beauty

Snake coloring pages 26

In this coloring page, a delicate snake is entwined within a number of flowers, leaves and other types of foliage. The snake is covered in delicate cross hatching, and this is offset wonderfully by the delicate features and details of the leaves and flowers, creating an almost gentle effect that is truly stunning.

Queen Of The Realm

Snake coloring pages 27

There was once a snake who was happy in her life, but she dreamed of a beautiful crown to wear on her head and call her own. Keen to make their friend smile, her friends worked together to find her the perfect crown, and the happiness on her face was more than worth the cost!

Beneath the Waves

Snake coloring pages 28

There was once a body of water that appeared completely calm, but that was avoided by all those who lived nearby – they knew the truth. Deep beneath the waves lived two enormous sea serpents, famed for their large, sharp teeth, fearsome scales and huge size. Though they appeared intimidating, these were mysterious creatures – and the truth about them was shrouded in a cloud of uncertainty by all around.

The Birthday Party

Snake coloring pages 29

Once upon a time, a tiny snake had his very first birthday party – and it was an incredible event to remember! His friends gathered around to ensure that he had a day to remember, complete with cute balloons, streamers, gifts, hats and plenty of love – the perfect ingredients for a true dream birthday.

A Colorful Cobra

Snake coloring pages 30

This coloring page shows a stunning cobra, covered in an incredible array of decoration. Swirls and shapes cover every aspect of the body, with circles, triangles, diamonds, teardrops and curves interspersed with cross hatching, loops and lines – a real masterpieceof design and beauty.

The Warrior Mouse

Snake coloring pages 31

Once upon a time, there was a warrior mouse who took the time to face off against his greatest enemy – a fearsome serpent. Though the snake was feared in every realm of the land, the warrior mouse had no fear. Clad in armour and bearing weapons, he kept the snake at bay with his strength and skill, and protected the land in which he lived.

The Treasure Trove

Snake coloring pages 32

Once upon a time, a curious sea snake was exploring the lands around his home when he came upon a curious trunk. Interested in the contents, he managed to nudge it open – to reveal a treasure trove of golden coins! Delighted, he took his hoard home to share amongst his loved ones, keepngi the shiniest coin as a souvenier of his success.

A Girl And Her Serpent

Snake coloring pages 33

In this coloring page, a beautiful woman stands with a serpant around her neck, and a series of beautiful flowers surround the two of them, framing them in nature and beauty, and creating an etheral image of wonder.

A Smiling Snake

Snake coloring pages 34

This coloring page depicts a snake wrapped around a branch, with a happy smile across his face. The background is one of vibrant nature, with the sun shining in the background, and the trees and bushes surrounding him on all sides.

The Joy of Nature

Snake coloring pages 35

This is a happy, smiling snake enjoying time in the sun as he makes his way across the landscape. He crosses the velvety gradd beneath his body, and moves in front of a series of rocks and boulders that dot the landscape, creating stunning scenery which is the perfect place for his home.

Now You See Me…

Snake coloring pages 36

This coloring page shows a snake, well hidden within he lines and patterns of the design. He is a part of the landscape while still being in front of it, and his distinctive markings and patterns are bright and colorful – the perfect way to blend into a foliage-filled backdrop.

At One With Nature

Snake coloring pages 37

Here, we have a stunning snake who is almost part of the branch that he has wrapped his body around. He pokes his head out on the left, and the stripes and chevrons on his body blend perfectly with the bark behind. Foliage and leaves surround him on all sides, demonstrating how he is very much a part of nature, and it a part of him.

Just Hanging Out

Snake coloring pages 38

In this cure coloring page, a cheeky snake sticks his tongue out as he hangs from a tree branch – the ultimate chilled out image to put a real smile on the face of any artist looking for an adorable serpent!

Under The Sea

Snake coloring pages 39

There was once a tiny snake who decided to make his home beneath the waves of his local lake. Here, he found perfect peace, tranquility and calm, and soon made his place amongst the tiny plants and marine life who lived around him, creating their own tiny ecosystem to harbour and enhance life and vibrancy.

A New Start

Snake coloring pages 40

In this drawing, a tiny snake is emerging from a spotted egg, the top of the shell still very much present on his head. Ready to take on the world, he is clearly excited at the prospect of the adventures that lie just around the corner…

The Sinister Snake

Snake coloring pages 41

There was once a fierce snake, well known for enjoying a snack or two of a poor unfortunate frog – and his fearsesome reputation ensured that plenty of amphibian friends tended to avoid his lair whenever and wherever possible!

Back To Nature

Snake coloring pages 42

A tiny snake lived in the depths of a rich green forest, and spend the majority of his time relaxing on a branch, coiling his long length around the branch of the tree as he relaxed in amongst the leaves.

Snapping A Selfie

Snake coloring pages 43

There was once a snake who developed a great love for photography – and all that he wanted was a camera to capture the perfect shot. Upon hearing this, his friends immediately clubbed together to help him find the perfect model, and presented it to a delighted recipient to allow him to enjoy his hobby in total comfort!

Unlikely Friends

Snake coloring pages 44

There was once a happy human who had a very unexpected friend – a long, colorful and vibrant snake! Though there were many who expressed their concern over the safety of the human, the two were firm friends, and spend their time together in perfect happiness and harmony, hunting and exploring throughout the forest.

A New Morning

Snake coloring pages 45

This drawing shows a super cute snake enjoying the rising sunset, He relaxes on the end of branch, surrounded by leaves and twigs, and welcomes the new dawn with a grateful heart.

And there we have it – proof that snakes can be fascinating, smart, and beautiful, and that they are worthy of your time, respect, and creative efforts!

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